It was a particularly colorful evening as Gepetto stared out the window of his Paris apartment. He thought about all the sacrifices his friends had made: Yuri especially, but poor Karin too. She had fallen quite hard for Yuri. That much was obvious. He recognized that look in her eyes as they had continued their adventure. Ultimately, Yuri could not escape his fate. Rather than choosing to forget himself and his memories, he chose to go where he was the happiest.

Poor Karin. Gepetto found her a few moths later along with Yuri's father, but he steered her away from him, thinking that was probably best. She was staying with him in his apartment now. Lucia retuned to her job previous to their adventure. She was all the way in Florence, Italy, but that wasn't a distance they couldn't travel. The time rift was certainly a different place indeed. They were supposed to pray for a world in which they wanted to live in. They had, but praying alone had not done the tricks they were hoping for. There was still a reality to be lived in. The world they had all wished for was one with one another in it.

It was strange. Some things existed, and some things did not, depending on what they had wished for. Gepetto wasn't sure he could put a number on the years they had traveled in the past. Yuri's father was alive, but Yuri wasn't exactly with them. It was a strange place.

Anastasia and Kurando were still alive and well, traveling together with Blanca. That is what they wanted. Anastasia just wanted to be with Kurando and Blanca wanted to follow her to the very end. Their adventure will always bind them together, and Gepetto had just sent a letter to them last week, explaining he had found Karin. Joachim had become a rather famous wrestler, continually making headlines with every competition he'd won. Gepetto kept all the papers next to the pictures Anastasia sent him through the mail. Joachim must have wished to be known for something he was good at.

Still, they were all in the world, somewhere together.

"You found everyone then huh?" Karin asked, playing with Cornelia's fire dancer dress.

"I did," Gepetto replied. "We should get together soon. It gets lonely sometimes."

Karin nodded, looking at the collection Gepetto had around his office of their adventures.

"How did you get the same apartment?" Karin asked.

"Coincidence I think," he replied with a smirk. "I know you miss Yuri. So do I."

"It's just…strange to think I'll never see him again. Like that photo cannot exist. Well, me having it anyway," Karin said. "Do you think Roger is still in Whales?"

"I know he is," Gepetto replied. "Why don't we take a trip? We can visit Lucia in Florence. I'll ask if anyone else would like to join us."

"Okay," Karin agreed. Gepetto made the arrangements, sending them off the next day.