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Chapter 6: Trip and Reunion

Einzbern Castle

It is a place where all the member of Einzbern family live located, at mountain district in German near the riverside. It is a castle that had been built for more than 1000 years ago, and had become the house of Einzbern since ancient time. The castle been covered by several Bounded Field which make it almost impossible to enter. The season there will always be snowy without a single exception even in summer there will still be some snow on the ground. That historical castle covered in white snow, is a very description of beautiful. Even Kiritsugu must admit the first time he lay his eye on the castle, he captivated by the building.

However the beauty is only can be seen at the outside. On the inside you can only feel coldness forget the Homunculus and Golem like Acht, even the few human family member doesn't show human emotion. They live as if they're a machine simply exist to revive the Third Magic, completely blinded of what happen outside, even Kiritsugu more human than they are. Once you see this the snow covering the castle can only be seen as an ice that freeze all the people heart inside the castle. And the Bounded Field is a cage that separate them from outside world.

(…Anyway this is not really matter…)

For the past a year and a half, Kiritsugu had been trying to enter the castle again, but all ended up in failure. The attempt ended up in failure mostly because of the Bounded Field set up of the castle, but those are not the main reason.

The extreme snow storm and battling Homonculus that guard around the castle always bother him, this has become quiet the challenge for him.

It is not like there is always a storm there, but when they do the coldness is on the level someone might die, even with all his coat Kiritsugu still feel like he going to freeze to death.

The battle Homonculus is also the same, those thing by itself is not strong by any standard. Even if Einzbern Homonculus said to be the best in the world their ability is way lower than Kiritsugu at most they can only fought average Magus. But even so as those thing don't fear death they would charge recklessly which make it possible for them to do something no human would do. Underestimating them might cause Kiritsugu downfall.

With all of this combined Einzbern castle is almost impossible to breakthrough.

(…However it is not yet hopeless…)

There is still some hope to infiltrate the castle.

(…This summer is one of it…)

During summer time even if the land still covered by snow, the storm at least gone and the temperature also become more bearable. Not to mention thanks to this fact some member of the Einzbern will go outside. This is done because even if they are isolated family hey still need to contribute to Mage Assocaition, and also they go outside to fill their food supply by buying them from the farm they get along with. This fact combined the security will likely be at it's lowest during summer.

You might be wandering why would Kiritsugu waste such a good chance escape last year?

It is not he let it escape it is more like he is still in doubt about his ability to breakthrough. All because he noticed the Einzbern increased their Bounded Field defence. It is not like Kiritsugu can't break through those, but once he enter he doubt he can get out while carrying Illya.

(However, this year is difference.)

It is all thank to the fact Kiritsugu contacted Alan

Alan is Mystic Code collector, so of course he had some connection that allow him to get them. After requesting Alan help in searching a certain type of Mystic Code he manage to get some man who able to get the thing he want.

With all his preparation completed all he need to do is to go to German.

This is what led to the current event.


The night after Taiga just left Kiritsugu told Shirou something in the living room. It is about Kiritugu going to German, but of course Kiritsugu do not tell about Illya and Einzbern yet.

"You plan to go, tomorrow? That is pretty sudden?" Shirou said to Kiritsugu

There is a hint of surprise in Shirou voice, but from his expression you can tell that Shirou didn't particularly against Kirtsugu leaving. Any normal child at his age will be against his parent leaving them suddenly, not to mention soon will be summer vacation. During this period a parent normally will spent more time with their child, by taking some holiday from work. For a parent leaving their child during such vacation is actually pretty depressing from them.

However, Shirou far from normal the kid lack ego that any other child have. In the first place Kiritsugu leaving home is not that rare.

"I'm sorry it is sudden, but I really have some business outside the country. I promise I will be back by a week." Kiritsugu said to Shirou

Kiritsugu feel bad about leaving Shirou, and that is his honest feeling.

Right now Shirou is in the middle of training, abandoning Shrou right now is very irresponsible even by Kiritsugu standard. But if Kiritsugu were to waste this chance saving Illya he might never meet her again.

(…My body will probably will not last by next year…)

Kiritsugu have the curse Angra Mainyu on his body after all.

Right now whether it is his body or Magic Circuit both of it had not been affected by the curse. Nevertheless it definitely there at had affected his life force, sooner or later he can't move his body properly and he might not be able to use his Magecraft.

After making a hard decision he decided to go

"I see. Well that is fine I will not against you going, I can still do my Tracing training myself anyway. Though I will appreciate you tell me about this kind of thing beforehand."

"Yeah, sorry." Kiritsugu apologized to Shirou

Honestly it is no like there is a reason Kiritsugu need to hide about his trip to Shirou like this, but as there are too many thing in his mind Kiritsugu completely forgot about telling this info o Shirou.

"It's okay. Ah, also have you told this to Fuji-nee about this?"

"Hmm? No, but I do had told Raiga about me going on a trip during the early week of summer."

"*Sigh* Fuji-nee will be so angry when she heard about it tomorrow."

Shirou can just imagine that Taiga will totally gone berserk for being left out like this

"Oh, well Fuji-nee will forget her anger once I feed her. Anyway let's go to your room, Jii-san. We need to pack cloth for your trip."

"Oh, thank you for helping out Shirou." Kiritsugu said in response

"No, problem."

After that the 2 head to Kirisugu room,

Without wasting time the boy immediately picked up all the cloth Kiritsugu will need during his trip.

As soon as that done Shirou head back to his room to sleep immediately so he can wake up early to cook breakfast for Kiritsugu.


At a certain church in the middle of the night, in a certain room.

A certain man look to be in his late 20s to his early 30s wearing a priest cloth, are standing while holding a phone.

"I understand, so I must go to Vatican by plane tomorrow morning." Said the man

[Yes, His Holiness (Pope) and the director Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament, have made a sudden request for you to come Mr. Kirei.] Said the man on the other side of the phone

Kotomine Kirei

He is the son of Kotomine Risei, and a student Tohsaka Tokiomi.

During the war this man is mostly only act as a pawn of Tohsaka Tokiomi in order to make Tokiomi the winner of that war. However, thank to Gilgamesh influence Kirei decided to betray his teacher, and become the last 2 Master during the war. He fought Kiritsugu till the very end, and technically the winner of the last Grail War as he is the last Master.

"I will do as ordered, but may I hear the reason for this sudden call?" Kirei ask

[It is about the damage of Fuyuki Fire last year. The Pope wish you to explain what happened back then in absolute detail.]

The Fire incident of Fuyuki

Some people believed that the cause is just the cause is from a pipe gas suddenly blew up, but that's not it. It is because the contain of Holy Grail fell, and resulted the area burned down to nothingness. Of course this fact only known to Kirei, Kiritsugu, and Gilgamesh. As for the Church they only think that was the result of a Servant fight.

"I understand, it can't be helped. I will come as soon as possible like His Holiness wish."

[Good to hear. Well then let's meet again in Vatican.] Said the man

After that Kirei closed the phone

Kirei then turned around as he about to leave the room.

"Going somewhere Kirei?"

Suddenly a childlike voice can be heard

The sudden voice surprised Kirei making him looking for the source of it.

What he found is a boy with a Golden hair.

The boy has a look of 12 years old human child, and his face can be said as handsome while maintaining some cuteness of a child. However, rather than thee face this kid carry an aura that completely make people bow down to him. As if he is some chosen being, his name is…

"It's you Gilgamesh…"

That's right this child is Gilgamesh, the King of Hero.

He is the absolute strongest Heroic Spirit, even after being weakened for being a Servant Gilgamesh still one of the strongest being on Earth. If he were to go serious he might be able to slay God easily.

During the Grail War he betray his true Master out of simple interest he has on Kirei. He and Kirei then partnered up in order to win the Grail. And during the last day of the war thanks to the fact that the Holy Grail destroyed it's contain fell on Gilgamesh giving him a physical body

As for why his current body is a child it is because Gilgamesh use his Potion of Youth in order to be young again, so he can blend in with society.

"Yup, it's me the King of Hero!" Gilgamesh said cheerfully with a big smile on his face

"…You sure act different as a child…" Said Kirei

When Gilgamesh make a suggestion about using his potion in order blend with society. Kirei had expected that the only thing changed will be his appearance. However, from his action it is clear that Gilgamesh personality had also regressed.

"Hahaha, well I can't helped that potion also affect my mind a little. But well at the core I am still the same my friend. Anyway, do you plan to go somewhere?" Gilgamesh ask gain

"Ah, I got a sudden call to go to Vatican by His Holiness (Pope)."

"I see. Well what is it for?" Gilgamesh ask

"They want to talk about the Flame accident from last year, or so I have been told. However, it is just way too suspicious." Said Kirei

"Is it because the flame accident already past one year, and the fact the call is so sudden. Huhu, it almost as if they have something else they want." Gilgamesh said

Kirei surprised at Gilgamesh word for a moment for Gilgamesh words exactly right.

However, Kirei soon calmed down because he remember that the person he talk to is the man who once ruled the world. Even if he is now a child at the core he is still a king, hiding anything from him is impossible.

"That's right. It is just too suspicious that they want to talk about the accident now. It had been too long for them to take action now. Not to mention they want my presence personally when they can just demand a detailed report." Kirei said

"I see, well what do you want to do Kirei?" Gilgamesh ask

"I didn't have much choice, if I want to keep my position as the observer for the Grail, I must follow my order." Kirei said

"*sigh*… How boring. Oh, well it is important so our wishes can be fulfilled. I allow you to leave temporarily." Said child Gilgamesh

"Thank you. Well then I should begin my preparation to leave."

After saying this Kirei and Gilgamesh left the room.

Like that the night in the church ended.


At the morning.

Kiritsugu and Shirou already awake.

They woke up earlier than usual because Kiritsugu want to avoid traffic during his trip to the airport.

So after having a quick meal that Shirou prepared, Kiritsugu immediately call up a taxi to bring him to the airport.

"Well then be sure to be good. In case anything happen while I'm away please contact Raiga-san, I already told him about my trip by phone yesterday." Kiritsugu said

"Okay." Shirou said in response

After saying that Kiritsugu entered the taxi which bring him all the way to the Kumamoto airport.

The trip by Taxi is less than 30 minutes, and the fare is around 8000 yen, it is a very short trip.

As he arrived at the airport he then check in for his seat that put all his baggage at the cargo. Of course as you would expect of the Magus Killer, his luggage there is some gun and explosive. In normal case there is no way those bag can enter the cargo unchecked, but Kiritsugu manage to prepare some paper so he can bring all those weapon without any trouble.

All that left is to simply entered his gate to ride the plane.

(…After this I will be transit to Tokyo, then ride a plane to German…) Thought Kiritsugu

From this airport Kiritsugu will not fly directly to German he will first transit to Tokyo, then take a new plane to go to German.

"Well I still have some time left, going straight to the Gate will be a waste of time. Maybe I should head to some café." Said Kiritsugu to himself.

Noticing that he still have some free time Kiritsugu decided to look around a little. He then walked into while looking around to find someplace to settle down a little.

(…Ah, that p-)


Time frozen for Kiritsugu.

His whole body feel like it stunned, and his brain feel it about to burst from the stress. Everything move so slowly it almost feel like when he use 'Time Alter'.

The cause is because he saw a certain man walking, it was a very familiar face….

"—!" At that time the very person also noticed Kiritsugu

The 2 stop walking while looking at each other.

Then they call each other name which they hated so much.

"Kotomine Kirei." "Emiya Kiritsugu"

The said that while making an angry face beyond words as if they're about to kill each other.

Like that these 2 worst enemy possible reunited after a year long, and one know for sure that this is not going to end well.


At certain room of a hotel.

One old man are looking at the Fuyuki City from his room window.

"Well now, I've intervene more than I thought I would ever do." Zelretch said with a smile

It is clear as day that he planned something, but no one can guess what is in his head. As far we can guess he probably planning something that will affect the whole world.

"With this the preparation are completed, and now I can finally see the effect of my decision. All that's left is for you to make a move Waver-kun." Zelretch

Zelretch called the real name of Lord El-Melloi II in the manner as if the man is another of his pawn.

Zelretch then suddenly left his room, and locked the door of the room.