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Chapter 6 : where is peace when I need it?

Percy's Pov

I destroyed robots after robots at the training arena after that incident that happened just now. I guess too much power causes me to go out of control. After I am done, I walked around the camp to calm down. "guys I am going outside for a while." I heard a few ok, fine and be safe before leaving. But guess what I saw on the ground when I had just stepped foot out of the cabin. "Things to make Percy do by Annabeth Chase" When I see what I saw in the book I guess I got out of control because the earth started shaking and I think I destroyed a Planet… oops.

Zoe's Pov

We were telling our adventures to Nico and Thaila when the ground shook. " What the Hades is going on?" Thaila said, causing Nico to say " stop using my dad's name to be a curse word Thailia!" " sorry about that but is this because of Gaia?" Thaila said out loud. I talked to them in my mind.

Me: hmm… guys! Gaia could not be this strong and the sky is out of control too! Chaos told me a Planet exploded… and she is coming to scold the one who did it… which means…

The seasons, Nico and Thaila : Percy!

We ran out of the chaos cabin and saw Percy's eyes are pitch black.

Me: Dang it! He went into invincible mode. But that only happens when he is very, very, furious.

That's when I saw a book beside me on the ground. The title read " things to make Percy do by Annabeth Chase." no wonder. I gave it to the others and they looked at it.

" No wonder why is he so angry. The things listed here is like torture!" Leo said. I guess they are furious too… "before we do that we need to-" My words are cut short when Chaos and the Gods appeared. " Percy! What is wrong with you? You destroyed a Planet that has life on it! I-" She was cut short by Percy's glare. He can be scary when he wants to… which is not good at all. " We need to clam Percy down or else we have to use force!" I ordered. The campers came to see what is the commotion was about and was terrified when Percy glared at them and they saw his eyes. Leo passed the book to them for them to know the reason for him to be furious. When they saw the title and what is inside they glared at Drake and Annabeth, who paled when they saw the book. I one quick flash, I saw Leo knocked them out in one hit and turned his attention to Percy. " How do you guys calm Percy when he is this angry?" Thaila asked, causing the three of us to have grave looks that says it all. sorry Percy for this. That is our expression said . " why not Chaos knock Percy out? She is the creator of the universe after all." Nico said, causing everyone to look at Chaos while we, the three seasons shook our heads. " I cannot. Percy is a lot stronger than me. He always wins me in one on one. He was holding back at that time. This time, he is so angry until it is his full power. I could not do anything." Chaos admitted, causing everyone ( except the three seasons and Chaos ) to Gape at him. " That is why I told you not to make him angry. Anyway , Zoe, get those cuffs that can only stop him." me , Leo, calypso and Chaos got that look again that says Sorry Percy. I ran back to me and Percy's room and got the cuffs out. Just carrying it caused me to be tired even though it is at its weakest state. I ran back outside and gave Chaos the cuffs and she put it on Percy's hand and put it on full blast. Percy fainted after that and we caught him and brought him back to the cabin. Chaos told them why he became like this.


Chaos Pov

I looked at Percy sadly when he got hit on the back with a syringe with some weird substance in it and I saw Percy getting stronger. That thing made him go out of control when he is too angry. After saving the other seasons he fainted.


Zoe's Pov

I almost wanted to cry when I heard it again. Everyone had pity looks as they looked at the cabin except for Annabeth and Drake because Leo's robot spiders are keeping them knocked out.

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