It was loud, the thudding of banging on a wooden door. Eyes shot open of a woman with long light brown hair and green eyes. She was in a bed with red silk covers, her arm hung over the chest a man snoring. She heard the banging coming from the front door.

She pried herself from her bed and her man, getting up in the nude, she walked out the door and grabbed a long blue bath robe that was on the door.

"Fuck- it's sooo early! Who is this?" she muttered tiredly.

While putting it on and tightening the knot, she made her way to the door. Twisting the knob, and opening the door revealed a woman in a butler suit, she had short black hair and red eyes, holding a file and a phone was to her ear.

"Ak-chan?" she said.

"Otō-san," said the woman, looking at her while having a phone by her ear. "Yes, my Otō-san's here. Here."

The woman handed the phone over and the other took it took it. The woman first saw the caller 'Ojou-sama'. She put the phone to her ear.

"Moshi moshi?" she asked.

"Hello Draken," said the caller.

"Issa? That's you? You're using a phone? No, screw that, I don't want to know. Do you have any idea what the fucken time is?" the woman was pissed.

"It's five forty nine."

"Yeah. You've disturbed my sleep dammit! Really, I've had a long week and took a day off to spend time with my new boyfriend."

There was a pause from the caller and then finally said, "Well, you've actually disturbed me on my days off you know."

"Since when? I've never done anything of the sort, and that must've been when it was it was your daughters' birthdays, that was on your own accord."


She huffed, "What is this about? Hmm…?" She thought for a moment, and then realised, "Oh, Mo-chan's eighteenth birthday? Has it really been that long?"

"It has my friend."

"Goodie!" her mood changed, and turned half way, used her free hand to signal Akua to come inside with a wave, then turned fully to walk inside.

Akua walked in and closed the door behind her and then followed the woman into the lounge. The lounge wasn't big, no, it was small and comfy, no Television but a book case full of books and other furniture. The woman sat down.

"I want you to kill someone, you'll see in the file Akua has."


She looked at Akua, who immediately knew what was going on and handed the file to the woman. The woman took it and opened it to see a pictures of a boy on the left side and papers with information on the right side.

"I see. A human is it?"

"Yes, it was taken last year and….." The caller trailed off.

The woman looked at Akua and pointed her index finger to a seat, Akua nodded and sat down.

"…. Are you listening?"

"No," the woman responded, being honest.

She heard the caller sigh, "Just take care of him. Onto business with the rules of the game."

"Now this I'll actually listen to."

"Rule one: No one dies in the game."

The woman paused for a few moments. "No one dies? What are you saying Issa? Are you mad?" she finally said.

"I don't want casualties, my servants dying is a risk, and your side may contain students, they are minors Draken, and they are Tenmei's students, he'll go berserk if one of his own dies," the voice was stern.

"Yeah, and that student I've to kill is a minor," thought the woman. "Alright fine, I'll try, but I cannot guarantee it." She said.

"Rule two: Two players are the Kings and use pieces or 'fighters' to win the other side."

"Now that sounds like fun, sounds like chess."

She heard a bit of a laugh, "Rule three: Kings cannot attack on another's territory, and the Kings ONLY attack when both are in the same place."

"Normally in chess the Kings cannot attack each other, they have to be one block away, but fine, nothing wrong with bending rules if I kick your ass."

She heard a scoff from the caller, "As if you would beat me in your state."

The woman smiled, "Rule four: Opposing player must take out the king on their territory before taking other pieces out. Knowing my predicament, this rule will only apply to me."

"Very well."

"Rule five: Opposing side's pieces mustn't know of the class, race, and weaknesses the others have. I wouldn't want anyone to know about my weakness Issa, race and class, but not weakness. Fighting with no knowledge of the other sounds more fun, don't you think?"

"It does... Then Rule six: A medium must be present to keep opposing sides from cheating, a 'spectator' if you will."

"Goodie, Why not Tenmei? He can pick up the loser."

She heard a laugh coming from the caller.

"Are these all the rules?" she asked.

"Yes, unless you want to add?"

"No, not really."

"I bet this will be a good game for my daughter's fate."

"I'll get ready and see you when the time comes. See you Issa," she then hung up.

Akua who was sitting got up and walked over to the woman as she too got up. Akua took the phone. They both walked out the lounge and to the door.

"It was good to see you Ak-chan. How is Ko-chan?"

"She's good Otō-san, Ojou-sama made her the guard and keeper of the Shuzen family name."

"Ah, she may inherit to be the head? And what of you?"

"I shall be the butler until I am killed. That was my purpose when Otō-san and Okasa-san adopted me; to serve the Shuzen family."

"That wasn't what we wanted for you. But please, come visit when all this is over, okay?"

"I will Otō-san."

The door was opened by the woman and Akua walked out.


"Ohayo Tenmei," said the woman having her phone on her shoulder and her head pressed against the phone to keep it from falling. She opened a drawer and picked up a gun and a magazine.

"Yes, I know it has been a long time," she slammed the magazine into the holder and then cocked it. "The game has begun and will take place at the Youkai Academy," she picked the phone from her shoulder, still keeping it close to her ear. She clicked the 'safety' mode button of the gun, and then walked over to a huge bag and put it inside. "I need you to put me into my Mei's class. Second year class 2-1? Hai. Arigato, will see you soon Tenmei." She hung up.

The black bag contained male and female clothes when she needed, and also a bikini, a gun with another magazine and varies other things.


The woman got into casual clothes, which were shoes, long pants, a shirt and a grey jacket with a hood over the shirt. She got over to the bed were the man was still sleeping.

"Honey, some business came up, and I'll be back in a week or two. I'll make it up to you, okay?" she whispered in his ear.

The man snored loudly.

"Oi!" she shouted and flicked him lightly with the back of her hand on his chest.

"Hmmm…." She heard him groan, and half a sleep he said, "Business and few weeks. Got it..."

She got up, but felt her hand was held on his chest. Smiling she bent down and brushed her lips on his, then forced her tongue through and twirled around his tongue, mixing saliva. She then parted and went to his ear.

"I'm not going to let you rest when I get back," she said in a seductive voice, and when she got up, she saw the smile that formed on his face. "Remember to lock up, you got my spare key."

She went out the room and into the kitchen to open the fridge, taking out a blood bag. She drained it, and then her body changed. Her hair became shorter and her body changed to a male body.

He then went to go pick up the bag and hurled it over his shoulder. Going to the door, opening it and going out, to then locking it with a set of keys. He made his way down the steps of his apartment building to the parking lot of resident cars. Walking to a gloss blue-purple Audi S4, he unlocked it with another key on the chain. Putting the bag in the boot he then made his way to the driver seat and got in. Turning the engine on and then putting his hood on, he drove off.


Escaping the colours of the void, the Audi went out the tunnel to see the blood sea, the red moon and horror grounds.

Yes, he was back. After so many years he had returned, this brought a grin to his face.

Driving through the forest he saw a boy up ahead, but he decided to just continue. He drove passed and the boy got out the way in time, jumping to the left, hurting himself on the ground. The man stopped the car and looked at the rear mirror, seeing the boy's face, the boy was his target.

The man sighed and reversed. This was the boy he had to kill? Just looking at him now in the mirror and from the pictures, he looked like a wimp and finding him here and now was just too easy... Maybe if he kept him alive and made him strong it would piss off Issa? Perhaps he could be…? He chuckled.

He stopped by the boy and let down the window. Why not? It could be more fun this way. He got up and out the window to sit, seeing the boy.

"I thought you'd get out the way," he said.