A small group of magrs stood huddled in a room. Beyond two large black doors screams and the melody of chaos could be heard beyond it. They were prepared for the worst, completely aware of the one-sided massacre that took place just on the other side of the doors. They knew the chill that ran down their backs all to well. Death, it practically screamed its presence. Nothing could be seen of their faces as it was mostly hidden behind their hoods and the dim lighting within the room. Then it all stopped. The silence was sickening to a whole new degree. Had the monster finally left this world, or had she mearly run out of victims.

They waited with baited breath. What felt like hours was simply seconds. The very moment they began to relax dark tendrills erupted from all directions, tearing the mages asunder. Blood, limbs, and guts spread across the room, screams, although deafening in volume, was brief. In no more than a few minutes was the room filled with silence and what little could be called corpses. The doors opened with an ominous creak. Revealing a blonde mage. She wore a black long sleeve shirt, a skirt, flats and stockings to match. A few specks of blood could be seen in her hair and on her face, yet no wounds could be seen.

She continued on her path through the room. Not bothering to step over what laid on the floor, nor was she deterred by it. When she reached the far end of the room she raised her hand and it glowed a mixture of dark purple and turquoise. The resulting action was the revealing of a stair case leading up. She began her climb up. She arrived at a massive open room, it had a dome like ceiling. In the middle of the room was a crystal that hovered in mid air. It was highlighted by an light with no source. Simply not bothered by real world laws. Her brown eyes glazed over the crystal as if it were prey. She reached out and took the crystal in one hand and brought it closer for inspection. She was then swamped by black smoke, when it dispersed she was on a shore.

She walked towards four figures. One was a kid who looked no older than 14. He sat on a blue orb. He had black hair and wore a white cloak. His hands were bandaged as well as his feet. To his right was a woman a head taller than her. She had olive skin, had a lean build, and black hair that fell to her shoulders, her eyes a bright nova orange seemingly with a flame flickering in her pupils. To the boys left was a man with auburn hair with a muscular build, he wore nothing more than a vest, pants and boots. His eyes possessed no Iris. In front of them with her back to Lucilia was a woman around her height. Upon hearing Lucilia approaching she turned around. She had long white hair that curled bear the end. Bar of metal covered her eyes, she wore a full black body suit. On her wrist, ankles and around her neck was a collar and cuffs with broken chain links. Her skin was pale, almost like she was ill.

She jogged closer to Lucilia, when she was a few feet away Lucilia tossed the crystal to the woman. She caught it and examined it. She then turned back around to look at the blonde mage. "Y-y-you shouldn't have gone without us. This i-is a team mission you know."

Lucilia stopped walking, "This didn't require all of us. I have something to attend to later, and I wasn't going to be held up because I was waiting for the rest of you."

"T-that isn't your call. I'm r-ranked 1 you're ranked 2 that means I'm given the role of leader. Y-you must do as I say."

"You were given that rank, I don't recall ever losing. I follow no one's orders I do as I please." She turned sending a death glare to her.

The white haired woman simply stood with her head slightly lowered, faint blush present on her cheek. "I d-don't want to fight you. But if I must t-to prove my point I will." Her gaze still on the ground.

It got deadly silent. Black could be seen spreading through Lucilia's hair. The boy on the orb swallowed a lump that had been forming in his throat. "There's no need to start a brawl in the middle of nowhere. Rin I agree with Lucilia on this. The job is done we have what we came for. We might as well go back to our own devices." The woman nodded and the man let out a grunt of approval. Rin turned to the other three, she wanted to say more but it was a losing argument.

"Take us back then, Voz." The tall man outstretched his palms and a seal appeared above everyone and in a flash the shore was abandoned. The large fortress on the island left burning till nothing remained.

The olive skinned woman and the boy was now in a forest. She turned to him, "Who do you think would've won?"

The boy simply rubbed his head in contemplation. "I don't know honestly. That's something I don't want to witness. I know that Lucilia can draw on endless amounts of energy. Rin however." The boy swallowed and visibly paled. "Rin can out out massive amounts of energy as well, and due to her body's nature she can take punish better than anyone I can think of. She's a masochistic to the extreme. They'd end up doing more dmg around them than to each other." The woman simply nodded.

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Full OC description:

Rin: long white hair, pale skin, wears a full body suit that's all black. Metallic band that covers her eyes, cuffs around her wrist and ankles and has a collar on.

Voz: aurburn hair (reddish brown basically) tall, muscular. Wears a vest (no undershirt) cargo style pants and combat boots, his eyes are all white.

Jinx: wears a black cloak and has bandages on his arms and legs sits on a blue orb, has black hair and golden eyes.

Amy: olive skin, red armor, under the armor is black skin tight fabric, black hair orange eyes with a small flame flickering in her pupils,

Hope that clarifies the OC's looks for you guys