Chapter 5: What Is It You Want?

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Somewhere in Central City

A young woman with pale skin with brownish-black hair, that is covered by a hood, in a black leather suit and floor length cape over her shoulders, glares at the large screen with a picture of a woman in a dark green kimono that has only one long sleeve with a cheshire cat mask covering her face and her large ebony mane surrounding her shoulders and neck. She also has boots that go up to mid thighs and a belt that carries two sais and other weapons. She pushes herself off the keyboard and stomps away to a board that is set in the middle of the room.

The board has different pictures and words written all around with a marker. She glares at the picture of the cheshire mask while lifting her hand to then make the picture burn off and it is replaced with a picture of a Vietnamese woman with the same large ebony mane as the other picture.

The villianess snarls at the picture, "I will find you, Cheshire. And I will have my revenge on you and take those who are precious to you and make you suffer like the way you did to me and my father." Using her powers once again, she made the board burst with all the pieces flying all over and the papers flying all over.

Ignoring the mess, she walks toward the door with her magic seeping out of her hands.

Star Labs (same time)

Casually leaning on the wall as everybody is listening to the light brown haired doctor explain the evidence that was found after the victim's death, Roy was half listening to them but was also remembering about earlier meeting his daughter for the first time and he was so happy that he believed nothing would ruin his mood.

He spoke too soon...

"So Roy, where were you this morning? I swore I heard Ollie say that you had to be in bed rest for the next week?"

Roy snapped out of his reverie and look at his petite brunette of a girlfriend as she stood in front of him with her arms crossed staring at him hard. He smiled at her and shrugged, putting his arms around her and pulling her to him. "Can't a guy be happy for no reason?"

That seemed to make her want to hurt him, but at the same time smile at his public display of affection as she bit her lower lip and pulled his head to hers and kiss him passionately. After a few minutes of making out, she pulled back whispering in his ear, "Why don't we continue this at the hotel, hm?"

Her answer was a grin.

Apartment in Central City

"Mommy I'm going to find you! And when I do, I want my cookies!"

Lian looked around the house to look for her mother look in her room and her mom's room and couldn't find her in neither of them. So she went to the kitchen and didn't notice her mother giggling as she hung upside down on the ceiling near her bedroom. She got down and ran behind her daughter silently as Lian went looking in cabinets, under the table, or any other places that seem to be reasonable (including the fridge) for her mother to be in. As Lian found a cabinet that had cookies she was going to get. Jade cleared her throat, scaring Lian in the process, as said person turned to her with a big smile on her face.

"I find you mommy! Now I get my cookie!" exclaimed Lian.

Jade giggled but immediately stopped when she heard her phone ring and saw it was a private caller. She let it ring and told Lian to put on a sweater so they could go for a walk. As Lian ran off, Jade's phone rang once again and it was the same private caller, she answered.

"This is Jade Nguyen. Who is calling?"

"I know who you are Cheshire."

Jade's eyes widened as she heard who the person was talking back to her. She became very familiar with this person, but was a bit shocked that he was calling her instead of Artemis. The person on the other side of the call took the silence as a way to continue.

"I mean, Jade. Sorry to call you unexpectedly, but we got some information about Mespirit that might tie into the death of the victim in Central City."

Clearing her throat, she told him to continue.

"She is the daughter of Derek Lin. Derek Lin was one of the high 'Priests' of Church of Blood. He and Brother Blood decided to find some other way to communicate to Trigon and decided to use his daughter, Katherine Lin, as a sacrifice to him, but survived the sacrifice and developed powers-"

"As strong as your girlfriend's?"

"No. Katherine's powers are different they have a different color unlike Rachel's. Katherine's weaknesses are water and air. So the way she brings out her powers are with negative emotions such as anger, hatred, and wrath. This gives her a chance on being able to kill the victim the way she did."

There was shuffling in the other side of the call and there was whispers. Jade ignored it.

"But why is she doing here? And what does she want?"

A female monotone voice answered, "A big possibility for her coming to Central City is she wants revenge. As you and Nightwing were discussing she uses her negative emotions to harness her powers and as revenge is a mixture of wrath and hatred, she will attack blindly until she gets what she wants, no matter what collateral damage is."

Jade just rubbed her face with her free hand. She heard as Lian's footsteps got closer.

"Listen, I will discuss this with Artemis later today. Right now, I have other responsibilities to take care of now, Raven. Tell Richard that I will discuss this later with my sister."

Nightwing's voice came up again, "Before you hang up, where is there a hotel near your apartment?"

Jade hesitated to give him an answer, so she answered his question with another question. "Why?"

"We're planning on working over there and take down Mespirit."

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