My Undertaking

Five years. The time span doesn't seem long, but that was indeed the time that had passed. Knowing him was complicated enough, then to have a relationship felt completely senile. Vivian hadn't been able to attend her own funeral for obvious reasons, but Undertaker had assured her that it was one of his best for the business.

Her own coffin was astounding, she could never get rid of it or put it the ground until she truly had died. It was a gift to her from him some time ago, and she'd been living with him since her own body had made physical alterations.

The magic was used by Undertaker and other witness reapers to create her, another grim reaper. Only once was this power granted to a grim reaper, twice if the cadets failed to complete the final exam. However, given Vivian's status and her relationship with Undertaker, she wasn't being placed in dispatch. Instead, she worked in the filing offices, seeing a young William T. Spears growing over the last five years since her transformation.

He was a smart reaper, but strangely, he focused on rounding out his skills rather than specializing. Although more introverted, Vivian thought Will was a promising student, and since he was now about 15 years old, he would be entering the final years of the grim reaper academy.

Vivian herself spent a lot of her time in this new world, since she could not be seen by the simply living for the next hundred years or so, most of her time was spent either around the library or Undertaker's shop. She wore most of the clothing he'd bought for her, presenting herself well and confident amongst others, and it was a pretty well established fact that Undertaker and her were definitely involved with one another.

William knew more than anyone else about Vivian's arrival. His own uncle had sacrificed what he claimed was a miserable existence so she could be a grim reaper. This was a special case after all, and after the ritual was complete, William signed to say he'd been witness to the event, so both Undertaker and the office knew this was unlikely to happen again.

Homework was never ending, but Vivian was the only one home at Undertaker's shop when William came walking through the front door. Will was looking for an interview with Undertaker, but the chance seemed futile. Vivian offered her apologies but she did give him a few books about the era he was searching for. Once and a while, she would talk to William, but they didn't associate too much until after William secured his job with the dispatch association.

Today, Vivian put on a pink and black long dress, perfect for the summer evening, and she'd just walked back to Undertaker's shop from the back entrance. He was dealing with a customer, but she knew he was far more excited than anyone were to know. By tomorrow morning, he was collecting retirement. Active service was no longer up his alley. He scheduled his retirement around the time William was entering his final years of study.

Once his business was concluded, he spotted her from the corner of his eyes.

"You're back," he said, coming up from behind her and kissing on her neck.

"Hello," she replied casually as she walked herself toward the back room where she usually hung out and spent most of her time. His hand moved slowly from her waistline up her side and between her shoulder and neck before he stopped himself from going any further.

"I'll be locking up soon," he said.

"Now now, you need sleep tonight, just until tomorrow," she said, shaking her head. He came off of her reluctantly.

"I need you," he said, his eyes narrowing softly at the sight of her. "Don't go too far."

He already knew what she was up to. Usually, she'd take her time at the shop, get ready, and then go out for an evening walk. Undertaker sometimes accompanied her, but not this time. No, tomorrow was too important.

Her walk tonight took her to the Grim Reaper Library, where she spotted William walking out.

"William," Vivian greeted him. "Are you busy right now?"

"Actually," he looked around him. "I could spare some time. What do you require?"

"Just looking for a walk."

"I was about to do just that."

"Then, walk with me," Vivian beckoned. In a reality's glimpse, the two were about the same age, counting the time as immortals.

"Five years has done you nothing but well," Vivian said.

"I wish I could say the same for my final exam partner," William replied. Vivian gave him a quizzical look. "He's completely irrational. Flamboyant, and just a complete-"

"Opposite of yourself," Vivian finished for him. Will looked beyond the bridge and into the water's scape.

"Yes," he stated simply.

"It's all right," Vivian said. "Even he's not going to want to jeopardize the grade now."

"I hope you are correct," Will said.

"You'll be just fine," Vivian said. "You've always been a collected individual. You're good, William. I've seen you. The collection of a soul shouldn't bother you. Besides, if he does get on your nerves that much, stand your ground. Observe. You're good at that."

"Thank you," he said as they stopped to look at the water. "It's more encouraging to hear. I only wish Undertaker would stop by soon."

"Well, for now," Vivian reached to the bottom of her skirt and pulled out a rod, extending it. "Show me your stuff. Consider it extra practice."

Will's eyes widened in a state of shock. The rod gave a sharp sound and from one end, a death scythe extended.

"I've been learning a thing or two."

Will drew his practice scythe. "You've been learning from the absolute best. I could only hope to be so lucky."

The two remained outside for the next hour, practicing well, practical skills. Will was good, but Vivian was already proving a worthy opponent and she wasn't even a formal soul collector!

"See, your skills are only growing," Vivian said, putting the scythe down.

"As are your own I see," William said. "Thank you for the extra practice. I must be going now."

"William," Vivian grabbed his wrist just as he began to walk away. He turned. "There are two things I never want to see you give. Never give up and never give in, you understand don't you?"

"I believe so," he replied and she let him go, continuing on her walk for the evening as the stars crept their way into view upon the starry scape.