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Time: ATLA: Right after Toph joins team Avatar

Star Wars: During the Clone Wars

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Chapter 1: A Wandering Shadow

" Mr. Vitaii, Mr. Vitaii! Pay attention! "


" Ow! " Yelled the young padawan as a metal ruler was brought down on his head. Snapping out of his daze, the boy turned to the source of the voice. Standing right in front of his desk was none other than his twi'leken mentor: Vania Navaro, the blue-skinned jedi was busy tapping her ruler on the window sill next to his desk; as she stared at him with her annoyed, yet ever calculating, vision.

" Now that your back to the realm of the living Kel Vitaii, why don't you explain to me how a basic hyperdrive cog works? " The jedi asked the padawan as she walked back to her desk in the center of the room. Sighing, the boy stood up and opened his holographic textbook to the appropriate chapter.

" Once a command is given to the main console for light-speed travel; fuel is immediately sent to the engines, to keep the ship from falling apart at such high speeds, a small shield is then formed around the ship. This shield is known as the hyperdrive cog, and serves to keep the atoms of the physical ship intact for the duration of light-speed travel. " The padawan then closed his holographic textbook and sank back down into his chair.

" A flawless answer, but what should I expect from my top student? Keep this up and you'll be joining the jedi order in no time Kel. " Kel only sighed again and turned his golden eyes back to the open window. Normally, Kel didn't act like this. If this was any other day the young padawan would have been busy taking extensive notes; while trying to remember every word of Vania's lectures. But this wasn't every day, as the ten year old padawan had developed an odd feeling of dread that he just couldn't seem to shake off.

" Now can somebody explain to me what the Sith are? " Vania asked from behind her desk, a female padawan in the back raised her hand.

" The Sith are an organization of force users who strayed from the path of the light, " Vania nodded at the padawan's answer before turning to the holographic board behind her. Kel, still not listening, only stared at the sky above. But his classmate's answer did make him think.

" Speaking of the Sith, how did they gain so much power in such a small time span? " Kel wondered, if he wasn't mistaken there were very few Sith left in the galaxy, yet in such amount of time they managed to gather an intergalactic army and plunged the galaxy into the clone wars. " There cannot be light without darkness, " Kel thought as he stared up at the blue sky, which hung over the large trees imported in from Endor. However, the young padawan did not get much time to think on the issue, as a shining red dot appeared on the horizon. Squinting, the boy could barely make out that the red dot was getting closer and closer. Raising his hand, the boy turned to his teacher.

" Yes Kel, do you have a question? " Kel shook his head and pointed outside the window.

" It's nothing teacher, it's just that, do you know what that red dot is? " Kel asked, still staring at the rapidly approaching red dot.

" Red dot? " Vania asked him as she walked over to his window, " What are you talking about Kel- " The second Vania's eyes landed on the ' red dot ' she immediately pulled out and activated her blue lightsaber. " Everybody get down! " She yelled to her class, but only Kel had enough time to realize what she had said; and dived underneath his desk. The padawan only had a few seconds to watch as a giant red laser skewered his classroom. The ceiling above began to shake, and Kel, underneath the desk; couldn't see as a large piece of debris fell onto his desk. The desk collapsed under the weight of the rock, bringing it, and the desk down on top of the padawan. Everything went dark.

Kel blinked a few times before opening his eyes. His vision was blurry and he couldn't move, straining, the boy lifted up his head. He could see around twenty or so battle droids all pointing their guns towards a group in the center, moving his head, Kel saw that the group consisted of his teacher Vania and his fellow padawans. Vania's right arm was hanging loose at her waist, her left was busy covering a giant gash on her right abdomen. At his teacher's feet lay her lightsaber, cut in half. A few moments later, the ringing in his ears began to quiet down and Kel could hear what Vania was saying.

" I'll never let you have my students you traitor! " Vania yelled to someone in the room, straining his head to the side; Kel saw that she was talking to a man with white hair and a beard. Kel recognized him from his textbooks, the Jedi gone Sith: Count Dooku.

" I'm not here to take your students from you Vania, " the man said as the battle droids raised their guns towards Kel's teacher and fellow padawans. " As much as I hate wasting new talent, I'm actually here to exterminate them and you. "

" Your a monster. "

" No, I'm just following orders. Now then, " Count Dooku raised his right hand and the battle droids prepared their weapons.

" Stop... " Kel whispered from underneath the debris. However, the droids could not hear him as they raised their weapons at his friends and master. " Stop this! " Kel whispered as loud as he could, yet still the droids could not hear him. Kel could only watch in horror as the droids rose their mechanical fingers towards their triggers. Kel was mad, he experienced an anger like no other, the anger of being helpless. It sparkled through him, the anger enveloping him as though it was flowing through him like electricity. " I said stop! " This time, Kel screamed out his command; but the padawan did something else as well. Raising his free arm, lightning exploded forth from his fingertips. Hitting almost fifteen of the droids, causing them to sputter and short circuit. Count Dooku with wide eyes turned to the source of the lightning, it was only then did he notice the young padawan underneath the debris. To say he was shocked didn't justify what he felt, force lighting was an advanced move of the Sith, requiring years upon years of training. Yet here was this boy, no more than ten years of age, who managed to destroy seventy-five percent of his droids in one blast.

" Sir, should we continue? " The mechanical voice of one of the remaining droids asked the Sith lord. Count Dooku only raised his right hand in conformation before walking towards the pinned padawan. Neither him, nor Kel noticed as the sound of laser fire filled the air. Count Dooku was busy calculating what he should do next while Kel was just busy trying not to pass out from exhaustion. Kneeling down next to the boy Count Dooku raised his hand and, using the force, lifted the giant debris off of the ten-year old. With the debris now removed the remaining droids finally noticed the boy and walked over next to Count Dooku, raising their weapons the droids prepared to finish their objective.

" What are you doing? " Count Dooku asked as he watched the droids prepare to kill the padawan, said padawan was busy glaring at the six of them with all his might; but his energy was drained, and all he could do was await his death.

" We must follow our orders Master Dooku, said orders were to leave no jedi or padawan alive. Therefore we must kill the boy, " the droid captain finished and raised his weapon. Kel, seeing that they were about to fire, closed his eyes and waited for the intense pain. Said pain; however, never came, instead replaced with the sound of a lightsaber slashing through metal. Looking up, the boy saw Count Dooku standing over him with his lightsaber on. The droids lay slashed into pieces at his feet. Kneeling down, Count Dooku extended his hand to the boy.

" Do you want power? " He asked Kel.

" What? "

" I said do you want power? Do you want the power to bring vengeance to the people who ordered this? Or do you prefer to wither hear and die? " Kel only stared at the Sith lord with widened and confused eyes. Count Dooku extended his arm even more, " I can give you that power, a power greater than any jedi, a power greater than any Sith. But only if you choose to except me as your teacher. " Kel only gazed at Count Dooku in thought of his proposition, but he did not have much time. As from the doorway the two could hear the marching of a new group of droids. Count Dooku didn't even look away from the boy. " We don't have much time, now give me your answer. Will you take my hand and get stronger, or wither away like a rat in the sewer? "

" I... " Kel looked down towards the ground for a moment before staring back up at Dooku with eyes of fire. If he could get stronger none of this would have happened. He could kill the bastard who decided to kill his friend and teacher, but to kill that bastard, the one who was kneeling right in front of him. He would need to get much, much stronger. He must acquire a strength greater than that of the light. So, with eyes of determination, Kel reached up and took Dooku's hand. Count Dooku smiled and lifted the boy up.

" Right answer. " And just like that, he walked out of the classroom with Kel Vitaii lying in his arms.

4 years later

The medicine cabinet squeaked shut in the ships bathroom, Kel was traveling with his master to the outer rim for, what he said: was something important. Kel sighed as he stared at himself in the mirror, his shadowy hair had grown out from his padawan years, and his gold eyes now held an intimidating edge to them.

" Has it already been four years since then? " Kel wondered as he washed his face, ever since Count Dooku had taken him under his wing, his progress in the dark side of the force had been going unrealistically well. At least, that's what his master had told him. In one short year he had managed to master force lightning, and had toned his body into withstanding the toughest of conditions. Count Dooku would drop him off naked on Hoth or Tatooine with only a lightsaber, after a week his master would return to see if he was dead or not. Luckily, some of the textbooks he read back in his days of a padawan had information on how to survive in extreme conditions. After passing those tests it was onto the force, first was using the force to pick up objects, next was throwing, holding things steady, etc... Count Dooku said he was especially skilled when it came to holding up heavy objects. One time on Tatooine, he had managed to pick up five ARC-170s without breaking a sweat. But then again, when left naked on a desert planet, lifting five starships seemed to be the easiest of tasks. After that his master had begun teaching him how to use a lightsaber, but not in the traditional way. Instead of teaching him himself, Count Dooku would take him to sword masters of multiple races and have them teach him how to fight with a sword. It was only quite recently that Count Dooku himself had taken up that mantle. Giving himself one last glance, Kel put on his dark grey gi and walked out into the bowels of the starship. Making his way to the main hallway, Kel stared out the window as their ship passed a red giant. Eventually, a grey translator droid walked up to him.

" Master Dooku requests your presence Master Vitaii, " was all the droid said before bowing and walking away. Kel only nodded and clinched his fists.

" It's been four years since I swore to kill him, but am I powerful enough? " Kel could only wonder, he never forgot the first day he met his master, and was still waiting for that chance to quiet him for good. But... he was hesitant, was he strong enough? Will he ever be strong enough? Kel had no benchmark for how strong his master was, for he never saw his master fight. Whenever there was a mission that required fighting, Count Dooku would only watch from the sidelines as Kel slashed, crushed, and choked his enemies to pieces. " No... I'll get my chance, I just have to wait for the opportune moment. " With that, Kel turned and walked towards Count Dooku's quarters.

" Enter, " was all Count Dooku said when Kel walked up to the door.

" You requested my presence master? " Kel asked as he bowed down, Count Dooku was too busy staring out of his own window to grace him with a glance. It wasn't until minutes later did Count Dooku finally speak.

" Your training is complete. " Was all Count Dooku said, with his back still turned to Kel. It took a few moments for his words to register, but when they did Kel shot up. A strand of shadowy-black hair swaying in front of his eyes.

" What?! Master there is no way my training is complete! It's only been four years! "

" That's what surprised me at first, I knew you had potential, but to make so much progress so quickly. It is truly astonishing how far you've come in the dark side in such a small amount of time. "

" But I lack experience! "

" In what, fighting? There's a reason I let you vent your rage for me out on our enemies. " At his words Kel went silent.

" You knew? " Count Dooku laughed.

" Did you think I didn't? Ever since day one you wanted me dead, and that hatred and determination may have contributed to your training exponentially. Either way, me dead or not, there is nothing left I can teach you in the path of the dark side. " Kel, once again, went silent. " But that doesn't mean I'm done with you boy, you have a mission to complete, and this time I'm not going to be there dragging you through the waves of blood. " Count Dooku took out a data chip and tossed it to Kel. Catching it, Kel scanned over it's every inch with his golden eyes. Like a snake scanning over its prey's surroundings. " Deliver that disk to Coruscant, I expect you to be fast and efficient. I give you permission to use my spare transport.

" Yes, my master. " Kel bowed and got up.

" Wait, if your a sith you must look the part. " Waving his hand a droid came in carrying two items, the droid handed the items to Kel who's eyes went wide once he recognized what they were. The first was a black Sith robe, the hood had an extra piece of cloth underneath the mouth that could be used to hide the lower part of his face if need be; the second was his very own lightsaber. Similar to Count Dooku's except the hilt was an inch or two longer and the guard ran horizontal to the blade, not vertical. Taking the robe and the lightsaber, Kel quickly put on the robe and placed the lightsaber in his hilt. However, before walking out the door Count Dooku spoke up.

" Two things my apprentice: If you see my master, and you'll know when you do, avoid him at all costs. If he knew of your existence there would be no doubt that he would have you killed. " Kel nodded at his words.

" And the second? " Count Dooku smiled.

" You aren't going to get that chance to kill me. " Kel went silent at his words.

" Why? "

" Because my time has already come, it is not your destiny to kill me, but theirs. " Count Dooku pointed towards a blip on the ships radar. " If you still want to kill me I won't stop you, just know that in doing so you'll be exposed as well. " Kel went silent.

" You, you bastard, why didn't you tell me this before?! " Kel yelled. Count Dooku went back to staring outside the window.

" Sometimes a Sith must learn what happens when a plan years in the making fails to come to fruition. If you doubt me, reach into the force, I know you can feel my death approaching as well. " Kel gritted his teeth, as much as it frustrated him, his master was right, there really was nothing he could do. He could kill Dooku where he stood, but then he would die as well, and those four years of hard training would have gone to waste. It wasn't long before the ships alarm went off and the marching of droids could be heard from around the ship. Count Dooku smiled and turned his head back to his student.

" Ahh memories, this is just like when I first found you paralyzed on the floor. Now this is your last chance, just like four years ago you must make a choice: Kill me and die, or go do the mission I gave you and survive. " Count Dooku smiled as he walked up to Kel, who was currently gritting his teeth in anger.

" You, you bastard! " Kel activated his lightsaber, the red blade ate away at the metal floor greedily, causing steam to rise up from the now molten metal. After a few minutes of staring at Dooku with a glare that could kill, Kel deactivated his lightsaber and turned towards the door. The rumbling of fighting droids could be heard all around. " Don't you dare die now, I'll come back from this mission, and you better be here so I can kill you. "

" Yes, yes, have fun now. " Dooku waved him off, Kel only clenched his fists and pulled up his Sith hood and mouth cover before walking out of the room, the anger radiating off him almost felt like it could melt skin. Dooku waited until his student was well out of earshot before turning back to his desk. " Thing is my young apprentice, this is the last time I'll be seeing you as well. " Dooku smiled as he watched a ship leave the docks before rocketing off into the distance. Behind him, he could hear the buzzing of lightsabers slashing apart his droid soldiers. So, giving a sigh, the old Sith lord picked up his lightsaber, and walked out the door.

1 hour later

" You lazy old fart! How dare you get killed by a jed! " Kel screamed as he slashed a locker into dust from within the captains quarters. Just minutes ago, while flying to Coruscant Kel felt the force call to him as Count Dooku took his terminal breath. How dare that bastard go and die after all he did to him, those four tortuous years were all meant to slaughter Dooku, and now that was taken away from him. " How dare you... " Kel whispered this time as his fist lay indented into a nearby metal wall. He wasn't sad, but weirdly, he felt relief that the man who took so much from him finally got what he deserved. But then, going by that logic, he also should have died this day. After all, according to Dooku he was now fit to call himself a lord of the Sith, and that doesn't come by just fighting and using the force. Opening his fist, Kel stared down at the data chip his master left to him. Summoning a small bit of power, Kel activated the data chip; the small device soon opened and a 3d-holographic image soon appeared before him. All it said was one thing:

Have fun kid.

After reading Dooku's final words Kel crushed the small data chip in his hands. Flopping down into a nearby chair, all he could do was stare down at the barren floor and think about what he should do. He was now a wandering Sith lord with no master, he couldn't go to Dooku's master as he warned that if he were to come into contact with his master, he would be killed. He also didn't really care about the clone wars, as his goal for the past few years was to run his lightsaber through the man who used to be his master. Sadly though, Kel did not get a chance to ponder what he should do, as the ship suddenly started shaking violently.

" What the hell?! " Kel's eyes widened and he ran to the bridge, luckily said bridge was just down the hallway. As this was just a small transport vessel. When he did get to the bridge Kel gasped. Apparently, his ship had flown right into a galactic battle while he was busy punching a wall in the other room. While he was a master of the force, no matter how powerful he was, if his ship were to get hit by a stray torpedo then it would be all over. The only shot to escape a battle like this was lightspeed; however, he wasn't familiar with this ship's layout. " Aw hell, come on you stoopa find the lightspeed switch! " He yelled as he searched the cockpit. Finally, after what seemed like years, he managed to find the activation switch for lightspeed travel. Without even thinking he pressed the button, causing the hard plastic to shatter. Soon the buzz of the roaring up engines could be heard near the back. Tapping his finger on the console, Kel could only watch as the battle raged on outside. There were two ships: One belonging to Coruscant, obviously containing one or two jedi, the other belonging to the Galactic Trade Federation. The two ships continued their colossal battle while the clones and droid armies shot at each other in their own smaller ships. " Come on, come on! Urgh, can't you go any faster! " Kel yelled at the console. As if responding to him the message finally showed up on the screen notifying him that the lightspeed drive had warmed up. Sighing, Kel clicked the button and soon the ship began to move faster and faster. Thinking he was out of the woods, Kel flopped back into the captain's chair. " Thank the force that that's over! " He said as he ran a hand through his black hair; however, he wasn't that lucky. As right before lightspeed initiated the ship shook once more. Only after that did the ship rocket off into lightspeed, red appeared everywhere and the ship began to shake wildly. " What?! " Kel yelled as he was thrown from his chair. Dragging himself off of the shaking floor, the young Sith lord brought up the damage report and discovered something which caused his hear to stop: One of the engines had been blown off of the ship, no doubt from a stray laser blast sent in his direction.

" Aw scoolang! " Kel grunted as the ship began to shake some more, stabilizing himself with the wall; Kel began to move to the back of the ship. Grabbing his lightsaber and cloak, he began to work his way back to the escape pod. Back in his padawan days there was a lesson on what to do if a ship was badly damaged at lightspeed, dropping out of hyperspace wasn't an option as it would tare the ship apart, therefore the only safe option was to abandon ship. But even that was risky, as at lightspeed the odds of dropping yourself into deep space was almost a hundred percent. So basically the lesson was: Don't go to lightspeed if you have a badly damaged ship. Kel smirked at the irony as he strapped himself into an escape pod.

" Yes, thank you Vania for that extremely useful piece of information. If you go into lightspeed with a badly damaged ship your pretty much far past bantha fodder. " Grunting, Kel strapped himself into the escape pod and closed the doors. The ship was shaking even more violently now, and felt as if it would fall apart at any second. Taking one deep breath, Kel closed his eyes and reached for the release button. " Well, here goes nothing. " With that Kel slammed his fist down onto the release, he felt the escape pod lurch violently as it fell away from the ship; only to be followed by an even more violent lurch when the pod dropped out of hyperspace. Opening his eyes, Kel looked out the window only to shut them again almost immediately, instead of dark space Kel opened his eyes to a healthy glowing sun. Raising a cloaked hand over his eyes, the young sith lord turned to look outside his bottom window. His pod seemed to be gravitating towards something, and when he saw what it was he couldn't help but jump in joy. What his escape pod was flying towards was a planet, and not just any planet, but one, by the looks of it, had liquid water and plenty of life. Using the force, Kel piloted his decaying pod towards the planet. Once the escape pod got within it's gravitational pull gravity did the rest. Bracing himself, Kel held his breath as the escape pod plummeted through the planets atmosphere. He had to use the force again to keep the flames of the burning pod from entering his cabin. Eventually, when the escape pod reached a cooler altitude, the flames subsided and he could once again look outside the pod. Only to see him plummeting ever closer towards a large lake. At this speed hitting the water wasn't a safe option, but he had no way of piloting the pod when it was moving so fast, scanning the ground Kel found that near the lake borders was a patch of trees. So, undoing his safety harness, he activated his lightsaber and cut a hole in the escape pod. Taking one last breath, Kel put his foot on the edge of the cut hole and jumped out.

" Ugh... where am I? " Kel asked no one as his vision came into focus, he appeared to have landed safely in the forested region. The same couldn't be said about the escape pod though, as it appeared to have shattered and sunk once it hit the lake. Standing up, Kel looked down and inspected his body. His lightsaber lay undamaged in his belt, and his sith cloak, while slightly tattered from the fall. Still seemed to be in near-perfect condition. " Thank the force, " Kel sighed as he laid back down on the soft ground. It was nighttime, and after everything he went through; just staring up at the stars gave him a sense of bliss. But only temporarily, as after a few minutes of searching the sky Kel shot up.

" What the hell... Where's Tatooine? Where's Coruscant? Where's anything? " Kel wondered in worry as he frantically searched the stars, throughout his years of staring at night skies, he could always find at least those two planets. But here, there was nothing. The stars were all wrong, in the wrong places, in the wrong groupings. Hell, even the constellations were different. Being stranded on a planet with zero information on its location was akin to suicide, he needed to find someone. So, gathering up his things and lifting up his cloak's mouth cover, Kel began to make his way through the forest. Eventually he came to a clearing, and found that he had stepped into what looked like a rice farm.

" Ouch! " Someone yelled, turning towards the source of the yelp Kel found an old man who had apparently tripped on a rock, the man was wearing what looked to be primitive green and brown work clothes. " Dang it, I knew I should have cleared these rocks. Those pesky boys and their bending. " The man grumbled as he struggled to regain his footing in the wet soil.

" Do you need some help? " Kel asked as he walked up to the old man, and extended him a hand.

" Oh yes please! " The man said, happily taking his hand. Once he was back on his feet the man scanned over Kel, he couldn't see his face due to the shadow of his hood and the mouth cover. " Mysterious... anyway thanks for the help stranger, I don't believe I've ever seen you here before. What, do you want to sample Mr. Honaku's famous steamed rice? That would make sense. " The man wondered as he looked over the hooded figure.

" No, I'm just wandering around. Anyway, do you mind me asking what sector this planet is in? " Kel asked, but, much to his surprise, the man only looked at him with confusion riddled all over his face.

" Do you mean what village you are in, if so, then you are currently in Tiben Village. If your looking for Ba Sing Se it is towards the north. "

" Tiben Village? Ba Sing Se? No places I know of, where am I? " The unknown city names were the least of Kel's worries, the biggest problem was that this man didn't even seem to know what sectors were, not even the one where his own planet resided in, such trivial things were considered common knowledge.

" Watch out. " The man warned him, lightly pushing Kel to the left.

" Hey what was that for- " Kel was cut off when a dodge-ball sized rock flew past their heads. Looking towards the origin of the rock, Kel could see two boys running down the side of a hill.

" How many times do I have to tell you two to be careful when your practicing! Not only could you harm the crops but you nearly hit me and my friend here! " Kel watched as the two brown haired boys slid down the mountainside. Before doing something that caused Kel's eyes to widen underneath his hood. The boys then tapped the ground underneath their heels, and pillars of stone rose up and rocketed them towards him and the old man. What surprised him is that he felt no change in the force, instead it was like the energy in the ground was being redirected.

" They can alter this planet's energy? Where am I?! " Kel wondered as the two boys walked up to him, they both were about half a foot taller than he and the old man.

" Sorry father, you know how earth bending gets. " One of the boys said as he rubbed the back of his head. The old man, apparently the boys father looked ready to tear into them before Kel asked a question.

" Um, excuse me, but who are you two. "

" They're my idiot sons, the idiot to the right is Gimin, the one on the left is Mu. Speaking of which, " the boys father turned to them with a quivering vein in his forehead. " How many times have I told you two not to practice near the crops! I don't care if you two are the only benders in this village, you still have to respect peoples property! " The boys father continued to yell at them for quite some time until Kel had another question.

" Um... " Kel raised his voice, he wanted to ask these people what bending was. Much to his annoyance however, the boys and their father were too busy yelling at each other to care. " At this rate I'm going to be here all day. " Pinching the bridge of his nose, Kel waved a hand over the yelling three. Immediately the boys and their father stopped quarreling and turned to face him. " Good! Now that I have your attention do you mind answering some questions. " Kel asked, clasping his hands together. The three groggily nodded, completely under the influence of the force. " Good, well then, let's start with... " Kel asked the three questions about their world, bending, and other things that seemed to confuse him. It was near dusk when he asked his final question, and when that one was answered Kel waved a hand over the three; breaking them from the influence of the force. The boys and their father blinked for a few seconds before their eyes widened.

" Aw what?! It's dusk already? Bro, I thought you said we still had five more hours! "

" I thought we did too. "

" Maybe if you two didn't piss me off so often we could spend less time arguing, and more time doing the things we actually need to do. Now I have to do two times the amount of work tomorrow! " The father yelled at them before turning around and walking towards his house.

" We're sorry father, " the boys muttered as they followed the man back towards their home. But before they left Kel realized he had one more thing he needed to ask them.

" Hey old man! " Kel yelled towards the three.

" The name's Honaku stranger, and yes, what is it? "

" Where is the nearest lodging? " Kel asked. Honaku smiled and pointed down the road.

" Keep walking down that road until you get to the main village. To your left there is quite a good inn, it's cheap to. " Kel bowed to the three and thanked him for his help before turning towards the path. But before he left Honaku had one last thing he needed to say too, " Oh, and take this! First night's on me. Take it as thanks for helping an old man up! " Kel reached up in the air and caught what the old man had thrown to him. Looking down he saw that it was what looked to be a small copper coin. Kel nodded to the man and made his leave. On the darkly lit dirt path, all Kel had were his thoughts. Luckily he had quite alot to think about: A form of martial arts which controls the elements without using the force, the war which ravaged this world; and, the worst thing of all: The fact that this world had not yet developed an effective means of space travel, which meant... he was stuck here.

" Well, of all the planets to get stranded on this one doesn't seem that bad. At least the air is breathable. " Kel sighed and took in a deep breath of air, after a few more minutes of walking he saw the glowing lights of the village below. " Left was it? " Kel said as he took the turn to find the inn which Honaku had described. It was a quaint place, small, compact, yet homely and peaceful. Opening the door, Kel stepped into the inn causing the bell hanging from the door to ring.

" Yes, yes I'm coming. " Said a woman who appeared from what looked to be a closet, carrying more than a few cleaning items.

" I'm looking for a room, " Kel asked, placing the copper coin down on the desk in the center of the room. Placing the cleaning materials down on a table, the woman rummaged through one of her pockets before pulling out a key. Walking over she picked up the coin and handed him the key.

" Have a good night sir. " Was all the woman said before picking up her cleaning materials and walking off down a hallway.

" Mu! Gimin! Look out! "

" Ugh, what? " Kel woke up to the sound of the villagers screams, dawning his cloak and lightsaber Kel cracked open his inn room window. Outside the old man and the other villagers were being rounded up by soldiers in red. Kel could guess that these men were soldiers of the Fire Nation, which Honaku told him about when he was under his influence. Soldiers of the Fire Nation, whose goal was to exterminate the other nations. Even though Kel was a sith even he was appalled by the Fire Nation's paper thin reasoning. Why he did understand the nation's want to rule the world, as men naturally want power, the slaughtering of villagers and of nations captured peoples for no reason completely went against his values. While killing wasn't a prospect that bothered him on his missions, he always killed for a reason: he killed for the mission, or for spreading fear, as fear was a core tool used by the sith. But killing for what seemed to be no apparent reason made no sense, and only served to make him angry.

" Sir! These two were the only benders that we could find, what should we do with them? " Two Fire Nation soldiers asked as they drug the unconscious bodies of Mu and Gimin behind them.

" Throw them in with the others, " ordered their superior, who was a large man with a moderately sized mustache. The two brothers were then tossed towards the center of the courtyard, where the rest of the villagers were rounded up. " Is this really the best the Earth Kingdom's got to defend their villages? If that's the case then Ba Sing Se was just begging to fall. " The captain boasted with a large smile.

" Sir, that's all the villagers we could find. Shall we begin? " Asked one of his subordinates, the man only grinned and turned towards the frightened villagers.

" Begin, remember no survivors. On my mark! " The captain raised his hand.

" Mu! Gimin! Wake up boys we could really use some of that bending now! " Honaku yelled at his unconscious sons. But he was too late, as the captain smiled and lowered his hand.

" Fire! " At his words Honaku closed his eyes and waited for the end, but the end never came. Looking up, Honaku's eyes widened when he saw what was happening: The Fire Nation soldiers had all shot a ball of flames at them, but, almost as if time had stopped; the fireballs were frozen in midair. The soldiers were just as confused, some punching the air once again to try to force their balls of fire forward.

" What the hell? I thought I told you idiots to incinerate them! " The captain yelled at his subordinates.

" We're trying sir! But the fire, it won't move! "

" Are you saying you can't bend fire soldier, cause I'll be happy to provide you all with a demonstration if you don't hurry up! " The captain yelled at the soldiers.

" But sir we- "


" Do you mind shutting up, your all so loud. " The Fire Nation soldiers and captain all turned to look at the source of the voice, there, near the left flank of their formation stood a hooded figure; who was holding what looked to be a blade of red fire. Said blade was currently residing in the neck of one of their soldiers, it's heat causing the skin around it to bubble. The hooded figure then retracted the blade, and the soldier fell to the ground dead. The Fire Nation captain only chuckled and turned to the other soldiers.

" Well it looks like there is someone here that can fight, show him what for! " With that the captain, along with his soldiers all shot a second round of fire at the hooded figure. But instead of dodging, the hooded figure merely lifted up his hand.

" Did you not see what happened last time? " The hooded figure asked as, just like before, the fireballs stopped dead in their tracks as if frozen in time.

" Tch! Are you a rouge fire bender! " The captain yelled at the hooded figure.

" Who I am is no concern of a dead man. " With that, the hooded figure twirled his finger and, now under his command, the fire balls turned towards the Fire Nation soldiers. The hooded figure gave a motion similar to a one-handed push, and all the fire balls unfroze and shot back towards their masters.

" Men! Return fire! " Was all the captain said as he, along with the Fire Nation soldiers shot a new wave of fire balls intersecting the ones fired at them. However, when the smoke cleared the hooded figure was no where to be seen.

" Ugh, where did he go! " The captain yelled at his soldiers, the answer came in the form of two Fire Nation soldiers who shot forward into a stone wall. Turning around the captain found that the source of the wind was none other than the hooded figure. But, for such a thing to be possible meant that.

" Was that air bending? " One of the soldiers asked another in worry.

" No it can't be. I thought the avatar was a bald monk. " Said another.

" But I thought the avatar was down further north how could he be her- " The soldier did not even get a chance to continue, as the stone street came up and closed around him.

" Did you forget I was here? " The group once again turned to the hooded figure to find his hand was lifted up and was pinching the air. " Never take your eyes off of your enemy or, " the hooded figure brought his finger tips together " you'll be facing your grave. " The earth around the soldier then closed completely and dragged the corpse back under the street. " I'm not that happy that you woke me up so early in the morning, so... " the hooded figure switched on his sword of fire and raised up his left arm. Suddenly, water from all around began to float over their heads, and everyone watched in horror as a veritable lake of water was now floating over the hooded figure. The hooded figure then clenched his raised hand and the mass of water over him began to flow into the center, compressing itself into what seemed to be a small raindrop. Raising up his sword of fire the hooded figure brought its blade and the water together. His work finished, the figure turned to the dumbstruck soldiers and captain and glared at them all. " So... die horribly, " with that the figure tossed the sizzling raindrop of water towards the group of soldiers, freshly heated from his blade of fire. The figure then opened up his clenched hand and the small raindrop once again became a lake of boiling hot water. The captain could only watch on as all of his men were blown away by the tsunami of bubbling water, it was so fast he didn't even hear a scream. Still gawking, the man turned towards the hooded figure only to find he had once again disappeared.

" Where did- " All the captain saw was a blade of light as it stabbed through his neck.

" Be silent you piece of garbage, " Kel whispered as he turned off his lightsaber. The captain only stuttered for a second or two before falling to the ground, now a corpse for the vultures to feed on.

" Way to go boy! did you get all of them? While I have to say I'm surprised how brutal you can be, I thought the avatar was a man of peace but whatever. You saved all of us! Why don't I get you a- " Honaku said as he walked up to Kel; however, he didn't get to walk any further. As Kel had drawn his lightsaber and was holding the blade inches from his face.

" Follow me and you can expect a similar fate as these soldiers. " Honaku, nor any of the other villagers spoke up, as they could feel the killing intent radiating off him, Honaku only nodded, and with that. Kel turned around and left the village without looking back. It's a big world, and the more information he had, the better his chances of surviving were. However, he couldn't deny what Honaku had done for him, so, without a glance to what lay behind him. All Kel muttered was: " May the force be with you, Honaku. "

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