The Ice Age... a time where everything was freezing, or at least heading that way... and it was no better time for the snow loving, mountain climbing proclaimed Ice Climbers.

Popo and Nana were playing around in the snow as usual, when they stopped, wondering what to do with their time as they stopped, spying a prehistoric squirrel like creature called Scrat running around. The Ice Climbers glanced at each other as they had no idea on what to do, so they decided to approach the Scrat.

Scrat, however, didn't seem to take too kindly to them, as he ignored them, looking for some acorns as he was just NUTS over them.

Popo and Nana groaned upon the pun they heard as they shook their heads, proceeding to follow Scrat around as they were curious as to what he would do.
Scrat would not take too kindly to this, so he did the only thing he could possibly think to do... attack them head on. Popo and Nana screamed as they then proceeded to try and smash the attacking ancient mammal with their wooden mallets, their smacking causing the ice they were standing on to crack as all three of them fell into the freezing water trapped below the ice, turning into frozen cubes as they all groaned, with a frozen cube full of acorns going by as Scrat groaned in response.