I'm going to be totally honest: this won't be updated for a long time. Once I wrote Icy Dragon I just couldn't get this scenario out of my head. It really affects my writing when I can't really get into it (Red-Eyed Sleeping Dragon's newest chapter is proof of that).

So I wrote this so I could get to work on Kill the Deciever.

Snow flew endlessly. Frosted trees bore no leaves, and seemed lifeless. A moon of pure white lit up the freezing grounds, but was soon blocked off by clouds. Darkness settled on the icy forest.

A lone traveler stumbled through the snow that reached up to his thighs. His fatigue was obvious, and fear wafted around him like the blizzard he stumbled through.

He was short, and if you looked through the furred hood he wore, you could see a boy no older than ten. Brown haired seemed out of place among a forest of black and white. Emerald eyes squinted in a vain attempt to see through the snowflakes that fluttered in the wind. His breath was ragged, a clear sign of a long travels. Frozen tears stained his face as he sniffled.

Despite his fatigue and hidden hunger, he neither stopped nor fell.

His endless travels brought him to a cave. A dark entrance bore warning, but curiousity overwhelmed his young mind, and he walked in.

Darkness, infinitely. He couldn't see his hand directly in front of his face. The boy felt instinctual fear permeat his being, and shuffled backwards, only to trip on a protruding stone.

Then he was gone. He no longer knew left from right, front from behind. Only gravity allowed his knowledge of up from down to stay. Panic welled up in his throat, but he couldn't scream for help because of his fatigue.

He stumbled to and fro, but could not find the entrance. Then, a faintest of light was seen. He followed it in hopes to escape the cave of darkness, but found something else.

A glowing creature.

At first glance, it looked to be a lizard of some sort, however it was to big to be an ordinary reptile. No cold-blooded animal could live in these frozen lands anyway.

Black scales tipped it gleaming silver. Two small wings extended from its shoulders. Sharp little horns ran along its jawline and neck. Blood red eyes stared at him, and two rows of sharp silver teeth were revealed as it made a sort of smile.

'Young one, do you know what I am?'

The boy stumbled back in shock, only to trip once more. In panic and fear he seized the reptile and pulled it close.

"I don't care what you are, just please don't leave me here alone. It's scary."

The reptile made its equivalent of a shocked face, and then nodded. Tatsumi felt the nod rather than saw it, and he smiled.

'Young one, are you cold?'

The boy looked to the small lizard that he hugged. It's faint outline could be seen through the darkness. Its scales really did glow.

When the boy replied with a yes, the dragon struggled out of his arms. He sat disappointed, as he thought he lost his only comfort.

Then a strange sound filled the deafening silence, and the boy felt a massive arm wrap around him. It took him time to fully process it, but he realized what happened: the reptile grew, and was now warming him up.

'Young one, I am what is called a Teigu by your kind. I am merely a remnant of my former self. You, young one, awoke me from my sleep.'

Glowing eyes looked down at him. One was an emerald green like his own eyes, the other, crimson red.

'That makes you my master.'

Two different footsteps left prints in fresh snow. One looked to be the imprints of two boots.

The other pair were massive groves in the ground. Each step was the size of a horse carriage. Five claws scrapped through the snow, and left a daunting warning.

Yet, they both went through the path recently, and no sounds of a scuffle could be heard.

Two creatures, master and weapon, went on a journey. A journey to the Capital, to see just how true the rumors were.

And to see which side they would join.

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