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I'll skip the details of what happened last night when Kenshin decided that it was time to set up camp. I'd rather forget that whole night ever happened. It just ended with a very grumpy me and a new addition to our road trip to this supposed town. I was even being to think that this town doesn't even exist.

lf it didn't, that cosplayer wouldn't be having babies, I'd make sure of that personally myself.

Well, I'll tell you about last night anyway 'cause if I had to live through it, you're gonna read about it.

Anyways that new addition just happened to be not human. Far from being human, wouldn't even be put in the same category. It's small, hairy, and has four legs. I'll let you guess...times up It's a nasty cat. I can't stand cats, don't like cats, can't stand cats, did I mention that I don't like cats?

Well, I can't stand cats! It's not cats specifically I just don't like animals plain and simple.

I'll just do a flashback.

"It all started a long, long time ago. 8 hours ago to be exact, but screw being exact , in going to it was decades ago. Down a curved path, through the bunches of bushes, beyond the river of sparkle water laid a clearing. A place that Kenshin decided would be best to camp for the night. Obviously the female woman was relieved that they'd be stopping. The soles of her feet were beginning to ache, of course the beautiful girl named Amonda didn't voice her pains instead remained quiet and independent. Her beautiful skin shone under the moonlight, the clear night sky was breathtaking. Exactly why Amonda didn't want to look, she was already out of enough breath of that long ass hike. She could have sworn that was a freaking mountain only for experts to climb place. The cat disappeared when they had woken up."

"She believes the 'Kenshin plans to 'handle' her deep into the forest."

"Handle you..? Oh, I indeed wasn't thinking such a thing." Kenshin murmured but I still heard him. I shoved my hands into my packets. "Well that's what they all say before they lead you to an imaginary place then kill you. Classical trick dude." I deadpanned boredly.

Making a soon victim feel a false sense of security, with lies, upon lies, confusion, and a very trust-giving-person; which processes into a very classical trick in every movie to fool the victim; however I wasn't one of those characters in a horror movie that was put into a specific role, I'm a human, nothing more, nothing less. I have my rights, I know my rights, I have graduated elementary, middle, and have only one year left of high school; passing with nothing less than A's. I certainly do have knowledge to survive, but how do I use it?

"I assure you that I have no intentions to inflict harm on you, that I do not." Kenshin said looking around the forest. I started to actually look at my surroundings for the first time woke up this morning. I don't know how I could have missed this, I mean fog this thick is really hard to miss, I sweat dropped. Was I really this spaced out that I didn't even notice fog this thick? Yes, yes I was, and I have a really good explanation as to why also. I haven't eaten or had anything to drink for a day and I dehydrated faster than the regular human does. So yes, I have my reasons and they are legit too.

Looking back on my dream I had last night, I was beginning to get this really bad sense of deja vu like I've seen this exact some thing before. For the life of me I just couldn't figure out where I've seen it, but I have a feeling that it's simple and that I should definitely know it.

"It is a heavy fog, that it is." Kenshin softly said looking forward smiling. Aw, he looks so peaceful and calm.

I don't like it.

"Yeah great, but are we anywhere near that town yet?" I asked snappy. I really didn't mean to be so rude to him, it's just..well I'm not myself when I'm hungry. My bad, I just can't help it. Give me a ton or more snickers and I'll feel better. "Oh we're already in town, this is just a little wooded area. See the pavement there?" Kenshin said pointing to his right. I looked and sure enough there was pavement stones in square shapes. I didn't recognize this place though, frowning I looked around. Something just felt so deja vu-ish and it was starting to bug me that I didn't know what it is!

"Great! I'll finally be able to eat something!" I exclaimed happily, I added an extra hop to my step for five seconds before I ran out of energy. Dang hoping got harder real quick.

I grabbed onto Kenshin's shoulder, I didn't want to trip and break my nose, but I also wasn't happy about having to touch a dirty man that hasn't bath in I-don't-know-how long ago. His hair rubbed against my arms a few times and I must say his hair felt fabulously soft. Even in this thick fog, you could still tell there was a shine to his red hair. Now that I'm actually able to get a closer look I thinking this isn't just a cosplayer and I wondered into the otaku part of Japan I didn't know about. Sadly no, that isn't the case, well this could just be a really amazing actor. I mean they have Kenshin's outfit on point, even has the same small, slender build and with a youthful, feminine visage. I guess some men really are this skinny in real life, but I already knew that. Himura Kenshin, the character created by Nobuhiro Watsuki, cuts quite a different figure than would be expected of the legendary Hitokiri Battōsai. I never trusted people's appearances to tell me anything about them. People can change their appearance to fool the eye, but I can see beneath that and into their succubus little souls. I once tried to make a friend in eighth-grade, it didn't turn out well, the girl had tried to gang up on me with her little other toothpick friends. Oh I enjoyed knowing that I slipped a deadly spider into her bookbag. Now that I really think about that..maybe that could have killed her. I'll just say it was self defense, I ain't going to jail.

Anyways, Himura's appearance contradicted his twenty-eight years of age, making him look roughly ten years younger, but he is easily recognized by his infamous distinguishing features: mid-back length red hair tied in a thick ponytail, same as this cosplayer and a cross-shaped sword scar on his left cheek, also the same as this cosplayer. The scar on his cheek looks so real though, he must have gotten it professionally done. I must say, I'm impressed with this cosplayer. Kenshin's hair is thick and abundant, with all of the shorter frontal hairs falling across his face as bangs rather than being in the ponytail at the nape of his neck. I could see the roots coming from his head, so this isn't a wig, it's natural. Impressive indeed, during the revolution, Kenshin wore his ponytail higher. Kenshin's eyes, too, are unusual, being a deep violet. In the anime series, when Kenshin's eyes change to reflect his psychological reversion to Hitokiri Battōsai, their color shifts from violet to gold. So basically, all I have to do is find out if this Kenshin can change his eye color, that'll tell me if it's a fake or not. I'm sure Mom and Terry aren't in any big rush to find me anytime soon, I'll enjoy this cosplayer town a little bit. I'll call them by their character names for now, pretty amazing how they got this much fog though and such a large place. I guess some cosplayers really do go hard, huh?

Kenshin dresses simply, wearing a plain men's kimono of cheap, worn cloth with a white umanori hakama, zori and white tabi. In the anime series, Kenshin's kimono is almost always a soft red like burgundy, but in the manga, he alternates between this, a bolder red, purple and deep blue. His sakabatō is worn under his obi at his left hip in a black, steel saya.

"Umm...Ms. Amonda?" Kenshin said nervously sweating bullets with a comical look on his face. I stared at him in confusion before realizing that while I was thinking I had started to run my fingers though his ponytail and feel the roots of his hair. Blushing I stepped back quickly setting his hair go. "I'm so sorry! It was just really soft and when I started to think about something I just kind of started to feel on it! I'm always touching something when I'm thinking an-"

*Hurried stepping*

"What's that sound?" I asked stopping my earlier rant. I straightened out my body looking around. It sounds very similar to footsteps. Well, running feet to be more precise. "Huh?" Kenshin looked around confused before his ear got larger and he seemed to shrink down to a chibi size. I stared at him in shock. How the heck did he do that?! I mean honestly, is this a trick only the cosplayer can pull off? If it is, I so wanna be a cosplayer for a day, just to do turn into a chibi. Now that I think about it more...I got it now! This is when Kaoru first met Kenshin and since I'm not in this scene..

I quickly hid behind a few boxes off to the side of the rode, in the nick of time I might add. Just when the steps got the loudest and finally came to a stop. I peeked my head up a little, great she still couldn't see me, probably too focused on Kenshin. There she stood, her wooden sword pointed at Kenshin, a fierce angry look in her eyes. This is without a doubt way better than just watching Rurouni Kenshin so far online and on TV.

"Hold it right there! Don't move, Battousai the Manslayer!" Kaoru turned around to face her, looking obviously utterly confused about this whole situation. "Huh?" Kenshin mumbled.

"I've finally found you. You're much weaker looking than I thought you would be manslayer!" Kaoru said and positioned her sword for a attack. At this very moment all I wanted was a large bag of popcorn and a soda and a comfortable sit instead of this crouching position I was currently in hiding behind the wooden boxes to the side of them. Oh I could feel my legs begin at ache, I needed to move my legs before they go limp on me.

"Huh?!" Kenshin asked this time louder. This cosplayer could really do some acting, I'm impressed. The look of confusion and surprise looks so real, even I almost believed it to be real. "Proper yourself! Ahhh!" Kaoru shouted and charge quickly at Kenshin. Woah, I guess these cosplayers really do take their roles seriously, I think I have newfound respect for cosplayers. I want to know is how do you ask somebody to proper themselves and then just attack, not giving them any time, so why bothering telling them to proper themselves. If they don't want to get hurt they might as well just not even give them any warnings. Like for real?

She did a quick downward swipe attack, I guess it was meant to take him down in one blow, but even I know that attack didn't have enough force behind it to do something like that. This is just cosplay I guess they didn't really need to have to strength during this scene. You know those moments when you realize you have fucked up? Well this is one of those moments. I realized I've fucked when Kenshin landing directly onto the wooden crat I was hiding behind and broke it with his fatass self and fall on top of me forcing my head to hit the concrete all.

Rubbing the back of my head, I quickly hid behind the tree. Kaoru still didn't seem to notice me or she just didn't care, probably thinking I was just a passer by. People can't really see that well in fog like this anyways. Looking from behind the tree Kaoru had started to pull out Kenshin's sword that he had offered to show her. "What is this? The blade is on the wrong side," Kaoru side looking at the sword in wander. Even though I have a sensei at the dojo where I once trained at I've never actually seen a real sword, I'm guessing that's what a real sword looks like. "That's a reverse blade sword." Kenshin said moving aside some of the rubble to get up. "A reverse blade sword.." Kaoru mumbled looking at the sword again. "It can not slay anyone and there's nothing about that sword that looks like it's ever used to slay anyone, is there?" Kenshin further explained. "You're right. There isn't a scratch on it. This sword looks as if it is as good as new!" Kaoru said turning and twisting the sword in different angel before pointing it straight forward. "So I've proven my innocence have I." Kenshin said confidently, fixing his kimono top, turning towards Kaoru smiling. Kaoru stopped looking at Kenshin's sword and leveled him with a hard stare. "Now you listen to me!" Kaoru said putting the sword to his forehead and started making him back up. "The one they call battousai the manslayer as been going around murdering people on the streets of this town every night! If you walk around carrying a sword this time of day anyone would suspect you! And anyway you know this is the Meiji Era and it's forbidden by law to walk around carrying a sword in the first place!" Kaoru finished ranting swinging the sword around while she was talking.

Kaoru looked like she was very close to continuing her rant before she was cut off by a loud whistle hearing in the distance.

"There's something going on! It might be him!" Kaoru said, she throw the sword back and hurried away. Kenshin fumbled around in the pieces of broken wooden before he caught the sword perfectly in its protective shelf and turned his head to stare in the direction to where Kaoru had run off. Instead of focusing on the skills of Kenshin catching the sword like that, I marched up to him the throbbing pain still in seemingly fresh in the back of my head. I grabbed the front of his kimono and started banging his head back onto the wall shaking his shoulders. "How dare you.." I whispered menacingly. Kenshin got that stupid comical look on his face again, his eyes getting larger and he made those stupid little sounds of pain each time his head hit the wall. "I was hiding behind that wooden crate before your fatass tried to be spider-man and jumped on it! My head hurts because of you!" I shouted angrily into his face, and was about to begin shouting again when that loud annoying whistle was heard again. I stopped shaking him and he stumbled around, his eyes spinning.

"Hey Kenshin let's go check out what's happening." I said grabbing his hand and running in the direction Kaoru had ran off in. Oddly enough it didn't feel like I was pulling anything along behind, I glanced behind me and saw that Kenshin had indeed become a chibi version and was blowing in the wind, hitting a few tree branches occasionally before I made a quick turn to the left where the whistle could be heard even louder. Unfortunately my grip on Kenshin wasn't that secure and he went flying out of my hand and straight into the wall. "Ohhh," I winced when I saw the tiny crack he'd left there. I bent down to his level and started to flick his forehead using the Ishiko family technique, it helps clear the brain of any headaches or pains, but I didn't know it that well so all I could do was loosen the pain a pinch. Which in my book was enough, grabbing the back of his kimono I speed off again, taking one more turn I was finally able to see Kaoru and the supposed manslayer fighting. He'd just been able to cut Kaoru's sword in half and nicked her left arm. "Kenshin!" I said faking a panicked tone. I didn't even have to though, by the time I'd said his name he had quickly speed past me so fast that I didn't even see and was almost to Kaoru. I stood there shocked; he was so quick, no human can move that fast, none that I know of at least. How could this guy have moved that quickly, it was as if he is the actual Kenshin Himura. Amazing.

Kenshin quickly scoped Kaoru into his arms right when the large man swung the sword, cutting through the concrete."Impossible," I mumbled, no man could cut through concrete with some kind of mechanical device for help. Pressing my hands against the walls it turned out to be indeed as I feared, actual concrete. There is no way that he could have done that, it must just be my imagination playing scary tricks on me; no human can move that quickly and nobody could cut through concrete so nice and clean in such a large cut. Maybe in just that one spot it isn't concrete. With that thought in mind, I wasn't paying attention so when I saw a sword aiming to cut me in half I quickly dodge the attack and focused; however the man only kept running.

"It's the Battousai!"

"Don't let him get away!"

I heard more footsteps and more men running after him and that loud whistle could be heard again, but much much louder now that I'm closer to the one blowing it.

"I am battousai the manslayer, I use the Kamiya Kasshin style of swordsmanship!" The man shouted in his deep voice and disappeared into the thick fog. I walked over to where Kenshin was but stayed out of Kaoru's sight-line. "Hold it!" Kaoru shouted reaching towards the retreating man trying to get out of Kenshin's arms. "You're being reckless again." Kenshin said holding her tighter in his arms. Kaoru glared at him. "That's the style of swordsmanship my family teaches." Kaoru said struggling against Kenshin's hold but her movements were being to become sluggish. She was about to faint, I'm pretty sure her vision was becoming blurry by now. "He's using our good name to murder people..." Kaoru said before she completely fainted, going limp in Kenshin's hold.

Kenshin stared down at her smiling softly. "Well she's one courageous girl she is." Kenshin said and I giggled quietly and that seemed to make him jump a little. "You love her," I said playfully extending the word love rolling my tongue grinning sarcastically. The way he was holding her and the way her kimono slipped down her shoulder exposing some of her skin. "No, better yet you look like a complete creeper, just staring at her while she slept. You should be ashamed." I said shaking my head. Right when Kenshin was about to defend himself I put up my hand to stop him. "No need to deny it Kenshin, I don't judge." I said smiling sagely patting him on the shoulder, he had opened his mouth to protest but a man wearing a suit similar to the men lying on the ground faking to be dead walked up to me and Kenshin. "Thank you for saving Ms. Kaoru. She can be a very...brave young lady often. Especially every time she hears about that battousai, he must be stopped. In the meantime could you please escort ms. Kaoru back to her home, I'm sure her doctor is very worried about her always running around." With that being said the man walked away. He wasn't ugly, but he wasn't Terry kind of handsome either. I don't think anybody could be as handsome as my-I mean Terry, just Terry. He'll never be mine, I'm not his type always.

"Where is her home located?" Kenshin asked the retreating man. I wasn't really paying much attention anymore, my stomach, head, and especially my heart is hurting right now. So when Kenshin began walking in silence and passed back a worried glance towards me I didn't even notice. I was busy thinking about home, and how sleeping on a comfortable bed again would feel like. I missed the feeling of being in my room, my room was my safety zone, nobody would just barge in on my, expect that idiot Terry. I blushed deep red when I thought about that moment, Terry's eyes, they were looking at my semi-naked body, but the way he shot out of the door must mean he thinks I was gross. Frowning I glanced down at my body, a fairly large breast size, a slim but still built stomach, wide hips that even if I tried to walk differently it still seemed like I was twisting, I do think I had beautiful legs. Maybe it was the color of my skin, Terry isn't racist, he just exposes a attraction for bright skinned girls, and I'm definitely not bright, I only had this darkish kind of caramel skin. I should have just wore sunscreen more often when I went outside instead of being lazy.

Looking up I saw the tree I had only caught a glimpse of earlier when I was thinking. "Kenshin, do you even know where we are going?" I asked him moving to walk beside him. He flinched and started to look nervous. A tick mark appeared on my forehead. "Yes, we're headed to Miss. Kaoru's house, that we are." Kenshin said. The tick mark disappeared, I relaxed my fist that I had balled into a fist which I was going to slam into the top of his head if he had answered wrongly. "Do you know where that is." I asked inspecting my nails. Hm, it seemed that I had chipped a few of them.


"Are we in Tokyo, Downtown?" I asked if we were that means we're pretty much only a few turns away from Kaoru's dojo.


"Are we lost?"


"You little fuck..."


"I'm glad it hurts! Hey! Don't run away from me! Bring your ass back so I can kick your ass!"

"You're lucky we just happened to come across this dojo while you ran away." I grumbled turning the spoon in the pot of soup Kenshin had decided to make for Kaoru and me when my stomach decided it wanted to be known and grumbled loudly, very loudly. It was very kind of him to offer to cook the food, he even made some rice balls, I loved rice balls with faces and other cute little decorations. The food would be done soon, I could just feel it, my mouth started to water a little just thinking about eating all the food. My stomach let out another growl, I slumped over groaning.

I turned my head towards the two little girls giggling at me sitting around Kenshin, one was rested on his shoulders and the other stood beside him. I flushed a light pink and quickly turned my head in the opposite direction embarrassed. Agh, I can't believe my stomach keeps betraying me like this!

"One, two, three, four. One, two three, four." The little girls chanted, I don't even know how they could have gotten all those vegetables so quickly, I couldn't have been spacing out for that long again. I really needed to eat something and quickly. I'd just have to take Kenshin's share of the food, it'd just be rude to take from anyone else's food. "Let's put this in!" Ayame said the oldest of the two sisters. "Yeah, and this too!" Suzume the youngest of the two sisters said excitedly. I watched in utter horror as Kenshin tried to stop them from jumping the vegetables inside the soup but was too late and the Miso soup spilled and even splashed onto him. "Nooo..." I mumbled defected hanging my head. I could have sworn they were on his shoulders...whhhaatts going on with my vision? Meh, it's probably just my glasses getting foggy.

"Um, excuse me, what are you doing?" Kaoru asked sliding her door open. "Oh you're awake are you? Your little sisters are very helpful indeed. The four of us have already become good friends." Kenshin said, honestly I wasn't expecting for him to include me. I've only been a jerk to him ever since we've met so I don't think he really meant me, maybe he was talking about one of his imaginary friends. Poor guy, he needs a woman.

Suzume hugged Kenshin while surprisingly Ayame went over to me while I was currently and stood by me placing her hands on my shoulders. I looked at her surprised which she giggled at and started to play with my hair. "He/she's our friend." Suzume and Ayame said in unison and for the first time, it seems like she was finally seeing me. I wasn't surprised, though, I am a master at hiding, however, her staring at me this long is kind of creeping me out.

Once I finished eating all my soup up I got annoyed and snapped my fingers. Whatever she was thinking she was finally done thinking it and rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. "Um, sorry about's I've never seen anybody as exotic as you before." Kaoru said blushing in embarrassment. I stared at her in confusion for a few seconds before I finally realized it, there wasn't any African-Americans living in Tokyo during the the Meiji Era that I know of. I would just blow this over like it was nothing but I'm feeling like being a douche right now.

"Ah, that's just a fancy way of calling me weird." I deadpanned grabbing one of Kenshin's rice balls and eating it. Kaoru seemed to fumbled on her words and when she didn't have anything to say and looked completely hopeless I laughed. "It's okay, calm down, I completely understand. I don't believe you've ever seen an African-American before huh?" I asked and everybody around that could hear either gasped or showed surprise on their features. "African-American! You're an American?" Kaoru asked sitting down beside me on the wooden floor outside her door. "Here!" Ayame said offering a plate of rice balls is Kaoru and she grabbed the with the two brown leaves sticking out on each side. "So you made this breakfast all by yourself?" and took a bite and immediately a conflicted expression appeared on her face. " could this be..?" Kaoru wondered out loud shocked. " do not approve of the taste huh?" Kenshin asked, a comical expression on his face, his lips were shaped like a birds and his eyes had no definition. I let out a giggle watching the scene unfold. Hands down this is better than just watching it. Kaoru looked angry for a second before she blushed looking towards the sky. "I just don't like it when people cook better than me." Kaoru said and I busted out in a complete fit of giggles while there was a moment of silence between the two and then Kenshin fall off of his rock he had been sitting on.

"Oh that was priceless." I said stilling giggling but not as bad as before. Kaoru blushed a deeper shade of pink, it almost looked reddish. "Hair!" Suzume shouted playfully and started to try and fit her fingers through my hair, but I haven't brushed it so, her fingers didn't get that far through. I promise you that her fingers didn't go smoothly through my hair. I slowly started to untangle her fingers from my hair. "Suzume!" Kaoru said in a scolding tone putting her hands on her hips. "It's okay, I guess it's exotic to see a girl with two shades of hair." I said taking down my ponytail, my hair needed to be washed badly. I bent down to Suzume's eye level and smiled sweetly. "Do you want to brush out my hair for me?" I asked her softly. On the outside it most likely looked like I was trying to entertain the kids current attraction but no that wasn't what I was thinking. If this little girl wanted to brush my hair, I'd might as well take a bath and use her fascination about my hair to my advantage. Why do all the work when there was a ball of energy just waiting to be used.

"Yeah!" Suzume said and ran around the corner of the house. Most likely to go find a brush. Meanwhile, I needed to get that bath going, I'll take a shower then soak in some hot water.

"Oh, doctor Gensai there you are," Kaoru said happily to see her family doctor. I looked at the old man. He ordered her to sit down and be beganto look over her shoulder that had been cut. "Well, the wound was treated quickly so the bleeding has completely stopped. He did a remarkable job." Doctor Gensai praised Kenshin's work. I had just held her in place while he did the work, though, but that's just a small part I guess I get no credit for that. A bunch of bastards.

"No matter how you look at him, he really doesn't look like a swordsman do he?" Kaoru said placing her hand onto her forearm. Doctor Gensai looked up and smiled. "He's perfect for babysitting my grandchildren," Doctor Gensai said merrily,suddenly he sneezed and some of the white powder he was holding in a little cup blow onto the left side of Kaoru's face. I smiled when Kaoru looked aggravated. Kenshin had turned towards Kaoru with Ayame on his shoulders stretching out his smile with her fingers in his mouth.


"So then Ms. Kaoru I guess that means these two aren't aren't actually your little sisters." Kenshin said. "No they're both Doctor Gensai's granddaughters." Kaoru explained. "I've been the doctor for the Kamiya family thirty years now and ever since little Kaoru's parents passed I've been looking after her as while." Doctor Gensai said wrapping her shoulders and after he finished she fixed back her Kimono top. "Mr. Wonderer while you're in town I've decided you can stay here at our school if you'd like." Kaoru said smiling.

"Huh?" Kenshin blinked looking amazed. Poor guy.

"Well you did save my life and you don't exactly look like you have money to stay at an inn. So call it warrior's compassion." Kaoru said and by the time she finished I'd realized she hadn't said I could stay. Agh, I don't like sleeping on the ground folks, it isn't good for my mood. I'll just get a bath before I go then. I slumped over and sulking, I leaned my head against the wooden post I was sitting beside.

"You don't even know who I am. Are you sure it'd be alright?" Kenshin asked giving her a chance to change her mind. "I guess you must have some pretty good reasons for being a wanderer. What ever they are I figured that's your own business." Kaoru finished, I guess I could really see why Kenshin had started to like her further on into the story. She was a very kind girl. I smiled sadly, I couldn't help but wish Terry had started to like me.

Kenshin stared at Kaoru with abomination in his eyes. I couldn't stand the happy, happy mood, I still haven't gotten my proper rest yet so ya know. I have to ruin it. "You're staring again Kenshin," I said sarcastically and started to play with a piece of my hair. I had split ends, agh.

"Oh I'd forgotten but you can also stay too.."Kaoru said and I realized she'd been asking for my name. "Oh Amonda, my name is Amonda." I said standing up stretching right when Suzume had come back from looking for that brush. I'd just realized that'd taken her a long time to find a brush. "That's a very pretty name." Kaoru said complimenting me. I could tell we'd become great friends if I stayed long. "Well Kaoru is a very pretty name to go with a beautiful girl." I winked and grabbed onto Suzume's hand while Kaoru had blushed flattered. "Is it okay that I take a bath and borrow one of your spore outfits to sleep in, I'm actually quite tired." I said and yawned to prove my point. "Oh sure, Suzume should be able to get it all ready for you, she knows where everything is by now. Ayame would be glad to help also." Kaoru said and Ayame grabbed my arm and lead me around corners and through various doors.

"Dear Lord this feels amazing." I purred resting my head on the tub rim. Suzume and Ayame had shown me to the bathhouse and had gotten me the soaps and extra towel to wash with. I'd put enough wood to last me for long while, and the wind was blowing really well right now so Suzume and Ayame had decided to join me in the bathhouse to help me get really clean. The little angels.

"Thanks for washing my back for me Ayame and Suzume thanks for brushing my hair for me. It really needed it, I feel so refreshed and clean now." I said happily smiling in contempt. This felt so magical, after not bathing properly in two days I'd become to look horrible. The dirt had stuck to my body horribly and when I looked in the mirror, of dear Lord I didn't even recognize myself.

"I can finish up myself now. Thank you both again!" I said excitedly and dipped my head under the water and just stayed there for a while before coming back up out of the water, drying off, putting on my borrowed one piece and headed straight for my current living space.

While I was headed towards my room I had passed by the front of the dojo entrance and say Kaoru's three students standing at the door and Kenshin hiding behind the door observing the whole scene with a sad look in his eyes, I yawned tiredly. Forget about it, I'm not even going to tease him. I'm too sleepy. Braiding my hair into a single tight braid I slung it over my head so it was out of my way of sleeping and once I'd got comfortable on the futon I was napping like a baby. As I had figured I slept the whole night away and the next day. I was hibernating, deeply, very, very deeply.

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