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- Michael—

I dodge the next wave of zaiphon which destroys the entrance I came from. He then creates more zaiphon in a complex knot of string-like attacks, trying to trap me whole. I hold out my hand and absorb more zaiphon and send it back to him in a similar knot, trapping him also.

He smiles, and we charge forward, trapping each other in one another's zaiphon. A clash of red and blue and an explosion happens. My eyes lock on to Verloren's, seeing Teito within those green eyes. "You're not too bad yourself, Michael," Verloren said, clapping.

"But your level's far from on par with mine," he said and charges towards me, an explosive amount of zaiphon in his hand. He throws it to me, as if trying to make it blow up in my face, but once more, my body absorbs the immense amount of explosive zaiphon and I finally feel charged up again. "I don't think so, Verloren," I say, releasing zaiphon meant to cage him.

He sighs and waves his hand, absorbing my zaiphon in the process. "You never learn, do you?" he says with a sneer. How come he can absorb my zaiphon? The thought passes through my head as my eyes follow Verloren's next moves.

He appears right beside me, a fist ready to hit me square on the face, and my hands go up in reflex, taking the blow instead. The force pushes me back, towards the far end of the battle ground, and he then appears once more in front of me, a foot missed my head as I crouch and kick his foot and manage to put him off-balance.

He staggers and I take that moment to connect my elbow with his back. He takes the blow, but before the force pushes him somewhere else, he grabs my hand and knees me right in my solar plexus. That's when I see it; a zaiphon suppressing seal. I gasp for air and force myself to focus onto Verloren.

Now that I know where he stores Teito's zaiphon to draw out from, I know where to hit. I charge forward. Verloren smiles and seems to take delight in the challenge I'm offering him. "That's good, that's good," he says and returns my spirit. I curse at the strategic place the seal is in. The inner thigh is not an easy place to aim, much less hit.

Verloren then feints before driving a hand into my abdomen. "Haven't I told you before, Michael?" Verloren purrs. I cough out blood as he says, "I have very sharp hands…"

I then notice a trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth. My eyes widen as a hole forms in the exact same place as where his hand currently is in my body. Surprise and bewilderment is apparent in his eyes. Before he could pull out his hand, I see it. We both see it.

Strings that connects us both – no – us three. Including Teito. We've been bound for too long, and our souls intertwines in the most complex yet simple way that prevents us from separating, even if we wanted to. I smile.

I hear Verloren curse, obviously seeing the same thing as I, and obviously coming to the same conclusion as mine. I then touch the seal, and channel my zaiphon into it, intruding the suppressed and releasing it. Verloren screams as do I.

Our zaiphons mingle, intertwining itself which is really painful when you're the arch angel, dealing with the worst sinning form, Verloren. It's as if your data, whoever you are, is overwritten and the change takes place immediately.

The form in front of me flickers between Teito, Verloren, and me in Teito's form, the one with red eyes. Overwriting, synchronizing, desynchronizing, reducing, intertwining, and nothing. Nothing is left of us.

Zehel pants from exhaustion as the Kor in front of him smiles in victory. "I won, Zehel," he says, preparing for the last blow. "Not just yet," Zehel said in a cold tone. Suddenly, Yukikaze freezes and a terrified look in his eyes settles. He then screams and disintegrates, leaving nothing that indicates his former presence.

Zehel looks on in confusion before shaking his head and runs over to the unconscious Ayanami.

Mikage wakes up in a place he doesn't recognize. He look around and sees the ruins in front of him and a bad feeling settles in his heart. With steps (for some reason) as heavy as lead, he approaches the entrance. Finding it to be blocked with debris, he then scales the walls, climbing until he reaches the top.

Teito lies in the middle of the ruins. Mikage gasps.

"Teito!" he says, running towards his best friend. He then tries to wake him up, but to no avail. His hand gently caresses his face, but his face is one of a very worried Mikage. "… Tei… to?" he mutters inaudibly. Black crack-like patterns adorn his body, on his back one boney wing, like those a kor would have, grows.

Another wing is made of feather, white and pure, soft and warm. A scar on his abdomen surprises Mikage, because he is very sure that it was never there before. His hand trails over the scar and a tear falls. "Teito… What happened to you…?" he says softly. Inside, he feels as if his whole being is torn into teensy bits of himself, scattering itself into space as he looks at Teito's closed eyes.

"He's gone," Frau says softly, placing a hand on Mikage's shoulder, startling him. More tears fall from Mikage's eyes and Frau shares that torn feeling as he could do nothing about it. Not anymore.

A few years after…

"Tiasche!" Capella calls, running after the five-year-old child who is playing around with Labrador's flowers, making a crown from it. "Hmm?" Tiasche asks innocently. His heterochromic eyes not failing to surprise Capella as always. Evergreen and ruby red. "Mikage-niichan and Ouka-neechan is calling for you," he finally says after recovering from the initial surprise.

"Nee-tan and nii-tan?" Tiasche asks, his speaking still childish. Capella smiles and nods. "Let's go?" he says, receiving a flower crown and Tiasche's innocent smile in return. "Okay," Tiasche's sing song tone makes him a hundred times cuter and Capella blushes at the reply.

The brown-haired child takes Capella's hand as they walk off to Mikage and Ouka's place. The little brother of the deceased Teito serves as a reminder of what Teito looks like, only without the bad temper and hard-to-get personality.

Well, at least to Mikage and Ouka.

"Mama!" Tiasche calls running towards his bedridden mother before telling her how his day passed. Mikage and Ouka smiles. A pang of hurt and adoration mixes with happy feelings within their hearts.

The days continues peacefully afterwards. Everyone had moved on from the death of Teito, but Krowell is still unable to move on from Yukikaze. He had lost him twice. In a jail of his own sorrow, he creates a façade of someone who is strong and unwavering from the deaths. As strong as someone in sorrow could be.

The only thing that can remind all of them of Teito's death is a painting of him, eyes closed, one wing feathery, heavenly, like an angel's, and the other boney, one like a kor's. Tiasche would walk up towards that painting and would admire it until he falls asleep.

His last thoughts before sleeping would be the imagination of his brother, his personality woven according to how the others described him. He smiles in his fading consciousness. 'My brother…'


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- The end-