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-I'm just a line-I'm just a line-

Chapter 1: The change

Percy's Pov:

I looked at camp on half-blood hill. I sighed. Home sweet home( Not!). The camp is starting to lose it's home feel when a new camper, Drake, came to camp. Well, I haven't seen camp of 8 months because I needed to get Athena's blessing to propose to Annabeth. You see, annabeth's mom is the goddess of widisom and battle and my dad is poseidon God of the seas and they hate each other so I needed to run some errands as I need to prove to her that I am worthy to marry her daughter. Now back to Drake:


we heard a loud roar which is from a Hydra. Everyone at camp ran to find out what happened. When we got there we found a demigod standing there surrounded by golden dust and he shouted " I had just killed a Hydra and I'm a son of poseidon!" Everyone cheered and Annabeth ran towards him and kissed him on his cheek, causing them to cheer louder. The campers lifted him and Annabeth up and carried them away, leaving me and my friends standing there.

A few days later he started teasing me and pranking me but I just ignored him, causing him to be angry. Then he started turning everyone against me, starting with the campers. The campers treated me like trash, ignoring me and changing him to be the leader of the camp. But I still don't care, causing him to be angrier. Then he realised that he needed to turn my friends and family against me. In a few days I lost most my friends except Annabeth,thaila,nico and grover as my family died in a car accident. She is my love of my life. I sure she loves me as much as I do but boy was I wrong.

-flashback end-

I went to the Athena cabin to look forAnnabeth and Malcolm, Annabeth 's sibiling , he said" she is at the beach but I wouldn't go now if I we're you." When I heard it I was confused but I went to the beach I went to the beach I found drake making out with a blonde haired girl on the beach. It must be one of the aphrodite kids I thought. Then I saw the grey eyes. No! I thought. Annabeth would not cheat on me...would she? It was confirmed when she said "ohh Drake I would dump Percy for you anyday. But I'll have to wait for him to return." Without realizing I let my anger got to me and I screamed" YOU DO NOT NEED TO WAIT ANYMORE YOU TRADIOUS BITCH!" Causing her to move away from Drake quickly and said" it is not what it looks like ..." but I cut her off." IF YOU SOO WANT TO BE WITH DRAKE THEN FINE WE ARE THROUGH!" I screamed at her again and ran back to my cabin crying through dinner. Then when the night came, I packed my bags and left.

A few days later...

Percy's Pov

I ran for my life as the 50 hellhounds chased me. I was not able to fight them all at once so I got no choice but to run... and i run into a dead end...Great. ( notice the annoyance in the word.)sheld my face with my arms as I waited for the hellhounds to finish me off but there is a lake of water nearby and I cannot use it. Why? Because my dad wanted drake to be his one and only child so he took away my powers. I realised that a day ago. I was bracing myself for death when a black portal appeared and swiped her ( since chaos have no gender I'll keep her in female form) hand and all the hellhounds disappeared. I asked " who are you?" She replied" I am chaos, creator of the universe." When I heard this, I bowed to her, causing her to roll her eyes." Quit bowing, I hate being threated formally. " "okey.." " I am here to invite you to join my army as one of the seasons but ad the first one." Which cause my eyes to widen. "But why me? You should go for drake. Everyone liked him." I spat his name in disgust. " No I will not invite him as I only accept a non-braggy person to join my army. So, do you accept? You might see your old friends again." When she said old friends I thought it means I might see the thaila, nico and grover again! And at earth I got nothing to do anymore. " I accept. But can you adopt me ad your son lady chaos?" " done and don't call me lady, it makes me feel old." Chaos said. "Well, ready to go?" I replied" of course! Lady I mean chaos." She created a portal and teleported me to where her army is.

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