Excerpt from the Lost Journals of Aleksander Potter

1200, October 31

War has ravaged the wizarding world for over a decade. Family lines have been exterminated. My family and our brother's in arms the Longbottoms are heavily invested in the fighting. We fear that our lines too may become exterminated. One of our intellectuals has developed a ritual that ensures that our lines will never die. Should a time come when there is only a single child left in either family, they will have a protection unlike any other. They would be virtually immortal. Nobody and nothing would be able to kill them but they would still be able to be harmed. When they produce a male child, that protection would pass on.

This protection comes with a heavy price. An entire branch of each family must sacrifice themselves willingly. The ritual was to be done at the Veil of Mystery at the place of the Three Brother's Bridge where they received the three Hallows. There is where the power of death would be most powerful. The patriarch would conduct the ceremony wearing the Cloak of Invisibility. Each person must pass through the Veil stating the reason for their sacrifice and it must be willingly. Hopefully their sacrifice and mine will not be forgotten.