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~ *O* ~Chapter 1 ~ *O* ~

~ Everyone' POV ~

A boy sat against a gravestone that read "Mana Walker". He had brown hair that fell just below his ears and silver-blue eyes. He was wearing a yellow trench coat like jacket that went to mid–thigh with black pants. He had a green mitten on his left hand. He was staring at the starless sky. It looked as though it was about to rain with dark gray clouds covering everything but the moon.

The boy did not notice when a large man appeared to float down to stand behind the grave and stare at him. The man wore a tan trench coat with a top hat and black dress pants. He also wore black dress shoes. The man then leaned over to look at the boy.

"Hello there I amthe Millennium Earl. What is your name?"

The boy shifted his gaze to the strange being who looked like a clown. "I don't have a name sir." He replied emotionlessly.

The man now dubbed the Earl had a grin that could send shivers down the spine of the devil himself. "Well what would you like me to call you then?"

"People call me red sometimes. Mana called me Allen because he went crazy after his dog died. Either one of those are fine I guess." The boy replied as he shifted his gaze back to the sky.

"Well Red would you like me to bring Mana back to you?"

"You can bring really Mana back?"

"Why of course I can. All you have to do is call out his name."

"What's the catch?"

"What makes you think there's a catch?"

"There's always a catch."

"Good point." Then the man leaned down and took a close look in the child's eyes.

~ Earl's POV ~

I was slightly caught off guard when he asked me what the catch was. I didn't expect to be asked that question. It was never asked before. So why this kid? I decided to get a better look at him. That's when I felt a little voice in my head tell me to take care of this kid as if he was one of my family and that he will be of great use to me.

"How would you like to come with me and be part of my family?" I asked him.

He looked at me for a moment before he repeated his formally stated question "What's the catch?"

"There is no catch to this. I feel like you are part of my family and I take care of family."

"You sure you want a filthy monster to be in your family?"

I looked at him with surprise. He looked to be about the age of sex seven at the most and he referred to himself as a filthy monster. "How are you a filthy monster?"

"My arm is deformed and discolored, and I have been called monster and devil spawn by everyone I showed it to so I have to be a monster right. I mean if everyone agrees that I am a monster then I must be on. Don't you think?"

"Let me see your arm please."

He took the mitten of his left arm and showed it to me. It was red and vanes stuck out and throbbed everywhere. It looked to be rough but was soft to the touch. My Noah instincts didn't even want to destroy it, they wanted me to protect its accommodator and protect him as if he were my own son. That's when I made my decision and decided to adopt him.

"I'm going to adopt you as my son. From now on your name will be Red Millennium. Okay?"


I picked him up and noticed he was shivering from the cold. He fell asleep instantly. I walked as quickly as I could to Rhoads checkered door and walked through. When I was on the other side Rhode ambushed me at an inhuman speed.

"Melline~! Who do you have there?"

"Rhode this is Red. He will be my adopted son from this day forward."

She stood on her tip toes to see him. Then she let out a squeal that woke him up. "EEEEEEEEEEEEE~! He's so cute. Where did you find him Melline?"

Red stared at her as she started to mumble to herself about how much fun she will have and all the games they will play. I decided to take him to my room to let him sleep.

"Are you not disgusted by my arm? Are you not going to call me names and beat me for showing you such a wretched thing?" He asked as I put him in bed.

"No" I answered. "Now go to sleep you're going to meet the family tomorrow so you have a big day ahead."

"Goodnight Earl."

"Call me Adam. Goodnight Red."


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