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Use Some MERCY

Toby went through the rest of the Ruins, phasing through walls when spikes barred his access. Eventually, he reached the right room just in time to see the puppy walking out while putting a piece of Monster Candy in their pocket.

The large dog bounded over and jumped with a proclamation of "PUPPY!"

The young human looked up just in time to get tackled to the ground and they laughed while Toby repeatedly kissed them. A dog kiss, that is.

When he felt the puppy's hand on his chest, he backed off enough for them to sit up and wipe the slobber off with their sweater sleeve. Tilting his head curiously, Toby looked at their outfit, not having paid any attention earlier.

Unlike most dogs, Toby could see as many colors as humans and other monsters could—likely because of magic. The puppy wore a purple and blue striped sweater with slightly tattered blue jean shorts and old brown shoes, all a bit too big for them.

Before the white dog could think about that, the puppy started scratching behind his ear. Toby sat down and tilted his head into the touch while panting happily, which translated to "Thank you" repeated over and over by his translator.

Frisk smiled and felt filled with determination at Toby's cheer.

Once they stopped, they said, "Okay, I'm going to meet Mom up ahead."

They had taken to calling Toriel "Mom", since she cared so much for them and seemed very motherly.

"Oh, right!" Toby replied while standing on all fours again. "Goat Mom! So she did find you. That's good!"

"You know her?" Frisk asked while the two started walking to the next room. When the young human wanted to know more about their goat-like savior, she just called herself a silly old lady who worries too much and said there wasn't much to tell. Learning something else about her would put their curiosity to rest, at least for a little while.

Toby pulled his tongue back into his mouth and scrunched his face into what Frisk assumed to be a thoughtful expression. After a bit, he answered "I've seen her before, but only when on my way to my favorite napping spot. But every puppy I've seen in the Underground met her first."

Frisk turned to ask what the dog meant by "every puppy" when a monster appeared and they got dragged into an encounter. They got ready to dodge as the scenery turned monochrome. This wasn't the first time they got into one, having been able to flatter a Froggit into not fighting them without Toriel's help. But this one had another with them.

The new monster fluttered in the air with a set of thin, fairy-like wings and had a body like a cartoon ghost with a sheet draped over their reedy figure. Their thin arms and antennae coming from the "sheet", however, marked the appearance as their actual body, along with the moving mouth and eyes, set in a sad, fearful expression.

Frisk looked down at the familiar buttons in front of them and was about to move their SOUL to the ACT when Toby acted first.


The shout overlapped with a loud woof that caused the new monster to squeak before flying away as fast as they could. Frisk watched the monster's name, Whimsun, disappear from the ACT menu and turned to Toby.

"What'd you do that for?" Frisk asked with a pout. "That wasn't nice!"

"Whimsun scares really easily, so I helped!" Toby excitedly explained.

Frisk sighed and regarded the new Froggit, "You have a very lovely complexion."

Froggit tilted their head and blushed deeply before croaking in a flattered tone. Frisk's SOUL remained safe as the monster passed their turn without attacking.


Once the Froggit hopped off with a blush still on their face, Frisk turned to Toby with a huff, causing the larger dog to lay down low with his tail curled around him.

"Toby, I appreciate you trying to help," they said. "But you can't just scare others off. Everybody can be good if given the chance! I'm going to go find Whimsun; stay here."

The American Eskimo dog rested his head on his paws and waited while Frisk turned to find where the flying monster had fled to. It didn't take that long before they heard hyperventilating. The human turned and saw Whimsun huddled and facing the corner while standing on the ground, wings quivering. Knowing that they'd probably just scare them worse by talking, they just walked up.

Whimsun's breathing somehow sped up with each step closer Frisk took, but they stopped about a foot away and left the piece of Monster Candy they took from the bowl.

With that done, they turned around and left to go back to Toby.

*You hear the sound of fluttering wings right behind you…

Frisk froze at the new voice in their head, but then realized that they did hear what it described. They turned around only after the sound stopped and looked down at the ground.

*You found 2 gold.

The young human looked around, wondering if Toby was playing a prank on them. But the voice sounded distinctly different, and a few steps further down the room confirmed Toby to be right where they left him, looking forlorn.

He looked up when Frisk drew closer and they both moved on to the next room. In all the excitement, they had forgotten about their previous discussion regarding Toriel.

When they got to the next room, after flattering away another Froggit, Frisk noticed that the floor in the middle of the room seemed weak.

After a bit of pondering how to get across, Toby said, "I can help."

Frisk turned to them and seemed to consider it before nodding and saying, "I'm not mad at you, Toby. I just don't want you to hurt others' feelings. Sorry if I hurt yours."

"That is okay, puppy!" Toby replied, panting happily again. "I like you, and I want you to be safe and happy!" He lowered himself down, "Climb on."

Seeming awed at the prospect, Frisk carefully gripped the plush white fur before swinging their leg over Toby's back. Holding themself snug against his back, lightly clasping the fur on his sides while hooking their legs to hold on too, Frisk nodded against the fluff to signal Toby to do what he intended.

Toby started running forward and jumped over the stretch of cracked floor. Frisk felt their inner (and outer) child cheer. Because who doesn't want to ride on the back of a fluffy animal?

The dog landed and Frisk's face got pushed into his neck from the stop. Getting tickled slightly by the fur, Frisk giggled from the sensation and excitement.

"I know the next few puzzles well," Toby started. "You can stay there for a bit while I solve it."

Still giddy from the current opportunity, Frisk nodded against Toby's neck.

Happy that the puppy was happy, Toby began padding into the next room. When he entered with his passenger, he heard a ringing sound. Figuring that the human's phone was ringing again, Toby focused on the puzzle.

The puppy spoke in apparent answer to a question from Goat Mom, "Um… I guess I like butterscotch."

Toby tilted his head down and pushed a rock forward onto a pressure plate. The row of spikes before the duo retracted into the floor and opened the way forward. A Moldsmal stood in their way, but Toby just walked around them.

With that settled, he moved to the next room which had an entire hallway with a cracked floor. Figuring that the human wouldn't do well with him trying to move through a wall with them riding, Toby deigned to take the path across the hall.

"No, I guess I don't dislike cinnamon…" the puppy continued.

When he reached the next room with three gray rocks, the human rolled off his back and stood on their feet. Before Toby could ask if they had fun, the two were pulled into an encounter again.

Three Moldsmals sat between them and the switches. Toby got ready to pull the puppy back onto his back and try jumping over the spikes, but they held up their hand.

"I can handle this," they reassured. "You get a head start on that puzzle."

Toby looked at their determined expression and nodded before moving around the trio of gelatin monsters. A quick look back showed the human moving their SOUL over the ACT button before wiggling their hips suggestively. The three Moldsmals wiggled back in apparent flirtation and Toby decided not to worry.

After moving the first two rocks, Toby stopped next to the last one. Panting slightly, Toby said, "Hello! Can you please move onto that switch until the two of us cross? I need to get this puppy human to Goat Mom's house!"

Surprisingly, the rock responded, "Well… since you asked so nicely, I guess I can't say no." Sliding all by themself, the stone moved onto the pressure plate and the spikes retracted as the previous set did.

The puppy came up to Toby's side and said, "I didn't know rocks could talk down here…"

"They don't, usually," the rock answered. "Strong silent types, them. They just let others push them around, but not me! Now hurry up and shoo! This plate ain't exactly comfortable."

The two hurried across the bridge, allowing the rock to slide off and move back to their previous spot. After the spikes popped back up, Toby and the puppy moved to the next room. It seemed to be some sort of old foyer. Only a table with some cheese on it decorated the room, while a mouse hole was carved into the purple brick nearby.

Toby noticed the puppy look between the mouse and the cheese before their expression became determined.

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