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Aono Tsukune held his bag tightly. It felt so long ago that the school was in chaos. It had actually been a few weeks since school had closed for the holidays. Now, it was time to go back, for second year. Finally time to see everyone and finally time to see Moka again.


Tsukune got off the Youkai bus after it stopped at the scarecrow. The bus drove away through the tunnel to the human world after the doors shut. Tsukune looked at the tree and chuckled as he remembered the first time coming here.

He was calm walking through the dark forest. It would be so lovely if Moka came by like last year. He was so lost in his thoughts, he didn't hear the roar of a car engine. A blur sped past him that he jumped to the left, landing on the ground with a thud and a skid.

"Ita!" he thought.

He sat up, feeling his arm hurt and starting to bleed. He must have scraped it when he skidded. Looking up he saw a gloss purple-blue coloured Audi S4 reversing. It stopped next to him. He heard an electric window opening at the back. Two hands appeared on the roof and a grey hooded head popped up in-between.

"I thought you'd get out the way," the person said.

What the hell was that? This guy could have killed him! He could have died and this person thought he would get out the way!

"I don't have bandages, so wipe it and cover it with your hand. I don't want your blood on my leather seats."


Tsukune sat in the Audi S4 with his one hand on the wound. His bags were on the back seat. Looking closely this Audi on the inside had stereo, manual six gears, power steering, Air Con, GPS navigation, seeing the gauge indicate the highest speed of 200 km/h and the leather seats beneath him felt really soft. He couldn't see the person's face because it was hidden by the grey hood.

"Your arm…" said the person.
The voice sounded male, and the person used one hand to remove his hood to reveal his face, he had medium-long light-brown hair and green eyes, he briefly looked at Tsukune with the corner of his eye before focusing on the road, "Does it still hurt?"

Tsukune looked at the wound with his hand over it, remembering that he'd better get the shirt cleaned before the blood stained it.

"No," he replied. He looked outside through the tinted window, never once he imagined being driven in a car in the dark forest.

The car came to a halt and he felt a chill down his spine. He turned his head to the right and the driver was slouched and almost relaxed in his seat, giving a full view impression on his face, expressionless as it was.

"Get out," said the person, smiling.

Tsukune didn't want to reply. He got a ride at least.

"I'm only taking you this far, the school is up ahead," the person said, tilting his head to right.

Tsukune looked to the front and saw the school up ahead. He got out the car and took his bags out from the back seat. As soon as he closed the back door, the car drove off.


When Tsukune got to the front gates of Yokai academy, it was surprising! Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari were being surrounded by first year girls, all shouting and screaming. How beautiful they were.

He walked closer to the school, trying very hard to ignore the commotion. Freshmen were indeed suck ups! Yukari spotted him and started running towards him with open arms. But then he was pushed to the ground by Kurumu's two huge soft breasts as she too ran towards him. She jumped onto him, making sure that his face was between her breasts and they both fell to the ground.

"I missed you so much, Tsukune!" she said pushing down harder, deepening his face in her breasts. Other than being a pillow from heaven to boys his age, he was starting to turn blue.

An ice shard flew through the air and hit Kurumu right between the eyes. Making her fall sideways to the ground.

"I won't let you suffocate him, you big boobed bimbo," said Mizore holding a few ice shards in one hand.

Kurumu got up quickly, putting one foot over Tsukune's torso. So that Tsukune could see her panties.
She pulled the ice shard out and threw it away shouting, "Why you ice bitch!" Her long nails came out and she ran towards Mizore.

Tsukune, who had now obtained enough oxygen and thought, got up from the ground and tried to stop them.


Fingers pulled a curtain closed to keep out the light of day coming into the dark room.

"It has been a while," said a man, looking at a man in a white robe and hood.

"It has," the man in the white robe replied.

The man looked behind, seeing a chess board on the office table, a cup beside it.

"We should have a game again sometime."

"We should. But now, has my room been prepared? And my clothes?" asked the man.

"Yes. I prepared everything after you called this morning. Though, I would say that nothing has changed much here, apart from a few things."

The man moved his head and moved the curtain open, looking down to see Tsukune being sucked on by a girl with pink hair and then fought over by three other girls.

He smirked and his eyes turned from green to crimson red, "I know."


Moka waited in the infirmary waiting room. She had to get more blood transfusion packs. Even though Tsukune's human blood was such a luxury, she had to hold back a bit. So she would make him give blood in those extra packs.

After getting what she wanted, she went on her way and returned to class. Going out the infirmary door and turning left, she accidently bumped into someone. She fell backwards to the ground, dropping what she was carrying.

"Ita," she thought.

"Gomen nasai," a male voice said. Looking up, she saw a hand reaching out. She grabbed her stuff with one hand and took the hand with the other. This person had dark crimson eyes, light brown medium long hair, and wore the school's uniform. He pulled her up and let go of her, backing away with a smile.

"Don't thank me," he said.

"No, I'm sorry too," she replied. "Who is he?" She thought to herself. She started walking past him and her rosary glowed red.

"You better stay away from him," said inner Moka, her voice sounded shaky.
"Dare?" asked Moka.
"He's extremely dangerous."

The person watched Moka as she walked off, his smile broadened to a grin, "That's not a nice thing to say, Mo-chan," he said to himself.


A few hours later, the person with crimson eyes walked outside past the vending machine. He was pissed off now as he remembered the conversation he had had with the headmaster.


He smirked, "I know."

"I have your uniform for you here. Change and go to the infirmary and ask them for your class and blood supply. I have a little surprise for you," said the principal, smiling.


End of flashback

Junior phase! The bastard!

He looked at the vending machine. Maybe a drink would cool him off. Pressing a button for a drink, he waited for the can to come out at the bottom. It made the sound but the can wasn't there.

"For fuck…!" he lifted his foot and kicked the vending machine.

He kicked the vending machine so hard that it went straight into the wall, bent and crinkled as paper. Cans shot out the bottom opening and formed a messy pile on the tiles. Picking one up he then opened it, its contents sprayed in his face.

After a few moments of just staring at the can, he brought the can to his mouth and chugging down whatever was left.

"Fine then, junior phase it shall be, might make things more interesting, eh Tenmei? I guess I forgot about your bad jokes." He said to himself, grinning.

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