Hi Guys! I'm back for now, so I was rereading my YJ one shot with some friends that love watching Young Justice as well, and they mentioned some things to me that caught my interest and decided to start a story that is involves some different shows and the one shot. Like: 1) Using some of the known things from Roy Harper in both Young Justice AND Arrow... cause I like the Arrow version of Roy he's seems a bit shy and quiet, but a bad ass, working side by side with Oliver Queen of course. 2) Some action/drama or attempts of it. 3) Using other versions of other characters from the shows. 4) There is a possibility of other couples that are going to be in this from Arrow, The Flash, and Young Justice just to let you know. So less talking more reading now... On With the Story!

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5 years later

Central City was known for it's beauty during the winter: clean snow all around glistening on the cement, the laughter of the children playing in the snow, the smell of coffee from CC Jitters mixed with the smell of the snow. Despite the snow, she feels the warmth of the sun on her thick black mane she calls hair with the mixture of white snow on her hair.

Before moving here, it would have bothered her with this strange weather having the sun out and the positive aura that the civilians seem bring, and the white snow sharing part of the beauty that is Central City. Snow back in Bl├╝dhaven was dirty and messy.

A tug on her arm and a "Mommy" pulled her out of her thinking. She looked down, at her five year old daughter Lian Nguyen: she was an splitting picture of her mother, but had the blue eyes of her father.

Roy. After leaving... abandoning an unconscious Roy on the bloody floor again, she fled to somewhere no one from her past could find her and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She knew Star City was out of the question after hearing from an "unknown" source (Artemis) that Roy Harper has moved there and adapted the new name of Arsenal staying with the Queen Family. And she had heard there are some jobs that are harmless in science facilities, she kept her name. No one here knows her and she wants to keep it that way, so she can protect her daughter.

"Yes, Lian?" was her answer.

The five year old wrinkled her nose when a snowflake landed on her face. "Can we go get hot chocolate? It's really cold out here."

A smile came back to Jade's face once again reaching to her eyes. "Of course we can."

"Oh, can I also get a chocolate muffin also Mommy! Can I!?" A nod was her answer. The toddler was cheering with a Cheshire grin on her face all the way to the coffee shop.

Star City was known for it's top competition of corporations or in other words close to being the size of Metropolis, but also best known for the renovated Queen Inc. owned by Oliver and Felicity Queen, who are waiting for their first child. At nightfall, the pair help keep the city safe.

The vehicles' roaring are getting closer to the empty warehouse in which there is told some strange noises are being heard. A dark green clothed man pulls over his motorcycle with three other people behind him.

"Oliver can you hear me?" came from his comm.

"Yeah loud and clear, Felicity."

"Okay then, so there are reports saying people are trying to make this place the new crack house when the last one was brought by the League of Assassins."

The young man in dark red, Arsenal, looked confused. "So basically we need to destroy all the chemicals in there, then scare them away?"

His question got him a slap on the back of his head from the woman in black next to him. Arsenal rubbed his head and glared at the woman. "I was just asking, Laurel."

Laurel Lance, aka Black Canary, rolled her eyes and ignored him. The last man, John Diggle, silently chuckled and smiled behind the mask.

"Enough you two. Here's the plan: Laurel and John, there is a back door on the other side. It has some guards and they are armed. Take them down and get to the lab." With that, the said people start going to position. Green Arrow turns to his partner, "And as for you Arsenal, you're going through that window and it leads to the eletric controllers that will shut off all the lights here and stop making the drugs. Before Arsenal runs off, Oliver grabs his arm "And be careful."

Arsenal nodded.

Everyone got to their position and started doing what they were told. They finished and were exhausted once they got to the Arrow HQ.

"Ugh, I'm exhausted!" exclaimed Laurel. Diggle and Roy nodded their heads in agreement.

"Well, sorry to hear that, but I have some good? bad? I don't know, but I have news for you all, we are needed in Central City. Barry called and he said he needs some of our equipment to find a meta who apparently mind control the victims into doing whatever they are told to do." voiced the pregnant Felicity.

"You're kidding right?" asked an upset John.


Just then, Oliver came down from upstairs wiping his face with a towel. "Okay then, if we are need, then we have to get everything ready by tomorrow morning, but for now go home get some sleep and the rest we'll figure out what and how we are going to do this."

Everyone nodded and left. Only left was Oliver, Roy, and Felicity.

"I'm just gonna... you know... go home." With that Roy awkwardly smiles at the couple and walks out to his apartment.

Once he gets home, he just slams the door and stumbles effortlessly to his couch. Even if the mission was a success, he still ponders if it is even worth it anymore, the fighting and the loneliness of his home. He remembers why he left the Team behind and tried to be on his own, but ended up working with his mentor with two other people once again, yup he's back on a team again.

Sighing, he grabs his phone pressing on the gallery app and scrolls downward. He stops on a picture of a petite asian woman who's wearing a black loose blouse with black capris pants with her thick hair held in a messy bun, holding a smiling, small girl in a sky blue dress and matching sandals with pigtails flapping in the summer sun. When he heard that Artemis was there, he basically begged her to take pictures of how his daughter was after missing her first five years of life. Just by looking at what he and Jade made, he still wants to be in their lives even if Jade doesn't. He'll do what it takes to be in his daughter's life. Even if it is going to Central City.

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