Hello to any who may be still following me as an author on this site. I would like to let you all know I'm picking up writing once more. Originally writing was more of a stress release than something to enjoy. For awhile this helped but eventually i just couldn't bring myself to continue writing simply because it stressed me out. There's some more factors as to why i stopped but that delves into my personal life and that's something I'd rather keep personal. I've been wanting to get back into writing for 4-5 months now but I've been dragging my feet on that.

Now I want to be crystal clear on my intentions with all of my stories. A few will be discontinued. I will release an outline of what the story was to entail so if anyone who still kept track of the story will get some type of ending for it, even though it isn't a true ending.

Also i will be rewriting some of my stories. Those that will be rewritten will be separated into 2 categories. Those with a regular update schedule and an irregular schedule. This is because i want to do other stories in current fandoms and others that I've gotten into. Before I start releasing new works and reworks i will be releasing a few one shots. These are stories that i would like to do but i don't want to completely dedicate my time and effort to. This is to also give me time to get ahead on the stories that will give a regular schedule to. I will not release a rework until i have 5 chapters on it. Because i will be releasing a chapter every other Mon, Wed, Fri, so that i still have some room to breathe in between updates. The irregular updates will be more or less when i have the time but I'll try to keep them updated at least once a month, but no promises.

Finally to those who still here thank you for taking time out of your day to read crappy stories from an crappier author.

Regular updates

new path (completely reworked with new storyline and character rework)

Love for a killer (fleshed out for a longer and more enjoyable read)

Tatsumi the impaler (completely reworked characters and will now be a AU)

Our unbroken bond (completely reworked characters and new storyline)

Irregular updates

Mira's cosmic journey (completely reworked and new storyline)

Rise of the draculina

The lioness and the Guardian (will no longer be under this title. Will be an AU. Character rework.)



Forsaken beauty.

New fandoms (release/updates tbd)

That time i got reincarnated as a slime

My hero academia

Kimetsu no yaiba