Hey all! Just a quick note/slight spoiler: I head cannon that Chief Vick was Henry's junior partner before he left the force (like for all my fanfics). So even though Shawn might not have met Vick when he was a teen, Vick definitely heard all about Henry's delinquent kid.

Okay, so this chapter starts about 2.5 weeks later, so Sharon is about 12 weeks pregnant. I admit, this chapter seems kind of slow/boring to me, but I'm trying to move this story along as best as I can. There are more exciting chapters coming up soon.





Chapter 10:

*Tuesday May 11th*

"So mom, when are you coming back?" Sharon asked as Madeleine cooked dinner.

"Goose, we've talked about this! You need to stay in Santa Barbara."

"Mom!" Sharon groaned as she moved a bowl of fruit so she could sit on the counter.

"You have a life there. And get down." Madeleine scolded as she checked the food in the oven.

"Shawn has a life there! Sharon doesn't. It hurts seeing my friends and co-workers but not being able to act like I know them or know the inside jokes."

"This gives you a clean slate, to show people who you truly are."

"But I'm still lying to Lassie; he doesn't deserve loving a lie."

"Then tell him the truth."

"I can't! I'll lose him forever!"

Madeleine put the pot holders down with a sigh and turned towards Sharon. "Look, he came to the appointment, right?"

"Yeah." Sharon rolled her eyes.

"And you spent the day together?"


"He introduced Sharon to Juliet?"

Sharon shook her head. "They were in the middle of a case; it would have been rude to abandon her at a victim's house just to take me to the airport."

"You took him to your secret spot?"

"Mom, what are you getting at?" Sharon crossed her arms as she leaned back against the counter.

"You two obviously trust each other a lot, which I know is hard for the both of you."

"What if he calls me crazy and mulipitative?"

"He's a detective; just lay down all the facts for him and let him see the connections."

"It might take me awhile to gather all of the facts."

"Just don't wait too long. He's a human being with real emotions who will already feel hurt by this deception."

"You're sure I can't just stay with you until after the baby is born?" Sharon asked as she picked up an orange and played with it.

"We've already been through this! My schedule often changes at the last minute and you know you don't do well on your own for very long."

"Okay. So, where are you going this time?"

"Sussex, England for at least a month."

"Oh, are you sure I can't come with you?!"

Madeleine smiled, "As enjoyable as your company would be; I don't think a long, 12-hour flight would be advisable. Plus your doctor wouldn't approve of you being so far away for so long. You're still in the first trimester where there is a high risk of miscarriage."

"This whole pregnancy is high risk!"

"I know and I am so proud of you for choosing to continue it!"

"It's not like I had a choice." Sharon mumbled.

"You always have a choice, Goose. Admittedly, it was a really tough one, but you still chose. And you still have a choice about whether or not to keep the baby once it's born."

"You mean I could give it up for adoption and never see it again?"

"You can have an open adoption where you still get to be a part of their lives. The point is, you have choices and you have time to think about them. I will support you in whatever decision you make; although I strongly encourage you to let Carlton know all of the facts and let him express his opinion."

"Thanks mom. So, you're bringing me back something good, right?" Sharon grinned.

Madeleine laughed as she took the orange from Sharon and handed her a bowl of salad. "Of course! Now, go set the table. Dinner is almost ready."




*Thursday May 13th*

"Gus!" Sharon exclaimed as she sprinted for him through the late night crowd exiting the airport.

"Sharon!" Gus tried to frown but couldn't help the smile that was on his face. "Stop running!"

Sharon just smiled wider as she slammed into him with a hug. "I'm just so excited to see you again!"

"I missed you, too; but you're too much of a klutz to be running through a packed hallway."

She laughed as she pulled away. "It just feels like it's been forever since we last hung out."

"It's only been 3 weeks."

"Yeah, but then there were the 3 weeks before that! Next time, you're coming with me."

"Um, no thanks. I still have a job and one of us needs to pay the bills around here."

"Gus! I am officially a P.I. now! Which means I can take cases from even those who are skeptical of psychics!"

Gus shook his head, "I still don't know how you and your dad pulled that off when Sharon doesn't have a job history."

"That's because the license is under S. Spencer, which means I can be either Shawn or Sharon when I invoke it."

"I'm not sure it works that way. Anyways, the same rules still apply: You have to consult me before agreeing to take any case and no cheating spouses!"

"Gus! Cheating spouses are the most fun and easiest! Sneaking around, ducking into bushes, wearing various disguises!"

"It's also the most dangerous! Don't forget, you have a fragile passenger on board. You're supposed to be taking it easy."

"I'm barely out of the first semester! I have at least 5 months before I need to sit things out. Come on Son!"

Gus shook his head as he unlocked the car and got in. "Let's go. It's too late to be discussing this."

"It's barely midnight."

"Yeah, and you have a doctor's appointment in 10 hours! You need to get some sleep."

"Oo! Can we stop for some tacos? There aren't any good taco places within a 30 mile radius of my mom's place. And my mom wouldn't let me take her car for a day trip to look further."

Gus shook his head, "Just don't complain to me when you can't sleep and are tired tomorrow."




*Friday May 14th*

"Lassie!" Sharon grinned as she noticed Carlton in the waiting room after her appointment. "What are you doing here?!"

"I took an early lunch and was hoping you would join me before you spend the whole weekend with Guster." Carlton stood up and straightened his suit jacket.

"Does Gus know about this?"

"Yes. It was actually his idea since his errands are taking a little longer than expected."

"Okay." She looped her arm around his and headed for the door, "Can we hang out at the station afterwards?"

"It's not a coffee shop, it's for serious police business."

"What if I am going for business?"

"Are you reporting a crime?"

"No! I'm looking to solve one." Sharon grinned.

Carlton narrowed his eyes. "Why?"

"Because I am the newest member of the Psych team!"

Carlton groaned, "Spencer is out of town; how are you going to be Psychic investigators without a Psychic?"

"I'm a licensed P.I."






"I passed the exam a couple of weeks ago."

Carlton took a deep breath and rubbed his forehead. "You told me that you help people!"

"I do! By solving crimes."

"I thought you were a nurse or a social worker."

"While those are both very admirable professions, I prefer something with a little more flexibility and adventure."

Carlton snorted, "I can't believe you're just like Spencer."

Sharon grinned before leaning over to kiss his cheek. "But you love me anyways, right?"

"I don't know; with this new evidence presented, I might have to change my mind."




Sharon tried not to bounce with excitement as she followed Carlton into the police station. She had messaged Gus and convinced him to meet her there in 15 minutes, after she had time to speak with the Chief. She was hoping to walk out with a new case; although just being in the station helped to improve her mood. She barely resisted greeting people by their names as they walked past, resorting to just smiling and nodding. As they neared the Chief's office, she saw Juliet gathering her coat and purse.

"Hi Jules!" Sharon greeted without thinking.

Juliet looked a little surprised to be called by that nickname but quickly recovered. "Oh, hi Sharon! I should have known you were the reason Carlton voluntarily took lunch, and early too."

"What can I say, it's just my charm." Sharon smirked as Carlton continued to his desk and pretended he could not hear them.

"So, what are you doing here?" Juliet asked as she locked her desk.

"Well, I have joined the Psych team as a P.I., and was hoping to get a case."

"What?! Carlton didn't tell me that you were working with Psych!"

"I just told him an hour ago. I needed to find something to do while I'm in town."

"Wait, so you are staying?"

"Yep! For the foreseeable future."

"That's great!" Juliet patted Sharon's arm. "Just be careful! I don't know how, but Shawn and Gus always seem to find themselves in trouble."

"Thanks, I'll try to be good. Well, I better go talk to the Chief." Sharon smiled as she turned around and walked to the Chief's door. Taking a deep breath, Sharon knocked and waited until Karen looked up before opening the door. "Hey Chief, is this a good time?"

"Of course, Ms Spencer. Please come in and shut the door."

Sharon nodded as she quickly complied and took a seat. "So, um. My dad said that he talked to you?"

"He did. I would like to congratulate you on both the pregnancy and getting your P.I. license."


"Since you came in today with Carlton, is it safe to assume that he's the father?"

"Brilliant deductive skills, Chief." Sharon winked.

Karen raised her eyebrow as she ignored that comment. "Does he know about you and Shawn?"


"You should tell him sooner rather than later. He'll probably figure it out quick once you start working on cases with him again."

"I know." Sharon sighed.

"You've probably been lectured enough on that."


"How are your symptoms? Henry said that they were pretty rough when you first found out."

"It's better. At first, it felt like my body was at war with itself, fighting over whether or not to keep the baby. Naseua, fatigue, severe cramps, and migraines. The meds I take now have lessened most of the symptoms, although I still get nauseous from motion sickness and need more sleep."

"I'm glad that it's more manageable." Karen stood up and walked across the room. "Over on the table here, I have 2 boxes for you. One has cold cases where there is still an active award offered. The other one is unsolved cases within the past year. I need you to do things by the book. I want as much physical evidence as possible and please do not go into dangerous situations alone. I don't need Henry and Lassiter throwing a fit over you. Also, Lassiter and O'Hara will be advised to still contact Psych for new crime scenes. Any questions?"

"No, Chief."

"Is Mr Guster here?"

"Not yet, but I expect him any minute now."

"Okay." Karen opened her office door. "McNab!"

Buzz quickly jogged over from the front desk, "Yes, Chief?"

"Can you please help Ms Spencer take these boxes outside? Mr. Guster should be arriving shortly."

Buzz's eyes widened and he looked at Sharon. "Ms Spencer?!"

"McNab?" Karen crossed her arms.

"I mean, of course Chief. Right away." Buzz quickly picked up both boxes and headed out the door.

Sharon grinned as she followed Buzz. "Thanks, Chief."

"Have a good day." Karen smiled as she closed her office door.

Sharon sent a wave towards Carlton before jogging to catch up with Buzz. "Thanks, McNab!"

"No problem, Ms Spencer."

"You can call me Sharon."

"Okay, only if you call me Buzz. Say, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?"


"Are you and Shawn related? Because you could be his twin."

Sharon laughed as she held the front door open for Buzz. "That is a very complicated answer. But in short, yes, Shawn and I are related but no we are not technically twins."

"Do you mind if I ask how Shawn is doing? I haven't seen him in almost two months and I heard that there was a family emergency."

"Shawn is okay, no one is dying; but it might be a while before he comes back."

"Oh, okay. I just miss him, is all, and wanted to make sure that he is alright."

"Thanks. Shawn will be happy to hear you asked after him." Sharon grinned as she noticed Gus driving into the parking lot.

Buzz smiled, "Oh, and just so you know, Francie and I make yearly donations to The Trevor Project and Pacific Pride Foundation."

Sharon frowned, "Um, okay. That's good."

Gus hooked as he parked his car a few spaces away from them.




"So what's with the boxes?" Gus asked after they had been driving for a few minutes in silence.

"What?" Sharon asked as she refocused. "Oh, old cases the Chief gave me to work on in the meantime. I think she's testing me, seeing if I can do it the proper way. Plus, Lassie said they are wrapping up the paperwork on their latest case and there hasn't been anything new."

Gus frowned as he glanced at her, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." Sharon shook her head. "Maybe. Dude, I think Buzz thinks that I'm transgender."


"He asked if Shawn and I were twins. I said technically no and then out of the green he mentioned that he and his wife donate to The Trevor Project and Pacific Pride, which are both LGBTQ organizations."

"It's out of the blue, not green." Gus shook his head. "Who would have thought that Buzz would be the first one to get even close to the right answer."

"Yeah. I mean, to be fair, he does want to be a detective."

"He still has a lot of work to do."

"That's for sure." Shawn grinned, "But he's gonna be great one day."




"Okay, which movie should we watch next?" Sharon asked as she looked through the stack of DVDs they had picked up from the library.

Gus groaned as he started to pick up his dishes. "Sharon, it's late and we've already watched 5 movies about pregnancies. You can watch another one if you want, but I'm going to bed soon."

"Aww, Gus! Come on! Half the fun is watching them with someone else!"

"I almost fell asleep during this last one. I don't want to mess up my sleep schedule. Besides, all of these movies have the same basic plotline, they are pretty predictable."

"Well, we can switch to movies where they are unexpectedly raising a baby. Three men and a baby is a good one."

"Sharon, can't you just go to sleep?"

"Fine, but only because I am still jetlagged."

"Jet lagged only happens when you travel across multiple time zones; your mom's place is in the same time zone and the flight is only 4 hours."

"That's like half a day where I don't eat because of nausea!"

"Then maybe you should take late night flights and get some sleep."

"Maybe you should invent that teleporter you're always talking about."

"You're the one who is always talking about it Sharon, and I keep pointing out that a teleporter needs two points in order to connect! Kind of like how cell phones work."

"Gus! This isn't a sci-fi movie! Next you're going to tell me that holograms don't work."

"Don't get me started on holographic technology!"

"How about we stay up all night and discuss this?"

"No, Sharon. There have been plenty of studies done that show how bad for your health staying up all night is."

"Really? Can you print them out so I can show Lassie when he tries to stay at the station all night?"

"Do your own damn research! Good night Sharon!"

"Nighty night, Gussy! Don't let the bed bugs bite!"

"You damn well know that there aren't any bed bugs in my apartment! And if there ever are, I'm gonna kill you Sharon!"

"Gus! It's just a saying!" Sharon sighed as she started the next movie.




*Sunday May 16th*

Sunday evening found Sharon at Carlton's front door. "Is Guster tired of you already?" Carlton asked as he let her in the house.

Sharon grinned and shook her head. "No, but he does have to get up early in the morning; something about making up for the hours he missed on Friday and getting paperwork done before the doctor offices open. So, I was hoping I could spend the night with you!"

"I also have to work in the morning."

"Yeah, but you won't make me go to sleep at 9pm and then kick me out of your house at 6am, will you?"

"Only if you misbehave."

"Okay then." Sharon leaned in for a kiss. "How was your day?"

"Quiet. I was reviewing applications for the next civil war reenactment. There's 8 openings and over 3 dozen applications."

Sharon laughed as they sat at the dining room table, "Wow, that many people really love their history, huh?"

"About half of them are students looking for volunteer credit." Carlton responded as he started cleaning everything up.

"You trust high schoolers with muskets?"

"They have to pass a 5 minute exercise and have reliable character references. I was comparing references, seeing if I could reduce the number of phone calls."

"Let me guess: they're theater geeks?"

"Yes, usually."

"Do you want me to put my investigative skills to the test and vet them for you?"

Carlton rolled his eyes, "No, I have enough council members to conduct the interviews. Now that you're here, I might as well take a break. Have you eaten dinner yet?"

"Depends, have you?"

"I ate a couple of hours ago."

"Good! Gus and I stopped for food on our way here."

"Should we watch a movie, then? I'll make popcorn."

"Gus and I watched so many movies this weekend! How about a game?"

"I only have Scrabble and a deck of cards."

"There are so many games we can play with a deck of cards! Like go fish, old maid, war, ERS, slap jack, strip poker, strip rummy, strip…."

Carlton shook his head. "We are not going to play any games where one needs to strip."

Sharon shrugged, "Your loss."