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~ January ~

Holiday: New Year's Day

Chapter Title: When Our Love First Began

It was January first and the beginning of a new year. That very morning, when he woke up, Ethan was very determined to tell his big time crush just how he exactly felt about them. He was nervous, but also he couldn't wait to finally get out all of his pent-up feelings about this very special person in his life. He just hopes that they feel the same way about him or that it doesn't ruin their friendship together.

After getting dressed in his best, but not too nice looking, clothes and brushing his teeth, he headed downstairs to quickly eat his breakfast that his mom had prepared that morning. Once he was done eating, he immediately set out to his destination with confidence in his heart. He was ready to do this and nothing is gonna stop him.

As soon, as he reached the person in question front doorstep, all of his confidence had began to drain away from him and fear had begun to set in. Using what little confidence he still had left, he knocked on the door.

All kinds of thoughts began to start racing through the poor seer's mind, now. Thoughts like "How will they react when I tell them?" and "I hope they like me back," and even "God! What if they hate me, after this and don't want to be my friend anymore!" All these thoughts had started to make him freak out and panic on the inside.

Soon the front door swung wide open to reveal the very person, who was making Ethan really nervous, right about now.

"Hey, E! What's up?! And happy New Year!" greeted the person at the door, with a bright and cheery smile on his face.

Ethan felt his heart flutter when he saw them smiling at him. He couldn't help, but to return the smile back. "I-I'm good! Th-thanks for asking, Benny!" he greeted back, happily. He could kick himself right abour now, for being such a stuttering idiot in front of his best friend like that.

Benny frowned concernedly at his best friend when he heard him stutter. "Gee, Ethan! You must be really cold or something? Quick! Come on in, before you freeze to death!" urged Benny in concern, as he ushered Ethan on in.

Ethan smiled politely at him and gave a 'thanks' for a reply, as he walked on in the house.

After shutting the door, Benny spun around on his heels to face the seer. "So! What do I owe the honor to this visit?" he asked Ethan in a upbeat tone.

Ethan jumped a little in surprise at his question, but luckily Benny didn't notice it. "Uh..." he trailed uncertainly, as his eyes began to shift all over the room from nervousness. He silently debated about whether or not to just tell Benny how he felt about him or to just remain silent about it.

He saw the strange look that Benny was giving him, as he quickly just made something up. "I actually, just came over because I thought that you might of wanted to play some video games and spend the new year together, was all." he lied, as he let out a small awkward laugh.

Benny glared at him incredulously. "O-k...?" he drew out suspiciously, not sure if he was telling the truth or not. But brushing it off, he perked back up again. "Well, then let's get to it!" he beamed cheerfully. "You know I'm always up for a good gaming session with my best bud, E!" he added in enthusiastically, with a goofy smile on his face.

Ethan smiled back wearily at him, but was able to mask it to keep Benny from noticing it. And that smile that Benny had just given him...WOW! If he wasn't feeling so anxious right now, he probably would've fainted from all the swooning that he was feeling at that moment. But he remained conscious and stable, as he and Benny made their way up to Benny's room.

After about two hours of gaming, Benny couldn't take it anymore. It was obviously clear to him that there was something bothering Ethan because he had just beaten Ethan in Kick Fighters 2 for like the THIRD TIME, and he's never been able to win against Ethan in that game, before. Like...EVER! So, it was obvious that Ethan was off his game for some odd reason. Ans a reason that Benny was determined to find out about, too.

Not to mention the strange way he sort of stalled when he asked him why he came over. And he couldn't stand it whenever he saw his friend in such a stressed out and frazzled state of mind, like that. He knew how Ethan would much rather just kept his own problems to himself, rather than telling those closes to him about it because he didn't want them to worry over it as, as well. So, you pretty much had to pry it out of him and luckily for him, Ethan was pretty easy to crack.

"Awe, man! It looks like you beat me again, B!" announced Ethan with a chuckle. "You must be getting pretty good at this game to be able to beat me so many times like that?"

"Ye-ah...?" replied Benny quietly, in dull tone. He then put his remote controller down and then turned to face his friend with a concerned look on his face. "Alright, E! Spill! I know that there's something on your mind that' been really bothering you, ever since you've got here!" demanded Benny worringly.

Ethan suddenly stiffened when he heard his stern, but worrying tone. He then began to shift around uncomfortably in his seat, as he slowly lowered his remote down as well.

"I don't know whatever gave the impression that there's something wrong with me, because I can guarantee you that there isn't." defended Ethan, trying to sound convincing.

And of course, being his best friend and the one person in this universe who knows him better than anybody else, except for maybe his family, Benny saw right through him.

"O-h, I don't know? Maybe the fact that I just beat you in Kick Fighters 2 for like the...third time today, is all!" pointed out Benny, as he stressed his point across in an obvious and snarky tone. "And I never beat you in that game!" he added, frustratingly.

The seer flinched at his words, knowing that he was right and for being so stupid to think that his best friend wouldn't have noticed his distressed like state at the moment. So, now he really began to feel nervous once again.

"So, come on Ethan. Tell me what's the matter. I might be able to help you or at least make you feel more better about it." pleaded Benny in a more calmer tone now.

Ethan looked up at him meekly. As soon as his brown eyes met the green ones before him, he instantly felt bad about making Benny feel so concerned and worried about him. And whenever he looked into those green emeralds of his, he couldn't help but to get lost in them.

Ethan felt his cheeks begin to burn and snapping out of it, he felt really embarrassed for staring and for blushing at such an amazing sight that was his best friend's sparkling eyes and facial features. He quickly turned away from Benny shyly, covering his cheeks with his hands, while trying to hide his blush from his friend.

Benny smiled at his friend's action, but was still a bit confused as to just what was up with him, in the first place. Ethan then felt a gentle hand placed over his left shoulder, who he knew was Benny's, which made him shudder a bit in delight from the warm and reassuring contact. When he hesitantly looked back at him, Ethan saw that Benny was giving him a small and gentle smile.

That was enough to give him the courage that he needed to finally say what he's been meaning to tell him, ever since arriving here. So, when he turned his head back the other way, he took a deep and steady breath and then exhaled, to calm and sooth his jittery emotions.

When he turned his body back around to face him, Ethan couldn't bare to bring himself to look Benny in the eyes from the shame that he was feeling. "Ok, Benny. I'll tell you, if you really want to know." spoke up Ethan, finally.

Benny placed a hand over Ethan's, which rested upon his leg, and smiled softly at him. "I do, Ethan." he said sweetly to him. "And hopefully it's not about you just letting me win three times in a row on Kick Fighter 2, just to boost my ego!" he then added in jokingly.

Ethan lightly chuckled at his funny joke, but shook his head 'no' in response.

A grin then appeared on Benny's face, but it soon quickly died away to a very worried frown. "Oh, no! Please, tell me that you're not moving away, E?! Are you?!" asked Benny suddenly, as began to raise his voice some in a panicky tone.

"I mean, you're my best friend Ethan! And I don't know what I'd do without you here in Whitechapel! I'd be lost without you! You're the only one around here who can actually keep sane around here! I mean, hanging out with Rory just by myself would wind up driving insane being around him like that for too long! And as for the girls? Well, they just like to go off and do girlie things with each other, all the time!" rambled Benny frantically.

"Without you then things would just be boring and dull around here, and I'd be all alone without my best bud there to make it all more fun and interesting! I need you, E! You're like my little Jiminy Cricket! Always telling me what and what not to do, whenever I come up with one of my cock-a-mania ideas, sometimes!" ranted Benny some more, but he stopped once he heard Ethan laughing at him.

He looked over at him with a dumb and puzzled look on his face. "What's so funny, E? This a life or death situation, here! I can't lose my best friend in the entire world, just because he's moving far away!" stated Benny seriously to him.

Ethan laughed even harder now, at how scared and frantic Benny was getting over the wrong conclusion. "Relax, B! I'm not moving away or anything!" he chuckled.

Benny then let out a breath of relief after hearing that, but he was still puzzled by what it was that seemed to have Ethan so worried on the inside. "Ok. So, if it's not about that then...what?" he asked wanting to know.

Ethan stopped laughing and then looked back down at his hands in shame, as he began to twiddle his thumbs around nervously. He didn't say anything, whoever. Instead, he just sat there in slience.

"Ethan..." began Benny warningly, in a very concerned manner. He once again placed his hands over Ethan's, to stop the short teenager from fiddling with his fingers. This time however, a small blush began to spread across Ethan's cheeks, but he ignored it. "I'm sure that whatever it is that you have to tell me, can't be all that bad, can it?" pressed Benny considerately, in a caring and kind way.

"It depends, really." replied Ethan, finally speaking up from his quiet behavior.

Benny just gave him a confused look. "What do you mean?" he asked curiously.

He let out a heavy sigh, afraid of what he's about to tell his best friend next. "Well...you see, there's this...friend, that I like..." Ethan began reluctantly.

Benny cocked his head to the side a bit in confusion, as he looked at him curiously. "A friend?" he repeated back curiously. Benny wasn't quite sure were Ethan was going with this.

Ethan nodded slowly. "Uh-huh. And I really, really like them...Like a LOT." he replied meekly.

"Oh." was all Benny said simply in response, almost sounding as if he was slightly hurt. "Well, do you know if they feel the same way as you do?" he asked kindly.

Ethan didn't say anything, he only just shrugged, not knowing if they do feel the same or not. "Do they even know how you feel about them, Ethan?" asked Benny, looking at his shy friend intently.

The seer just shook his head 'no' in reply, but then paused for a second as if thinking about it. "At least I don't think they've figured it out, yet? I haven't really mention my strong feelings towards them, yet actually." answered Ethan sullenly. "To be honest, I'm a bit scared to tell them." he confessed honestly, looking up at Benny with ashamed eyes.

Benny looked at him perplexingly. "Well, why haven't you?" he asked Ethan.

"I don't know." sighed out Ethan, disappointingly.

He kind of felt like a coward for being so afraid to tell Benny the truth about his feeling for him. It sort of seemed silly in Ethan's mind, really. He's came face-to-face with evil vampires, a scornful siren, a vengeful tree spirit, a crazy power hungry wizard, zombified teachers and adults, a soul sucking witch, and many other supernatural bad guys. All of which he was scared of at the time, but none of those things seemed as scary as telling your best friend since childhood that you like him as more than just a friend.

But he had to do it. It was a promise that he had made to himself. His New Year's resolution to himself for the new year, after all.

Benny sat there waiting for Ethan to go on, which he did. "I guess I'm just afraid that they'll hate me and want to stop being my friend once I tell them. And I don't know if I can live with myself if they do." he confessed truthfully, but sadly.

"Ethan." started Benny sternly, but gently to him as he stared at him with kind green eyes that also held a bit of determination in them. "You need to tell them how you feel or else you'll never know how they'll truly feel about it. I mean, it's better to know than it is to not to know. Am I right?" advised Benny in a sincere tone.

Ethan stared at him for a minute, but then looked down again. "I-I guess so..." he replied quietly. "It's actually, my resolution for this year." he admitted shyly, blushing lightly.

"Well, you better get to it, then! I've heard that not completing a New Year's resolution, will mean that the rest of the new year will go badly for you." chirped Benny happily with a smile.

That had brought a small smile to Ethan's face and a chuckle with it. "Benny! That's only superstition! I highly doubt that if you don't complete your resolution, that it'll bring you bad luck for the rest of the year!" stated Ethan, playfully.

Benny shrugged carelessly, with his hands up in the air as if he wasn't so sure. "Hey! You never you! Especially in this town. Am I right?" joked Benny, humorously. They then shared a laugh together, before Benny finally spoke again. "Besides, I'm sure Sarah will be thrilled to hear that you still like her, after that disastrous first date that you two had." chuckled out Benny.

Ethan suddenly stopped laughing and his happy facial expression fell into a frown, as his face paled a little in fear. Benny was still laughing and hadn't realized that Ethan had stopped, yet. "Uh...It's not Sarah that I like, Benny." stated Ethan in a hushed tone, that was barely a whisper, as he looked down in shame.

The spellmaster immediately stopped laughing when he heard this, and looked at the seer with a stunned and baffled look. "If it's not Sarah, then who else can it be, Ethan?" wondered Benny with a raised brow.

Ethan didn't dare look him in the eyes, as he sat there in silence for a minute again, embarrassed. He was getting really anxious again and could feel his own heart beating a mile a minute as if he had just ran a marathon. He started to shift around a bit uncomfortably and felt like he could faint from an overload of anxiety, at the moment.

Benny saw Ethan's actions and began to grow worried for him. He's never seem him look like this before and it was very unsettling to sit there and watch, as his best friend looked like he could pass out at any minute. It almost looked as if he was having a panic attack. So, he did the only thing he knew would help calm his dear friend's nerves down. He scooted closer to Ethan and wrapped his arms around him in a comforting hug.

Ethan was very surprised by his action and didn't know how to react. It sort of just caught him off guard.

"It's ok, to tell me, E. I won't laugh at you or get mad or anything. Just...relax. Ok? I hate seeing you so worked up or freaked out over things like this, Ethan." said Benny in a genuine and sympathetic tone.

Still stunned, Ethan still didn't know what to do, but hearing Benny say those words, along with the hug, had made him feel more better and calmer, now. Ethan smiled a bit, as Benny leaned back ending the hug. He too had a smile on his face, just at the sight of seeing his best bud smiling again.

"There's that pretty smile that I like to see on you!" praised Benny fondly, as he blushed lightly from what he just said to Ethan.

Ethan blushed too, from the kind words. Feeling more at ease now, Ethan was finally ready to tell him the truth. "Ok. So, this mystery crush of mine isn't really a girl." he hinted subtly to Benny.

Benny looked at him in surprise. "So, it's a guy?" he asked incredulously. Ethan nodded, bashfully. "So, you're...gay?" questioned Benny cautiously. Ethan just shook his head 'no'. "Actually, I'm bi." he stated, shyly.

"O-h!" replied the spellmaster, drawing out the 'O' sound. "Well, I'm cool with that!" beamed Benny happily with a smile.

Ethan blinked a few times in disbelief with his mouth hung open. "You are?" replied Ethan, incredulously to him.

Benny just rolled his eyes at him. "Of course, E! You're my best friend! Why would I care if you're straight, or gay, or even bi?! You'll still be my best friend, no matter what gender you're into!" stated Benny, as if it was obvious with a playful chuckle at the end.

Ethan was glad to hear him say that as it brought some relief to him, but there was still that nagging question of, 'Would he still feel the same once he found out that it was him that I was crushing on?', in the back of his mind asking himself constantly.

"So, dude! Tell me just who is this lucky mystery crush of your's, that seems to of captured your heart, my friend?" asked Benny intriguingly, snapping the seer out of his thoughts.

"Well, um...uh...um..." rambled Ethan nervously, causing Benny to smile at him.

Benny giggled and then moved close to Ethan's ear with a smug and knowing look on his face. "It's ok, E. I know. And if I would've known sooner, then I would of asked you out a long time ago." he whispered teasingly and chuckling some, as he leaned back away from Ethan's ear.

Ethan's body went rigid at his words and a slight shiver spread throughout his body at feeling Benny's breath on his ear like that. He had a very shocked expression in his face, as he looked at the still grinning spellmaster before him.

"H-h-how did you know?!" he finally asked, in astonishment and surprise.

"Well, to answer your question. I only just realized it, right now actually." answered Benny nonchalantly. Ethan just sat there staring at him with wide eyes. "I mean, it wasn't really too hard to figure out really. As soon as you came over here, I immediately already suspected that something was up because you usually don't just show up here unannounced, unless it was something really important." he began simply.

Ethan nodded. "And then after finally getting you to spill your guts as to why you seemed so stressed out, I started to put things together. That's when I realized that the person who you liked must of been me." finished explaining Benny, as if it was no big deal with a simple wave of his hand and closing his eyes for a second.

He then shot a quick peek back over to his friend, who was still very shocked by it all. "S-so, you're meaning to tell me that you're...gay, as well?" asked Ethan disbelievingly, as he came out of his stupor. Benny nodded slowly, flashing him a toothy smile. "But since when?! Every time I always see you, you're always running around school flirting with every pretty girl you see!" stated Ethan, he still couldn't quite wrap his head around it.

"I'm actually more like you really. Bi. But I just never really acted upon it because the only guy that I was gay for was you, Ethan. But after seeing the way you always fawned over Sarah, I figured that there was no way that I could tell you, since it was obvious that you were straight. So, I just continued on with my pursuit of trying to get a hot chick to date me, instead." explained Benny.

"So, you've liked me ever since I started to crush on Sarah?" Ethan asked uncertainly.

"Yep!" he piped happily. "Actually, it was a little bit before we first met her, but after I saw how goo-goo eyed you were while staring at her in the hallway that day, I just decided to not tell you about it." Benny added, a bit embarrassed by it a little.

"I-I...I never knew." said Ethan quietly and surprisingly.

"So, since when have you always had the hots for me? Eh, Ethan?" mused Benny playfully, with a cocky grin and a couple of light nudges to the said teen's side.

Ethan's cheeks turned a deep red color, as he looked away timidly. "Well...about the same with you, really. Maybe even a little bit longer than that. Say maybe...back in 8th grade." he admitted ashamedly. When he looked at Benny he saw the surprised look on his face and smiled at how funny it was.

"But as soon as I saw Sarah and started crushing on her, I thought that maybe I could use that to my advantage in getting over what I felt for you. But as more and more time passed, I soon began to realize that my crush on Sarah had began to fade and my crush for you, instead, only grew. Especially, with all the awkward supernatural and nonsupernatural moments that we shared together that had happened." confessed Ethan modestly.

"But you still had that date with her while me and Rory were out looking for the Lucifractor, that one time?!" he stated questioningly to Ethan, with a curious brow raised.

"I know." he admitted simply. "But it wasn't until after the date, was when it finally hit me. After finally being able to go out with her was when I realized that there just wasn't that much of a spark between us. And when we miraculously survived the explosion, I was more worried about you than I was about Sarah." confessed Ethan, getting bashful when he mentioned how worried he was.

"But what about Sarah? You guys had this whole misunderstanding about how you both thought that it was a mistake?" questioned Benny.

"After the whole thing with Stern was over, me and her had decided to talk about it. I told her how I really felt about the date and how I didn't think it was that big of a mistake. If anything it helped me realize the truth finally about myself." replied Ethan.

"I thought that she would hate me for saying that, but surprisingly she was really understanding about it. And had told me that she was glad that didn't change anything between us and that we're still friends, regardless if me and her don't have romantic feelings for each other." he explained.

Benny just sat there in shock, but he then smiled trying to hide his satisfaction of how not even 'little miss perfect,' Sarah could ever take his place in Ethan's heart more than he can. But Ethan saw the satisfactory grin on his face and gasped silently.

"Oh my god, Benny! You're totally thrilled that I chose you over Sarah! Aren't you?!" he asked shockingly, hitting Benny on the arm playfully.

Benny laughed. "Well, do you blame me?! I mean, Sarah's a HOT primo babe of a vampire! And yet, you still find me more attractive than her!" he replied jokingly, as if it was obvious making Ethan just roll his eyes at him. "Plus, I was afraid that if you two did started dating, then...we wouldn't get to hangout as much like we use to." he added sadly, looking down in hurt.

"Benny..." said Ethan quietly, sounding a bit remorseful.

But the spellmaster quickly shook his head and shook it off. He smiled happily at the seer once again. "But it's alright, though because those types of things sometimes just happen!" he chirped happily with a shrug. "Not to mention, now that I know I'm the one who's always occupying your mind 24/7, then I'm even more cool with it." he said smoothly and cockingly, wiggling his eyebrows at him teasingly.

"Benny!" shouted Ethan in embarrassment as he blushed, at his comment. The two broke out into laughter together.

"So!" blurted Benny. "Now, that we've finally got that out of the way and you've completed your New Year's resolution..." he began in a suggestive tone. He then scooted more closer to Ethan as he gave the shorter teen a seductive and flirtly grin. "How about we make it official and become what we've been dreaming of would happen, a reality? Hmm, Ethan?" suggested Benny in a low husky voice, as he grew ever so closer to Ethan's face.

Ethan smiled lovingly, as he knew just what Benny was going to do and followed his lead. The two boys lips then met each other's, as they kissed enjoying the feel of the other's lips on their's, finally. It was a sweet and sensual kiss that only lasted for about a minute. They stared deeply into each other's eyes passionately.

"I would love that." replied Ethan happily with a loving smile on his face. Happy with his answer, Benny had went in for another sweet and loving kiss.

And on that day, not only was it a new month and a new year, but also the beginning of a new relationship between the two best friends.

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