Yugioh Arc V The Dragon tamer

Zuzu was sitting in a room at the You Show duel school

they were having money problems and her dad was about to close the Yusho duel school because they didn't have money because no student would participate in this school.

She was looking at a letter that said "she was chosen to enter the Leo institute" her father thought it was a great opportunity but her heart was still in Yusho.

However they were broke so she finally had no choice but to go attend the school.

As she walked down stairs her dad was finishing cleaning the school out.

He looked up and saw her walking towards him. Zuzu smiled and said

"Dad I've decided I'll attend the Leo institute" Zuzu said with a small smile.

"I'm proud of you Zuzu I know you wanted to attend this school but we just have to accept the fact that we can't supply this school with money.

Don't worry I know you'll graduate and become a pro who knows maybe you can reopen the school." He said.

Zuzu smiled she then grabbed her bag

"well then looks like I'm off" Zuzu said and she started walking away her dad continued to smile as she walked away to start a new life at the Leo institute.

Declan was busy working on papers when there was a knock at the door.

"Enter" said Declan as in came Claude his right hand man.

"Sir we have just finished making the pendulum cards for your deck two which are meant to go in your pendulum zone and we made three out of one of your strongest monsters" said Claude

as he handed Declan five pendulum cards.

"Thank you Claude now we need find a duelist worthy of using them against." Said Declan.

Claude could tell instantly who Declan wanted to duel against.

"I do have some info on the dragon duelist that attacked our students.

The students that were attacked claimed his name was Yuya and they said he was vicious when he attacked them."

Declan narrowed his eyes he felt like he heard that name before.

"Have you been able to locate him" Declan asked curiously.

"Unfortunately no when ever we do locate his duel disk we lose its signal three seconds later." Claude said with regret.

Declan starts walking pass Claude out his office and Claude followed him soon they reached the control room Declan got everyone's attention.

"Listen up the Dragon duelist is named Yuya I want you locate his duel disk and let me send a message to him," said Declan.

"Yes sir" they said together.

Soon they started searching until one of them spoke "sir we located his duel disk" said one of the ladies.

"Quickly patch me through to him," said Declan.

Yuya was sitting atop a very high building looking at the city it was a clear summer day and Yuya was just relaxing since he hardly had time to relax since he was caught up in a war against duel academy.

He started to drift into dreams he was having but they turned out to be memories.


One was were Yuya was dueling someone with a cloak. "I use polymerization to fuse my two monsters to summon Starva Venom Fusion Dragon," said Yuya as the great dragon took to the field.

However the cloaked figure just smirked and said "you've learned well in fusion summoning my student" "well I do have a good teacher" says Yuya

"however I haven't taught you everything" said the cloaked figure.

"I use my own polymerization to fuse my to Masked Heros on the field to fusion summon Contrast Hero of Chaos and now go" said the cloaked figure as his hero charged forward

"Go Starva Venom Fusion Dragon" Yuya shouted as his dragon charged forward and clashed with the Hero.

Yuya then had another memory where he was on a D-Wheel and had a level three tuner monster and a level four monster

"I tune my level three monster with my level four to synchro summon Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" Yuya shouted to another duelist

who smirked and said " I tune my level five accel synchro and my level five junk warrior to synchro summon Stardust Warrior lets rev it up" said the older duelist as his Stardust Warrior charged

as did Yuya's Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and they clashed with each other.

Yuya had one other vision with another cloaked figure in a different area. "I overlay my two level four monsters in order to Xyz summon Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" Yuya shouted

and the other duelist smirked and shouted "I overlay my two rank four Xyz monsters to Xyz summon Number 0 Utopic Future."

Once again the two Xyz monsters clashed with each other. This was the power of his three masters.

End of Flashbacks

Yuya woke back up from reality when his duel disk started ringing and that meant he was being tracked

Yuya was about to jam them when another ringing was going off on his duel disk his phone.

"Yuya decided to play along with whoever was calling him.

"Alright you have my attention what do want?" Said Yuya on the d-pad.

"I'm glad we finally get to talk Yuya Sakaki" said Declan.

Yuya narrowed his and spoke "You know my name but who are you"

"That depends did you think your attack on my students wouldn't go unnoticed" said Declan in a serious tone.

"That was just some payback for what they did along time ago to me" Yuya said.

"I see but I have noticed that you are a very strong duelist and we both have a common enemy"

Yuya narrowed his and spoke in a low tone "who are you."

"Come work for me at the Leo institute the opening ceremony of the new students is today and you could apply as one of my students and get information you need"

Instantly the phone hung up and Yuya placed it down and started thinking this was clearly a trap but he was curious about who the common enemy was until he realized who it was and then realized who the person on the phone was.

Yuya knew he had no choice but if it was a trap he could handle it.

Soon his phone rang again but this time it was someone else.

"Its me I've been monitoring the other dimensions but everything has been very quiet" said a mysterious voice.

"Ill be in touch then you can find me at the Leo Institute" said Yuya

"Roger" said the mysterious person.

Yuya started walking towards the tall building he didn't like doing this but he needed information so he had no choice.

He looked at his deck it was time to duel.

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