Music: "Such bonds are the true strength of this army." (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Directly after the defeat- and subsequent survival guarantee- of Dark Lord Gaol, I had decided to spend the rest of my night in the Practice Room. I'd finished going back over my ground moves from my previous adventure when Pit walked up. "Hey, Shane, what are you doing?" He asked. I put away my weapons and turned to him before responding.

"Oh, hi Pit," I replied. "I was just testing out my moves."

"…..With this music?"

I instantly facefaulted.

Music: "Agh! Won goph in mah mouph! Blech! Ptooey!" (Fire Emblem Awakening)

"Pit, I was trying to set up an interesting Support Conversation intro before the meat of the chapter!" I exclaimed, getting back up. "Ugh, what is with you guys and destroying moments with your fourth wall breaking?"


I sighed. "So, ignoring the shattered remains of the fourth wall, what's up?"

Music: "Such bonds are the true strength of this army." (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

"And before anything else is said, no, there will not be more rapid music switches like this. …As long as a certain someone avoids the fourth wall a bit better!" I explained.

"I said 'sorry'!" Pit replied. "Anyway, I was wondering; after everything you did in your last adventure, how come you tired out so quickly last time?"

"Oh, that?" I asked, putting my hand on my chin. "I'm honestly not sure."

"I was just thinking," Pit began, "Cause after that final display, you'd think it'd take more to exhaust you."

My arms returned to my sides as I replied. "Let's not forget that that was a seriously huge fight. With everything happening, my emotions ran wild. You know what that meant." Then, I turned away and started thinking again while speaking. "Though, I'm not sure I still have that power now."

"But you can still do other things, like that Aura Storm move."

"Don't forget, this is a whole different game from Smash," I reminded, before turning around and slashing through the dummy Monoeye to instantly dispatch and replace it. "I can't just make assumptions about my powers. Maybe if I get a safe chance during the main part of a chapter, I'll try out my abilities in battle, but for now I have to be careful."

"If you say so…"

Shane and Pit reached Support Level C!

So, these are things. Yeah, spoiler alert, this isn't a simple one-off gag. You know why? Because it's more interesting than just the game chapters. After all, it would get boring if there was only the stuff in the game itself in here, and I can't simply allow the first released book of my biggest series to be a boring, plain, simple ol' novelization, now can I?

Just a small note here, I'm often going back and editing chapters past when I think of a new scene or realize I forgot something I intended to add. Always go back and check through previous chapters when I upload a new one. Usually I won't make more than one or two huge edits, often just some spelling or grammar corrections, or some bigger but still small changes based of constructive criticism. Speaking of, constructive criticism is highly appreciated.

There are two Smash Bros. references last chapter. My pose after killing the Belunka is basically a crouching variation of Corrin/Kamui's normal stance in Fire Emblem Fates and Smash. Also, Magnus' pose while waiting on Pit in the hot spring is identical to Cloud's down taunt.

"Hurry, Pit!" Lady Palutena exclaimed, Pit's wings alighting as he jumped out the door with his Fortune Bow in hand.

"What's the matter?" Pit asked, seeing a Moneye, Mik, and Syren fly by…and get quickly dispatched by a charged shot that pierced all three.

"Medusa has brought the fight to our realm. Her forces are invading Skyworld!" she replied as I flew up next to Pit.

"Just out to enjoy the sky on Winged Star and next thing I know, there's a bunch of Underworld troops shooting at me," I explained, irritated from having my nice little flight ruined. "I retrieved the Insight Staff you got in the last chapter, do you want it?" I asked, holding it in my left hand as I prepared my Aura Blade in the other.

"No thanks!" Pit replied, shooting the Monoeyes and Miks in front of us down. "I prefer my bow!"

"Alright," I said, switching my grip on the staff and using it to shoot at some Syrens before us myself.

"Medusa must be getting back at us for defeating Dark Lord Gaol," Pit guessed, blasting a Souflee and getting a large quantity of hearts from it. Souflees basically look like soufflés with a cutesy face on them. That face is actually false though, and the red 'cherry' on their heads is actually their eye. They use their fake face to make enemies not want to hurt them, since they're pretty weak, even if fast.

"Her venom knows no bounds, but I know you two can stop her Underworld Army!" Lady Palutena encouraged.

"You sure have a lot of faith in us, Lady Palutena…." Pit replied as we flew on, shooting a Specknose and a group of Monoeyes.

"If you're struggling with a group of enemies, you can use a Special Attack," she began explaining. "Just aim your weapon carefully and focus your power. Make sure not to use too many too quickly, as they can wear down on your stamina. As a bonus, all Special Attacks automatically cancel enemy fire the second they're engaged, and prevent more fire for the duration."

Pit immediately turned his aim skyward and fired, sending a rain of death upon the enemy group in front of us, which consisted of mostly Monoeyes, a Syren, a Treasurefish, and a Komayto, which look and act like Metroids, which are basically alien jellyfish that are also brain suckers. A Happy Trigger power up flew into Pit once the Treasurefish expired.

We shot down about four Syrens as we continued, then fired at a group of Monoeyes and Daphnes. Daphnes are orange flower monsters with two leaves on their short stem that "bloom", aim at you, and then fire explosives. The faces on the outside are false, and their true face is rather unnerving. Once they were done, we flew past where they were and shot down some Monoeyes to find a Belunka straight ahead.

"Don't these guys ever get tired?" Pit complained as we flew up to it.

"I don't have enough skill or raw power to take care of so many enemies in a manner at all timely…" I added as the Belunka began spawning more flying enemies. I charged and fired the Insight Staff's Special Attack, a single, large, powerful, piercing blast, directly into the Belunka's open mouth, instantly killing it and the troops it intended to throw up before we could even see them.

"At this rate, the Power of Flight and you two are going to expire before they do."

"Then let's go after the commander!" Pit suggested, shooting down another Souflee.

"There's just one thing you should know; their commander is Hewdraw."

"Hewdraw?" Pit parroted, an image of an eight-bit evil-looking blue serpent appearing in front of us both. It was thankfully transparent. "Like, this guy?"

"And speak of the devil—There he is!" Lady Palutena pointed out, the eight-bit image vanishing as we caught sight of the flying Sea Serpent himself. Kinda looked like he had three heads….

"He can fly?!" Pit asked in shock and envy.

"I think the only one who can't fly by himself is you,"

"Actually," I interrupted before Pit could reply. "I can't fly on my own either. If the Winged Star got destroyed, I'd be stuck on the ground myself."

"Right, which is exactly why you haphazardly crashed it through a Skuttler in the previous chapter,"

"There's certain special rules pertaining me and my vehicle, okay? It crashes, it shrinks. An enemy attack obliterates it, and it's straight up gone."

"Anyway, Pit's right. Attacking the leader is a good plan!" Lady Palutena finished, granting speed to Pit's wings as we flew at the flying serpent.

"Let's do it!" Pit cheered, shooting down a pair of Specknoses while I slashed through a pair of Coral to send them blasting through some Monoeyes and Paramush. Paramush are fungi-looking monsters that have a single blue eye that they fire from and two legs. They use their caps as parachutes in the air and abandon them on the ground. A little farther and we destroyed two Syrens and two more Corals, the latter of which I slashed apart to send into the Monoeyes and Miks behind them.

After blasting our way through more monsters, we finally found ourselves close enough to interact with Hewdraw. Pit flew directly in front of the Hewdraw's three heads.

"Hello there!" The blue one to the serpent's right greeted in a deep, beastial voice.

"It's snack time!" the purple one in the middle proclaimed, having a slight British accent.

"Mm! What tender little morsels!" the red head said as I flew up in front of them, following Pit.

"We are NOT pieces of meat!" Pit yelled.

"What did you say?" Red asked.

"Technically you are!" Purple stated.

"Just come a little closer…" Blue 'invited' as we began flying under their body.

"Get ready," Pit began, "cause it's time for-"

"Tobonahstompching-descarnage!" The Hewdraws interrupted simultaneously, their respective words impossible to decode except for Blue's 'carnage'.

Everyone paused as Pit and I came back up behind the Hewdraws and began flying over them. I lowered myself to run along their back, slashing back and forth while holding on to Winged Star's right wing as the argument began anew.

"It was my turn to have the last word!"

"Oh give it a rest!"

"Let's not argue in front of company!"

"Cram a sock in it, foot-face!"

"I am soooo sick of you guys!"

"Me?! What did I do?!"

"Knock it off already!"

My attacks didn't seem to do much, if anything. They didn't stop arguing even as I tried to cut into their back!

"YOU knock it off!"

"I can't believe this is my life…"

"Can we go home and watch TV now?"

"Would everyone just shut it?!"

"Someone put me out of my misery."

"Did I mention I'm starving?"

"And you think we're not?!"

The arguing became impossible to discern after that. I think someone pressed the Fast Forward button, 'cause those dragons were talking at supersonic speeds! I jumped back on to Winged Star when I reached their necks, positive I couldn't scratched them from above.

"Um….Now what?" Pit asked as we flew in front of the Hewdraws once more.

"This is never going to end. Just go ahead and attack!" Lady Palutena suggested. Pit and I looked at each other and shrugged, each with a sweatdrop, then fired our respective charged shots at the heads.

"EVERYONE, SHUT UP, AND FOCUS!" The Hewdraws shouted together, snapping back to reality.

The blue one began charging a fire blast as the red retaliated with a crescent-shaped beam by slashing with his horn and the purple fired some eye blasts. I focused my fire on the blue one while Pit evaded the attacks from the other two, though I couldn't stop the fire blast. Pit managed to get out of the way, but I took the brunt of the blast. Thankfully, Winged Star wasn't damaged greatly, so I was still in the air.

I stumbled a bit on my ride, grunting in pain from the small flames still burning me, though I managed to keep my balance and crouched on one knee to steady myself better. After a moment, the flames died down, and I glared at the Hewdraw, rage overtaking whatever pain I felt. I charged a boost and blasted forward, diving under the purple head before swiftly pulling upwards and slicing the head clean off in a slash far stronger than before.

Suddenly, we heard Lady Palutena gasp. "The Underworld Army is targeting my temple!"

"You've got to be kidding!" I shouted as I facepalmed. An annoyed sigh became a groan as my frustration built up. "I've got it!" I volunteered, rolling my eyes and changing course for the temple.

"While Shane keeps the Underwolrd off of me, I'll be readying my Palutena Glam Blaster for deployment!" She announced. "Once preparations are complete, I will launch an attack!"

"You don't have to do that!" Pit insisted. "Let me handle it!" He then refocused on the Hewdraws as the red head began charging for a powerful laser while the blue sent another horn-launched wave attack at him. Pit spun out of the way of the attack and fired a charged shot at the charging head, and then launched his Special Attack at them. The beam fired, but he managed to evade and fly in close enough to decapitate the red head with a slash.

"Oh! I'm the only one left!" The remaining blue head exclaimed.

"Actually, I'd say you're the only one right!" Pit quipped. Silence followed. "…..Get it? Right?"

"No biggie," Hewdraw replied, surprisingly calm. "In fact, I feel great losing all that dead weight!"

It fired another horn-wave. Pit quickly spun out of the way and fired a charged shot. "Okay, charging complete!" Lady Palutena announced. "The Sacred Goddess Clobberlaser is now ready for deployment!"

"Wait, I thought it was a Glam-" Pit didn't have time to finish his sentence before a giant beam of light enveloped Hewdraw. Pit screamed and flew away from the enormous attack as it roasted the Hewdraw until it was black. The giant serpent flipped over, fell, and exploded as Pit regained his bearings. "You could've obliterated me!"

"Oh…do you think I… overdid it?" she sheepishly asked.

"I'd say so! I saw that from here!"

"Well, I guess that's that," Pit said, somewhat unsure.

"I'm afraid not. Hewdraw heads can live without a body, you'd both better go after them!"

"On my way!"

I saw Pit go into a dive from the distance and instantly began charging a boost, making my machine fall below the clouds. Once I saw him, I blasted off towards him, slashing through Underworld troops as I went. "The Underworld forces are retreating!" Lady Palutena announced.

"Mission accomplished!"

"Far from it. Those two Hewdraw heads are still alive. They've plunged into the human world below and taken their legion with them."

"Then we'd better do something!"

I finally caught up to Pit as he suddenly ceased his descent and began looking around, shooting down Underworld troops as he searched for the Hewdraw heads. We were above a grassy plain surrounded by some hills. I flew up to Pit and started blasting the enemies he missed with my Insight Staff. "This is bad…." I heard him say. I turned around and saw him looking at a distant town. Using the staff's special zoom function- which was, oddly, granted by the hook- I saw the two heads gleefully bouncing around and wreaking havoc on the place.

We began flying to the town, Lady Palutena increasing Pit's speed as she spoke; "Let's hurry. For a pair of disembodied heads, they sure move fast!"

We reach the town in a matter of seconds, though not without blasting and slashing some Underworld troops, and flew above it to get an aerial view. Unfortunately, the heads seemed to have just vanished! I even checked through the Insight Staff's zoom feature again to make sure, and I couldn't see them at all. "I don't see the Hewdraw heads anywhere! Where'd they go?!" Pit asked, beginning to panic.

"Don't lose YOUR head too, Pit. Let's check the town."

"I'll stick around up here to look for the heads and lend you support from above," I said, flying lower but still a few feet above the tallest building of the town as Pit flew over the town gate.


Pit landed and quickly looked around to assess the damage. The town was burning, and it certainly wasn't a quick repair job, but it was still intact enough for the people to continue living as normal in a short time once the Underworld was repelled. "The people have all gone into hiding, but where did those Hewdraw heads go?" he asked.

"They could be anywhere. We need to stop them before they wreak even more havoc!" Palutena replied. "As you search for them, make sure to take out any Underworld troops that cross your path."

Pit noticed he was on a road, but the path ahead of him was blocked by rubble. Some Monoeyes descended and flew over to his right, showing him an alleyway he could use to continue. With that, he fired his bow, quickly dispatching them. As he walked down the alley, a Gyrazer came from his left, firing its laser, but it was quickly dispatched by a forward-dash shot. Reaching the end of the alley, he hopped down a low ledge and immediately evaded the blasts from a pair of Commyloose floating above one another. Commyloose are basically floating squid with six tentacles, two of which were bigger than the rest, with two eyes, and no mouth. They fire explosives.

Pit shot them both down, noticing that he was in a small, rectangular area. To his right was a small staircase in front of a gate, and at the other side was a stairway sideways to him. He went to the smaller stairway first, through the gate. "That way leads back to where you started," Palutena stated as Pit walked through a narrow path the led to a ledge a few feet above where he started. He went around a corner to his right to find a Treasure Box that gave him a pair of Standard Orbitars.

The Standard Orbitars are a pair of floating blue spheres with mystical swirls in them, like how a galaxy is often depicted in fiction when see from far enough away, that were encased in metal coverings that left only the back and front of the orbs visible. "Sweet, sweet loot!" Pit cheered, picking them up.

"Fortune smiles upon you!" Palutena added as he turned around and blasted a Souflee directly behind him, getting plenty of hearts from it. 'hearts' are basically divine currency.

"Nice! I can really turn a profit taking those guys down!"

"That was a Souflee. It's one sweet enemy. If you spot one, do everything you can to stop it from getting away."

Pit walked back to the courtyard and continued up the larger stairs, taking out a Daphne along the way. In a small courtyard area, he found himself facing a Stackjaw. Stackjaws are basically living totem poles with green brains, two eyes, a weirdly human mouth, and four heads/segments. Also, the heads/segments below the top fire a continuous laser while rotating as the topmost head/segment fires more direct shots.

Pit dodged through the laser, and blasted the top head with a forward-dash charged shot, destroying it. When the laser came back around, he dodged through it again and fired a Mega Laser, destroying the second head, and performed another forward-dash charged shot to blast the third one instantly. Finally, he rushed forth and spun his bow around in front of him like a buzz-saw, having flipped around one of the blades to properly achieve the effect. The Stackjaw was dispatched.

"Bows are a really good fit for you," Palutena observed.

"Yeah! I've been using them for a long time," Pit replied.

"They're well suited for ranged attacks, and they split into blades for close combat. They're very well-rounded weapons."

"Oh, I know. I used them in the last brawl."

"Brawl?! How horrible! Were you hurt?"

"No way, it was a smash!"

"I just can't imagine you in a melee!"

"That's because I wasn't."

Pit walked on, coming to a wide staircase that led to a wall, with two thinner staircases on either side. To the left was one directed upwards, to the right was one that led down to a small hole. Dashing up the stairs, Pit fired at a Komayto that tried to ambush him, but it latched on to him anyway. In his struggle to remove it, he fell down the hole the lower stairs led to, only to bounce right back up and impale the Komayto with his bow-blades.

"Remember, Pit, you have to use melee attacks to take down Komaytos," Palutena reminded. Pit walked back to the hole and looked down to see a purple circle pad. He hopped down, but it bounced him right back out. He did a back flip before landing as Palutena spoke again. "That looks like a jump pad in there."

"Get up, fall down, get up, fall down. Fight in the air, fight on the ground."

"It's the story of your life, isn't it?"

"Peaks and valleys, highs and lows, pick your friends, not your nose."

With that, Pit moved on up the other stairs, taking out a pair of Syrens above some lower buildings. He now stood on a cracked and ruined path, a Monolith flipping around and floating back and forth in a zigzag around the in-tact and crumbling parts of the road. He walked on and down some stairs that led to some houses with Jump Pads on them, where multiple Shernums of varying sizes ambushed him. He evaded their attacks and dispatched a few of them with a single backward-dash charged shot, then dashed forth and split his bow, slashing with the separated pieces. The immediate threats gone, he destroyed the jar that spawned them and used one jump pad on the ground to get on the first roof, grabbing a nearby Grenade and jumping across the rooftops using the pad while shooting down a Daphne. "Woop! This is great! Yeah!" he cheered on each jump.

He landed in an alleyway. Noticing foes to the right, he turned and threw the grenade at a Shernum-spawning jar and a Minos, instantly destroying both in the explosion. Minos are basically red balloons with spikes, two eyes, and a mouth with tusks. When damaged, they bloat up and explode in fire. From the destroyed monsters a key appeared in front of a gate that blocked off a large courtyard. Unfortunately, the gate didn't open, nor did it have a lock. Pit turned right and saw an alley leading upward and curving left, and walked that way.

"Watch out!" two telepathic voices shouted at once, Pit barely evading as the red Hewdraw head burst through the houses on either side of the alley. Said head was followed by a barrage of staff shots from above.

"That came out of nowhere!" Pit exclaimed.

"You're going to need help against surprise attacks like that," Palutena said. "Go to the courtyard ahead and I'll grant you a gift."

"Really? That'd be great!" Pit replied, continuing onward. He noticed a gate to the aforementioned courtyard to his left, but a trio of Miks floating overhead distracted him from that. They flew over to his right, and he shot them down before noticing a Treasure Box in front of some burning rubble. He ran over an opened it, receiving a pair of Tiger Claws.

Claws are weapons that increase movement speed, fire rapidly, and excel at melee attacks. Tiger Claws resemble the claws of the real deal, have a round, red guard, and white fur for decoration at the backs. Each weapon per hand has three claws on it and fires talons.

Before he could do anything else, Pit heard strange music and found himself staring at a peculiar creature. It had a purple torso with a pair of lips on the front of its saucer-shaped hips, a pair of limbs that ended at an eye, a red head with a white swirl on it and a large feather coming from the back, and straw-like legs. Its strange dance made him unable to look at anything else, and he barely dodged a charging Fire Wyrm because of it. "That's an Underworld Merenguy," Palutena stated.

"Augh! I can't take my eyes off it!" Pit exclaimed.

"Its bewitching dance moves really grab your attention and hold on to it. Better make a point of taking it down first."

Pit quickly fired a forward-dash charged shot, dispatching the Merenguy quickly. Then, he turned and slashed through a Komayto that tried to sneak up on him, and evade the Fire Wyrm as it charged him again. He shot it down, unlocked the gate, and walked into the courtyard. "I'm ready for that gift now, Lady Palutena!"

"All right then!"

A pink mist momentarily filled the air...and left him completely unchanged. "Uh…what just happened?" Pit asked. Suddenly, the red Hewdraw head burst out of the ground with a roar, causing Pit to shout in shock and fear and fire a backward-dash charged shot and keep his distance.

"Do you like the gift? It's my patented monster pheromone! Monsters just love the smell of it, and now it's all over you!"

"What?! Are you trying to kill me?!" Pit exclaimed, shooting at the head.

"Did you do something with your hair? You're suddenly looking very attractive!" the Hewdraw head said.

"Luckily, the pheromone only attracted one of the heads," Palutena said as Pit dodged a tackle from the head and fired at it. "I was wondering what you would've done if both of them at shown up!"

"And you still went through with it?! I would've been finished for sure!" Pit cried, performing a backward-dash shot and beginning to run around the head.

"Actually, I'd have just had to intervene."

"Despite my winsomeness and equanimity, I do have a strong streak of rascality."

"I don't even know what that means!" Pit replied, running away from another attack from the head.

"I have a special treat for you!" The Hewdraw said. "But you have to come get it~!"

"Don't believe him, Pit!"

"Why shouldn't he?" the head asked. "Look at this face! I'm totally trustworthy!"

"Yeah, no." The telepathic voice was followed by a powerful staff blast that instantly finished the Hewdraw head.

"Whew, that was dicey!" Pit sighed. "Thanks, Shane."

"I'm here to help."

"I don't think I'll be using the monster pheromone in the future."

"I would hope not!"

"What I mean is I won't need to use it."

"Why do you say that?"

"I located the other head. Let's go to the lake outside of town."

Pit looked around and followed a green arrow pointing towards an opened gate leading to some stairs that led to a decently large area. To his left, a Monolith flew in a circle protecting some food, and to his right, the path curved. In the way of his progress was a Mega Mussel. Mega Mussels are oyster-like foes with many tiny leaf wings on the bottom shell. It's supported by a soft, pillar-like structure in the center with three rotating pearls in the center that are actually both its eyes and weak spot. Destroying the pearls kills it.

Pit evaded its shots and blasted the middle pearl with a side-dash charged shot, then fired thrice more to take out the top pearl. He evaded one final blast with an uncharged side-dash shot that also dispatched the Mega Mussel. Pit grabbed the food the Monolith 'guarded' and continued down the path, coming across a small courtyard that housed a Stackjaw in the center. It rose from the ground, and he immediately fired a forward-dash charged shot at the top head, and dodged through the laser as it passed over him before firing a side-dash shot at the second head. From above, a charged shot from a staff destroyed the head, allowing Pit to get in close and slash the final two heads until both expired.

That done, Pit walked back and up a set of stairs he hadn't immediately noticed, now at rooftop level. There, just before a jump pad leading what seemed to be a well, was a Gloomerang. Gloomerangs have only a single green hand with four fingers on the underside of a brown, hair-covered head and a pair of red leaves on the tops of their heads. On their faces are metal masks with symmetrical curved blades with a red jewel embedded in each, which are both their only defense and the boomerang that gives them their punny name. It threw said boomerang mask at Pit, who ducked under it and dispatched it with a forward-dash charged shot.

A blue, white, and green blur quickly flew down into the tunnel ahead, and the sound of staff fire could be heard, as well as the sound of Underworld troops expiring. Pit ran over to the jump pad and was bounced down. "What is this? A well?" he asked, noticing the flowing liquid and platforms with ramps.

"That's not important, just keep moving forward."

With the enemies already dispatched, Pit simply ran through the tunnel and up a ramp leading to the outside again. In front of him was a stairway to ground level, and to the right of said staircase was a Treasure Box. "The other Hewdraw head is regenerating its body at the lake," Palutena informed him as he retrieved a Power from the box.

"You don't think it'll have three heads again, do you?" he asked.

"I should hope not. Their bickering was intolerable!" she replied. Pit continued up the stairs and turned around to see a jump pad. He made his way over to it, bouncing to the top of a square building that had a path that curved downward to the right. Suddenly, the sky darkened as a purple fire barrier blocked the path. "It's an ambush!"

"Yeah, that's right!" Pit confidently replied, "MY ambush! You're going down, monsters!" The first wave spawned, consisting of a Minos, Komayto, and Daphne. Pit saw a Grenade at the corner of the field just left of the path blocked by the purple firewall, and quickly grabbed and used it to instantly defeat the Komayto and Daphne. The Minos also exploded a few seconds after the grenade detonated. The second wave consisted of two Ganewmedes and a Mega Mussel, but they were taken care of by a Boom Rocket that spawned at Pit's feet. Boom Rockets are small rockets that fly into the air, and then come back down with an enormous blast that's ridiculously powerful and only hurts what the user wants it to.

The third wave consisted of a Merenguy, Stackjaw, and Syren. The Merenguy was dispatched by a charged staff shot from my Insight Staff as a Back Shield seemingly automatically equipped to Pit. I jumped off Winged Star and fell with my Aura Blade readied, bisecting the Stackjaw quickly while Pit dispatched the Syren with a forward-dash charged shot.

The sky returned to normal and the barrier vanished. I got back on Winged Star and blasted three Monoeyes that tried to ambush us. Pit opened the door to the lake and ran down the path as I ascended, deciding to let Pit take on Hewdraw himself. I'd get involved if he was in danger, of course.

Pit skidded to a halt at the shore as he saw the reborn Hewdraw with his body back. Hewdraw rose from the lake and roared before speaking. "So you've finished off the others, eh?" he asked.

"You know it!" Pit replied, splitting his bow and taking a battle stance.

"Then you've saved the best for last! Let's get down to business!" Hewdraw roared on the last word, and so they engaged. The serpent began by shooting three fireballs at Pit, who leapt aside and fired a charged shot from his bow.

"Forward-dash attacks are very powerful," Lady Palutena explained, "Look for openings to use them. But DON'T do a forward dash attack when a fireball is headed at you."

Hewdraw spat a blue sphere at Pit that broke apart and bounced upon hitting the ground. Pit danced around them as best he could and fired at Hewdraw again. Then, the serpent submerged himself, some balls of light appearing above the water.

"It went underwater?!" Pit asked, shooting some scaly rockets that were headed toward him.

"Here's an idea. Shoot the orange balls of light to make them drop down. Try to lure the Hewdraw out that way."

"Will do!" Pit complied, shooting the orange spheres. Unfortunately, none of them actually dropped on Hewdraw. I noticed one hovering over the scaly one and blasted it down for Pit, sending Hewdraw flying out of the lake and on to the shore behind Pit, where it helplessly flailed.

"Now, Pit! Now!"

"Time to lay the smackdown!" he declared, slashing rapidly at the serpent with his separated bow. After a few seconds, Hewdraw managed to squirm back into the water and emerged a farther distance away than before. He began charging an attack, using his serpentine body to its fullest in order to evade Pit's attacks while getting closer to shore. The attack fired, manifesting as a barrage of lasers that Pit barely jumped out of the way of, firing a side-dash charged shot. "Those lasers sure are hard to avoid!"

"Here's an idea," Lady Palutena offered for the second time, "Wait 'til the last moment possible, then dodge to the side. Dodging can let you escape many situations unharmed, though there is a limit if you dodge too often."

"Pit, catch!" I yelled, throwing him a Bob-omb.

He caught it and threw it at the Hewdraw, shouting, "Here ya go!" The weapon exploded in the serpent's face. Pit then evaded another barrage of fireballs and performed a forward-dash charged shot, hitting Hewdraw in the jaw. The serpent visibly flinched from this, and then dove underwater again.

"Pit, aim for the jaw!" I called down, realizing his weakness.

"Alright!" Pit replied, shooting the floating light-balls. Unfortunately, he hit a purple one that split apart and launched at him, though he managed to evade with a side-dash shot that knocked an orange one into Hewdraw, once again sending the serpent ashore. He quickly ran up to Hewdraw's jaw and rapidly spun his bow, hitting Hewdraw many times, and then finished with an upward slash as Hewdraw once again managed to dive back into the water.

It didn't take long for Hewdraw to resurface from the distance, launching another barrage of fireballs and even throwing in a sword beam from his horn. Pit managed to evade them all and fired one final forward-dash charged shot into Hewdraw's jaw. The serpent roared in pain, writhing in agony as a strange, sparkly glow enveloped his body.

"Mission complete!"

"Hewdraw slain!" I threw in.

"That's another one of Medusa's commanders out of the way!"

Hewdraw somehow focused on Pit through the pain of dying to speak. "Look how far you've come, Pit…I'm proud of you!" he said. Then, he fell down and exploded, water spiraling into the air and coming down in a nice, short rain shower that left a rainbow in the sky.

"Huh," Pit said, looking a bit unsure. "You don't usually meet such nice bosses…"

I said nothing, but stared at the lake below, thinking.

"Let's get you back," Lady Palutena said, extracting us both.

Chapter complete! Achievements and treasure:

Standard Orbitars

Tiger Claws

Reflect Barrier Lv.3 Power

Hewdraw Club

Less ridiculous chapter length achieved!

Complete a chapter under stressing circumstances achieved!


There's another Smash reference in this chapter, and I don't mean the Bob-omb. That's a Mario reference. Pit's first spin attack is the Angel Ring from Brawl, and the final one on Hewdraw is the ending slash of his infinite combo in For Wii U/3DS

No big updates this time, though I made a mistake in the ending notes last time that I've fixed now. I've foreshadowed some things in both this chapter and the previous, so I suggest you carefully reread and consider everything. I've said this is my biggest series, and I mean it. I've been planning this for years now, and it's time I launched it. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to what I will try my hardest to make the greatest author avatar-centric fanfiction series ever. This….This is only the beginning. I'm not even 2% finished…..

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Alternate Scenes:

"Where'd righty and lefty go?" the purple head asked as Pit returned to position.

"You're all alone!" he replied.

"Whatever. I never liked those guys anyway."

"Gah! The other heads! You have no right!" Red snapped as the blue fell below.

"Actually, I'd say you have no right!" Pit quipped, noticing that the red one was on the serpent's left.

"Okay, that's it! You're goin' down!"

"Why, hellooo angel!" The growly voice of the blue head 'smoothly' greeted. "I never noticed this before, but you have a certain (Can someone please tell me how to spell what he says?! I have no clue!)!

"I'm not sure what you mean by that," Pit replied, dodging and shooting down a Gyrazer that followed the Hewdraw head.

"It's French...for 'I'm gonna eat you!'"

"Sorry, but Angel's not on the menu! Au revoir!" The telepathic voice was followed by a powerful staff blast that instantly finished the Hewdraw head.

"Whew, that was dicey!" Pit sighed. "Thanks, Shane."

"Oh, my goodness! What's come over me?" The purple head's accent did not help. "I cannot resist you! You smell too good!"

"Ew! Back off!" Pit exclaimed, switching to the new Orbitars and back flipping as he fired a charged shot.

"I just want to cuddle you! To death!" the tone switched to oddly serious on that last part.

"Okay, NO!"The telepathic voice was followed by a powerful staff blast that instantly finished the Hewdraw head.

"Whew, that was dicey!" Pit sighed. "Thanks, Shane."

The blue serpent roared as he rose. "So you took out my brothers..."

"Yep, sure did!" Pit replied, splitting his bow and taking a battle stance.

"Wonderful, wonderful! Thank you so much! Now I'm finally free!"

"We'll show you the real superpower of teamwork! You just don't understand it!" I tossed in, taking my own stance.

"No...I'm too pretty to die!" the monster complained. Then, it fell under the water and exploded, sending water spiraling into the air and coming down in a nice, short rain shower that left a rainbow in the sky.

"More like petty," I threw in, annoyed.

"And there you have it. Victorious." Pit stated.

"Good work. Let's be on our way."

"Well, well, so nice to see you again!" The red snake greeted somewhat sarcastically.

"You won't feel that way for long!" Pit replied, splitting his bow and taking a battle stance.

"You'll get no sympathy from me!" I tossed in, taking my own stance.

"Hyahahahahahaaa! That's big talk, little firecrackers!"

"Before I die, I just wanna say-" it fell down before it could finish, exploding and sending water spiraling into the air. Said water came back down in a nice, short rain shower that left a rainbow in sky.

"And that's the end of him!"

"I wonder what he was going to say?" Lady Palutena and I simultaneously replied as we were extracted.