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In the total darkness of in between sleep and awake, I hear it again. The laughter, the feeling of those wing-like creatures, Kors, trying to take me into their realm. It's terrifying, I swear. I don't have any control of my body, and as Ayanami, my and Mikage's zaiphon tutor, had said, I have a very destructive zaiphon in current existence.

And if these Kors take me over, I don't know what they'll do. But I do know what they could do, so no. I'll never give in to them.

My whole body feels numb, as if my blood has drained. Little by little though, I start to move my hand, then my foot, and finally, I open my eyes. A smiling creature with deformed body and seemingly have only skin and bones with wings on its back and hollow eyes with tiny fire as pupils looked at me.

I want to scream, but they had taken my voice away. Mikage! I try to voice out. He sleeps right beside me, his hands around me, but not enough to hold me from being taken away by the Kor that currently smiles right in front of me.

"Really, you have no control over your body as always, huh, Teito?"

That voice…!

"Michael!" I shout in my mind. "Yeah, yeah, I get it."

My hand move on its own, producing zaiphon and exterminating the Kor completely.

"Geez," Michael sighs in my mind. "I always wonder why they're attracted to you?"

"Shut up!" I groan, and a finger brushes my hair. I realize that my eyes are wide open and Mikage is looking at me with a furrowed brow. "Good morning," he said with a blink of (seemingly) surprise. "G-good morning…"

"Did you sleep well?" he asks, smiling. The light that infiltrates our room lights up his face, making him look very happy and kind. "Nah, I don't think so… I saw a Kor in my dream…"

"Whoa. That's good then!"

"What's so good about dreaming about a Kor?" I glare at him. "Well," he scratches his head before continuing, "having something bad happen to you means that something good is gonna happen."

"Is that a myth again?"

"Hey! It was researched!" he pouts. I laugh. He's cute this way. Normalcy is what I seek the most. "Oi, you brats," Frau suddenly appears between us. Both Mikage and I jump back before giving him a glare. "It's chore time."

"Yeah, yeah, we know," I said in an irritated tone. In my mind, I scream, "Screw you Frau!"

"Haha, you love him so much," Michael suddenly said in my mind. At the same time, Frau said something pointless, so I said "Shut up" to both Michael and Frau. Hey, it's killing two birds with one stone.

As I sweep the church terrace in silence, I see my dad walk towards me with my uncle right behind him. I knew that they are gonna go visit my mom, since she is sick and is left in the hospital… For now. "Vexed, aren't you?" Michael said in my mind. I brush him off and go towards dad.

"Ah, Teito! How nice to see you. How're you doing?" dad and uncle said simultaneously. I couldn't differ between their voices because they sound alike. "Fine, actually."

"Ah, I see… Have you seen Krow—I mean Ayanami?" I shake my head. Dad always almost calls Ayanami Krow—something, but I brush it off like always. "Nope, not yet," I said and his face takes a dark turn for a split second before he smiles again.

"Ah, then tell him that we're searching for him if you see him."

I nod and he ruffles my head. Dad yawns and uncle said, "His Majesty is tired for now. Prince, do you mind if he retires early?"


"Well, he just got back from Antwort, so he's still a bit tired."

"I see," I said, wanting to pout, but I decide to look downwards. Pouting is a childish thing, Michael told me once. "I'm touched that you actually remembered," he sneers in my mind. "Shut it," I said, feeling a light blush form.

I watch as dad and uncle walk away.

"Teito-kun!" Castor calls me from his lab when I had done my chores. "What is it?" I ask, walking towards him. "Come here! I wanna show you something!"

"But… It's my training hours with Ayanami right now…?"

Yep, that's what my daily life consists of, omitting meal times and the Kors that I see once or twice a week or so. Chores, training, studying, sleep. "Nah, it's alright! I found out how to help you with your zaiphon training!"

"…? Why that of all things possible?"

"Well, 'cuz Ayanami asked. Anyways, come with me!"

Ayanami sits on a stool, his arms cross his chest, and he looks at me with the same cold eyes he gives me every day. Beside him is a beaker, filled with some kind of red liquid. "We managed to liquidify a stone called the 'Eye of Michael'—" Michael snorts—"and found out that it could help you with your training!"

"But it's quite dangerous, you know?" Labrador's soft voice comes from nowhere and makes me jump in surprise. "Yeah, you're right," Castor said in a thoughtful tone. "We still can't stabilize this weird reaction that goes in this thing."

"So, what you're saying is…?" I ask. "It means that it isn't consumable yet," Ayanami sighs and stands. "If that's the case, then call me—us when you're actually done with the concoction."

"O… kay?" I ask, not exactly getting the point of what I'm supposed to do here. "Come on, we'd better get to the Academy if you're to train right now."

I nod and follow Ayanami to the car we use to commute to and fro between the Academy and church. Then, I remembered what dad asked me to do this morning. "Dad and uncle were searching for you, by the way."

"Ah…" is the only reply I get from him.

Mikage sits in class, fumbling over his books and stuff when I sit beside him. "Teito, god, you… Barely made it to class… Again."

"Well, Ayanami had some stuff to do and dragged me around before I could go here."

"Well, even if you're late, the teachers'll forgive you anyway…" He stretches his arms and yawn. "So nice to be the special student!"

"Remind me again what specialties in me that differs me from most human being here?" I ask. "You have me~" Michael chimes in and I hiss a 'shut up' to him in my mind. "Dunno? That you're a prince? That you have this weird, special offensive yet holy zaiphon to you? That you're Ayanami's favorite?" he shrugs.

"Quiet down everyone!" the teacher says as she comes in and introduces a new student in our class. "This is Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg from the Barsburg Empire," she said and the girl, Ouka, gives a small bow. "Ouka, that little one over there is Teito-sama, the prince of Raggs."

I try to hide my face behind my textbook, but she finds me anyway. Ouka's face beam when she spots me. "Teito-kun~!" she sings loudly as she waves at me. I flinch at her voice. "H-hello, Ouka…"

I had never been good with people, especially girls. This one in particular, though, annoys the hell outta me. That's why my blood drain from my face when she sits next to me. That's also why I was relieved when Ayanami came to get me.

That sums up most of my daily life, actually.

But these days, something keeps bothering me. Yes, that's right, Kors. Their appearance gets way too frequent, way too fast. And with that, graduation gradually comes closer, and that is the turning point of my life.


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-To be Continued-