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He knew it is rude to read anyone else's diary but he could not resist himself and started reading it.

"Dear Mom,

How are you doing? I hope everything is going smoothly. Are you eating well. I have talked with God, he will look after you. If you need anything just ask him he will give you. I am not fine here, father is rude to me, he doesn't talk to me, he even forgot my birthday. I guess he is busy. But, he loves me I know.

Yours Lucy"

It was written when she was around 8 years old.

"Dear Mom,

Father died. I am sad, I am lonely. I miss you. If you meet him in heaven please give him my message, I could not tell him that I love him." Natsu could feel the tear stains, coz it has smudged the pen ink.

"Dear Mom,..."

"Dear Mom..."

Natsu kept on reading letters after letters. One letter was written recently on Jan 1. Natsu could still feel the wetness and warmth of her tears. Every letter was directed to her mom. Natsu closed the diary with a fling, he was crying.

"How could...how could you do that..." he wept.

"I..I have to find her" he said and ran outside, he didn't even bother to change his clothes.

In his car-

"Where could she possibly be...did she reach her home or she is still wandering somewhere, crying her eyes out...where will I find her now" said Natsu being anxious.

He was anxiously searching all the directions to find at least a tiny trace of the blond maiden when he saw a girl being harassed by a group of people and something, yellow.

Without any further delay he stopped the car with a jerk, flung the door open and walked without even caring to close the door, as his steps were nearing the girl in distress his doubt started clearing, then he heard,

"Help Me..."

This voice, this voice that always managed to give his heart a weird knock, no doubt, who could that be, he ran with the speed of bolt, burning in the flames of anger.

And you know what happened after that.

Lucy's House-

"What...Did you really said, SORRY"

"I didn't knew that you too dealt with the same catastrophe as I went through...it was insensitive of me to scold you without even knowing the whole story" said Natsu without even looking at her.

"...why didn't you tell me earlier?" he asked now looking straight in her eyes.

"It's not something that can be shared openly... I want to live life throwing out all the bad memories...I still write letters to mom, update my diary. My diary is not just a diary it's my mom, I share everything with her, it makes me feel like she is still around, just living in a different state or country, watching me from there and she will come and visit me someday... I know this is childish but this makes me strong, makes me feel... I am not alone, makes me wanna live happily so that she will be happy" said Lucy shredding her pearl like tears again.

"You know, I am still scared of darkness... scared of thunder storms...I am even scared of fast moving cars..."

Lucy looked at Natsu expecting him to say something, who was just eyeing the floor and he flashed no signs of slipping even a single word, so she kept going,

"Levy is my family here, she is my best friend on whom I can rely with my eyes closed...when I am sad or when I am happy she is the one I go to... Master Mavis and others are my second family... I don't know what I would have done if these people were not in my life... and 'cough' 'cough'.."

"Hey what happened...one sec" he said and stoop up to grab the jar of water.

"Here..." he said offering her a glass of water.

But before she could hold the glass she started coughing hard,

"Amm...let me help you" he said clasping her and making her take a sip.

She drank a bit then looked at 'The Natsu', he who seems to hate her presence...sitting beside her and helping her drink water and that too this close. He looked back at her and there was a moment of silence, Lucy's heart started beating with the speed of light, and stomach started crunching..she could feel a soothing breeze brush her face, she didn't want to take her eyes off him...

"Ahemm...are you alright now" asked Natsu, shifting afar.

"Y..Y...Yeah...hmm" she stammered flickering her eyes..

"Ok then...I should leave now"

"Hmm...ok" she said, even though her heart was shouting 'NO'.

Natsu was starting to leave when Lucy called from behind,

"Thank You..."Natsu looked back.

"Thank you for everything"

Natsu looked at her, nodded his head, gave her a faint smile and left.

Lucy slowly crawled towards the door locked it and started dancing,

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! THE NATSU DRAGNEEL IN MY HOUSE...he taking care of me...we two alone in a room...someone pinch me..." she said giggling like crazy, she heard a knock at the door.

She jumped back,

"Is he back again, did he hear me shouting, did he left something" she said scanning around the room.


She ran and opened the door to find her tiny blue head, flashing her teeth like a torch,

"Levy chan"

Levy entered pushing her aside and closed the door,

"I saw your future husband carrying you here...How are you feeling Lu chan... you and your hot Natsu all alone in a room" she said juggling her brows and nudging her.

"He princess carried me?" Lucy asked with innocence.

"100%...he was holding you with such care...I could feel his love bouncing off me"

"Hehhh..." Lucy blushed.

"I LOVE IT" she shouted cuddling herself and then hugging Levy.

"I know" Levy winked.

Natsu P.O.V-

He walked towards his car to find his door unattended , it was a bliss that he took his car keys with him otherwise the car would be gone forever.

He was on his way back home when he saw a poster of a beautiful girl with an innocent face, she was none other than Lucy Heartfilia. It was a poster of the winter photo shoot she did with AND company,

"Wow..." he gasped and slowed his car, just to have a heart filling look at it .

He saw one more photo ahead of it and drove further.

As he drive through, all the outfits she wore unfolded in front of him one by one. He was star struck she looked out of the world, with each outfit her glamour was growing. With those cute outfits and that innocent face she was looking so adorable and having her photos on those enormous hoardings was like icing on cake.

He was not looking where he was going his eyes were glued to the hoardings passing by.(Luckily the road was vacant...he was the only passenger)

He remembered the day when she was out clicking pictures, leaving him alone in his room with his allergic reactions. Then how he left her in the middle of the road just to take his revenge.

"Nobody touches my girl" this shot like a bullet in his mind.

"What the..." exclaimed Natsu.

"She is mine"

He stopped his car with a jerk and jumping out,

"What the hell is wrong with me...why I said those cheesy lines...it can't be true...I cannot say like that" he punched his car hood.

"What happened to me that time...why I said those things...she is mine...WHAT THE FUCK WAS that"

"Nobody touches my girl...my girl...Seriously...HELL NO. I acted like crazy for that waitress..I was sobumped up for no fucking reason."

"I hate her...I can't have any feelings for her...She is an employee she needed my help...and I helped her that's it. I may have animosity with her but that doesn't mean I will let her die and those sugar coated things which I said was just to protect her from those thugs...I was just pretending to be his bf so that they will not follow her back..that's it...what's the big deal" he said shrugging as if trying to console himself.

"It's a bliss that she was unconscious and she didn't hear anything...otherwise it would have been a pain in the ass...phew" he sighed.

"I will act all normal as if nothing happened today" he decided before jumping inside the car and driving away.

Next Day-

Lucy woke up all fresh...she had a good night sleep...after so long she finally had a peaceful sleep and woke up all radiant.

"I love my life...it's a beautiful day...I will have my breakfast and be on my way...My prince charming is waiting for me with a bouquet ...la la la...la..la...la..la" Lucy sang while doing her morning chores.

"Oh no...today I am still under Sting...I wish I could spend whole day with Natsu" she sighed.

"I guess he doesn't hate me now...soooo, will he act as a friend to me...will he care for me...or will he complement me...yeaann" said Lucy blushing in her palm.

"I will definitely make a visit to him"

She was all chirpy an preppy. She bathe with pleasant smelling bath bombs...assembled a sumptuous turkey sandwich, and chomped on it, wrapped a blue T-shirt paired with pink skirt and white sneakers. Pouring almost half bottle of perfume and dabbing 1000 pounds of makeup, she stepped out beaming.

Natsu on the other hand who had a hard time sleeping...who was still stumped out about what he said and did last night. He was burning with rage,

"I wish I did not get to see her face today"

"Thank God...she is not under me today...so hopefully I will not encounter her...I should talk to sting so that he will hold her in...yeah" said Natsu washing foam out his body (yeah, he was talk bathing ;p)

He dressed well, wearing a blue shirt, black pant, black coat and pink color tie matched with his trusty pointy formal shoe. He has a very important meeting with Forever 21 delegates.

Spraying perfume from top to bottom he went to have breakfast, at the dining table he met Sting,

"Hey Sting..."

"Bro wassup...you calling me" Sting asked with surprise.

"No, I am talking to the plate"

"Hehh...kayy bro what is it"

"See, I don't think we have any files to check, or funds to pass...so don't come knocking at my door... o..or send that blond to me..." said Natsu trying to be normal.

"What! So, you have a problem with Lucy...and here I thought what did I do wrong..."

"Whatever" said Natsu sunk into the chair, trying to avoid Sting's looks.

"Natsu san what happened... did you accidentally kissed and now trying to avoid her...huh" he snickered nudging him.

"Stop it...today I have an important meeting and I don't want you two to ruin it..." said Natsu smugly.

"Kayy why r u getting angry...chill bro you will have an awesome day without her..." Sting teased.

"You.." Natsu glared and Sting ran to hide behind Grandine.

"Hehhh...you kids when are you going to grow up" smiled Grandine.

"Never..." said Sting hugging her.

"And you, stop teasing him and go have your food" said Grandine pinching his ears.

"Ouch... it hurts"

After the breakfast all 3 brothers(Sting, Rogue and Natsu) stepped out to go to same destination, Fashion House.

"Bro, should we go all together...?" asked Sting.

"NO" fired Natsu.


Natsu went alone in his car and Sting and Rogue went in Sting's car.


Natsu got down from his car and hooked his shades, but actually he put those to avoid Lucy's intrusion and can run from her and people will not notice him being all watchful.

"Thank God it's safe" he blew air in relief.

"But how will I avoid her whole day" he frowned.

Lucy reached after 5 minutes, running her eyes around to get a glance of her king of dreams, but alas no success, with slight disappointment she entered the fashion building.

"I have whole day I will definitely get to see him" she beamed.

She was dying to see her pink haired price but instead pulled herself towards the photo shoot chamber.

"I should control myself...today I am still working under Sting" she said to her frantic mind.

Photo shoot Chamber-

She went there only to find an empty room staring at her, seeing this as an opportunity to check on Natsu, she turned around only to bump into Sting and Rogue at the door step.

"Hey, Lucy...Good Morning..." chirped Sting.

"Good Morning" she hesitated.

"Where were you going?"

"Oh...n..nowhere" she stammered.

"Ok...come inside"

All went inside,

"Lucy, today Rogue will be your partner, we are gonna do a couple shoot"

This rang a bell inside her head...

'Couple shoot with Rogue' she thought in her mind and blushed glancing at Rogue, who was looking handsome as usual.

"Hey LH...we meet again...we are gonna do a couple shoot...Couple dance didn't work out but couple shoot will" he sneered.

"Ah...ha ha ha" Lucy gave an awkward laugh.

She was excited for the couple shoot and happy too but this happiness cannot match the happiness she would have felt if it was Natsu.

"BTW LH you look stunning in this blue pink combo" complimented Rogue.

"Thank you" Lucy blushed brushing her hair behind her ear.

"Yeah...you look cute..." added Sting.

"Thank you" grinned Lucy.

"But, you have to change your outfit for the shoot..."

"Okay...what will it be..." asked Lucy eagerly.

"It is a couple shoot remember you have to wear couples outfit...all matching- matching..." Sting winked switching his glance from Lucy to Rogue.

"That will be fun" said Rogue simpering and Lucy grinned.

"As you know Valentine's week is coming next month. We are gonna launch our couples collection, there will be all sorts of them cute onesies, casual onesies, T-shirts, hoodies and many more. Gary is working on it like crazy. He has created 3 of them, one giraffe and one polar bear onesie and one GF-BF T-shirt, and you two are gonna try them all. When other designs will be ready we will have different models to shoot for them. Natsu san... " this word created a wave inside Lucy's heart and she smiled without a reason, and Sting, noticed it.

"Why are you smiling?" asked Sting with a brow raised.

"N..nothing" Lucy snapped out of her haze.

"Ummm...ooo...I get it now...Natsu...that's what made you smile...Rogue, now I am sure something is definitely wrong..." said Sting shaking his head with doubt and Lucy gawked at him.

"Hey...no..no...nothing is wrong...I..I was just thinking about the giraffe onesie tha..that's it...he he hee" Lucy gave an awkward laugh.


"Yeah, of course who will think about Hitler Natsu, duh" said Lucy rolling her eyes, trying not to be obvious.

"Ok then...as I was saying Natsu san is having a meeting today with Forever 21, where he is going to propose our couples collection to be launched in their stores...and I am sure we are gonna get this deal"

"It is that good?" asked Lucy.

"Wait until you see it...oh yeah... Lucy can you go and get the costumes for me from Gray... I don't..."

"Why not..." said Lucy being excited and cutting him mid-sentence.

"Kk..." said Sting smiling broadly.

Lucy excused herself out of there and was now in the hallway,

"Stupid...don't be so obvious...otherwise they are gonna find out about your secret crush" she murmured to herself.

"Should I take this opportunity to have a look at Natsu...ummm...no..no...what will I say to him, I am not under him and I have already thanked him...I should probably go to Gray...but checking on him for once will not be that bad, right" she said and her legs started stomping towards Pink Dragon's den.

She was now standing outside Natsu's cabin and she saw a blank chair laughing at her face. Disappointed, she changed her destination to Gray's palace.

Gray's Workplace-

Lucy opened the door,

"Gray I..."she started but stopped when she saw her *hard to understand eye candy, pink haired Natsu Dragneel.

Her jaw dropped...she was flipping out...she didn't expect that.

Natsu on other hand had the same expression, but he was shocked, she was surprised...

'How can she be here...' his mind shouted.

'Finally, I found him...' Lucy's mind jumped inside her head.

'Oh no...why did I find her' Natsu sighed.

'Lucy control your emotion, be calm, be composed...don't show excitement' Lucy said to herself.

"Yes, Lucy...what happened" asked Gray to break the silence.

"Y...Yeah...Sting was asking for the couples collection..."

"Oh! So he has started doing the shoot for the Valentines week" Gray asked happily.

"Yeah..." Lucy smiled.

"But...work is still going on"

"Yup..but he is asking for the completed ones"

"Sting..." said Gray shaking his head. "He sure does what he pleases...he never asked me and planned things on his own...I know someone like him" he said quirking his brows at Natsu, Lucy looked at him too.

"What..." said Natsu trying to be ignorant.

"Nothing" said Gray, pursing his lips. "They are kept in that corner" he pointed towards a hanger stand where all the clothing were hanging.

Lucy was jittery, coz she has to walk before these 2 handsome hunks and reach the hanger stand which felt like gulping stones but holding herself she started walking towards it,

"Lucy" Gray called from behind.

She turned but missed to see water on the floor and slipped,

"AAAA..." she was falling back... she raised her right hand for someone to hold, thinking,

'Please save me from falling...somebody...anybody'

She closed her eyes because of the following impact she was to sustain, but, she felt something slimy and a forward thrust. She was plunged forward and slipped closure,

She opened her eyes to meet their pairs... the two black beautiful orbs staring at her... a slight tint rushed her checks and

"Ah.." fell out of her mouth.

He was Natsu indeed.

Natsu looked at her pink lips then at her chocolate brown eyes...Lucy looked at his soft lips then at his squinty eyes. Natsu looked at her soft pale skin, Lucy looked at his soft tan skin.

Gray was enjoying watching them captivated, but someone has to break the longevity of it.

"Ahmm..." he coughed.

Pink-blond pair got distracted they avert their eyes and pulled their hands, but,


"What was that..." asked bewildered Natsu.

Gray gestured at their hands.

"EEEHHHH" both shouted in chorus.

This big uproar was because their hands are now glued together like a tree glued to the earth.

They started pulling them apart but no success.

"Lucy you pull from that side I will pull from this side, ok"

"Ok" they agreed and did that but it went in vain.

"We will try once more" suggested Natsu, but glue just shrugged at them.

"Gray help me man" asked Natsu.

"Gray, you work with this glue you must know the remedy...plz help us" pleaded Lucy.

"Sorry Lucy, but I don't know"

"Don't play Gray, help us out"

"Come on ND, I don't know...how long will I say till it gets in your dumb brain"


Let me explain...


Natsu's Cabin-

"Should I go to Gray?"

"What if blondie cuts my road...but I have to visit Gray..."

"Hopefully I don't encounter her" he prayed and walked outside his den peeking for Lucy Heartfilia.

He managed to reach Gray's cabin.

"Hey Gray, how is the valentines collection going on?"

"Pretty well...I have finished 3 of them and one swim suit"

"Great! Have you prepared the papers, I need two files of it...you know nah I have 2 meetings today"

"Yeah...hot head, I know...stop being so serious"

"Hmm" Natsu pursed his lips and glanced at him.

"Oh yeah...I have something to show you..."

"What is it?" asked Natsu making a face.

"You will be shocked" Gray grinned.

"Stop acting...just show it"

"Ok" said Gray and opened a file slipping out a photo but what it contain shook Natsu.

It was a pic of the New years eve, Natsu holding Lucy in that dramatic manner.

"How did you..."

"I have my sources" said Gray quirking a brow.

"Throw it..."

"Not happening..."

"Don't act like a kid Gray...throw it away..."

"I said NO, right, btw look how intensely and passionately you two are looking at each other...you are definitely gonna end up together"

"Stop with the nonsense and give it already..." said Natsu trying to snatch it from him but it that attempt he dribbled the uncapped bottle of glue on the table and accidentally pluck it out of the table and on his left palm.

And Lucy knocked at the door and next what happened you all know.

Gray's Workplace-

"Now what?" asked Natsu in agony.

"I have one Idea...let's first go to Sting"

Each grabbed a fabric and marched towards the photo shoot chamber.

Photo shoot Chamber-

Lucy entered first, seeing her,

"Where were you...what in the world" Sting was baffled.

"Natsu san, LH why are you two holding hands..." Rogue asked bug eyed.

"Don't tell me you proposed her..." barked Sting.

"Stop with the nonsense...there is a predicament" said Natsu. "We are stuck... " and narrated the story.

Everyone started laughing except Natsu and Lucy (Lucy was smiling though).

"Oh no...but we were having a photo shoot..." Sting complained. "Rogue and Lucy were supposed to complete it ...you could have done the photo shoot but you will not be able to change costumes..."

"Sting...I have an Idea" said Gray.

"What is it?"

"See...the day has just started neither you have commenced anything nor he has started anything...so I suggest you two just swap your schedule...today she will be with Natsu tomorrow she can complete her training with you...what do you think?"

Both pink and blond haired brothers started scratching their heads, not having any other plan they agreed.

"Fine with me" said Sting

"Well...fine with me too"

"That's great it's sorted then..." said Gray and everyone nodded.

Gray grabbed Sting ears and whispered something in it with that Sting smirked.

"What are you talking?" asked Natsu frowning.

"Nothing...Lucy, tell me if I remember correctly, you were supposed to be under Loki, what are you doing with Sting?"


"I requested Natsu san to swap the schedule...I wanted her for the Calendar photo shoot..."

"Ohh I see...I want to change a bit of the schedule too..." said Gray.

"Go on...I am listening" said Natsu.

"Instead of Loki being next, she should be assisted by Yukino and Rogue and that to, for one day only and Natsu you can have one extra day" with this both Natsu and Lucy jerked their head towards each other.

"I have seen her walk... she is pretty well herself I think one day will be enough for her...Loki is working on one project too...she can help in that and it will easily take two days"

It took time but finally everyone agreed to the idea nodding their heads.

"Ok then I have a lot to do...I will take my leave now...and you pair in distress go and prepare for the meeting" said Gray smirking.

"But...before you leave let me take a pic...I don't know if it's intentional or not but , have you noticed that ...you two are dressed up like a couple today... " said Sting.

Natsu and Lucy looked at each other and started scanning and indeed they were twinning. Exact blue and exact pink.

They were staring at each other, and String was clever to capture it then and there.

"That's perfect!" said Sting alarming Nalu. "Can you come a bit closure..."

"No...I am going, Got it" yelled Natsu.

He stepped forward and felt a pull on his left hand, he turned around to find Lucy and realized...it's not a regular day...he is stuck with Lucy, where ever they go they will go together. They are like a pair who cannot be separated, and they will have to follow each other around.

"You can go, we will not stop you, but we will stop Lucy, you go, you go...I need to talk to Lucy" teased Gray, who was pulling Lucy's hands.

"Stop it Gray...it's not funny...I need to prepare for the meeting" said Natsu, being irritated.

"Oh really! I know you Natsu...you are always prepared...Come on just 3-4 clicks...then you will be free" said Gray.

"Yeah, I have to capture this moment my big brother glued to a girl...it's so funny" said sting and everyone started laughing, except Nalu.

"Ha Ha Ha...very funny" said Natsu making faces.

"Ok ok...no laughing...Can you hold Lucy by her waist and stand a bit close and look at each other"

"No... not happening" denied Natsu.

"Y..yeah...it is fine this way" said Lucy awkwardly.

"No no...I am the photographer and my orders are supreme..." Sting smirked.

"Hello...photographer I am the president...I can do whatever I want..." said Natsu smugly.

"Not anymore" said Gray pointing towards the intertwined hands, and again everyone laughed.

"Gray, you are busy, right, you have a lot to do...then why don't you see your way out" said Natsu smugly.

"Yeah...I am, but, nothing can beat the fun I am having right now..." Gray juggled his brows and Natsu rolled his eyes.

"Bro, can you both stand like a couple clicking for prom" said Rogue.

Natsu looked at him, then said,


Natsu and Lucy both awkwardly came a bit closure and posed. Natsu was not smiling at all and Lucy bit nervous.

"Come on guys...can you smile and make it look normal..."

"I am not smiling..." said Natsu looking away.

"I know...Snob..." said Sting and Natsu glared. "Lucy you grab his left arm tightly and smile widely..."

"Lucy...don't do it..." Natsu murmured in Lucy's ears.

"There is no way out...I am going for it" said Lucy and grabbed his arm and leaned forward smiling widely as if taking him somewhere.

Natsu looked at her and got caught in the camera.

"Nice one" said sting after checking it.

"Now Natsu san don't be snob and please pose like a couple... "


"Okey will you hold her by her waist, please...at least try" said Sting.

"k" said Natsu and reached for Lucy's waist.

Lucy was hesitating and was nervous, seeing this Sting looked at Rogue and Rogue looked at him, and they shared a gesture.

Rogue was standing near Lucy, he poked Lucy in her waist, she got scared and jumped towards Natsu. Natsu grabbed her waist to save her from falling,

Lucy looked at Natsu, who was already looking at her, cool breeze started flowing,

and, this was the moment the 3 musketeers were waiting

'Click' Nalu got distracted, they pulled out and looked at different direction (east-west)

and again,


"Enough, I don't wanna play anymore...I am going" said Natsu, grabbed Lucy's paw tightly which was already glued and walked out of it with Lucy, and Lucy just looked at Natsu with dreamy eyes.

This was the first time, Natsu was holding her hand and was taking her as if she was his property.

When they were out and alone in the hall way, situation was 'awkward',

Natsu P.O.V-

'I was hoping to not see her face, for the whole day and now I am stuck with her and that's the only face I will look all day. ' he glanced at Lucy.

What a bad luck I have, but, why...I feel happy from inside...why I feel as if this is what I wanted.

No no, Stupid Brain...stop throwing your garbage.

Lucy's P.O.V-

'I prayed to at least see his face for once...but that's the only face I will see for the day' Lucy glanced at Natsu.

This is like a bonus, this is like buy- 1- get-1 free.

My wish came true, I wanted to look at him for whole day...and now I can look at him as much as I want.

I can see this handsome face all day...'WOOOWWW' Lucy giggled.

"Why are you giggling...do you think this is funny...do you find it amusing...yeah why not...this is what you wanted right, you can hold hands and show to the world you have a rich handsome boyfriend...who will do anything for you...who will buy you expensive gifts, who will shower all his money on you...Today I have a very important meeting and I am stuck with you...what a poor luck I have... "

Lucy was shocked, she didn't expect him to react like this, she thought things will change between them a bit after what happened yesterday, but no, he is still harsh, still rude as always. Tears rolled down her cheeks,

"Tears, yeah there it is, your weapon...just drop it whenever you like...where do you buy your tears, they never end... I have not said one line and there they start flowing..."

Lucy was agitated by this,

"Oh..Sorry Sorry Sir, did it bother you...I will wipe it right away..." said Lucy and started wiped her tears, seeing this Natsu was confused.

"I should know my limits... you saved me from those thugs so I thought maybe you don't hate me anymore but...no...I was wrong, how could I think like that...so stupid of me..."

"Lucy what are you talking..."

"No Sir, Sorry...oh did you hate me talking...oh then I will shut my mouth..."

"What is wrong with you...why are you acting like this..." said Natsu looking at her, and Lucy just kept quiet.

Seeing Lucy like this, Natsu was feeling uneasy,

'Why I feel unstable in my heart..why can't I see her like this...why I want her to keep talking to me...' he thought.

Finally he said something which was shocking for him and double shocking for Lucy,

"Please act normal...Sorry, I scolded you I am irritated coz of this sticky situation not on you...it was just an outburst" he said scratching his head and looking away.

After this they walked in silence, then Natsu was the one who broke the ice,

He stopped, looked at Lucy, who looked at him, bewildered.

Natsu smiled at her and said,

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

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