This will be an AU with some cannon events. Also dreams will be done in Italics such as "The red sheep zapped the sheep with a lacrima" as well as thoughts. Also terrible sentence...maybe but it was an example.

Xxxxxxx 3 Years ago xxxxxX

"M-m-mom...d-d-dad" blood was everywhere. She'd heard some noises and she came to find this. Her mother was lying on the ground with her right side burst open. Her guts and blood had covered the floor up to her bare feet. Her keys scatter around the room. Then there was a lower half of a body in the wall. It could only be assumed that it was her father because only he wore pants like that. Tears washed down her face in waves. As the hooded man walked towards her her legs gave out. His hands glowed, then his head tilted and he smiled a mad smile. Her body trembled at the sound of his snickering. She new what was coming, she was going to paint this room a bloody red just as her parents had, and this monster was going to be the paintbrush.

However, it never came. Instead all that had happened was him placing his hand on her head and he rubbed her hair as if she was his pet.


Lucy had woke up with same dead eyes she had for the past year and a half. She needed to be up early to avoid any extra beatings, she didn't need to add on to the ones she already received daily. It took a while to learn but she became indifferent to everything around her, only finding solace in her cold damp cell. All she had was herself in this little piece of hell. If you're feeling like it's good to be alive while living under Gorogo's roof, then you're one sick bastard. Her right eye was a testament to that. She'd been glad that she had the best job that day. All she had to do was scrub the floors all over the mansion before 4:30. But like the cloud of misery he is, he looked at her, felt her joy and had crushed it. Literally, he grabbed her by the collar and had begun throwing, continuous and relentless, punches aimed at her right eye. After she lost consciousness he applied a little magic to wake her up to clean the blood off his hands, and go back to scrubbing the floors. With a new red stain to add to the floor.

She heard the familiar clank that signaled her cell door was unlocked. She exited the cell and looked up at the man who handed out the daily jobs. His black clothing assuring she lived another day.

"Basement." That was his only words. He turned and left to go and get the other up,and I they weren't awake, then the whip on his hip will male sure they're up. She looked further down the hallway to see another girl being dragged to her new cell. "She'll learn those cries reach no one but the uncaring air." Lucy turned and went to go to the basement inside the mansion. She hated this job, she had to clean up what was left in the stalls after they were done. Which meant dragging what's left of the poor souls to the furnace, then going back and scrubbing the walls and floors clean. There are their rare occasions when the ceiling in needed to be cleaned as well. It wasn't the screams, or the bodies, not even the blood, it was the smell. The smell was just horrifying. Though she'd do as she was told just to get back to her cell.

As two men left a stall Lucy noticed that their boots and fist were bloody. "Well at least there won't be much cleaning." Though as she entered the stall she saw a bloody mess of what she assumed was a girl around her age. The girl looked up with pleading eyes. "" Lucy just stared uncaring. True the men time in the stall was up. "Did they just forget to kill her?"

Then Gorogo had passed and saw her standing there. He was about give her another beating and make her get to cleaning until he heard his merchandise begging for help. Then he had a wonderful idea. He removed a large knife from his coat pocket. Then Lucy turned to see him. His white hair combed back. His black suit with a white rose in the breast pocket, his white dress shirt that had the top two buttons undone and missing a tie. Then her eyes fell on the large knife, she couldn't help but swallow the large lump in her throat.

"Oh I just love that. Yes, that dead look in her eyes. Yet I can still provoke such fear. It's like she's broken and still tries to stay together. I wonder." He started to walk closer to Lucy and handed her the knife with a swift motion, causing her to cringe a little. "Kill" Lucy took the knife. Its black handle and jagged edge spoke volumes to her. It shimmered slightly in the dimly lit room. Nothing could be heard. Even the screams of an unforeseen deity's help seemed distant. Lucy looked up at him, meeting his red eyes. Then she turned back to what left of a little girl. "It's you or me, and I choose me." Lucy approached the girl. "W-w-wait...p-please...don't...I be-" Lucy wouldn't hear anymore. She couldn't hear anymore, it'd only make doing the act more of a problem. She grabbed her head, as to make it easier, and ran the blade along her neck with a swift motion. A few droplets of blood splattered on her face. The rest simply poured on the floor.

Walking over to cart with her cleaning supplies in it, she got a rag and wiped the large knife clean. She then walked back to Gorogo and handed him his knife. His smug smile and glistening red eyes held nothing but satisfaction. He turned on a heel and left her to work.

Xxxxxxx Lucy's cell xxxxxxX

The day had been an easy one. She was only beaten twice. A few whelps on her back and a few bruises on her side. Hopefully tomorrow would be a day where she is left in her cell. Her eyes felt heavy, and so she let sleep claim her.

Lucy had been walking in a dark plain for what seemed like days, when she finally began to see a light. Walking through the the light she saw a very large and beautiful woman on a golden throne. She had black hair with spots that looked like stars. Pale, smooth and soft looking skin. She had golden silk clothing covering her body loosely. She seemed to emit a glow despite her pale complexion. She was very tall, though she looked like she was still too small for the throne. The gigantic woman picked her up in her palm and brought her to eye level.

"Oh, a little one. Are you dead or a celestial spirit?" She received a head shake in response. "Hmmmmm, well how did you get here little one." A shrug was given. The woman sighed and scratched her head. The little girl shouldn't have found her way here. She reminded her of the black haired man who tried to gain control of the throne. "Why the long face Kid?" All she got this time was was a stare. Right about then she was getting annoyed. Then she had an wonderful idea. "Hey kid how about we make a deal?" The stare was what she got once again. She sighed again. "How about I grant you a cosmos. In exchange you allow me to view your life. I won't intervene unless you ask me. It's very, very, very boring here. It's more like a tomb then a throne. Hahahaha...ha...ha?" The little girl just stared on.

"Will...will it make me strong?" The woman smiled, she was finally making headway in negotiating. She was finally gonna get some entertainment after a millennium.

"Hmmn, I don't know. Haven't done this and seen the outcome. I guess that's dependent on how far you can take yourself." She was drumming her fingers on the arm of the massive throne with her free hand, unable to contain her excitement. "Weeeeeelllll little one?! How 'bout it?!"

Lucy looked down, contemplating her answer. Well it was a dream. What'd she'd have to loose. Meeting the woman's eyes she shrugged, "Why not." The woman laughter bellowed in the great throne room. "Good, good, hell that's fan-fucking-tastic. What is your name little one."

"Lucy Heartfilia."

"Hmmmmmmm. How about we change that name little one. How about Lucilia Vershaw?" Back to giving her shrugs in response. "Okay, then it's settled." She then blew black smoke into her palm where Lucy sat.

"Wait!" She cried as everything begun to blur around her. "First can you help get my revenge! Please!" Lucy heard her bellowing laughter once again, "I'll see what I can do Lucilia..I'll see what I can do."

She woke up with a cold sweat, clutching her head. She felt a great stinging on her back. The moon had lit her little damp cell up. She felt everything much more now. She could hear the whimpering in the other cells. Smell the foul orders from the mansion's basement, which a tunnel ran to. Her eyes seeing things as clear as day with a magnifying glass in hand. She turned to the make shift mirror she made from fragments of glass she collected. Pulling off her shirt, she angled the mirror to examine her back, so she could know why she was in pain.

Lucy mouth was agape, too astonished to gasp, and to mesmerized to take her eyes away. Their was a turquoise circular mark on her back with purplish symbols on it, she assumed the marks was from a forgotten language. Inside the circle threw her for an even bigger loop. Inside of it was what looked like a cosmos, and it was...moving? She looked on perplexed, as she examined the mixture of blue and green colors swirl around each other while white spots seemed to twinkle on her back. She also noticed her hair fell down her back and now had black streaks in it.

"Ahh little one, how are you liking it!?"



"What do I call you?" It just dawned on Lucy that she didn't know what to call her.

"I'd think you'd be gasping at a orb of light talking to you or what you have on your back." All she got was stares. The orb seemed to sweat drop at the girl, it's like she didn't care. At least her eyes weren't as dead looking as before she patted herself on the back for that win. "Orby just call me that." Stares, "is that all she can do is STARE AND SHRUG!"

"So can you help me with my revenge...Orby." Lucy stated with a blank face and dead like eyes, despite the storm of emotions racing in her head.

"Hmmmmmmm."The blue orb whizzed around the room and Lucy eyes never left if then it came to a stop in front of her. " I don't know. Well maybe but it may be a bit harsh on your body. Mayb-" she didn't get to finish.

"I don't care." Her voice was low and calm, but gave off every sense except calm. The blue orb whizzed around again and stopped in front of her. The orb turned red "Okay I'll help you out. Don't blame me if you die." The orb phased through her chest and then everything went black.

Xxxxxxx Outskirts of Magnolia three days later xxxxxxX

A bright light shun down on Lucy's eyes stirring her from her sleep. She went wide eyed when she saw all the dried blood on her. Then she felt it, her body ached and burned all over. "Ahh, little one you're awake. Finally! I thought you wouldn't be able to carry out our deal for very long." Then it all came to her. It wasn't just a dream. Then a thought crossed her mind, the dried blood could only belong to one bastard. She smirked, then her face went back to the stone expression she developed over time. She was a little joyful but it was just how she was now that hell had changed her. She looked around realizing that she was in a bed and a room. Most likely a hospital room judging by how it was set up. When she turned to the orb it was gone, and then the door opened revealing an elderly woman in a red cloak.

"So you're finally awake child." She received the same stare that had become trademark. "My name is Porlyusica. What is yours?" Still a stare. She turned to leave but stopped as she heard her voice.

"...Lu" she mentally slapped herself, Lucy was dead. Also, she didn't want anyone to find out about her past. She'd rather keep that to her self. "Lucilia Vershaw."

"Do you have somewhere to go?" A head shake came in the form of replying. "No family, none at all?" A head shake followed by a narrowing stare. Porlyusica sighed, "I'll be gone by noon." That was what left her mouth, she looked towards the clock on her wall. "11:47," "You don't have to lea-" she had looked to the bed and it was empty. She turned and found her by the map in the next room. "She's silent, and quick as well." "By the way, do you mind telling me whose blood is that all over you." Another stare, then there was a flicker of happiness, then it was washed away with pain. Lucy glanced up at the map once more then turned to leave. "If you want I can bring you to a friend of mine. He runs a successful guild. It'd be better than living like you are.

"..." Her mouth opened then closed. She was right it'd be better than now. She had nowhere to go or anyone to return to. No home, no family, nothing. It was all lost when the man ripped it from her. "Fine."

Xxxxxxx Fairy Tail, time skip, 7 years xxxxxxX

Erza had jut returned from another successful job. "Erzaaa!" A flaming fist came at her and she knew who it belonged to, with little effort, she side stepped Natsu and gave him a blow to the side of the head, leaving him with a lump there and happy shacking his head while Lisana was trying to nurse him back to consciousness. Erza still couldn't see how Natsu got such a good girl but she didn't judge. She went to the bar to see how her best friend was doing. It's been four months but she wasn't taking Elfman's death well. But what she saw was a smiling Mira.

"Erza you're back. Want some cake I assume." Erza gave a nod and Mira went and got her a slice of the one she made that morning. When she came back with the slice she was still smiling. "How are you doing Mira, you seem to be in a good mood."

Erza had saw her blush a bit, guessing she met someone she had to ask. "Who are they?" Mira giggled, "Okay but don't tell anyone," she leaned in closer so no one else could hear. Not that anyone paid them any mind, the guild was as lively as they were all the time. Even Natsu had woken up, only to start an argument with Gray. "Well I was at Elfman grave and then I saw Lucilia and she came and sat down next to me. She talked to me, and she sorta cheered me up, and I think I may have a crush on her." That hit her hard. Mira looked at Erza's expression and assumed she was shocked about her liking girls. "Yea, I know how you feel. I felt the same. Though, the more I thought about it the more it made sense."

To hide how she felt she started eating her cake, "what else happened?"

"Not much, when she was done she helped me up, then the wind blew her hood off. She looked do gorgeous."

"Does she look different or something?"

"A little bit, her skin look like porcelain, her eyes were like shined copper, and her smile was li-"

"So she looks the same then," Erza cut in. Mira just sighed, the least she could do was let her rant on about her new found crush. "Yea she looks pretty much the same."

"Has master already left for the summit?" They both looked to Erza's left and found Lucy there. She was wearing a whit long sleeved dress shirt with and black boots.

"Yes Master had left a few hours ago. Something wrong Lucilia." Then everything got quiet. Everyone turned to see if the irregular was actually there. She was there as plain as day. Then the guild became filled with low murmurs. Lucy could only sigh, irritated, at the whole situation. As she expected the annoying nickname came, "hey Luce! Its been a while. Wanna fight." He received a blank stare in return.

"Don't be a party pooper." As Natsu threw a fist at Lucy, she was hit and turned into black, thick smoke. She reformed behind him, grabbed him by shirt and threw him at an oblivious Gray.

"Erza I think you should take your little group to the summit."

"Whaph, whah wuph we." Lucy had to compose herself, the S rank mage could be a bit dense sometimes, and she is going to let the complete fact her mouth was full slide, the least she could do was swallow. "There is a rumor that someone will try something." Erza swallowed what was left of the cake. "Why didn't you take care of it?"

"Because I thought master hadn't left yet, and as of right now I trust team Natsu to do it better and faster than I could."

"I can see your logic. Gray, Natsu, cut it out we're leaving. Come on Lisana and Happy"

"You going on another job Lucilia?" Lucy stared at her then shrugged, not one for speaking unless words were necessary. "How about we go on one together, I'd appreciate the company."

"Hmmmm," Lucy rubbed her chin thinking it over. She wasn't the most social person or team player. Hell she sent Erza and her little group so she wouldn't have to work with anyone, that situation was just more than she could handle in time. Though the white haired woman seemed as if she knew when to be quiet. In addition a job might help get her mind of her brother's death. "I guess, meet me at my room tomorrow. You can pick the job." Then she simply got up and left. As Lucy walked away Mira admired her curves, and patted herself on the back for getting her to do something with together.

Mirajane found herself looking for a job to go on with Lucilia. She wanted it to be at least a day away. She wanted to at start worming her way into Lucilia's heart. "Nice to see you're still doing jobs Mira!"

"Oh, hi Cana when did you get back?" Cana had walked up to Mira hoisting a barrel on her shoulder, which was filled with alcohol.

"Yeah, just got back. I was gonna have a drink and catch up, but then I heard you were up here, and for a while at that. What's wrong you can't decide if you wanna do a one or not?"

"Well sort of. It'd be better if I explain the situation." They took a seat and Mira had explained how she had liked Lucy and that they were going to do job together. Cana listened and took a few gulps from the barrel. Then rubbed her chin and hummed in deep thought. "Well what do you think?"

"Hmmmmmmm" she continued rubbing her chin then took a long drink from the barrel. "You and Lucilia huh? Yea, I can sorta see it. Didn't think she'd be the one for playing with others. I guess stranger things have happened. Like when Alzack confessed to Bisca. However, and I'm telling you this because I think you should know, you may wanna be careful around her."

"What? Why? I'm pretty sure master wouldn't have allowed her in if she was a threat to anyone."

Cana sighed, "You do realize Porlyusica asked master to allow her to join right." Mira stared questioningly at Cana. "Yea, apparently she was covered in blood when Porlyusica found her and it wasn't her own. She may seem calm and serene when she's here but she is very vicious in her fighting from what I here. Apparently my dad ran across her working a job, and when the fighting ended she was the only one left breathing. Look I'm not trying to bash her or anything, all I'm saying is stay alert. I don't need anything happening to one of my best friends." Canna then left the white haired mage to herself.

Mira just picked up a flyer that took them to a island past Galuna and made her way to Lucilia's apartment. As she made her way up the stairs to knock on the door, she couldn't help but wonder if she'd come to early. "Oh well here goes nothing." A few seconds after she knocked the door was creaked open, revealing the blonde appearing as if she just got out of bed. Her hair looked like she just came from a wind vacuum, her eyes was half lidded, and her mouth was pressed into a thin line. Mira looked her up and down, she wore grey and black stripped boxers and a regular shirt that was a size or two too big. Mira was beginning to regret coming so early, until she moved aside and opened her door more so to allow the girl to enter the apartment.

Opposite of what she had expected, there was medium sized book case with books filling it completely. next to it was a simple brown desk with stacks of paper on it. One seemed to be blank papers and the other was papers with writing on them. Above the desk was a large map with red, blue and purple markings on it. She was snapped out of her observing when she heard the drawer on her the desk being closed and locked. She then disappeared into the kitchen and returned a few minutes later with a cup of tea for Mirajane. "I'll be out in a few, just wait here. There are some books over there you may find interesting." Lucy went to the bathroom and the shower was heard not too long after.

Mirajane, however, decided to at least compile something on her Lucilia. "Wait a minute, we're not even together yet." She scanned the room searching for signs of something to learn about her. Other than her obvious taste for reading. She soon found that nothing that related to the girl was even relevant to what she may enjoy she was only able to gain little snippets: favorite color, pink, favorite book genre, horror. "Sorry to keep you waiting, you can explain the job on the way there."

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