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"Will you be my model?"

Huh.. What MODEL? Did I hear it right? If it's true what a development (beaming), I was hoping to find a way to be close to him but I never thought that he would be the one to scoop out a way for me. What an opportunity, it's like killing two birds with one stone. I always wanted to be a model and I also want to see him daily. If I accept his job I will be able to do them both. Oh wait, he is asking me to be his model, could it be that maybe he likes me too maybe he acknowledges my talent (sparkling). Yosh, I will accept his offer and seal the chance knocking at my door step…

"I will acc…"

"Oh, why I even bother asking… this is my card, if you are out of this world and unaware of my company. Come to office tomorrow at sharp 9 'o' clock, and don't be late… 9 means 9 got it"

"These girls what a waste of time" he said showing his back to Lucy and walking back towards Gray.

"Lu chan what did he said" Levy jumped and hung her hand around Lucy's shoulder and asked delightfully.

"What! I am a beggar or what I didn't even asked for an invitation nor expressed my desire to be a model, what a meanie said as if I asked for it. That jerk I didn't even accepted it, saying as if I owe him something. If he doesn't appreciate me as a model then why ask." Lucy barked removing Levy's hand.

"Lu what happened"

"Nothing Levy chan he was just here to fire my brain"

"Lu chan calm down"

From one corner Gray was watching this with a bleak, disappointment crawling all over him,

"He is a dumbass never good with ladies, I always have to handle this talking thing"

"All beautiful ladies and handsome men present here tighten your shoe laces we are starting the ball please grab your partners and rock the dance floor" Mavis chirped.

Everyone pumped up and started searching their partners,

Obviously Gajeel dragged Levy, Erza had to pull Jellal out, Alzack was the one who has already started dancing with Bisca adding a kiss on her cheeks, Evergreen went to meatball, Elfman and Glared with a hand stretched out, he got the sign and hesitantly took the hold of it. Laxus, a tall, handsome blond guy with a bolt scar on his face, who was there with two other guys one was tall, ugly, blue haired and a tongue drawn out of his mouth named Bickslow and the other one was pretty handsome with long green hairs and a rubber band tied at the end to a lump of hairs, known as Freed. These were some unknown friends invited by Evergreen so they too felt themselves comfortable and were searching for a good partner. Laxus was smart enough to ask Mira who readily accepted with a heartwarming smile. Cana choose Freed and was teasing him, he was puzzled but still accepted. Lissana was trying to persuade Natsu to give a hand but he insolently refused. She was disappointed when Bickslow took a hold of her hand and started rotating her she was confused, glanced two three times towards Natsu, who was trying to avoid her glances then with a sigh she danced on.

Lucy was not feeling like dancing when Gray asked with a sweet smile,

"Shall we dance" Lucy was about to say no but accepted.

Juvia noticed this and felt her insides were burning but before she could turn into a charcoal Loki appeared in front of her and proposed her to dance, not finding the desired one to pair with she grabbed the beautician's offer.

Already knowing the condition but still pretending,

"Are you upset Lucy" Gray asked still dancing.

"No, nothing much"

"No something must have happened otherwise you wouldn't have been sulking"

"I don't know what happened Natsu Dragneel asked me to be his model with such rude face as if I owe his something or I have robbed him. I don't know how he managed to built up such a reputed company when he doesn't have the talking manners. "

"Oh dear, I know that brat is useless I should have come earlier. He is perfect while talking to big-big officials but I don't know what happens when it comes to girls"

"Why..umm can I call you Gray"

"Yeah yeah of course you are free to do that or rather I would love it if you do that"

"Hehh… Why you should have come earlier? First of all I want to ask why suddenly I have been approached to be a model"

"Yeah m going to talk you through the story. Actually after the ramp show you all went inside to change in the meanwhile Manager of a well-known merchandise company, Mr. Melon, who was also present in the Fairies on loose during the Ramp show, was highly impressed by the outfits as well as you all's performances. He selected our outfits to merchandise in other countries that means he signed the deal with us. He liked each one of them but especially the one you were wearing, he was very moved by your elegance in walking so he suggested us to recruit you, and I think he was not wrong"

"Ohhh Thanks but I didn't walked that well"

"No dear you were fabulous I think with a little bit training you will be commendable"

"Oh m grateful. I want to ask something else too if you don't think it as rude"

"Sure do that no problem"

"What were you discussing before Natsu Dragneel stepped forward"

"Ahh that… I was persuading him to give you a try. You are the one for our today's successful and you were good in the stage. He was refusing at first but somehow managed to ask you. What you think about it?"

"I don't know I want some time to think about it"

"Yeah sure take your time but it would be highly appreciated if you accept"


Lucy is lying on her bed…

"Gray was able to convince Mavis to let me go for one day and if I like working in that fashion house I can do night ships there. What to do, he was soo rude when he asked but Gray was nice. He displayed his points so politely and nicely. I fell in love with that person, Natsu Dragneel but he came out to be soo impertinent. But the job is nice, one of my dream jobs it is. Gray was pretty nice his words were coated with honey, that abs of his when I grabbed them my heart fluttered for a second, he danced with me (humming). I know it's because he was cool and pleasant. That Natsu Dragneel he has nothing that could be complained except that harsh mouth of his. Ohh should I take it or not…"

Lucy was walking deep inside her mind now enclosed with her own thoughts.

When she woke up next day unknowing she was getting ready, not to go for her job but to meet that rude guy whom she fell in love with at first sight.

"I know I have to work under that rude guy but still I am getting ready to meet him. This heart of mine how could it let go such a beautiful chance. Yosh I will work hard to obtain his heart maybe it will take some time but I will manage to do that"

Lucy had some trouble finding ND Fashion House but somehow managed to reach there, it was so elegant and fabulously made that she couldn't take her eyes off it.

"May I come in"

He was engrossed in a file so just made a gesture to come in.

"Sir, you asked to meet you"

He looked up to attend the owner of the voice.

"Oh so you are here. I knew nobody could avoid this handsome face, Gray was unnecessarily worried. Are you wearing a watch, Miss"

"Eh... Yes sir"

"Can you please tell me the time"

"Sir it's 8:59"

"And when I asked you to come"

"At 9"

"What I said 9 means 9 you didn't hear that"

"Yes sir I did but I am early"

"It doesn't matter if you are early or late you should be here at the stipulated time not more nor less"

Lucy was out of words didn't know what say at this time, is he really the one who has a problem even if you are early.

"Ok as we know you got Lucky that Mr. Melon acknowledged you even if you are no match for our models and it's your first day and you were too early than the given time so you should repay mm how to start"

At the mean time his phone rang he received it and then,

"Ok there you got a work, Minerva, my secretary got the files which I require right now. Go and get it and yes get a cup of black coffee "without sugar" from the café in the ground floor and you have 15 minutes in your hand. Your time starts now"

Lucy started running,

"What a freak I am new here I don't know where everything is situated and gave me just 15 minutes time to do it for what, for being too early? Café is in ground floor and he is sitting in 7th floor m I flash or what? And now where is this Secretary room"

She managed to find the room but she had to go through an introduction round there. Then she ransacked through her mind that, what she noticed in the ground floor coz she was sure that she saw the café. She took the lift and reached the café but the owner was already serving two employees but somehow she talked through them and managed to reach ND's cabin in the stipulated time.

"Sir, may I come in" Lucy said huffing.

"Come in. You managed, I am surprised. Impressive"

These words were assuring and complacent to Lucy, again her heart could jump little but not for long.

"You completed your punishment so now we can talk related to work. You are Lucy Heartfilia right"

"Yes sir"

"First of all before shooting like a model you should be trained. So you have to go through the training period conducted for 15 days, I m saying beforehand it will be hard if you can sustain that period then only you will be allowed to photo shoot. You will work under Minerva for 2 days then with Gray after that String and then Yukino, you will spend two days with each one of them working and learning simultaneously. Ahh and before jumping to other member you will take a break and work under me. And good news for you today you will be under my surveillance. So grab the sofa there and try to learn from me"

Someone knocked the cabin door, she was Minerva,

"Good Morning Sir"

"Minerva! Come in. Do you know who is this girl"

"Yes sir she is Lucy Heartfilia whom you have hired to be our next model, and she is now going through her Training period. But sir can I ask a question"

"Sure, what is it"

"I don't think she belongs to our industry, she does't have the qualities"

"Hmm I agree, but who is going to explain that to Gray. Ok let it be. Today an instruction for you, you are not going to bring any file to me no matter what she will go and get it. Call on that phone on that table kept near the sofa so that she could pick your every call"

After that almost 15 files were seen and each file was picked up by Lucy, she was exhausted from this to and fro motion between both the cabins.

She was huffing when she asked,

"Sir may I come in"

"Come. I think you are exhausted so now take some rest and read these magazines it's full of many models life styles and kinds of dresses we promote"

Lucy appreciated this offer and took 5 magazines placed on his table and back to her place she went.

She enjoyed reading those magazines and collected varied information it carried. She got to know that Jenny, Yukino, Karen and Ultear are the contracted models of ND fashion house. Hibiki, Lyon, Cobra and Rogue Chenny are Male models. She found Rogue very handsome and was attracted thinking,

Oh he is sooo handsome I want to see him, talk to him and work with him.

Then something came to her mind and she looked at Natsu, who was fully engrossed in his work now, her heart jumped again seeing a sincerely working Natsu she could not control her heart and mind, unknowing gazing.

"Tring tring tring"

Phone placed on Natsu's table rang shaking Lucy from her gazing, he answered it then,

"Ok Lucy Heartfilia I think you got a work which really needs you"

"What is it" Lucy looked at him with hope.

"Our package is arriving today at the courier house go and bring the package it contains almost 10 dresses, payment is already done no need to worry about it. Other information Minerva with provide you"

"O..Ok sir"

She went to Minerva's cabin,

"Mam may I come in"

"Yes please"

"Mam it about the package which is…"

"Yeah I know , this is the slip of proof. Total 10 dresses will be there. This is the slip with the address. Our office van used to run for these proposes but Natsu sir said you should travel on your own to reach there, here is the money you will be needing. So go ahead have a nice trip" Minerva smirked.

"Ok thank you"

When Lucy was out of the building,

"What is wrong with this office everyone is acting as if I am a beggar with a golden plate. That Natsu Dragneel that creep, one thing I am sure about now- I HATE HIMMMMMM"

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