GGO: Swordsman and Sniper

This is the first chapter of GGO: Swordsman and Sniper.

This story is a sequel to ALO: The Rangers, which is a sequel to SAO: The Rangers Black and Blue so you should read those first if you want to understand what is going on as this chapter directly continues from the final chapter of the previous story.

Chapter 1: World of Guns

(1st person, Kazuto, November 16th, 12:59pm)

We walked in and the person at the front asked "Table for two?"

"We're here to meet someone." I said.

"Kirito! Over here." called an agent in a business suit and Shino and I cringed, everyone turned to look at him.

He seemed to be able to ignore it and once everyone went back to their food we walked over and sat down.

"Do you try to make us hate you?" Shino asked quietly once we sat down.

The agent ignored her and I asked "So why did you want to meet?"

"First, order anything you want." the agent said.

We ordered some stuff and then the agent continued.

"There has been two near-inexplicable deaths in quick succession connected in a few ways." the agent said.

"So you called us here to tell us somebody died?" Shino asked.

"Not exactly, you see, both people who died had three things in common, one of which is uncertain." the agent said.

I nodded for him to go on and he continued.

"Both died from their heart stopping, both had an Amusphere on their head loaded with a game called Gun Gale Online abbreviated GGO, and finally, both had been shot by the same person inside the game and disconnected before being found dead."

I saw Shino go slightly pale from the corner of my eye and grabbed her hand under the table, noticing it was slightly cold.

I felt her hand warm up saw blood return to her face so I asked "And what does this have to do with us?"

"I wanted to ask you whether you think it is possible that a virtual bullet can kill in the real world?" asked the agent.

"No, not unless there was some brain damage." I said, trying to get this over with quickly so that Shino doesn't have to listen to a talk about guns.

"There was not, it was checked carefully." the agent said.

"Then no, it is not possible." I said.

"Then I have a request for you, will you log into GGO and find this person, you would dive from a hospital just incase of course." he said.

"Why don't you send someone from the government and why would we do it?" I asked.

"America might not like it with we start an official investigation and if you do it you will be payed, quite a lot." he said and wrote a shockingly large number on a piece of paper.

I whispered to Shino "What do you think, I can do it alone, we can do it together or we can not do this? You don't have to go."

"I'll come, it will be like immersive therapy or something like that. Let's do it, if there is a murderer on the lose and we have the chance to catch him we should. Plus that's a lot of money to pass up." she whispered back.

I nodded and said loud enough for the agent hear "Okay, we'll do it."

"Right, the hospital you'll be diving from is the one that you were in during SAO and you'll be payed once you're done. I'll send you a text message once I set thing up with the hospital." the agent said.

I nodded and we stood up, having already finished our desert and not needing to wait for the check because he was paying the hefty price of the very fancy deserts we ordered.

We left the building and Shino breathed in the cold November air deeply, fighting down a minor panic attack.

I walked up behind her and hugged her "You okay?" I asked.

She smiled and said "Yeah, I'll be fine." with a final deep breath before starting to breathe normally again.

"Good, can't have you falling off my bike on the way home." I said jokingly.

She chuckled slightly and we walked over to my motorcycle.

We got on and drove home.

After we arrived and went inside we just sat down on the couch instead of going into Alfheim to sit next to each other.

A few minutes after we got home my phone vibrated and I took it out, I saw a message from Kikuoka Seijuro saying that everything had been set up with the hospital and that we should get started some time soon.

"Should we go now?" I asked.

"Yeah." Shino said nervously, probably because we were going to be diving into a world full of guns soon.

Thankfully the way the Amusphere worked, if she did have a panic attack it would automatically log her out due to raised heart rate.

We, once again, went outside and got on my motorcycle, this time going to the hospital which was about 10 minutes away.

Once we arrived we went through all the stuff that we needed to and then finally got the room number we needed.

We got there quickly and went in.

The nurse waiting for us there was the same nurse that was taking care of me when I was in SAO, Aki was her name I think.

"Hello Aki-san, long time no see." I said.

"Hello Kirigaya-san." she said in her normal cheerful tone.

"Do you know each other?" asked Shino.

"She was taking care of me while I was in SAO." I explained.

"Hello, you must be Asada-san, nice to meet you." Aki said cheerfully to Shino.

"Yes, hello Aki-san." Shino said somewhat awkwardly.

"Well go on take off your shirts and lay down on the beds." Aki said.

Shino made a 'what?' face.

"I need to put electrodes on." Aki explained.

Shino looked like she understood. I turned away and Shino did as Aki told, finally putting her shirt back on telling that I could turn around now.

"Your turn." Aki said and I took off my shirt and she put the electrodes on, then we lay down in the two folding beds that had been wheeled in here and put on the Amuspheres that were already waiting here.

We looked at each other and smiled, turning our heads to look up again we said ""Link start!"" at the same time and the world faded out, quickly being replaced by a black world with some stuff to look at so you don't go crazy and a message saying 'You already have a seed account, do you wish to transfer. Y/N'

Having my ridiculously high stats will probably be helpful in the long run so I pressed yes.

The moment I did I was placed inside another room, this time however it had metallic walls and looked like a destroyed starship.

There was a basic explanation of some stuff that I read through and a hand gun on a stand.

I picked up the hand gun and was teleported once more, this time appearing in what looked to be a city with a bunch of people around, probably the real playing world.

A few seconds later a slightly pale Sinon appeared next to me, looking almost exactly like her SAO avatar, the main difference being in the clothing.

"How you holding up?" I asked her.

"Fine for now, not as bad as in the real world." she said and turned towards me, then looked like she was trying not to laugh.

"What's so funny?" I asked, knowing it was probably going to be my randomly generated appearance.

"Have you looked in a mirror?" she asked, there it was.

"No, not yet." I said and looked around for a shiny piece of metal.

Seeing one I walked over and looked in it, apparently I looked even more like a girl then I do IRL in terms of features, plus the nearly waist length hair didn't help, I most certainly looked like a flat-chested girl and not a boy at all right now.

"You got lucky, you look like you did in SAO." I said.

"I do?" she asked.

"Yeah, the real you with blue hair." I said.

"Oh." she said.

She looked down at her waist and grabbed the pistol in her hand.

She went slightly paler but not a panic attack.

"Strange, in here I just feel a bit lightheaded and even that barely but in the real word just the sight or mention of a gun makes me have a panic attack." she said.

"Let's get moving and find

She nodded and we walked off the slightly elevated platform where you spawn and started looking around.

We walked around until we found a weapons shop and walked in.

Along the walls were guns of every kind, but there was one problem, we had no money.

"Okay, let's see if there is some way to make some money quickly and then come back." I said.

"Sounds like a plan, can't buy anything if we have no money." Sinon said and we walked out of the shop, but we walked out a different door from the one we walked in from so we saw a bunch of people crowing around a fenced in lane about 40 meters long with three lines marked on it evenly spaced.

At one end there was an entrance and a person being cheered on by his friends to do it and on the other side was a American old-west style building with a robotic cowboy with a revolver under the overhanging roof.

On the the front of the building was a very large screen and on the screen was a number around 300000, specifically, 312,434.

The person at the entrance finally got ready and put his hand on something that looked like a pay pad from the store and the number went up to 312,934.

The person then ran forward and when the cowboy raised his gun he stopped and struck a weird pose but when the bullets fired the all missed, so either this guy was insanely good or there was some sort of system to help you with that.

He then ran forward again and crossed the first line, once he crossed it the number dropped back down by 500 again, so if you make it that far you get your money back.

Now the cowboy started shooting faster and the guy barely made it the next line, when the total sum of money dropped by 5k.

The cowboy started shooting faster once again and the man failed to dodge one of the bullets, when it hit him the cowboy lowered his hand and said "You lose." tauntingly.

The man reluctantly walked out of the lane and I decided to try this.

"I'm gonna go try, I can definitely make it 10 meters and get my money back anyway." I said.


"Go ahead, I don't mind, it seems like the type of thing you'd be good at." I said.

Kirito walked over to the start of the lane and people started saying "Oh look, some new girl is going to try." "At least she's hot." "Bet she won't make it past the first line"

Completely ignoring them Kirito put his hand on the pay paid and paid, 500 being added to the number at the top.

Then he dashed forward with inhuman speed positioning himself to dodge the bullets flying at him and makes it to the 'refund' line in about two seconds, shocking everyone.

"How does she move that fast?" "Maybe it is a converted account with high stats."

Kirito ran forward and jumped into the air, twisting himself around so that all the bullets wiz past him.

Crossing the second line he gets 5k added to his balance.

The gun starts firing much faster and Kirito starts progressing slower, but he never stops moving constantly weaving his way through the bullets with his super-human reaction time and speed.

He crosses the third line, getting 20k added to his account, judging by the expressions on the people's faces it was likely no one had gotten this far before.

Suddenly the cowboy stops reloading and just fires lasers continuously, Kirito dancing through the lights elegantly.

He leaps into the air twisting through a last barrage before landing behind the cowboy and touching him.

The cowboy froze and the collapsed to his knees screaming "NOOO!"

Kirito jumped back and gold started pouring out of the windows as the number on the roof quickly dropped to zero.

Then once it reached zero it all shattered and the cowboy was standing up and shouting taunts again.

Everyone was just staring at Kirito with their mouthes open from shock.

Before they could recover and start talking we walked away and into the shop.

We looked through the weapons and the gun I decided on was a sniper rifle and Kirito got an SMG, whining about how he missed his swords.

We both got some body armor, mine similar to my ALO armor but with white and black under the robe, like my other armor it showed quite a bit of my skin, especially on the legs, but I still liked it.

Kirito chose a black coat that turned into a cloak below the waist and had a silver chest piece, he also had a white shirt under it and black pants.

After that we went looking for monsters to fight and ended up going into a dungeon.

While walking along, being the confident idiots that we were, we fell into a trap that was literally a hole in the floor.

"Hey Sinon, how do we plan on surviving this?" Kirito asked.

"I dunno, we can try to slow down by jamming something against the walls but the only thing we have long enough for that is my sniper rifle which cost a lot." I said.

Kirito looked down and said "It looks like it gradually gets less steep so we should live, let's just sit back and relax."

"In free fall?" I asked, not really liking it, unlike him.

Before he could answer we start slowing down sharply and I could feel the rough wall that was rapidly becoming floor wearing away at clothes.

We eventually came to a halt and slip out into a gigantic stadium like area with a giant creature that looked like a boss from ALO or SAO.

"Not good, not good at all." I muttered.

"We've killed bosses before." Kirito said.

"Incase you haven't noticed, you're using an SMG, not a sword which is totally different and I'm using a sniper rifle not a bow which is less different but still pretty different." I said.

"Okay, okay, I'll draw its attention while you figure out its weak spots, then you can snipe it from a distance while I just hide from it somewhere and we're golden." Kirito said.

"Well yeah, that would work but be careful." I said.

"Okay, got it." he said and ran forward.

He pulled out his SMG—which was pretty much the shortest range and smallest one they had—and unleashed a burst in the boss's face.

Most of the shots did little-to-no damage but one that hit it in the forehead did a significant amount of damage, now just to get Kirito to know I found a weak point.

Let's try the obvious "Kirito! I found a weak point, get back here!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

He seemed to hear me as he changed his course, still dodging strikes, and ran towards a place he could get to a higher level of the stadium, me doing the same.

Once we both got to the top Kirito walked around to me and asked "Where is the weak spot?"

"It is in the center of the forehead, just let me shoot it." I said and flipped open my sniper rifles bi-pod.

I had no idea how to shoot but might as well figure it out.

"A circle appears when you aim that pulsates, you can reduce its size and pulsation by calming yourself. Your bullets will hit somewhere in the circle." Kirito said from behind me.

I nodded and took aim, seeing the green circle.

I took a deep breath and let it out, slowing my heart rate. As I slowed my heart rate the circle's size and pulsation shrank until it was small enough that if it was correct I should have a guaranteed hit on the weak point.

I fired and the bullet hit the weak point, doing about a 50th of the boss's total HP, we would be here a while.

I released shot after shot into the head and after 49 shots in total I found myself out of ammo.

"Crap, why did i have to have 7 7 bullet magazines, not 7 8 bullets magazines or 8 7 bullet magazines?" I asked rhetorically.

"I have an idea." Kirito said and picked up his SMG.

He ran along the raised part of the stadium until he reached the nearest point to the boss, then he jumped to a pillar and bounced off it, the second jump taking him above the boss.

As he fell on the boss he aimed his SMG at its head and fired a full magazine into the head, most of the bullets hitting the weak point.

The boss's HP melted before Kirito fell beneath its head and it shattered.

I saw a window appear in front of Kirito and shortly after one appeared in front of me 'PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II; Heavy Anti-material sniper rifle with high power, range, and accuracy. Awarded for hitting the weak point with 100% accuracy and dealing at least 50% of the boss's HP.'

I looked at the sniper rifle and everything about it was ridiculous.

I unequipped my current sniper rifle and equipped my new one.

It was a gun nearly as long as I was tall made mostly of steel with a wooden handle and stock.

It had a large spoke and when I looked closer I saw that the magnification went from 5x to 20x zoom, wow.

Kirito appeared next to me and said "You look cute with a gun as big as you."

I blushed and turned away and stuttered out "G-g-geez y-you d-didn't h-have to s-say t-that."

Kirito looked at me with an face that said he thought I looked adorable and I pouted.

Kirito walked over to me and hugged, after he stepped back he said "Sorry, but it is true."

I managed not to blush and just nodded, not knowing how to answer.

"Now guess what I got, here is a hint, I think it is tailor-made for me." he said.

I couldn't think of any- unless- no there's no way he got a sword, right?

"I can't think of anything." I said.

"Okay, here it is." he said and two metal cylinders appeared, one on each hip.

"What is it?" I asked.

He took one off his hip and pressed a button in it.

Instantly a black blade of 'light' appeared in front of it.

"Are you kidding me?!" I asked.

"What?" he asked innocently.

"After all your complaining about how you don't have a sword, you get a sword." I said.

"Well technically, I get two swords, but yes." he answered and activated the other one, this one was white.

"They're called the 'Twin Lights'. The weapon type is a photon sword." he said.

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