One week, one chapter. Like I said. Enjoy! :)

The hall was busy, first years sat on their seats, while some stood at the wall. One in particular had his legs crossed, an amusing smile on his face, while etching his nails.
Nekonome walked in and went over to the stand, papers in hand, her tail out, swaying side to side.

As she started off with the welcoming to the school, two first years talked about her figure. They felt a shoe come on one of their shoulders, it was the student with red eyes, still smiling, continuing to etch his nails.

"I would appreciate it if you two shut up," he said, then moved his feet away and crossed his legs.

The boys turned their heads and whispered about him being an asshole and continued.

"If you want to talk about me, do it somewhere else."

They turned to see him starring at them, he was still etching his nails, but his smile turned to a grin, fangs sharp, "You've no idea how much I can be one."


The ceremony finished and the two boys had kept quiet. They didn't like the colour of his eyes, they were the eyes of a vampire. Though, something was off putting.

Students left their seats to go to their homeroom classes, when the red eyed student was stopped at the door with by the two boys.

"Are ya really a vamp?" asked one.

The student shrugged, "Don't know, are you?"

The boy let out a snort. "Wish I was."

"Then I feel sorry for you."

The student was grabbed by the other by his collars.

"Ya better stop yer yakking," he said.

"Offensive bunch you two are, for weaklings."

He was thrown to the other side of the hall, knocking chairs along the way, and they went into their monster forms. One was a Cyclops, the other a Giant. The student landed on his feet, smiling. This looked fun.


Moka and Tsukune walked the hallway, seeing a vending machine stuck in the wall, cracks surrounding it. Whoever did this was either strong, or stupid.

This however, did remind Tsukune of last year. Then a loud noise was heard.


Tsukune and Moka, got to the hall, other students joined them, who wanted to see what was going on. They saw a giant and a Cyclops. Immediately they ran in dangerous territory, knowing full well of it. The giant and Cyclops were punching out and stomping.

"Just keep still ya bug," said the giant smashing his fist on the ground.

The student jumped on his fist and ran up his arm, he dodged a smack and came to his head.

"You reek cyclops," he said in his ear. "I feel you may just take me out like that instead."

The giant growled and moved his fist to his head. The student reluctantly escaped, by jumping and running down the giants back. He jumped again and landed in front of Moka and Tsukune.

"You two should stay out of this."

"You!" said Moka and Tsukune in unison.

"Want have I done now? All I did was start a fight."

There wasn't any time for talk, the giant and Cyclops were stomping down their feet at them. The student quickly ran away, while Tsukune grabbed Moka's rosary, hell, if there was a way to put a stop to this fight, then she would be the one to. And then, they were squashed, for a few seconds, a pillar of purple blasted the foot away, making the Cyclops move back.

There Inner Moka stood, her silver hair swaying and moving from her powerful aura, her crimson eyes looked at them. She was going to beat the shit out of them.

"Hello Moka-san," said Tsukune.

"Hello," answered Moka, not looking at him, "stay back."

Tsukune turned and ran to the door and watched with the rest.

"Stop this nonsense this instant!" shouted Moka at them with a snarl.

"Ya take care of the bitch," said the giant and turned towards the student, who was lying on the wooden floor, twiddling his thumbs.

He smashed down his fist for it to only be dodged. The student leaned on the fist with his elbow, looking up at the giant.

"Serious dude, you're slow. I wonder how you'll be in bed."

Meanwhile, Moka held out her hand to block an attack, stopping it with ease. She pushed back and jumped to his knee, she then kicked it, making it buckle. Then she jumped to its face and knocked it out cold with a kick. It fell to the floor with a loud thud.

The students at the door cheered her on, she had knocked the Cyclops out in four seconds.
Moka turned her gaze towards the giant, watching it trying to hit the red eyed student. It was then that the student was floating down in the air, but then a fist came out of nowhere and was sending him straight to the wall.

"Oh, shit," he said and then was smashed into the wall.

After a few seconds, the giant's hand was moved back, and the student hopped into the top of the fist, unharmed.


Purple waves surrounded his body for a few seconds and then disappeared. He then disappeared and reappeared on the floor below, then its foot, then its ear.

"Am I going too fast for you babe?"

The giant growled, it moved its fist towards him and he disappeared.

And then reappeared on the floor behind. The giant turned and smashed down. He then yelled out in pain, his hand was broken when the student thrusted his fist, making contact with the giant's. The giant felt its knees buckle and landed on the floor on the back of his head with a thud.

Moka landed on the floor and looked at the student.

"Holy fuck," the student said with a smile as she walked up to him. "If it isn't Mo-chan."

She crossed her arms as she got to him, "Why am I not surprised you caused this," she chuckled sarcastically, "and I come running."

"I'm just having fun, Mo-chan," he shrugged.

She scoffed.

The giant got up.

The student disappeared and kicked the giant on the head, making it slam down on the floor. He then landed and picked up the head, trying to see if the giant was still conscious.

"He he he… Whoops." And let go of the head. "Didn't mean that."

Moka looked at him as he started walking from the head and past the arm.

"Why are you here?" she asked.

He didn't answer, just laughed. He stopped by the hand, and then grabbed it.

"Like I said; have fun," he then picked up the hand and used his strength to hurl the unconscious giant into the air for it to land on Moka. He turned and started walking.

Moka jumped into the air and did a summersault and kicked the giant back. It flew and hit the student on the head before flying into the wall in front and breaking it, and then half the building came crumbling down. Pieces fell down. The student turned, his hand on the back of his head. He smiled at her for a moment, and then disappeared before being hit by any debrief.

Moka landed and then walked off to the exit. Ignoring the cheers and swiping the rosary out of Tsukune's hand, he followed her from behind.

"Tsukune, you better stay away from him," she said.

"You know him?"

She let out a breath of air, "He's my Oji."

So it ends, how sad. :'( Things are starting to get going. Until next week! :p