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~Tyki's POV~

Red and I were sitting in the Earl's office. Red wanted to meet my human friends. But there was one problem. And we were currently sitting in front of him. The Earl. He was just way to overprotective of Red.

"Please Adam, Tyki wouldn't let them hurt me?" Poor Red was on his knees begging.

"But what if you cross paths with an exorcist?" Red sent him his best puppy dog look. "What if you and Tyki get separated?" The Earl was now receiving a kicked puppy look from Red. "Fine." Red ran up and hugged him. "But if he comes home with even one scratch you will receive punishment Tyki." If looks could kill I swear I would have been overkilled.

"O-Of course. I would never let harm come to Shounen." Crap. I stuttered. I could see Red sweat drop.

"Adam, you're making him feel uncomfortable. I will be fine. You forget I'm not weak. I'm a Noah." Red pouted.

"I know. I don't think you're weak." The Earl said. "But still. I don't want you hurt. Now go it's going to get dark soon. You better get going if you want to make the last train."

"Ok Bye Adam"

"Bye Earl"

We said our goodbyes as we ran out the door before he could change his mind.

"Which train station are we going to?" Red asked

"We're going to …"

~Time skip brought to you by chibi Kanda-Red's POV~

We got off the train and I saw a group of sub-humans running towards us. "Tyki!" a small blond boy with a mask on yelled and ran up to hug the Portuguese beside me. I felt a small hint of jealousy when he bent down and picked up the small boy but I pushed that aside. "Ne, Tyki who is this?" The boy peaked at me curiously from the side.

"This is Allen." Tyki looked at me to see if he introduced me correctly. I was happy he didn't tell them my real name.

"Hi. Who are you?" I asked him.

He looked Tyki in the eye trying to figure out if he could trust me. Tyki nodded. "I'm Ezze. And that's Momo and Clark. The two men behind him waved.

I watched Tyki put Ezze down and turn to me. "Let's go to the hotel."


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