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It was a rather normal school day. Classes remained hard and unbearable. Two boys silently giving each other dirty looks.

Neither of them payed much attention to class.

The raven haired boy kept his eyes glaring at the red-head.

Kevin glared back.

Edd clenched his fist so hard, that his knuckles turned white. Kevin rolled his eyes and finally turned away.

"Dork," He mumbled.

"Ass," Edd mumbled, turning away.

The bell rang for lunch and Kevin was the first one out.

Edd stalked out of the room and headed to the library.

Kevin went straight to the cafeteria.

"Hey Nazz," He greeted the blond with a smile.

"Hey dude," Nazz smiled.

"Sup?" Kevin asked.

"Not much," Nazz said.

"Missed you this morning," Kevin said, sitting next to her.

"Man, I wish we had more than one class together," Nazz said.

"Me too," Kevin huffed.

Nazz sighed and continued to pick at her food.

"Hey, how about a ride on my motorcycle after school?" Kevin asked, "Maybe we could go somewhere nice."

"Can't dude, cheer practice," Nazz said.

"Oh," Kevin's face fell, "Well, maybe I can pick you up from practice."

"Okay," Nazz smiled.

"Actually, I'm at football practice at that time," Kevin said, "Remember? Football and cheerleading is at the same time."

"Yeah, I remember," Nazz said.

"So we can ride home together," Kevin said.

"Awesome," Nazz said.

Kevin kissed her cheek.

"You're awesome, babe," He said.

"You are too, dude," Nazz smiled.

He smiled back. They finished their lunch and talked.

The bell rang for classes.

"Well, see you at practice," Kevin said.

"Later dude," Nazz said.

Kevin headed to his next class. Edd was in that class, along with the rest of them. They all took their seats. Edd looked like he could kill someone at any second. Probably in the worst mood.

Kevin ignored him and Edd kept to himself.

After school...

Nazz walked with Kevin to practice.

"Good luck, babe," Kevin said.

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