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When the merchants rounded the curve in the path, they expected trees to line both sides of the road, as it had been for the whole duration of their journey.

What they did not expect was burnt stumps and cracked wood. Smoke still wafted around the area, and ash lined the path. It was as if whoever, or whatever, had set fire to the trees hadn't wanted the path to be messed up. In fact, while the fire looked recent, there was no fire lining the trees, or burning its way through the grass.

While the two merchants had found the source of the mysterious smoke smell, they now wondered of the cause. Fire-breathing Danger Beasts were very rare, all around the world, and there was no reason for someone to set fire to a forest.

Except then they heard laughing. Coming out of the burnt segment of the forest, was a teenage boy. Brown hair and green eyes spoke of no abnormalities. No, it was the small dragon-like creature resting on his shoulder that shocked them.

The boy wore a simple black dress shirt under a grey overcoat, and dark grey pants. He looked very monotonous. A longsword was hanging off of his belt, and throwing knives wrapped around his lower torso in a holster.

They seemed to match in their color schemes.

The dragon-creature had black scales tipped in silver. Organic armor plates protected its head, neck, stomach, and back. Dark horns lined it's jaw and spine, and protruded from its tail. One eye was crimson red, the other, emerald green like the boy it rested upon.

The boy laughed as he walked to the path. He seemed to be commenting on something, but then one of the merchants called out, "Hey kid! What're you doing? Why are you letting that Danger Beast ride on you!?"

The boy turned in surprise, before walking over to them.

"Umm, I'm going to the Capital and he's my friend?" He motioned to the dragon, not noticing it narrow its heterochromic eyes.

"Capital?" One questioned.

The other said, "Friend? How can you be friends with a Danger Beast?" This time the boy narrowed his own eyes. If you looked close enough, you could see one of his eyes gaining a slight hint of red.

"I'm going to the Capital to see if the rumors are true, and to find my friends that I got separated from. This guy on my shoulder in not a Danger Beast. He's not some mindless monster with anger issues, he's a sentient being. Or at least he almost is…" He snarled, whispering the last sentence, and looking to the creature on his shoulder.

He turned away from the two merchants with a huff of annoyance, only to pause.

The ground rumbled directly after he stopped, and started to form cracks.

"E-earthquake?!" One of the merchants yelled.

"No, you idiots…" The boy whispered.

Then the ground exploded upwards. A resounding screech echoed in the air, revealing an Earth Dragon.

"E-E-E-Earth Dragon!" The merchants yelled, running for their carriage, only to realize the horses had run away in panic.

"How annoying… To have to save people who insult my friends…" The boy commented, then held his arm out. The dragon jumped down, on it, and stood at ready on his forearm.

"It's not as if you'd just leave them to die. This is an easy opponent, and it's not in your nature to ignore someone in need of help." The dragon replied in an echoing voice.

The boy smiled, "You know me too well." The dragon jumped off of the arm, and started to grow midair.

It's body grew to be massive, and muscular. Horns grew longer and claws sharper. Wings stretched out, and flapped experimentally, before the dragon looked back to it's weilder and friend.

"Get it." Was all that was said, then the dragon lunged forward.

It clamped its jaws on the Earth Dragon's neck, then red light started to shine in the gaps between its neck plates.

A breath attack charged, before being released as a red beam of light, catching nearby trees and grass on fire, and obliterating the neck of the Earth Dragon.

The Dragon fell, it's body falling limp, soon followed by its head. The separated body parts landed on the ground with a deafening thud.

The merchants gaped at the thirty-second fight, then at the fallen body of the feared beast.

Then they saw this boy in a new light, and ran up to him. "Whoa! That was so cool! You're so strong!"

The boy sweat dropped before replying, "All I did was say 'get it' and stand there while he blasted a hole in that guy…"

The merchants, however, were deaf to his modesty. "Wait… You said you were going to the Capital?" Both merchants instantly got serious.

"You… don't want to go there. The people themselves are monsters scarier than that Earth Dragon…" The speaker was staring at him with the pleading eyes, hoping such a strong young boy won't have to join one side of the rebellion. Above all, they didn't want him to lose the innocent naivety they thought he had.

Except, he wasn't blind to the corruption that reigned through the land. "Thanks for the concern… I guess that means the rumors are true?" He questioned.

"Yes. All of them. I doesn't matter how cruel or crazy they seem, they really happen." One of the merchants said.

"Ho~. I suppose I know which side to join then. Thanks!" Then the mysterious boy jumped onto the dragon he called a friend, and it flew away.

"Hmm… At first glance it almost looks like a normal city…" The boy said, looking around the Capital.

"And then you see the sullen expressions, and pained looks…" The quiet, echoing voice seemed to come from nowhere, but if you looked close enough, you could see a little lizard's head poking out from the boy's shirt.

"Yeah…" He trailed off, looking around for a place to eat.

"Hello~. Are you looking for the Army Registration Office?" The boy looked around in confusion, before turning around completely. A blond lady, without much clothing to speak of, stood their with a playful smile.

Most men would lust for the chance to… Have her. A simple black strap tied around her breasts, were the only covering on the upper half of her body, showed off her assets. Baggy pants covered her legs, with a belt to hold it in place.

For some reason the boy could see her with cat ears and a tail…

"No I'm not. Who are you?" He questioned.

She looked a little surprised at this, but carried on anyway. "My name's Leone. Shouldn't you introduce yourself first? Well anyway, what's a handsome young man like you doing here, if not to join the army?" She crossed her arms over her sizable bust, and bent down a little, putting emphasis on her assets.

Even so, it didn't faze him. "I'm Tatsumi. Also, are you trying to say the only purpose of handsome young men is to join the army?"

"Well, that's…" She blushed a bit, embarrassed at what she was trying to imply, before realizing she was being beat at her own game. She narrowed her eyes, "Then what are you doing here? You're from the country right?"

"Sort of. Also, I was wondering if there was a way to get into the Revolutionary Army?" He tilted his head in wonder.

"Are you sure it's okay to ask her?" An echoing voice whispered into his ear. "She could be part of the Empire…"

Tatsumi just brought a finger up and flicked the dragon, before scratching his face to cover it up.

Leone was just looking to swindle some money off him so she could get a decent meal.

What she did not expect, was for the boy to completely shrug of her allure, and then say he wanted to join the Revolutionary Army. Not the army, like most country bumpkins wanted, but the Revolutionary Army!

She noticed him flick something black poking out of his shirt, before beginning to scratch the side of his face.

Well, heck, if this kid is good at fighting, might as well right? It's not like it'll make much of a difference… Actually, that black thing kind of bothers me… It moves…

Then she sighed. "Hey, kid, go ask someone else, I'm not with the Revolutionary Army." Except, I am. She added mentally.

"She just lied." The dragon whispered.

Tatsumi narrowed his eyes at her, before silently walking away.

So much for a decent meal… Maybe I can swindle someone else…

Normally Leone wouldn't give up so easily, but quite frankly, something about that kid unnerved her.

Tatsumi looked around for a little while longer, before coming to a conclusion.

"I guess the Revolutionary Army doesn't station to many people here…"

"Are you gonna look for that blond woman?"

"I could, but chances are I won't find her again." He muttered under his breath. He had gotten enough weird looks at his village to know people don't take kindly to talking to yourself. Even if you are actually talking to someone else..

"Hmm?" He stopped walking at a certain sight: wanted posters.

There were a few scattered around, but four caught his attention.

Akame, Najenda, Bulat, Schere.

Four people with the words "Night Raid" under their names. The posters weren't in color, so it you couldn't tell of eye or hair or skin color, but he could pretty much guess Akame had red eyes. Either that, or her name was a joke.

He walked away thinking about them. "Akame… Why does that name sound so familiar?"

When a blond, rich girl asks if you want to come to her home, you should refuse.

He had been invited to the house, and he, against his better judgment, accepted.

Now he was chained to the wall, naked, with a few deep whiplashes that he was sure would scar. Both his chest and back bore them, and they were bleeding profusely.

As he bit back a cry of pain, he looked around.

"Shikken! Where are you?" He called out for his dragon.

"I am sorry, Tatsumi. I should've seen this coming." The dragon was currently the size of a large house-cat, and was perched on a nearby shelf with a mournful look on its scaley face. It had hidden in the shadows. It would've loved to bite that sadistic girl's head clean off, but without Tatsumi's concentration, it remained the size of a gecko.

"It's okay. Just burn these chains. I need to get my stuff and go… Although, maybe… I might give Aria a taste of her own whip…" He said in annoyance.

The dragon stretched its wings and glided over to its master. Landing on his head, Shikken charged a beam attack and shot through one of the chains.

Tatsumi was left hanging from one of his wrists, and he cursed in pain.

"Sorry." The dragon said in worry, before melting through the other chain.

Tatsumi fell to the floor in a heap, groaning in increasing pain.

"Never again… Will I trust a blond girl."

"You can't categorize all blond females just because of a two. Besides, the first one only lied to you."

"I bet she was trying to swindle me. Don't ask me why, I just had a feeling."

"You and your 'feelings'..."

"Ugh… Let's just find my stuff, okay?" Tatsumi replied, pushing himself up with his arm, he bit his lip to prevent a yelp. He stumbled slightly when he stood, with pain burning through his torso, he struggled to put his clothes on, which he found on a nearby table.

Apparently Aria wanted to torture him with his own weapons, as she had said so, because they too, were on that table.

Shikken shrunk, and climbed up Tatsumi's legs to rest directly below his collarbones. "Let's go."

Tatsumi grabbed his longsword, and slash the doors to pieces. The shredded metal clanked onto the ground, revealing the outside.

It was nighttime.

A dark forest surrounded the shed housing the tortured victims. The sky was dark, with twinkling stars. Illuminating everything, was a blood-red moon.

Tatsumi stared at the full moon in dismay. Bloodlust was felt in every fiber of his being, and he ran, to find Aria first.

Panting made him pause, and Aria came into view. A guard was leading her to the shed, and both ground to a halt when they saw him.

"Hey." He said darkly, "I really liked your hospitality… I think I'll pay you back for it now." He drew his sword, Shikken glaring at her though a small hole in Tatsumi's shirt. Aria visibly paled, before the guard forced her behind him, and pointed his gun at Tatsumi.

"I'm warning you…" He said.

"Of what? That puny piece of metal you're holding? I don't think so." Tatsumi took a step forward, but before he could lung, an almost silent thump behind him made him freeze.

He whirled around, and was met with blank crimson eyes.

Akame. He thought, recognizing her from the wanted posters. Oh crap.

She readied her sword, then spoke, "You are not a target step aside." Her voice was completely emotionless.

"Do you plan to kill this girl?" He questioned the red-eyed assassin.

"Mm-hmm." She nodded.

"Okay then. As long as I get to see it." He said stepping away from the girl and her guard.

"Damn it!" The guard screeched before opening fire.

Akame jumped forward and in one fluid motion, cut down both of her targets. They fell to the ground directly afterwards.

"Who are you?" Akame asked turning to look at him.

He smiled, "Just someone who wanted to kill that sadistic bitch." Then he turned and ran into the surrounding forest.

Akame was a little confused, but she returned to the people waiting for her, and together they went to report the mission.

She didn't notice how the boy sat on the branch of a tree and watched them.

"You think I should've joined them?" He asked, staring at the group of leaving assassins.

"Not yet. We should wait until we know they want us. Don't you like these kind of games?"

"You know me too well." He smiled, before walking off into the night forest.

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