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I am a girl with ordinary looks (obviously, I think I resemble a princess), ordinary house, ordinary salary, but I know I have a big heart *smiles*.

You must be thinking who I am, so here comes my introduction, I am Lucy Heartfilia, my house stands on the land of Magnolia and within one or two kilometers comes my workplace- restaurant 'Fairies on loose'.

Yeah, you are thinking in correct direction, I work as a waitress. I live alone in a rented house. I chose it not because it's affordable but it's comfortable.

I am a happy-go-lucky girl with merry choices of baking cookies, shopping and wearing beautiful dresses, decorating house, every year I look forward to snowing too.

I have friends in restaurant and a sweet neighbour who also works in the same restaurant, Levy Mcgarden. She is a girl with brains, kind nature, cute smile, blue hairs and short height. She has a guy following her, named Gajeel Redfox, who is full on rowdy, with jet-black hairs, so long that you can braid them, and you will not believe he is a man without eyebrows, yeah don't be shocked, nails replace them instead, but he explains them to be piercings.

Levy has talked me into this, they first met when she was out shopping and a thief snatched her purse. Gajeel was the one to catch the thief and beat the crap out of him, Levy was happy and thanked him with a treat. She thought the meeting will end there, but no Gajeel seemed to have different plans, he kept following her whenever he found her outside, of course his actions were noticeable and one day out of blues he confessed to her, she also revealed that she has feelings for him (only to me till now), but would love to carry on the act of not giving him attention and play with him for some more time, she loves it when he tries to impress her with his crack-head qualities which she thinks to be very manly.

You know, I don't have a boyfriend or any guy following me but I would love to have one.

Levy wakes this desire of mine every day.

But, Erza's waking is little harsh, why, coz she has a boyfriend named Jellal, who is "extremely handsome" not only that both are deeply in love that makes me little jealous 'isshh no telling her'.

Oh, yeah right you don't know about her, I forgot to check on her identity, Erza, Erza Scarlet, she is a friend and a fellow waitress, she is very beautiful, tough, though from outside but with a kind heart concealed inside. She is very mature and has a dangerous liking for strawberry cakes, you give a slight touch to her slice and she will be slicing you in the next consequent moment. But, I love her company. She keeps on telling that 'Scarlet' name was given to her by Jellal or better Jellal Fernandes, who is a childhood friend of her with blue hairs and a tattoo above and under his right eye.

She got that name because of her scarlet color long hairs, which he used as a symbol so that he will not forget her. They are a matching couple, made for each other type.

Bisca is the one who crushes my heart the most to wake it up, why, why coz she has a 'HUSHBAND' and my jealousy doesn't stop here as she has a sweet 'DAUGHTER' too. They are very happy in their life, a loving couple, a lovely daughter Asuka and not ol that an obedient and madly in love hushband, Alzack.

She is a fellow waitress too and Alzack keeps on visiting her whenever he gets time, Jellal is much better than him, atleast his visits are rare and he is little shy too not like Alzack who never fails to grab the opportunity to be lovey-dovey with Bisca not even caring about the situation.

This gimmick has caused her long lectures, extra working hours and job threatening warnings from Master Mavis Vermillion, who is a baby faced women as if she had been freezed since she was 13 or something. She is kind, protective, cheerful and caring. She can be carefree and reckless and aggressive too.

I feel bad for Bisca but deep down inside I am happy because these warnings are showing some results now.

Our restaurant is a family restaurant, where pretty ladies work as waitresses (and guys are the major customers) *smirks*.

So, I have many lady colleges who are my friends too.

Already I have introduced you with Levy, Erza, Bisca and others whom you don't know are Mira, Lissana (these two are sisters), Evergreen, Cana, and Juvia.

Mira, Lissana and Bisca work as chefs, and Erza, Juvia, Cana, Evergreen including me are the waitresses. Levy manages cash counter with Master Mavis (it's our restaurant's work distribution).

I think everyone is hooked up in their own ways. The only one who comforts me is Juvia Locksar, because she is the only one who is like me, a girl without someone but desperate to have one. There are some differences ovio. She don't get one because she is a cry baby and very possessive so naturally always gets rejected, within a month, a week or maybe one or two days, but I must say she is beautiful with a loving heart, she is a bluenette like Levy.

But in my case I am not in a relationship not because I don't get one but because I am waiting for my dream prince, I m waiting for love to happen, and also m not good at handing relationship it's just not me.

I want to be mesmerized by someone, someone who could take my breath away, who could make my heart pounce. Since, I was a kid of 12 (now I am 17), I used to dream that my love story starts with meeting the destined guy on Christmas eve with a snow covered land around, slight snow fall going on, moon and stars partying in the sky, every house and shops decorated with lights, tinsels and Christmas trees for Christmas, these lights illuminating the surrounding. In such romantic situation falling in love at first sight with the one who is handsomely built, cool, dashing, with heavenly eyes that could hypnotize you make you dug deep into it, voice that will force your heart to race as fast as it could, whose hairs will be so silky and unique, whose smell could make you forget yourself whose presence itself will be so euphoric that a mere eye contact will make you forget the world in an instant.

I think I am too obsessed with fairy tale, I got acquainted with them when I was an infant and I think I might have forgotten to stop, don't you think this might be the case because I still believe in them otherwise, I wouldn't have imagined my love story in this manner. I m such an idiot to think like that, I don't think a man with all such characteristics exists and if so then he is not meant for me and these can happen only in stories not in reality. I know my dream is absurd but still I hope it to come true, that's the reason why I get a bit worked up for Christmas and the thing is tomorrow's Christmas *delightful bliss*.

You know, Cana is a card reader, she is a brunette with a bottomless pit for a stomach, she said, "My cards have spoken you are going to have a fateful encounter this Christmas". I don't actually know if I should follow her words or not, even if I am sure about it before hand that this year will be same as always but still I m in high spirits, may be, by any chance her cards were not joking around with me. It has been a protocol of mine to doll myself up on this day to look eccentric and stroll in park hoping to find 'the ONE'. I will not break my routine this time either.

OH SHIT, I forgot Master Mavis is throwing a party tomorrow and each member should attend it with a partner. So, I should be presenttheir but if I gotheir how will I get my destined one. Now I have double reasons to look pretty tomorrow.

Lucy was on her study table scrabbling deeply on a piece of paper so engrossed in her thoughts that she was unable to detect when sleep's warm arms embraced her.

Christmas's morning was a pleasant one, sun was hiding behind the clouds showing a little portion of its face as a proof of its virtue, birds warbling congenially, wind blowing swiftly. A cold breeze waked the sleeping Lucy.

"Oh! I have left the window open and been sleeping on my study table this whole time" she mumbled.

She sauntered towards the window, perched her arms on the window sill and admired the atmosphere outside, it was 9 on the clock in the morning. She spent some time their watching her surrounding being beautified. Everyone was busy decorating their houses and Christmas trees with tinsels, jingle bells, socks, candies, lights, stars and whatever they find appropriate and appealing. Some were still unloading Christmas trees from the truck.

She went inside and commenced her regular routine of brushing her teeth, throwing herself in the hot water tub with her cute and unique dog Plue. (Unique because he's got a yellow conical nose, unique because it's a dog that doesn't bark instead does "pun pun").

After her bath when she was adoring her reflection in the mirror,

"Merry Christmas Lucy" she said to herself with head tilt and a smile on her face, fingers interlinked and hands stretched.

"Oh Lucy, you are such a beauty even mirror get's nervous just by a glance.

Stop this you are the only one who thinks that."

Then again she continued her regular work,

Prepared her breakfast and gulped it away, overlooked weekly magazines and newspapers, then went to check on Levy,

Levy was in middle of her house decoration,

"Levy- chan, what are you doing? Will it be okay if I get in" asked Lucy with a little hesitation, when Levy opened the door.

"I am embellishing my tiny house, but will be glad to have your company" replied Levy with a smile and left her door wide open for her to enter.

"Thank you, you have already started and almost in the middle of embellishing and I have a long way to go" sighed Lucy.

"No worries Lu-chan I will be happy to be in your service" said Levy.

"Oh Levy-chan, so nice of you"

Both exchanged smiles.

"Say Levy- chan, Gajeel will be coming with you as your partner in the party?"

"N.. n.. no.. no, I can't take him with me otherwise he will have wrong ideas" stammered Levy.

"No no he will get it right, you love him right then why not confess. Who knows if he gets tired of this stalking and wants to move on?"

"Plzz, Lu-chan don't say like that I don't want this to happen, I just wanted this stalking to go on for forever"

Levy was now in verge of crying when Lucy startled her,

"Propose him to be your partner for today's party"

"What!" Levy squeaked after blankly staring at Lucy.

"Yeah, you can go on playing with him as much as you want but at least show him that his efforts are showing their colors"

"H..H..hhuh i..i..i ca.. ca..can't"

"Levy-chan I know you can just give it a try, will you?"

"Actually I don't have his contact so if you don't mind I could go out for a stroll, maybe I could find him"

"Oh sure no problem at all you go ahead I will handle the decoration myself without a sign of tint"

"Gomene Lu-chan I suggested to help and now I am backing off"

"It's not your fault Levy-chan no worries I was the one who inspired you to take this step. I have just one request of you that you must be successful in getting his consent"

"I will try Lu-chan just hoping to acquire enough courage to approach him"

"Gambatte ne Levy-chan"

Then with some regular talks and a piece or two of cake Lucy left.

She scrubbed, washed, polished her room spotless. Took out the Christmas tree which she had brought a few days ago and tinseled it, hanged jingle bells, stars, socks, moons and what not. Party was esteemed to commence at 8 'o' clock sharp. So she started getting herself commendable still this thought of not having a pair hurt her conscience.

Lucy draped in a wine red frock having a clenched waistline with red matching heels, eyeliner and mascara beautifying her eyes, ruby red lipstick enhancing her lips and slight blush on her cheeks perfecting her lady like look, making her look elegant in many ways, with a gold diamond shaped dangle earrings and a tiny heart pendant embedded in her gold chain. She let her long straight blond hairs lead their own path,

"Even thought Master Mavis assured me that it's fine with her if I don't have a pair but still how will it like to be in a bunch of couples" she sighed to herself.

"The time has arrived and I am ready but as always a little nervous and hesitant but still I will give it a try, somehow I will manage to skip the party before clock strikes '12'. Yosh, I can do that"

With a slight hope in her mind she stepped out of the door. She was sparkling when levy showed up, who stepped out almost at the same time as her.

"Wow Lu-chan u look damn sexyy" replied levy scanning her from top to bottom.

"Thanks levy-chan, your beauty is not a matter to laugh out either" Levy complimented with a slight blush.

Levy had a black dress on with a golden belt clenched to her waist. Her hair as always not tied with black wedges, silver earrings and some makeup she petrified herself.

"Thank you Lu-chan. I have good news for you- he agreed" she blushed with a deep tint.

"Great, now don't forget to make tonight memorable" smirked Lucy with a wink.

"Lu- chan" Levy blushed so had that her face resembled a tomato and her ears spat a forced air.

"Levy-chan you will be going with Gajeel right" sighed Lucy.

"No Lu-chan I asked him to meet me at the party itself, so that I can go with my sweet friend"

"Really…Levy-chan so sweet of you to think about me" said Lucy with twinkling eyes.

"Ok now let's hustle up if we don't want to be late to the party. It's already 7:50 and 'Fairies on loose' is 20 minutes from here. I will narrate the story of how I managed to approach him "

So the duo removed their heels and started walking as fast as they could they were almost running but Lucy was still entangled in her thoughts,

"Everybody will have a partner with them and I will be alone, even Juvia got some Lyon as a partner

Oh Jesus why am even attending this party

I will be alone and neglected

Somehow I will manage to escape from there but then what, what if history repeats itself again this time, what if no one ever appears in front of me, who will steal my heart right away"

She was not even listening to what Levy has to say,




Almost after calling her name 3 times Lucy was distracted from her thoughts,

"Lu-chan what were you thinking, let's put on our sandals, our restaurant is near we should slow down and be presentable"

"Hmm sure"

Both did the same, after confirming from each other that they look as if they just came out of their houses they relaxed and swaggered,

Lucy again went back to her thoughts,

"Oh no we are near, how I will face the situation, I don't have the courage to get in there, oh Jesus it's an awkward situation what I am supposed to do"

Lucy was so engrossed in her thoughts that she wasn't bother about where she is walking. She was unaware of her surrounding, unaware of her fate, unaware of something that's going to happen soon, she hasn't even noticed there's something in front of her AND

she clashed, stumbled and was about to touched the ground when something wreathed her waist, and two black orbs came into picture…

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