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Notes: Italic dialogue, "Like this," is telepathy. 'This is how I write thoughts.'

"Sorry to keep you waiting!" Pit announced, jumping out the door into the open blue skies as a blue glow engulfed his wings. Palutena and I turned to the viewing pond as the image changed to Pit in flight. "It's been too long! Right, Lady Palutena?"

"We can all chat later, Pit." Palutena replied. "But now it's time to fight! The Underworld Army's invading!"

Suddenly, a floating sphere with a large eye and tiny tendrils called a Monoeye popped up in front of Pit. "Whoa, you weren't kidding!" He replied, slashing through it with his First Blade.

"The First Blade I gave you is a weak, but balanced weapon," Palutena began explaining. "You can shoot enemies from afar or attack up close using it. Simply swinging it at the enemy activates the blade."

Pit blasted two Monoeyes with rapid fire, and then slashed two more that popped up. One farther away was taken care of by a charged blast. "If these are Underworld troops, are you saying Medusa's been-?"

"Resurrected, yes," Palutena intercepted. "Though the goddess of darkness was defeated long ago, she's back now." An eight-bit image of Medusa from the first Kid Icarus appeared beside the viewing pond as well as in front of Pit, though that one seemed transparent. Pit continued fighting enemies as Palutena spoke again. "And as the goddess of light, it's my duty to protect humanity from her."

"Eh, you worry too much!" Pit confidently replied as Medusa's image vanished. Just then, the sky was tinted red as a large hand reached out of the clouds before falling back below. Then, black hair with twelve snakes, a head with a pale skin tone, and a questionable dress came back up in the image of Medusa's top half.

She held a staff with a snake decoration near the end in her left hand and wore a purple dress with gold linings. Said dress had one sleeve and was held up enough to cover the important parts by a gold bracelet on her left arm, though her left side was uncovered. Both of her entire eyes glowed red in a scowl as she leaned forward, before she stood up straight. The glow vanished, revealing purple eyes.

"Medusa!" Pit exclaimed.

"Hello there, Pit," she replied. "And you too, Palutena. Here to crash my homecoming party?" She asked as Pit shot down more Monoeyes

"Uh, this really doesn't look like much of a party…." Palutena said.

"What better way to celebrate my return than with a festive little bloodbath?" Medusa replied, Pit still shooting Monoeyes. "After all, I have been gone for twenty-five years."

"Actually," I chimed in, "More like twenty-six canonically, considering my current age, and about twenty-nine by the time this fanfic came out."

Right, I supposed I should introduce myself, seeing as the chronological first book isn't out yet. My name is Shane, and I'm, well, officially a hero. I'm still inexperienced, only having one adventure under my belt so far, but I'm decently strong and I help out when I can. I'm far from perfect, I know and accept that. I don't need you people leaving just because you think all OC's or author avatars are bad. I'm thirteen during this adventure, fifteen in real life, nearly sixteen and becoming such in February. You'll see my powers in the future, for now let's get back to the story.

Medusa's image vanished as the sky returned to its true colors. Some Monoeyes began flying down, trying to get below the clouds, but Pit blasted them before they could. "They're moving their attack to the ground!" he exclaimed.

"Then so are we!" Palutena replied as Pit flew around in a backward somersault before diving below the clouds. As he descended, five Monoeyes flew down below him and got in a formation that would form a star if one drew a line from one to another in the right way. He shot them all as the descent slowed and ceased above a strangely-shaped lake surrounded by grassy plains.

"I can't believe I'm actually flying!" Pit cheered as he flew over the lake, shooting some enemies in front of him.

"The power of flight is my gift to you," Palutena said. "I'll control your route so you can focus on battle, but I can only maintain this power for five minutes at a time. After that, your wings will burn up and you'll fall," She continued explaining as Pit shot down more enemies. After her explanation, Pit turned around and shot down a Treasurefish- Large fish that have treasure boxes inside of them and fly around- that dropped a Happy Trigger power up. It flew into him as he blasted more Monoeyes, letting him fire charged shots to his heart's content.

"You have no idea how embarrassing it is to be an angel who can't fly on his own," Pit replied, continuing to shoot monsters. "So thanks for your help. Without you, I'd be finished!"

Pit turned back to his flight path, holding his fire for a moment as there were no longer enemies in the immediate area. Then, he fired a charged shot at a Monoeye that popped up, also grabbing some floating red orbs with white outlines. "Holding your fire charges power in your weapon. You can tell when it's charged by a little noise, kind of like a beeping sound," Palutena explained.

Upon reaching some hills, Pit continued firing, dispatching two Gyrazers- squid looking monsters with four limbs that rotate and fire lasers from their single eye on the underside of their body- and a Keron- Oversized, cyclops frogs with bird wings instead of front legs. A short time later found the nearby enemies dispatched, so he stopped shooting until he reached a more open place in the hills with many large bodies of water that weren't quite lakes. It was a bit peaceful for a while, but soon more enemies showed up, a Nettler-giant, cyclops slug-like foe- being easily dispatched by a charged blast. Pit then evaded a Wave Angler's-evil fish thing with the head of a hammerhead shark- wave attack and destroyed it with another charged shot.

"How are things looking to you?" Palutena asked, drawing my attention to her.

"Huh?" I asked, looking up at her from the screen.

"You can adjust the feeling of depth using the slider on the right," she stated. I looked over and noticed it before returning my attention to Pit's progress.

Pit, meanwhile, continued onwards and dispatched some more Underworld forces. "Your destination should be coming into view now," Palutena said as a town became visible on the other side of a hill.

Pit gasped as it came into view, seeing the Underworld Army already attacking. "Now they're attacking the town?! This isn't right!"

"The people need our help! I'd better get you over there!" Palutena replied, speeding up Pit's flight. He flew very close to the ground, came within three feet of a rocky wall, and swerved upwards above the town.

It was a decently big town, not really remarkable except for the large Colosseum at the edge of town that obviously led to a temple, probably for prayers. Despite the attack and the fact that they were fleeing, the people of the town began cheering as Pit came into view and dispatched some Underworld troops.

"Do you hear that?" Pit asked, "Do you hear the people's cheers? They're celebrating the return of the goddess Palutena!" he said, blasting more Monoeyes as they attempted to descend upon the town.

"Despite the Underworld invasion, the people haven't lost hope," Palutena said. "It's our duty to protect them. Prepare for land battle, Pit!"She continued as Pit descended.

He landed at the end of an alleyway. Once he was safely on the ground, he turned and dashed, running out of it. He stopped on a street and blasted some snake-like monsters with wings called Shernum, then continued to the center of town and blasted some Monoeyes. The left street had rubble blocking it, but there was a treasure box there, so Pit ran over and opened it, getting a yellow sphere with a black, horizontal line on it. Afterwards, Pit looked over to his right, saw nothing, and moved on to the street that had been directly ahead when he stepped out of the alley. In front of him where two separate stairways with an alley between them, both which led to an upper area. In said upper area, a single stairway led to a higher area that led directly to the coliseum.

After throwing the yellow sphere and destroying an oversized jar that spawned the Shemums and dispatching two more Kerons, the sky turned red, tinting the world red once more, as fireballs rained down. "Wh-what was that?!" Pit asked after evading them.

"Medusa has unleashed an evil beast in the coliseum! You need to hurry there!" Palutena told him. Pit quickly hurried up the stairs, slashing through any and all Underworld troops that tried to stop him, and eventually got to the coliseum. Running inside, he was greeted by a familiar and unwelcome presence, causing him to skid to a halt and take a battle-ready stance.

"Twinbellows!" He exclaimed.

"The Underworld's faithful watchdog," Palutena added.

Twinbellows was a giant, two-headed hound made of fire and bone with some armor on it, mostly the limbs. On either head, a boar-like tusk protruded, completely symmetrical and good for stabbing things through either side. Oddly, there was a shackle and broken chain on its left foreleg. It stood on the seats as it noticed Pit, roaring at him before jumping down to face him.

"Old Pit's gonna teach you some new tricks!" Pit exclaimed, aiming at one of its heads. "Now play dead!" he yelled, jumping forward and firing a charged shot. It hit the left head, and Pit fell down from his attack, but he quickly rolled back to his feet and hopped backwards, firing three quick blasts at the hellhound as said beast breathed fire at him.

"Try circling left or right as you attack," Palutena instructed. "Keep your aim focused on the enemy."

"That's called strafing, right?" Pit responded, strafing left to evade and firing rapidly at Twinbellows.

"Whatever it's called, just stay out of his way!" Palutena replied.

Twinbellows roared and charged at Pit, who jumped aside and fired a charged blast at it. Then, Pit evaded another charge, which dazed Twinbellows and made it fall over as he rushed toward it and slashed, before slashing three more times in a combo. Pit then hopped back, shooting three more small shots, and finally finished it with one last dashing slash. Standing back up again, somehow, Twinbellows threw its heads back and howled as its body disintegrated.

"Yeah! Victory is mine!" Pit cheered.

"Excellent job, Pit!" Palutena chimed in.

"That was a bit underwhelming for a boss," I said.

"Well, what did you expect from the very first chapter?" she replied. I considered this for a moment, before nodding.


Back down with Pit, Medusa's image appeared once more, quite a distance from the colosseum but still plainly visible. Pit walked a bit closer to the image before speaking. "Listen well, Medusa! Your days of darkness are numbered!" he yelled, pointing his blade at her in emphasis. "Prepare to meet the light!"

Medusa's image vanished as Palutena spoke. "Let's return for now," she said, a white light engulfing Pit. "This was just our first step in defeating Medusa." Pit vanished with a strange noise, and I looked up as he reappeared a few feet across from where Palutena stood at the viewing pond. "The Underworld Army has been repelled for today," Palutena said, looking up. "I suggest we all get some rest."

I apologize for this pitifully short, pathetic excuse for a starting chapter, but the level in the actual game isn't much longer. I swear the next chapter will be longer and better. As a bonus, it will even show you my character's powers and maybe display how much of a Gary Stu I am NOT.

Seriously, I'm very sorry it's so short, but I couldn't possibly extend it much without said extension feeling like pointless filler. I promise Chapter 2 will be much better.

Coming up in Perfect Balance:
Chapter 2: "Winged Star doesn't have a time limit. I'll stay out here and help the humans while you face the dark lord! ...This could NOT sound more cliche!"
Chapter 3: "Look how far you've come, Pit...I'm proud of you!"
Chapter 4: "Reapers. Reapers everywhere."
Chapter 8: "The monster situation is quite clamant."
Chapter 15: "...He has a point." "WHAT?!"
Chapter 18: I like to think a lot of things.

With no clues on how or why I ended up in Skyworld, Palutena decided it was best for me to stay there until everything was figured out. In the meantime, Pit decided to give the me the grand tour of the temple and surrounding areas. Everything went well for a while. We were walking to see another part of Skyworld- for some reason, they decided a full tour of the place was in order- and Pit led me to a bunch of floating platforms that led to where we needed to go. That's when something strange happened.

We walked up to a ledge that hat some floating platforms across from it. "This is the way to the center of Skyworld," Pit explained. "Follow me." He took a running start, leapt over the ledge, and spread out his wings, gliding over to the first platform.

"I thought you can't fly on your own?" I asked.

"I can glide, but that's it," he replied.

"...I can't make that jump," I said, looking at the distance.

"Don't worry! You won't fall! Just trust yourself!"

"...Really hope I'm immune to fall damage..." I muttered, taking a few steps back and taking a deep breath to calm myself. I ran forth, jumped at the what I felt was the best possible time...and fell at the halfway point. In a panic, I tried to double-jump, the move still ingrained in my muscles, forgetting that I might not have the ability anymore.

Somehow, it worked. I leapt a second time, flipping head-over-toes while curled up and landing on the platform on my feet. "" I asked, turning back around. "...I can still do that?" I mumbled, completely confused.

"Come on!" Pit said, jumping to the next platform. I snapped out of my thoughts, shook my head, and followed after him, still contemplating my abilities.

Once the tour was complete, I went to the Training room. The training room was basically a giant, floating blue platform in the sky with white lines and numbers all over it arranged for practice. In the center was a dummy Monoeye that literally just floated there in the center to beat up on. It was a great place to either try out the feel and power of a weapon or relieve some pent-up agression by killing the Monoeye dummy over and over. Oh yeah, the dummy would explode in a purple burst and white light after enough damage, exactly like a real Monoeye, only with a lot more health.

I was in the training room for the rest of the day, experimenting with what I could and could not still do. I quickly discovered I still had all my abilities, except one. Or so I'd thought, at the time...