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Levy was looking straight at Lucy, completely lost, she was sliding her eyeballs but no words came out. Then slowly she murmured,

"You love him!"

"Yeah...but I hate him now"

"You love him!" she whooped causing Lucy to jump.

"I mean I used to but now I hate him"

"No really, you love him?"


"You love him" Levy started dancing.

"Levy chan what is wrong with you...here I am saying that I hate him and you are constantly ignoring me..."

"Sorry Lu chan, it was a gush of shock wave for me, the one who was upsetting you, the one who was torturing you, the one who was a constant nuisance for you, the one you wanted to kill if you had a chance, your soul enemy was actually your soul mate, your first love..." she inquired with confusion.

"Sad, I know but true. He was not just my first love but was my love at first sight...before I could know anything about him I was already in love. It happened so quickly, we met, he proposed me to be his model, next day I was in his office...knocking at his door. But, now I have accepted the truth and have decided not to continue my unrequited love any further"

"But why, what happen... did he do something?" Levy asked, being worried now.

"You saw him, how he accepted Lisanna as his girlfriend that to publicly...I don't have a chance now...moreover he hates me and I don't even know the reason..." Lucy sulked.

"Okey let's not think about him...let's cook some delicious dinner"

"Sure" chirped Lucy being excited again.

Day was over with that.


Lucy woke up to her alarm chiming. She saw Levy sleeping beside her, who was bit disturbed by the sound. Lucy waited till Levy was calm again. Giving a smile she got up and went to check her schedule,

"Today I am going to work under Sting...he is the professional photographer of ND Fashion House, right. Yeee...it will be interesting to work with him...maybe I will be able to do some photo shoot" she grinned.

With her spirits high she went to take a hot bath. After scrubbing her body with Lavender scented soap. She came out smelling good, refreshing and satisfied. Levy was up by now and was checking her phone,

"Levy chan you woke up...Good Morning"

"Good morning Lu chan" she smiled.

"Freshen up...I am going to prepare breakfast...we will have it together"

"No Lu chan I should go now I have something important to take care of"

"What is it?"

"I will tell go when the right time comes" she said and ran towards the door and out she went.

Lucy was confused,

"What's with her" she said and went to prepare her breakfast.

She flipped into a yellow dress, which had a flower on left shoulder. Applying her makeup and a pink tint on her lips...she admired herself in the mirror. As always she was looking perfect, smiling happily she grabbed her purse, put her white heels and stepped out.

ND Fashion House-

She inquired for Sting's cabin in the reception and followed the instruction.

It was on the 8th floor, she board the lift, no one was there,

"Thank you God, I am free from Devil's grip...it feels so light...now it feels like I have finally entered into the new year, January 1 was the worst...hopefully today I will not see his face...and I get loaded with happy returns" she prayed with a sweet smile.

Lift opened, Lucy thought she reached but it was 5th floor, Lucy was definitely disappointed when she saw that face, the face of DEVIL NATSU...

"Natsu...OH NO!" she gasped.

He stepped in, Lucy slapped her forehead, her heartbeat already started swimming, she was sweaty even though the ac was on, she felt as time froze, she was praying for time to run with supersonic speed,

"God surely is not in my favor" she murmured.

7th floor came... lift stopped, Lucy thought 'finally' but no Natsu was not budging...

'Eh...why he not leaving' she frowned.

Natsu didn't get out even though it was his floor, but someone stepped in...but he was someone Lucy has never seen. A guy with blond hair, like hers and scar on his right eyebrow and a dangling earring on his left ear, he was sexily handsome,

'Who is he' Lucy thought.

"Natsu san you are here...I was searching for you...I came for a visit"

"What are you doing here...have you started working for the calendar or not?" said Natsu, as always with a poker face. Lucy was just swaying her head from Natsu to Sting from Sting to Natsu.

"Chill bro...I will complete it by today"

"Oh yeah...do you have models for that"

"No I don't...but I will manage"

"How" said Natsu, crossing his arms.

"Oh so you have a solution for me, what is it" said Sting, goofily hanging his hand around Natsu's neck.

Lucy was shocked,

'What in the world...how could he do that...he is gona die...he is gona die' she sang in her brain.

They reached 8th floor, everyone alighted the lift, still Sting's hand was intact,

"Of course...you didn't think that you will do what you like and I will just sit back and cheer for you" said Natsu, removing his hand.

"You did...that was expected from you my Savior" said Sting, gesturing to take pictures of Natsu and even kissing Natsu on his back of palm.

"Stop playing around" he said pulling away his hand. "They will reach around 10 or 10:30, be prepared"

"Here, one has already arrived" he said pointing at Lucy, making her eyes go wide as a dinner plate.

"M...me" she stammered.

"She is Lucy Heartfilia. She is on her training period and today she is under you...but she will also be one of your models for today" said Natsu, completely ignoring her.

'He knew I was there?' Lucy questioned in her mind.

Sting looked at Lucy. He scanned her from top to bottom,

"Perfect...she definitely has the right shape and right face" he said rolling his fingers into a picture frame.

"No I don't think so...she definitely lack in every feature"

'As expected' thought Lucy rolling her eyes.

"So today's photo shoot should be the best...don't mess up...I am going now"

"K...see ya" waved Sting.

Natsu started moving, but stopped and turned around,

"Remember what you said, today means to..day"

"Chillax bro...you have my word" said Sting giving a flying kiss.

Natsu left.

"Hey Lucy, Good Morning... I am Sting Eucliffe" he said shaking her hand.

"Let's go see my workplace...it's pretty dope...I guess that is the most elegant place in this Fashion House" she chuckled.

"That's great...I heard you are a professional photographer... "

"I am...capturing beautiful things in the camera is my hobby...surrounded with beautiful Ladies I don't think anything else could top that"

"Hehh...I see... a...actually I have a some questions for you..." she hesitated.

"Fell free to ask babe..."

"Eh...um...you are very frank with ND... I have never seen anyone talk like that with him..."

"Oh that...you see...he is my cousin brother sooo..."

"EEhhhh..." she flinched with disbelief.


"He sure has a lot of brothers" Lucy nodded her head.

"Yeah...and we all look super sexy...super cool. Don't you agree"

"Hehhh" she laughed awkwardly. "I mean yes...no denying the fact"

"Hehhh...thanks" Sting chortled.

"So...what was he talking about, which photo shoot"

"That...we are releasing our fashion calendar for this year and we want 12 models for 12 months...but this time we thought up like doing this photo shoot with common ladies rather than doing with professional models...because we want to show that every girl is beautiful..." he winked.

"Oh wow...that is nice..."

"I know...even Aries and Meledy are also our models for today"

"I see...it's going to be fun..." she shaked with happiness. "But what about other 9?"

"I don't know about them...but bro has everything sorted...then I don't have anything to worry about"


"Even Gray and Loki will be our companions for today...Gray has designed some cool pretty and simple dresses for you guys and Loki as always will be our makeup man...hehh"

"I am getting excited..." said Lucy rubbing her palm.

They entered the fashion room, it was so bright and colorful...it was magnificent. It looked professional and super classy. There were 4-5 hanger stands with different types of dresses segregated in each one of them. There were huge studio lights, cameras, different types of backdrops, white carpets, different types of props. It was amazing.

"WOW" Lucy exclaimed. "I have never seen something like this..."

Sting gave a half c smile, pretty proud of himself.

"You must be knowing about Yukino and Ultear"

"Yeah...who doesn't"

"That's true...they will be there to guide you as well. So I guess for now you can sit there and wait for all others to show up...I am going to do Kinana's photo shoot" he said pointing towards a sofa.


Lucy sat on the sofa and was watching the photo shoot when this came to her mind,

"I am going to be shooting for the calendar of this year, which NDFH will be releasing as their own Calendar for this year and most of all Natsu wants me to take part in it" she said shaking with excitement and covered her face.

"He finds me beautiful" she blushed and grinned inside her palm.

She was smiling all my herself when,

"Lu chan..." hearing a similar voice Lucy looked up and was baffled, there were 9 girls from Lucy's restaurant 'Fairies On Loose', yeah there was Erza, Levy, Juvia, Cana, Evergreen, Bisca, Mavis, Mira and taboo girl Lisanna.

"You guys" Lucy asked with astonishment.


"Eh..." Lucy was flabbergasted.

"Natsu called us and he wanted us to shoot for his calendar...and how can we reject such an appealing offer" grinned Lisanna.

"Oh I see..." said Lucy feeling kind of sad.

"Actually he told this on New Year's Eve...we have know this all along...but we wanted to surprise you" said Mavis.

"I am glad we all can shoot together...our faces will be on Calendar...people will look at me and will have nose bleed and will shout- how can someone be so sexy" said Cana grinning smugly.

"I have already brought 2-3 dresses...I am going to shine brighter than a star" said Erza dancing her brows.

"Titania...but you will not be brighter than I am" jumped Evergreen.

"Ladies you should talk to former Model...my smile will outshine others" grinned Mira.

"Juvia wants to know where she can find Gray sama...Juvia will do photo shoot only for Gray sama"

"There she goes again...I am glad I can be with you Lu chan" said Levy grabbing Lucy's hand.

"Levy chan. It feels like family when you all are here" Lucy smiled happily.

"Lucy do you know where Natsu is" asked Lisanna.

It felt like a sword was piercing Lucy's heart,

"He..he...I don't..."

"Ladies... Ladies...welcome to NDFH.." Sting distracted everyone.

"He is so handsome" girls murmured.

"You all look so doll like...so it was not a joke you 'Fairies On Loose' girls are definitely something" he grinned, nodding with agreement.

"Thanks" they said and blushed.

"So Ladies I am called Sting Eucliffe...I will be behind camera...and I think you have already met them this is Gray Fullbuster" he said pointing towards his right.

"Hello again"

"Gray sama" Juvia chirped.

"And this is Loki" he said pointing towards his left.

"We meet again goddesses" greeted Loki.

"So let's do it" shouted Sting.

"Yeeeee" shouted everyone.

"Ladies I have prepared dresses for you all..there are two themes summer and winter. For summer you will be rolling plane white sleeveless top with flowery thigh length skirt with hairs falling down and for winter berets as a head dresser, black full sleeve turtle neck top and overlap skirt...okey"

"Perfect" Mavis smiled.

"Ok then Meledy...take yours and give them theirs"

Meledy took the purple beret with purple overlap skirt and Lavender flower skirt and passed the rest. Erza got black skirt with tulips on them and black beret. Levy got orange beret with marigold flower skirt. Aries got white beret with magnolia flower on her skirt. Mira got cement color beret with pansy flower skirt. Lisanna got green beret with dahlia on her skirt. Cana got blue beret with orchid flower skirt. Mavis got yellow beret with sunflower on her skirt. Juvia got pink color beret with lily flower skirt. Bisca got brown beret with daisy flower skirt. Finally Lucy got a red beret with roses on her skirt and red overlap skirt.

Loki used her master hands and everyone looked so pretty and sweet, they were dripping honey with every step.

They lined up. First Mira jumped in for the shoot. Yukino and Ultear were already there posing the way they all were going to pose for the shoot.

"Wait till I show this to Natsu" tweeted Lisanna.

Lucy got upset, shooting was going on, she was the last one in the line, coz she was there learning, but she was not focused, she was roaming in her own thoughts. She sat in her corner sofa alone, lost,

"No...this is not done...why am I sad...I should be happy...I am doing what I have always wanted to...I should forget about Natsu and start enjoying life as a free bird...I should probably take a break and go to washroom to freshen up" she said and went to the washroom.

In the way she heard someone talking, silently she tip toed to hear the conversation clearly, they were Natsu and Lisanna,

"What are they talking" she murmured nearing one step, she was hiding behind a wall close to the duo.

"Natsu, how do I look" Lisanna singed.


"Mr. Boyfriend let's go out for a dinner date tonight" Lisanna grinned, Lucy sulked.

"Stop it Lisanna...how many times have I told you I am not your boyfriend"

"What" Lucy gasped in bewilderment.

"Why are you saying like that you accepted me as your girlfriend in front of everyone...now"

"Look that I did just to avoid the situation but I don't love you...I thought you will understand" said Natsu cutting her off mid sentence.


"Don't feel bad Lisanna...you are my friend and always will be... but don't force me to love you, just forget about it and let our lives flow the way they were before"

Lisanna started crying.

"Hey Lisanna, don't cry...Let's make a deal...when you are in any trouble just call me I will pose as your boyfriend...what you say?"

Lisanna smiled,

"Promise" she said between her tears.

"Yup... pinky promise...pun intended" he said and laughed.

Lisanna laughed too after getting the joke. Both had a hearty laugh,

"Do you feel good now..."

"Yup" she said wiping her tears.

"Now go do your best for the photo shoot...I want the real Lisanna" he smiled.

"Hmm" she said and started leaving. "Bye"

"See ya"

Lucy P.O.V-

Before they could feel her presence Lucy hurried and hid inside the washroom,

"Did I hear things right..." she huffed. "He doesn't love her...he is not her boyfriend...it was just an act...YEEEEAAAH..." she started dancing with radiance.

"I have chance"

"I have chance"

"I can continue to love him"

"Thank you, God"

Trying to hold her poise which was literally hard for her now...her feelings were like a hot lava which can overflow any minute...but she tried to be calm and went back to the shooting hall. Despite of trying, her happiness was clearly visible on her face...she was glowing. When she went she and Levy were the only one left and Juvia's shoot was going on.

"Lu chan you look so happy...what happen" Levy asked quirking her brow.

"Nothing...hehh..hee" she tittered.

"Something sure did happen..."

"Levy chan give your ears to me" she said pulling her closer and whispered in her ears,

"I heard Natsu and Lisanna chat and Natsu said that it was just an act, Natsu doesn't love her, he is not her boyfriend"

"What" Levy exclaimed pulling out.


"Are you sure..."


"That's why she looks kind of pale...it is sad for her" said Levy glancing at Lisanna with a frown.

"Yes...it is...but I can't help but smile...it just won't listen" Lucy smiled, again.

"Hehhh...I can feel you" Levy smiled back.

Levy went for her photo shoot now it was Lucy's chance to enter. She changed into both the outfits for the shoot, but she surely couldn't help but grinned the whole time. Sting nudged her many times. But somehow she looked all pretty and adorable in the final result, as the shoot was a hit so Sting didn't mind it.

"Pack up...Well done ladies" said Sting and went back to his camera, and all girls went to change.

Now it's time for Lucy's girlfriends and former colleagues to say goodbye.

"We will take our leave...and you my girl...keep working hard...you are definitely in the best place that every girl dreams of...so show them what's your worth...yeah" said Mavis twinkling.

"Yeah..." said Lucy and jumped towards her and hugged her.

"It was really fun to have you all as my colleagues for today, NDFH felt like home for the first time" Lucy grinned.

'Fairies On Loose' girl grinned back and left.

"Sting what are you going to do next... I mean what is the next process..."

"Actually I am also working for the magazines photos which is going to be released this month. So for that we have collected all the photos of what has happened in the previous year, we are also going to put today's photo shoot photos, and, do you know one nice thing..."

"What?" Lucy asked eagerly.

"You have almost 10 photos in the magazine, thanks to you we have 2 big offers" Sting winked.

"Really...that is the best news I have ever heard..." Lucy jumped with happiness clasping her hand on her mouth in disbelief.

"Yeah...really and you look absolutely stunning in them"

"Thank you" Lucy blushed.

"Let me show you how we select pics and how magazines are printed. But, first I have to take some more pics, you come with me" said Sting.

She went with him, and the day went by it was around 5:30 when she got a call from Erza.

"Hello Lucy, what are you doing?"

"Erza...nothing just some stuff"

"Okk...Mira made her special waffles...I know you like it...do you want me to send it for you"

"What...Waffles...OMG...you will do that...I would Love that"

"Ok then I will send someone"

"I am waiting" Lucy sniggered.

Around 6 'o' clock Lucy got a call, it was an unknown number,

"Hello" she answered it.

"Hello Lucy, it's me Jellal, I am standing in the lobby, come and meet me"

Lucy was surprised, Erza sent Jellal to deliver the dish, she was not expecting him,

"I will be there in just 5 minutes" she said and hanged up.

"Sting I will be back in 15 minutes"

"Okey" Sting waved without even looking at her, he was busy in his computer, editing.

It was not hard to find Jellal, blue hairs, tall structure with perfectly toned body, who else could he be,

"Jellal" she called, he turned around.

"Lucy, here are your waffles, it's YUM" said Jellal, smacking his lips.

"I know... when I was working there, whenever she used to make it, we just used to stop doing everything from the moment the aroma hits our nose, hanging the closed board we would wait eagerly to have a bite out of her famous waffle" she laughed.

Jellal laughed too.

"Do you remember when I was invited and I was the only guy between you Ladies...it was so embarrassing"

They guffawed.

Natsu was out on a meeting and was returning at this time, when he saw them talking,

"I heard about today's photo shoot...it went super awesome. Erza was all about it, she was hard to stop..."

"Yeah...it was super awesome...I enjoyed it to my heart's content"

"Btw, You look good in this yellow dress " he smiled.

"Really, thank you" Lucy blushed pushing her hairs back of her ears.

"Hey, what are you doing here... I told you to stay away from her ..." Natsu interrupted in between and scowled at him.

Lucy looked at him, reflecting a mixture of expressions.

"Excuse me..." said Jellal, perplexed.

"Don't act dumb Siegrain...I am going to smolder that face of yours"

"Hey what are you..."

Natsu grabbed his collar and was about to punch him when,

"1 minute...Natsu he is Jellal...they happen to have same face they are different" said Lucy cutting in between.

Then Natsu got flashbacks of how they are twin brothers, and Siegrain is a completely different person from the one who is standing in front of him.

"Ohh...I guess I misunderstood"

"And you ...what are you doing here you come with me" he said grabbing Lucy's hand, with this she squeaked slightly. "I think either you are deaf or you don't take me seriously... when I said you should come and work out with me...what were you doing" he dragged her towards the lift. They were waiting for the lift when Lucy noticed him grabbing her hand. She was fidgeting, her heart was pounding like a drum.

They entered into the lift, no one was there. Lucy looked at his hand which was holding hers...she bit her lips nervously, this time Natsu noticed the intense wave she was sending till now and jerked off her hand. Both blushed and started looking in space,

"Ahem" Natsu cleared his throat. "You go grab your bag and change into your track suit...which I doubt you have" he scoffed.

Lucy carried her track suit daily from the day he said, but could not gather up courage to go and work out with him all alone, she knew she could die out of excitement. She also carried her diary in which she stored the newspaper cutting of Natsu holding her, whenever he was rude and she felt like losing her hopes she used to look at it and get encouraged to continue loving him.

GYM Room-

Lucy got changed into her track suit. Scared, she swept towards the gym room, scratching her neck and slightly blushing she stepped in. Entering she started glancing, to have her glucose by her side to take on the devil(to be prepared to tackle him).

"Are you looking for me , Miss" she jumped with the infamous voice, she turned around to find Natsu smirking at her.

"N...No...I was just looking around" she pursed her lips.

"Oh I see..." he pouted and shrugged.

"I guess you are done with your inspection so let's start with running the treadmills"

"Okey" she nodded looking down.

Lucy was going for a treadmill which is like 2 miles away from Natsu,

"Hey where are you going, you will run beside me... I want to make sure you are not here fooling around.

"Okey" she said rubbing her nails.

They were now running side by side. Lucy could fell her heart jumping high to the moon.

'Oh God! Stop it...Heart my dear friend please stop whatever you are doing...you will disclose my secret ' she talked in her mind.

"What were you talking with Jellal" asked Natsu, scaring Lucy, she stumbled but managed to stay intact.

"W...Why" she stammered.

"That's not my answer"

"Just about today's photo shoot"

"Hmm" he said and resumed with his session.

After thinking about 10 times, which Lucy was itching to ask till now,

"What's with I told you to stay away from her" she imitated Natsu.

"Don't get so carried away...I don't want my employees to flirt in my sacred office...I don't mind if you sleep with him just do whatever you want but not in my office" he smirked shrugging.

"What..." Lucy eyes was flooded with tears. "How could you say that" she said all flushed with anger, she stopped both the treadmills,pulled him and swing her palm across him face. Natsu was dumbfounded.

"You are and always will be the heartless jerk. I am leaving" she said, yanked her purse which was sitting on the sofa and ran outside the room, crying.

"What's with him, he will not die if he will be nice to me for at least a day" she said rubbing her face.

Natsu's P.O.V-

He was standing there in silence, sound of slap was still reverberating in his ears. He covered his eyes and rubbed his face in regret. Then he again pressed the start button of the treadmill and pulled the highest speed and started running on it.

He was now running like cheetah after his prey. He ran, he ran, he ran then finally dripping wet in sweat he stopped the machine and threw himself in the sofa, huffing.

He was relaxing in the sofa with his eyes closed, when he felt something hard, he cracked opened his eyes, to see what is it.

He saw a diary lying on the floor and a picture was sticking out. Curious, he picked it and pulled out the picture, it was the newspaper cutting of him holding Lucy and looking straight in her eyes. He started getting flashbacks of the night it had happened, how he was busy talking with Gray and that delicate and innocent looking girl who was looking pretty in that red dress dashed into him and fell in his arms.

He opened the front page of the diary to see the owner, even though he knew who could it belong to, he still wanted to confirm. He smiled at her silliness.

"Silly...but cute" he blushed with slight tint.

Lucy's P.O.V-

"I will never forgive him" she wept.

She was crying and walking her way back, now she was walking in the road all alone. It was around 9 'o' clock when she was returning and on the road to her home. Engrossed in her sadness she forgot to change her cloths. She was wearing a yellow tank top and knee length tights...her heart started beating fast...

"I should walk faster"

"Hiss.. hiss" somebody whistled from behind , scared she turned with jerk to find a grim looking guy behind her.

She turned to hurry but bumped with someone and fell into ground,

"Oh Lucy darling...what's so hurry. Where are you hurrying wearing that sexy looking outfit" said her stalker, Jackal, he was dripping Lust.

He crouched down and slide his finger on her arm,

"Do you know how sexy you look right now, super hot" he simpered ogling at her, Lucy cringed. Two more guys joined in.

"Jackal, what have I done to you, please let me go" Lucy pleaded.

"Do you know what have you done..."

"N..No.." she stammered.

"Do you want to know?"


"Do you want to know" he raised his voice.


"You have made me your slave in love. You are already showing your cleavage let me see those big busts and bite those delicate lips" he licked his lips, pushed her and then pounced upon her.

"HELP ME! ANYBODY, HELP ME! HELP ME! HEL..." already exhausted she fainted.

He touched her face and was about to kiss her neck, when,

*THUD* a burning kick hit him on his face and he flipped 4 times and fell on his face.

"Who dare..." he shouted and turned to look at the face of the owner, when a punch hit him,




"Hey, who are you..." other guys attacked him, he did a firing back flip and all three of them were down in just flick of a bone.

He grabbed Jackal's collar and started thrashing him, without stopping,


"W...Who are you, why are you beating me...what is she to you"

"I will tell you as this will be your last wish...I AM NATSU DRAGNEEL AND SHE...SHE IS MINE"

"I beg u please leave me...please" Jackal pleaded joining his hands.

"NEVER" he said and punched him in his nose, he fell unconscious.

Natsu grabbed him, tugging his hair and called,

"Hello police station..." he filed a complaint.

He ran back to Lucy holding her face and delicately rested her on his thigh, and patted her face,

"Lucy...Lucy...wake up..."

Lucy woke up feeling something cold on her face, she looked around and realized she was in her house, then she looked at the chair beside her bed and cringed backward,

"Natsu!" she gasped.

"How are you feeling, are you alright..." he asked desperately.

"What are you doing here, how I came here...if I remember correctly...I was on the road...did he do something...did you do something" she said jumping back and holding her pillow tightly.

"Relax...nothing happened...you are absolutely fine..."

"But...when did you..."

"Relax...drink some water...and take rest..." he said and handed her a glass of water.

She drank,

"But, how did you know my house..."

"From the office records..." he smirked.

"But, what are you do..." Lucy stopped when Natsu showed her ,the diary.

"How did you get it...wait a minute" she shivered. "Did you read my diary..." she gawked at him.

Natsu Looked away,


"What... did, you, just say SORRY"

NDFH= Natsu Dragneel Fashion House

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