I wake up feeling strangely refreshed. Oh, wait. I finally possessed Teito-kun's body. This should be fun.


I don't know how long I spaced out. Heck, I don't even know if people can space out in their own heads, literally. But when I saw the theatre-like screen turn on, I immediately pay attention. Ayanami, right in front of me.

"Aya… nami?" I hear myself say. It should be Michael, though. I'm not in control of my body anymore. I—I mean, Michael—sit on a bed, face-to-face with each other. In the background, a mirror, big, and between us -them— something like a summoning demon pattern on a paper. "… What're you trying to do…?"

"… You'll see."

I stare at the screen. If I could glare at him, then I would.

"Impatient, are we?"

"You're obviously trying to summon a demon. It's against religious laws!"

"We are not gonna summon a demon, for God's sake! You're misunderstanding everything!"

"I don't believe you."

"You never did."


In the mirror, Michael smirks. Ayanami looks directly at me. "… Teito-kun. Don't interfere," he says. "Haha, as expected of Ayanami. You're sharp, aren't you."

"You don't even need to tell me to know what you're doing, Michael-kun."

Eeh?! Ayanami knew? I say in my head. "He's the one who requested me."

The screen turns black again, and a long while later, I see Michael right beside me. "Aah, I finally did it!" he say, stretching with a wide grin on his face. I glare at him. "What exactly did you do?" I ask. "Ah… You can return to your body. My job's finished," he says as he lay on the blackness that I can call a floor.

"Haah? What do you take me as? A loaner?"

"Well, yes, you kind of are a loner."

He must be talking about my body—ehm, vessel.

"Fine!" I say, angry.

"Aaw, don't pout, Teito…"

"I'm going."

Everything swirls, and once again, I'm in full control of my body. I open my eyes and test my hands first, before getting up and walking to the balcony. In the middle of the night, in my room, I look downwards as the moonlight shines upon the church grounds. Mikage sleeps in our bed soundly.

Possibly, I was tucked in after he slept, which explains how he's not holding on to me like a body pillow. I decide for a midnight run. "You sure? Frau's gonna notice you."

"I know he won't mind me training."


Michael being silent is weird, especially when I know he can just retaliate with some of his smart words. But him being silent is also an advantage, because I really want to be alone. Kors seem to appear immediately once I step out of my room. I use my zaiphon to exterminate them quickly.

Questions float in my head, but I can't stop them. I let them flash in my mind once in a while. It helps to clear my head. "Geez, aren't you tired yet? You've run, like, ten laps, and you're still gonna go for some more?"

"I don't need you to tell me how many laps it's been!" I say aloud. No one's gonna hear me in the dead of night anyway. A spot of light catches my eye as I turn into the dark side of the church, the opposite side of the moon's shine.

There, Ayanami stands with a guy I've never seen before. No, wait, I have seen him before…

"Lo and behold, Teito. A surprise gift, a congratulatory gift on your graduation. From yours truly."

I can't believe my eyes.


Hey guys, sorry for the lack of update… Exams are coming in, like, two more weeks… And I'm kind of busy, considering it's almost graduation for me (too). Anyways, enough about my life, I'll let you imagine who the hell would actually stand by Ayanami.

-To be continued-