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Third Person P.O.V

"Hey dude, I'm gonna seriously fight you!"

It was something special shared between two people as bonded together.

"I'll seriously destroy you."

"Is that a threat?"

It was mutual, understandingly fuzzy goodness.

"It's a promise."

It was rare and ever lasting, treated with care and nourished with attention.

"Rock, paper, scissors!"

It was a stupidly lovely friendship between two unaware friends.

Amonda P.O.V

I've made mistakes in my life that I do regret, but this has to be the biggest of them all. The mistake that you wish you can rewind and change, the one that haunts you every day some way or another. Like the mistake of putting a banana on top of a strawberry milkshake when you asked for a cherry instead. (Very serious and should be treated with the up most attention.) Food is very important; should be dealt with in a certain way. For example if you're playing rock, paper, scissors with your companion, there's a big deal being wagered on the table. You'd want to approach this with caution, correct?

Let's use the example of choosing rock when the other you're against chose paper. You lose the second time now. Your angry.

It was naturally to win and lose some games. It was the way of life to win and lose, we followed that pattern unconsciously. We accepted this with a closed mind or simply chose to ignore it. I was one who would rather have a closed mind. Then again I'd have a closed mind to various things. Especially life, a challenge I've yet been able to grasp and control. Life would throw things my way, never seeming to stop, like I'm the only one life chose to push around.

I'd like to think of myself as a very reasonable person with a ego made of steel and a heart of gold. There's nothing wrong with me, I'm a perfect person with a large sense of denial. I still didn't see a problem with that.

"Seems that you've lost this time." Terry said with a smile on his face. He crossed his arms in front of himself, leaning back against the wall.

I did the mature thing by glaring simply at him and stomping off to get this over with.

I guess your wondering what this is all about, well it started with Terry being a seemingly nice guy. He'd offered our services helping to find a girls lost frog.

Crazy right?

We -Terry and myself- had been on our way to the store just a few miles from my house, Mom told me to go out and get her some snacks. Me being the good child I've always tried to be accepted with a yes ma'am, and went upstairs to change.

We didn't have a fancy house or anything like that. Just a simple red brick two story house, each window with its own balcony, large fence, and in the ground swimming pool big enough for at least 20 people. I'd rather live in a three story house; Mom only wanted a two story, Daddy wasn't going to argue with Mom about it.

Which I for one was glad. I've never really liked to argue with people or hear people argue. Thus resulting in me to question my intelligence.

Anyway I'd left Terry down stairs. I really didn't want for Mom to think I was doing something with him or we were going out. The thought of Mom thinking that would be scary and made my heart pound. He wasn't allowed up stairs anyway. Even though I've been friends with Terry for awhile now, but it was only a few weeks ago that I begun to be attracted to him in a whole different way. I had told Mom about it which only made it worst that he wasn't allowed to come up or be in the house without one of my parents being home. I wouldn't have let him in the house with them gone anyways. It wasn't my place to allow somebody in my parents home or date, even if I was seventeen. If mom says till wait to I'm eighteen I'll do it.

It was to say the least unsettling and left my stomach turning flips when he'd hug me or playfully kiss my cheeks.

Pushing those thoughts to the back of my head I had headed straight to my dresser on the other side of my red carpeted room. Pulling open the second drawer pulling out mearly underwear and a bra. Third drawer, I pulled out a simple long sleeved grey shirt with red sleeves. "Was I raised by elves Mommy?" were written in the middle section of the shirt. Fourth, I pulled out black jeans with red roses going down the leg on one side, blue one the other. I folding them in the order I got dressed normally in, walking over to my bed I grabbed my deserted belt from earlier this morning. I saw my box set of Rurouni Kenshin set beside it, I quickly decided to put it up when I got home.

I begun to take off my clothes.

Once I had finished putting on my underwear Terry had walked into my room without knocking first!

He froze and stared frozen in place, I'm sure I had put tomatoes to shame that very moment. I quickly sluggishly grabbed my shirt holding it in front of my body and throw my comb at him. He dodged quickly slamming the door shut, I could his hurried foot steps move further away till I couldn't hear anything but ringing in my ears. I had looked in the mirror beside me to fine I did put tomatoes to shame.

Now that I look back on that piece of memory it would be quite funny from another person's point of view.

I had quickly finished dressing myself making a mental note to remind myself to start using the bathroom or maybe locking the door.

I pulled my waist length thick black and bright blue hair into a high pony tail, leaving two pieces to frame my face and my bangs to cover my forehead. Putting on socks and my ankle high black boots on.

Racing down the stairs I got Mom's order along with the money to buy the stuff and she looked looked at me with a knowing smirk and waved cheerfully as I walked out the door red and my heart pounding. I saw Terry outside on the porch with his head covered by his large sexy hands ( I'll ignore I just thought that). I'd continued to walk and when he had followed, I gave him a questioning look which he answered by saying my mom wanted him to come along as extra protection. I understand that she worries but I've been learning Pi Guard Guan and Ba Ji Guan for eight years now. I basically wasn't the person most people would pick a fight with.

We walked in a awkward silence. I didn't have a clue what to do about this. This never really happened before between us. It made me nervous.

I was glad when we'd encounter a little girl just, about I'd say a mile from the store, crying. Terry quickly went over to her while I tailed closely behind him frowning. I didn't do well with crying children. I fact when I was younger I saw a little girl crying in the park on my way to the hell house called school. She had only cried harder and pointed to a blue balloon stuck in a tree when I had asked her what the matter was. I simply looked at the large impossible to climb tree and weighed my options. Each one saying I would end up dead from the fall.

I didn't do well with heights. Standing on a chair looking down made me want to piss on myself. Though I would never tell anybody that except maybe Terry.

So I called Terry and told him to come to the park and help me. I didn't tell him what just to look for a girl crying. Then I walked to school leaving the girl confused and still bawling her loud head off.

Anyway, he knelt down to the ground and asked her what's wrong. She'd said that she had let her friends pet frog out by accident while she played a game. He quickly offered to help the girl, also dragging me into it as well by saying I was a good person at finding stuff.

Which was a load of bullshit! I couldn't find my rubber band and it was right in front of me on the ground. I couldn't find my phone and it was in my hands. Heck when I stepped out the car to pick up my sister from college I got lost looking at the door! Lesson is don't ask me to look for something or for directions. I even sent a truck down the wrong way when it had pulled over to ask me for directions.

Terry said he'd go with the girl and look around the block while I could go on ahead on up the block in case I had seen the green frog with a purple collar on. I believe he really just didn't want me to be around after the earlier event. I understood if that was reason because I was still a little shaken up by that even myself. I was just a boss at hiding it.

Since I didn't wanna look In the first place, I played rock, paper, scissors to see who would go with the girl and lost so I did what he said, with a glare and stomped off, which brings us back to the current event of me somehow getting lost and now I stood in front of the forest and staring at the frog a few feet ways ahead of me at the edge of the forest. The frog seemed to be looking into the woods at something.

"You know I wasted a lot of time looking for you. You owe me 20 mi uses of my life back including this talk we're having. I plan to collect." I said staring at it. I waited seeming like it was going to say something back.

Me being the awesome person I am decided to quickly grab the frog but it jumped forward into the forest. "You piece of mess! Come back here!" I quickly ran in after it completely oblivious to the red and white cat with a cloth over its pink dead eyes.

I should've known better then to just run into the forest after animals. Mom and dad taught me better then that. Though they also taught me to be truthful, generous, respect, religion, other things. I would follow those teaching because I care for my parents and are happy they care about me.

They taught me to also not be lazy.

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