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Chapter 1: Change of Mind

Emiya Kiritsugu, had failed once again in trying to free his daughter from the Einzbern.

It had been a year and three months since the Grail War over, and within that period Kiritsugu had try many time to go to Einzebern castle in order to meet Illya once more. However, it seems the Einzbern hold more grudge than he first thought. Forget letting him in, even when just arrived at the village near their territory some Homunculus came to attack him. And even if he somehow reach the Einzbern territory the Bounded Field make it hard to break in.

(…Aren't they putting too much effort?)

This is one thing that had made Kiritsugu confused.

Sure he fail in bringing the Grail back, but he doesn't see the point of them taking Illya away from him, unless…

(…The Holy Grail Vessel…)

Illya body can definitely be used to serve as the Grail vessel just like Irisviel. That is the only thing Kiritsugu could think of why the Einzbern putting this effort. However, the next war should took place in another 60 years. Then, Illya should hold very little value or even none at all. After all by then the Einzbern should have managed to create another vessel.

"…*sigh*…I am thinking too much let's get back to home for now. I need to check up on Shirou."

Saying that to himself he entered the plane that will bring him back to Japan, where his son and friends waiting.


As Kiritsugu arrived at Japan, he immediately take a taxi to give him a ride to Fuyuki. He then arrived at his home.

"I'm hom-." Kiritsugu said as he opened the front door


As Kiritsugu opened the door, he suddenly heard Shirou voice, coming from the living room.

Worry about his son he immediately taking off his shoes, and rushed to the living room to check on him.

"Shirou, what happened?" Kiritsugu said while breathing heavily

"Ah, welcome back Ojii-san. It's nothing I just practised my Magecraft by analysed the lamp. Ah, I had prepared the food so let's have lunch now, Fuji-nee should be coming anytime soon as well." Shirou said as he trying to change the subject

Magecraft or Thaumaturgy is the artificial reenactment of a mystery, a miracle.

Maybe he is drunk back then, but Kiritsugu ended up telling Shirou about him being a Magus, when the boy asked him about how Kiritsugu saved him. Shirou then begin asking Kiritsugu to teach him how to use Magecraft, of course Kiritsugu rejected the idea at first. After all being a Magus mean walking with death, one need to prepared of dying anytime. But Shirou keep begging Kiritsgu to teach him, in the end Kiritsgu gave up. He then teach Shirou a basic craft a month ago.

Fortunately or Unfortunately Shirou has 27 Magic Circuit, and all of them capable of carrying 40 Prana unit. This is definitely amazing, if you consider the fact that Shirou isn't from a Magus lineage. If a Magus family know about this they will immediately try to make Shirou to marry their daughter to get a better heir. However as much as amazing it is Kiritsugu still had no intention in training Shirou so he half-assed his teaching.

(However, something definitely strange….)

Why Shirou feel hurt when he used Magecraft?

There is some case people feel hurt a little when they use Magecraft, but that is only because their circuit overheat from using too much Prana. But with Shirou circuit it should be impossible for him to feel hurt from casting Structural Grasping.

(That only mean…)

Kiritsugu afraid at the possibility, but he can only think of this as the only reason

"Shirou, could it be you make a new circuit every time you try to cast a spell?" Kiritsugu asked as he make a pale face

"Eh? Of course. Isn't that how it supposed to be done?"Shirou asked dumbly

At that time blood drained from Kiritsuggu head.

The idea of someone making a Magic Circuit mean someone temporary turning their nerve into a Magic Circuit. A very dangerous procedure, where failure would result in his body breaking down from the inside out and even if you succeeded it will resulting pain that would be comparable to inserting a hot iron rod into the spine. Furthermore, if in the future Shirou used his Circuit, his nervous system may go haywire due the sudden intake of energy. Those Circuit of him might even downgraded from not been used for too long as well.

He then immediately take Shirou hand by force, and used Structural Analysis on Shirou body.

"Eh, Ojii-san?" Shirou make worry voice

"Please wait a minute Shirou. I am checking your body condition now."

Kiritsugu then check Shirou body.

(...It's alright. His body is still okay.)

Once Kiritsugu know about this, Kiritsugu finally calmed down.

(I need to stop him….)

The only reason Shirou still alive is only out of luck, Shirou can die suddenly without anyone knowing the reason. Kiritsugu didn't even want, to imagine the thought had he never noticed this. Shirou might continue doing that reckless stunt until one day he died, and he don't want that to happen.

(But will he stop…)

The pain of turning one nerve into a circuit is something out of this world, the description from before is only description from book. In reality the pain is enough to make someone gone crazy, yet Shirou been doing this everyday since a month ago.

(This just show this kid determination….)

Kiritsugu had not asked Shirou for his reason of wanting to learn Magecraft, but he can more or less guess it, and it is to fulfil the wish that both Shirou and Kiritsugu share. Saving everyone without exception.


Flashback Start



"You're a Magus, right?"


"Then if that's the case, can't you use your magic to safe everyone?" Shirou asked as he look straight to Kiritsugu eye

At this question Kiritsugu make a troubled face, but in the end he still talk.

"Shirou… saving someone man unable to save someone else. It is something that can't be changed even with Magecraft. Someone will always be sacrificed in order for someone else to live."

"…That somehow feel wrong. If we put more effort surely we can save everyone, right?"

Kiritsugu are not sure how to answer that because all his life he himself bee searching for a way to save everyone. But in he ended up abandoning those idea, and try to save the majority instead.

In the end Kiritsugu answered this to Shirou

"…I don't think it is possible to save everyone like you said Shirou, but I will not deny your dream. It is something for you to decide, just make sure you have no regret."

"Yeah, I will."

Shirou answered back as he make a determined face.

Flashback End


At that time Kiritsugu didn't thought much about it, after all at Shirou age dreaming becoming a hero is absolutely normal. However, it is clear now that unlike children his age Shirou determination is real. He fully prepared to feel pain as long as his dream can be fulfilled.

KIritsugu then make a big sigh as if he giving up.

"Shirou the way you use cast a spell, all this time is wrong. You should have used your very own Magic Circuit instead of making a new one."

"Eh?!" Shirou said as he make a surprised face

Kiritsugu then take a deep breath then said this.

"I will teach you how to do Magecraft properly, so after Taiga go home today enter our workshop."

Kiritsugu is not sure whether or not this is a good decision because he don't want Shirou to end up like him, but at the same time he can't exactly stop him. For now he decided to make sure Shirou not to ruin his own body by teaching him a proper Magecraft.

"Okay!" Shirou answered Kiritsugu

"Shirou! Kiritsugu-san!" Taiga shouted

As soon as Shirou answered Kiritsugu, suddenly Taiga entered the room, they then pretended as if nothing happen, and begin to eat the food Shirou cooked.

(Damn this kid skill in cooking improved again while I'm away for a little, he will make a great chef in the future.) Kiritsugu thought so as he eat the food.


Taiga had finally decided to go home after having dinner together with Shirou and Kiritsugu. And now both of them are seating on the floor of their workshop.

"Okay Shirou, before casting a spell you need to first flow your Prana through your very own Magic Circuit. Then try reinforced this pipe."

"Okay….. Trace on!"

Shirou then try to use his Magic Circuit for the first time it is a bit painful, but compared to the way he use usually cast spell this is much easier to concentrate. He then try to use those Prana in order to reinforce the pipe in front of him. He reinforce carefully to make sure he doesn't go beyond the limit of the pipe, but at the same time making sure it is not too empty.

"Okay, I am done."

"….." Kiritsugu become silence as he stares at the pipe

"Um… Ojii-san?"

"Eh? Ah, sorry Shirou. I am thinking about something. Anyway with this you had finally opened your Magic Circuit. Now you should able to freely use them as long as you use your trigger image."


Shirou is happy as Kiritsugu tell him that, after all this is another step closer to his dream

On the other hand Kiritsugu can only be amazed at Shirou work.

(No one would believe this a work of 8 years old child on his first attempt to use Magecraft properly.)

The pipe Shirou reinforce is almost 80% full.

When people think of Reinforcement people reminded of useless spell that are too hard to master. Although activating spell itself is simple, people tend to either past the limit of the object or leaving too much space. In fact majority of Magus only able to fill up to 60-70%, and people that can do the same feet as Shirou is the minority.

(Seriously just how talented this kid is?)

Kiritsugu thought so as he made a wry smile.

"Anyway Shirou let's repeat this again and again until you're used to it. If you had completely master this we will move on to Structural Grasp and Gradation Air."

"Yeah!" Shirou answered excitedly


Shirou had trained for 2 months, and within this time Shirou had improved at impossible rate.

First Shirou now can reinforced an object to 90% of it's full capacity. All Kiritsugu did is by making him reinforcing an object with small capacity like glass or something, in order to increase Shirou focus. At first Shirou had difficulty because it is harder than doing it on thing like steel or paper that didn't easily broken. But he got a hang of it, after just training within a short time. As a result his Reinforcement on normal object improved as well. At the rate of Shirou going he might actually be able to do complete reinforcement within a year.

Kiritsugu also noticed something else, and that is how good Shirou at Structural Grasp. He not only analyse the structure of an object, but also a history behind it. For example when Shirou use Structural Grasp the Katana in Taiga house, he able to tell how many people had wield it, and what purpose it serves.

Lastly is something that Kiritsugu and Shirou decided to call Tracing.

Originally Kiritsugu intent to teach Shirou Gradation Air, but somehow Shirou seems to change it into a completely new spell. Not only the quality of the Fake is far better than when one use Gradation Air, somehow when Shirou traced a weapon he can immediately master the weapon. On top of it Shirou actually able to fire the said weapon like they were a bullet.

(…This is already beyond abnormal….) Kiritsugu thought

At first Kiritsugu try not to think about it too much, but Shirou growth is way beyond any Magus already. If Shirou were to put all this skill to combat, and he keep this grow rate by the time he is 12-… no even younger, he will be able to fight a Dead Apostle.

This lead to curiosity of what exactly Shirou Origin and Element. Might be from there he can find out about something. Not to mention he also believe it is time to teach Shirou new spell so this is actually a good chance to do it.

"Shirou, today we will find out about your Origin ad Elements. This way we can find out, what spell I should teach you."

"Origin? I know about Element, but what is Origin?"

"Hmm… simply put t is something that define a person existence, and directs one's actions throughout life."

"Sounds complicated…" Shirou said as he make confused face

"Well I guess for a child like you, it is indeed confusing. Anyway let's start now shall we, first take off your shirt so I can Analyse your body."


Shirou then take off his shirt

Kiritsugu then try to analyse his Origin and Element, and the result is…

Origin: Sword

Element: Sword & Fire


Kiritsugu are surprised at the result

Having dual Element alone is already rare, but this is…

(A-An Incarnation…..)

Incarnation is an unofficial calling for people that have the same Origin and Element. It is said that if you have the same element and Origin the said person will be able to perform magic that no one else can. However, no one knew this for sure because even if you trace back all the way to the day Clock Tower first made there is never been a single person have the same Origin and Element.

But this not even the finishing blow…

As Kiritsugu look inside Shirou being, he found something else.

(Oh God… this is… Reality Marble.)

The concept of a Reality Marble is projecting one's inner world onto reality following the World Egg theory. Generally, it is used to refer to the alien common sense of a demon, and that world is how they perceive reality. It is a Magecraft that capable of competing with True Magic, and the association had banned all research for this thing.

There are so many Magus that try to study this Reality Marble, but most of them fail. In fact other than the Twenty-seventh Dead Apostle Ancestor or Servant like Isakandar no human alive recorded to manage to obtain it without getting crazy. The thought of Shirou having it, is mind blowing.

(This is sure troublesome…)

From one side, Kiritsugu is happy of the fact Shirou have so much potential, this way maybe when he grow up he can actually be strong enough to protect himself. But on another side, Kiritsugu is sad at the fact that if anyone from Mage Association manage to find Shirou, he will definitely get a Sealing Designation.

Being Incarnation alone is already enough reason, but he must have a Reality Marble as well. On top of it, the fact right now Shirou have Avalon functioning in his body is only increase the possibility of him being experimented.

Becoming the son of a Magus Killer alone will guarantee giving Shirou a hard life, but now with all this forget being hard it basically hell.

(I need to train him.)

This is no longer time to think about not wanting to train Shirou, the kid need power to protect himself in the future. Although Kirutsugu still don't know whether or not to support Shirou dream, but he had finally decided to make Shirou a strong Magus to protect himself.

"Um… Ojii-san is something wrong?" Shirou asked worrily

"Shirou, we're going to have a long chat after this. I need to explain about how unique you are, but for now I need to make a call. So wait right here."


After that Kiritsugu left the workshop

(I need to contact that person. As much of an annoyance that person is, no one else I know willing to help me to educate Shirou without trying to experiment on him.)


Kiritsugu had finally left his workshop, and now using the phone in his house to talk with his friends, and they're now finishing up their conversation.

[So, you're asking this old man you have not contacted for more than 10 years to teach your sons how to become a Magus?] Said a man voice coming through the phone

"More like I only want you to teach him spell that useful to protect himself, than becoming a Magus entirely. But well I guess you're more or less right." Kiritsugu answered the man in the other side of the phone

[Shameless brat. You can do all that by yourselves, there is no need for me to do all that work.]

"I think you will change your mind if you see him tomorrow. I know you know live in Japan, I will go there tomorrow."

[…You really are shameless I loss all contact with you, but you somehow know where I live. Oh, well I do owe you for saving my child in the past, I guess helping you is all fine.]

"Thanks, then see you tomorrow old man."

[Yeah. Ah, by the way my 5 years old granddaughter are currently visiting me, make sure that child of your not make a move on her.]

"Shirou is only 8."

[So? This is your child we're talking about. You somehow always popular with women despite being scary terrorist, I doubt your child going to be any different. Anyway I am going close this now.]

"Ah, wai-"

Before Kiritsugu finish his words the phone already closed.

"Seriously crazy old man." Kiritsugu said as he made a wry smile

(Anyway… let's get back to Shirou.)

As he thought that Kiritsugu get going to the workshop.


After that Kiritsugu explained about how unique Shirou is, then he make sure that Shirou promised to not let anyone analyse his Origin and Element other than people he had trust with his life. Kiritsugu also tell him, that Shirou need to be careful to not let anyone noticed about his Reality Marble not even his close friends.

"I-I understand, I promise not to tell anyone. But is it really that dangerous." Shirou asked

"Shirou your dual Element and 27 Magic Circuits despite being a first generation Magus enough reason for a Magus family to force you to marry into their family. If your Origin and Element, and that Reality Marble were to be found out they will not let you live freely, even in death they will still experiment on your body."

Kiritsugu decided to tell the situation bluntly without lying.

It is necessary for Shirou to understand the gravity of the situation.

"I-I understand." Shirou said nervously

"Now don't make that kind of look at least you don't have a Pure Eyes or Mystic Eye. If you have that as well then even after death, your body will be preserved for thousands of years in order to find the secret of all your abnormality. Then again who know maybe in the future you might actually awaken to magical eye as well."

Kiritsugu said jokingly tried to lighten the mood

"U-Um… Ojii-san, p-please don't jinx it."

"Ahahaha, sorry. Anyway tomorrow early in the morning we will meet my friends so please go to sleep now."



That night Kiritsugu are looking at the moon at the terrace of his home.

(Shirou talent had surpassed all my imagination, he might seriously become a true hero…)

The talent Shirou have is nothing, but an abnormality in this modern era. Once Shirou grow up he might be able to compete with those monstrous Servant. There likely no threat he will not be able to beat, and depending what is his Reality Marble ability he might be able to beat the top of Dead Apostle Ancestor. Or maybe he might becoming the first Heroic Spirit in this era.

(Maybe he can save Illy-…. No I have no right to ask Shirou to do that.)

Kiritsugu to this day still feel guilty for causing that fire that must have killed Shirou true family, and also cause Shirou forget all of his memory. From Kiritsugu point of view, he basically a murder that asked the victim to do him a favour. There is no way he can ask Shirou to save Illya.

"*sigh*… forget it, all I need is to let Shirou live happily. As for Illya before this life of mine ended, I swear I will get her back."

After saying that Kiritsugu gone to his room to sleep.

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