"I can't believe you'd do that!" I scream at Michael for the nth time that day. "Who cares? You're the only one who knew about that night."

"But still..!"

"Relax. He's harmless."

"Then…" I say, thinking of that one question that bothers me most. "How did you revive Yukikaze?"

"…" Michael looks away. I know that he's up to no good, but I also can't say that for sure. For one thing, Michael's usually a passive person. Being inside my head all the time doesn't help either. I sigh. "Fine if you don't wanna tell me," I mumble.

"Tell you what?" Mikage appears right in front of me, surprising me. "E-eh… I was just… talking to myself."

"Huh… That's rare, though," Mikage says, his eyes wondering. "Oh, well. Anyways, what're you doing here, Teito? Aren't you supposed to be Kor hunting with Ayanami or Frau?"

"It's that time already?" Mikage nods. "No time to be slacking, then," I say and leave Mikage with a thanks. "Hah, and just a few seconds ago, you were just daydreaming."

"I wasn't!" I groan at him. "Had only you tell me how, then I wouldn't be so…"

I stop in my tracks when Ayanami pats my back. There was a slight air of happiness around him, which kind of creeps me out. He never had that aura before. "Hello, Teito-kun," an unfamiliar calls. I turn to see a good-looking guy, the guy from early dawn this morning, Yukikaze.

His eyes looks lifeless, and I sense something dangerous in them. I let my guard go a few levels up instinctively. "No need to be so on guard, Teito-kun," he says with a smile. I still feel hostile, so I didn't let it down.

"What exactly did you use, Michael?" I growl. "Nothing much," he shrugs, chuckling. "Probably something you don't want me to know," I say, clicking my tongue. "Exactly," he nods in agreement. "Teito, we're gonna have Yukikaze here participate in the hunt. Don't say anything to the others, okay?" Ayanami says with a slightly darker tone than before.

"Y-yes, sir," I say, giving a wary look at Yukikaze. "Now come along," Ayanami says, and Yukikaze follows.

Lately, Kors around the church has increased, and even in my bedroom, I'm not safe. That's why, Kor hunts are useful for decreasing the numbers of them that could enter my room at night. Not just that, they've taken a far scarier appearance than before.

The other day, as I was taking a bath, a Kor with an unnaturally bent neck and hands with loose flesh suddenly appeared beside me, with a huge smile on its' almost skinless face. I panicked and accidentally destroyed the bathroom just as I was about to exterminate it.

I heave a sigh at the memory. As I patrol the church premises, it doesn't seem as if any Kors would appear in broad daylight. I sit near the water way, where some sisters wash the clothes and put them out to dry. A breeze blow the white sheets that hang around me, enveloping me in a white world. A shirt flies at me and hits my face.

No, wait. That's not a shirt. It's a—


Teito-kun, if you keep slacking around, you might just be in danger. I stroke his hair as he sleeps on my lap. If you don't hurry up and wake up, you'll get swallowed whole by me, you know?

The chief is waiting for you. Please wake up.

I sigh and once again take over his body. Underwater, it might be hard for Teito to breathe, which makes it harder for him to concentrate. But if it were me, it would be much, much easier. I grab the Kor that tries to drown Teito and bind him with our zaiphon.

My hands feel weirdly hot as I do that. What's happening?

That unusual feeling results in a big explosion of zaiphon, pushing me deeper into the waters. That explosion knocks the oxygen out of my lungs, and I immediately drown. Half-conscious, I see a mermaid come up to me and bring me above water.

I go back into the darkness of Teito's mind and see him still asleep. Teito…

I put his head on my lap and turned on the screen. Mikage screams and immediately do a CPR. After a few tries, the Teito on my lap disappears, and once again, he controls his own body.


I cough out water a few times before my eyes focus on to Mikage. "Thank God, Teito, you alright?" he asks. "Fine," I wheeze, for some reason out of breath. "What happened?" I ask.

"That's what I should be asking, idiot!" he screams, probably half angry. I look downwards to find wet clothes on me. I do remember the white shirt –I mean Kor—and losing consciousness. I don't remember being dragged into water nor whatever happened to the Kor.

"Thank God, you're okay," Mikage says and squeezes the hell out of me. "Yeah, thank God. You nearly drowned. Who the hell was the mermaid, though?"

"Like hell I'd know. This place is filled with beings I know next to nothing about. Plus, I thought mermaids are supposed to be extinct?"

"Dunno," Michael says. "What's with the commotion here?" Castor says, suddenly appearing from behind the hung white sheets. "Ah, Castor-san," Mikage says, releasing his tight grip around me. "Hear this, Castor-san, Teito nearly drowned and…"

"Yes, I know," he says and picks me up in a princess carry. "Let's just go back to your room first. After you rest, tell me everything that happened," Castor whispers in my ear. I feel that he's not talking to me, but Michael.

"… What did you do?"

"I don't know. I just wanted to exterminate that Kor when our zaiphon suddenly exploded."

Just like that time in the bathroom.

Just as Castor lay me on my bed, he gives me a vial of red stuff, like the wine from the secret party, only with more viscosity. "What's this?" I ask.

"Something that will calm you down," Castor said with that poker's smile. I reluctantly drink the liquid. "Are you really sure?" Michael asks. "What is it?"

"… Ever since graduation… Our powers… Never mind."

"I won't know unless you tell me."

"I'll tell you once I know more," he says. I appear in front of him. "I don't know what exactly happened, but what're you planning?" I ask. "… It's a secret," he says, tapping on my forehead. "Ow…"

"Well, I guess I'll see you after my conference with Castor."

"Huh. A conference, huh."

"Don't worry," he says with a sly smile. "I'll be back soon." He then kisses me deeply and disappears before I could say anything. "You need to stop doing that!"

"No way~ It's fun to kiss you," Michael says. He's just teasing me, I'm sure. I feel myself blush as I pout at his words. "Aaw, don't pout…" Michael says in a teasing tone.

"Don't you have a conference to attend to?!"

"Don't be mad, okay?" he says and I feel as if he kissed me on my cheek. "… Screw you."

After a laugh, he disappears completely.


Yay! Two updates in two days! That's because… I won't be updating within these last two weeks. Exams, like I said once or twice before somewhere, not necessarily in fanfiction, are a huge hassle. But I guess if it's for graduation, it's okay. Welp, I'll be fine, wish me luck though. I don't know if I can pass this test.


- To be continued-