It has been three months since that day in Erudite. Jeanine was caught and executed for her crimes. There were eighty five Erudite members who were found to be taking part in Jeanine's experiments. Or I should say who were experimenting on others or developing the serums to experiment on others.

We found five Erudite transfers in Dauntless who were also helping Jeanine. The biggest shock came from Abnegation. Almost half the council were supporters of Marcus and his plan to help Jeanine. There were also a number of factionless who were helping Jeanine. Candor and Amity seem to be the only factions who weren't involved in the whole mess. It was a really dark day for our city.

It did bring some changes. Andrew Prior is now the leader of Abnegation. The first thing he did was bring in a law that made it punishable by death to discriminate, hunt, experiment on or kill anyone who is divergent. People haven't been coming out and saying they are divergent. A lot of people are still scared. Erudite now have to be open about what they are studying when it comes to humans. A special committee has been set up to monitor their activities. Cara is overseeing the project. Zeke finally got her to get a tattoo. Of course she chose the Erudite symbol. What shocked all of us is that she got it on the back of her wrist where everyone can see it. Maybe there is a little bit of Dauntless in her.

Caleb was given an Abnegation funeral. Tris and I attended. Andrew and Natalie have been so supportive to Tris. It is exactly what she needed. It has been hard for her, she said she doesn't regret shooting him but she admitted that he was still her brother and she loved him anyway. I can understand that. Her parents don't blame her; they understand that he chose his path. I think it helps that Tris has been spending more time with them. I think it helps all of them.

Uriah and Christina both healed with no lasting problems from their gunshot wounds. Uriah went zip lining two days after he got shot. It was great they healed so will. Better than some from that day. We lost four Dauntless and Erudite lost twenty just in the fight to arrest Jeanine. It seems such a stupid waste of life. But it also saved so many more lives. It will make you crazy if you think about it too much. So now we have to learn from it and make sure it doesn't happen again.

Dad is finally coming home from hospital today. He has been stuck in Erudite for the last three months. The first month they didn't want to move him because of his injuries. He wanted to come back to Dauntless but they decided that he should stay there because they have state of the art rehab facilities. If he had been shot anywhere else in the city he would be dead now. The fact that Tris was with him and able to slow the bleeding and he had the best doctors in the city to help him is the only reasons he is alive. It still amazes me how level headed Tris can be in a crisis. To be able to put her own pain and agony over Caleb to the side and concentrate on helping dad was more than I could have done. Tris still doesn't think she is selfless enough for Abnegation but that just isn't true. She is the most selfless person I have ever met.

Tris has been my tower of strength. The first few weeks were touch and go with dad and Tris was not only there for me but my whole family. Even while dealing with her own guilt and grief she still was here for all of us. Charlie loves having Tris around and was really excited when she found out she was going to get a little sister. Three brothers are probably enough for Charlie. She has never been a girly girl and that is why I think she gets on with Tris so well. But another girl in the family is exciting for both her and mum.

Nate is fitting in well. He loves Dauntless and has made lots of friends. I see a lot of me in him. Like me he is thriving in our family. Jed, well he is just Jed. Totally Dauntless. Completely loveable. He is so easy going. He is definitely the best of mum and dad.

Zeke finally asked Shauna to move in with him. I never thought that would happen. Uriah was upset at first. Until Shauna told him he could have her apartment. Now the parties are held at Uriah's place and he is loving it. Marlene decided to work for mum. She is working in the child care centre part time and working as mum and dads' nanny part time. Thank goodness. Christina and Will broke up last week. But that is the fourth time in the last three months that they have broken up so I'm sure they should be back together again by next week. If not Tris will be stuck cheering Christina up and that means lots of shopping. We are both hoping they make up soon.

Charlie, Nate and Jed have been spending a lot of time with Tris and me. If it wasn't for Marlene I think we would never get rid of them. It has made Tris and I decide we don't want kids any time soon. We want them eventually but we want to enjoy being teenagers for now. We already have important jobs so we want to be able to come home and just enjoy each other and our friends. We can just keep borrowing my brothers and sisters if we need too.

I think we are all in a good place at the moment. I know I am. I know it is because I have Tris by my side and such a great family and friends. I haven't dwelled on what happened with Marcus and Evelyn. I hate who they became but I wouldn't have the life I have without having had to go through what I did. So in a twisted way I suppose I have a lot to thank them for. The best thing is that Tris is always here to listen and talk to about it. Just like I am for her. I really got lucky the day she jumped into the net and back into my life.

Thank you to everyone who has read, reviewed, followed and favourited my story. I hope you have all enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

I rewrote this last chapter three times so I hope it is a fitting end for the characters. I had planned on killing Max off from the start of the story but as I got closer to the final chapters I just couldn't do it. Many discussions with hplcgirl (thank you by the way. We both changed our views on this on numerous occasion) helped to bring me to the decision to keep him alive. Ultimately I hate to see Tobias in any more pain than he has to be in and I think I gave him enough pain as a young child. So Max got to live.

So once again thank you for your support.

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