So I have decided to try my hand at issuing challenges. In advance, I do ask that anyone who wishes to participate, please PM me with the details so I can keep a record and thank everyone who took part. As most of you have noticed, this is being posted under the Elder Scrolls Series. This is my challenge for you all.

1. It must be a crossover between Skyrim and any other game/movie/book etc etc...

2. You must pick a single character from your chosen universe to bring into Skyrim, this character MUST start as a prisoner.

3. You must explain why they are on Nirn and why they are a prisoner.

4. If your chosen character normally has magic/talents/abilities etc, you must find a way to incorporate this/these into the fic.

5. Your character at some point must join at least one organization I.e Imperials, Stormcloaks, Mage's College etc, whether through the normal quests or your own design, that is up to you.

6. Your character must be involved in at least one romantic pairing.

7. You may bring an additional character from your chosen universe, provided you explain their presence as well and they MUST become romantically involved with your primary character.

8. I will give each person an additional challenge that will be specific to each individual to make