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~ December ~

Holiday: Christmas

Chapter Title: A Christmas Gift From The Heart

It was a cold, winter night in December and the streets of Whitechapel were busy as can be. For you see, it was a few days before Christmas and everybody was busy trying to get those last minute gifts before the big day had arrived. And yes, you did have your occasional Scrooge or Grinch in the crowd, but you also had those who were still filled with the holiday cheer.

Downtown around the square, the streets and shops all were decked out and decorated with festive holiday decorations. A small group of people stood in front of a giant evergreen tree, all lit up with lights and ornaments hung on it with a big shining star at the very top, singing delightful and joyous holiday songs to bring the mood of Christmas to their fellow citizens.

The night was bustling, as you could feel the holiday spirit in the air. But there was one person who was too busy worrying and freaking out about what to get his best friend for Christmas. A teenage boy with green colored eyes, to be more exact. And this "best friend" of his wasn't simply just that. In fact, they were more than that to him...because they were also his boyfriend, as well.

"Ugh! Why does shopping for your boyfriend/best friend for Christmas have to be so. Dang. HARD!" stressed Benny, running a hand through his brown hair frustratingly. He then took a sip of his hot cup of coffee in his other hand to help try and relax his nerves a bit.

He hummed pleasantly at the warm feeling that the hot brew created inside of him, as he felt himself more at ease now. "Ah! That's much more better." he sighed contently.

But the problem at hand still remained. What to get Ethan for Christmas? Undoubtedly, Ethan's already gotten him the perfect gift for this year. But for Benny Weir, it was always a struggle. Especially, this year with it being their first one as a couple. Not to mention, their one year anniversary was also coming up about a week after Christmas, too!

He was so glad that Ethan was easy to shop for. He knew that no matter what he got him, Ethan would still love it, regardless. But he wanted this year to be special (just like all the other holidays they've spent together as a couple for the first time).

"There has to be SOMETHING I can give him that will show him how much he means to me..." thought Benny, out loud. "I've been to like every store here in town and nothing stands out to me!" he sighed again, but this time exhaustingly.

Benny tightened the scarf that rested around his neck, as a chilled breeze blew by. He shivered slightly at the bit of cold, but got over it quickly by taking another drink of his coffee. "So, far I've spent the better day searching for the perfect gift and still I can't come up with anything." he added defeatedly, as he walked on.

As he walked, he took notice of all of the people walking by. Some trying to keep their excited children in check from seeing all of the wonderful decorations and toys around or from getting to see Santa. And others, rushing by trying to fill their quota for the day in buying gifts for everybody, while some were in the same predicament as he was. And then there were all of the lovely and cute couples out strolling around.

Holding hands. Snuggling up to one another to stay warm in this cold weather. Laughing and giggling while whispering funny things in each other's ears. It all made Benny smile, seeing how this time of year just seemed to bring out the joy in people's hearts.

As he walked by a store front with one of those little red buckets out front and someone standing next to it, ringing a bell for kindhearted people to please make a small donation to the local shelter, Benny stopped and smiled at the lady ringing the bell. He reached into his pocket and pulled a few coins to deposit into the little red bucket. The lady smiled kindly at his kind gesture and offering, as she rang the bell.

"Merry Christmas!" she said cheerfully.

The spell master smiled back happily and tilted his head slightly to the side with his eyes closed replying back, "Merry Christmas!" to her as well, before walking off. 'It feels good to do something nice every now and then.' he thought pleasantly, while whistling a little Christmas tune as he walked.

Along the way, a few people would tell him 'merry Christmas' as so did he in response back to them, while giving a kind smile. He didn't know why, but Benny loved this time of year with all of it's joy and cheer, and festivities. He especially, loved all the wonderful and delicious baked goods that came out at this time of year, as well as it being perfect for hot chocolate drinking, too. Which thinking about that...he should really heat himself up some once he gets back home from shopping.

Unintentionally reminding himself about Ethan's gift, the spell master's cheery mood soon fell back into his less than cheerful one and he began freaking out again about what to get him. He had already gotten everybody else their gifts. Rory a lady vampire sasquatch doll to go with his regular vampire sasquatch doll. Sarah a cute little charm bracelet. Erica a pair of shoes that she's been wanting (that weren't all that easy to get, either). Jane some lip gloss. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan some tickets to some musical that was in town. His father a watch (he was originally gonna get him one of those 'Better Parenting' books, but decided against it for obvious reasons). And his Grandma, a few ancient old books about spells and the supernatural (which he'd have to give to her when the Morgan's weren't around at a later time) and a few at home hobby books, as well as a cookbook or two.

Yep! He pretty much bought everybody something except for Ethan. He starting to think that maybe he'd never come up with the perfect gift. Then he thought about just magicking one up from thin air!


But then after some much needed thinking about the idea, Benny figured that maybe Ethan wouldn't like that idea very much. Especially, if this conjured up gift somehow backfired on him at a later date or time. He knew how much Ethan hated when he always used magic to try and take the easy way out. And he really didn't want to face the wrath of his seer boyfriend over the holidays because of it, either.

After finishing his cup of coffee, Benny discarded the empty container into a nearby trash can and took a seat on the bench next to it. He was at the park, mind still debating on what to get Ethan for Christmas.

He watched as a few parents had brought their children here at night to play on the well lit playground. Why anyone would let their kids play in the park this late in the day was beyond him, but regardless he enjoyed watching the happy children playing. Seeing their little faces all lit up with joy had reminded Benny of so many wonderful memories that he and Ethan had when they were just kids together.

Then his mind drifted off to all of the memories that they had over the recent years. Especially, this year, when they first confessed their love for each other and became a couple together. He smiled fondly at all of those great and happy little moments that they've shared during this year together. And he would never stop loving Ethan no matter what. Whether it be as best friends or lovers. He'd always have a place in his heart forever.

Then something sparked in the spell master's brain.

His face lit up at the magnificent thought. He'd finally thought of the perfect gift to give his amazing boyfriend! One that he knew he was guaranteed to love! The only problem was money...the gift he wanted to give was gonna cost out the wazoo. But then he thought of a way around it that was legal and would have just as much meaning to it, as well!

Jumping up with excitement and determination, Benny immediately set to work on his master plan on Ethan's Christmas present.

It was Christmas night and everybody was gathered at the Weir household for a little Christmas party that they were having. Pretty much it was just Ethan's parents, Jane, the girls, Vampire Ninja, Ethan, Mrs. Weir, her son (aka Benny's dad), and Benny himself. A nice little small gathering with friends and family to celebrate the holiday with.

Everyone was having an excellent time together, all dressed up and nice looking. Mrs. Weir even had the fireplace going to add that extra element of holiday cheer to the party.

And outside, little tiny white cold flakes where falling down from the cloudy sky, blanketing everything in snow and making this truly a white Christmas to behold.

Benny came out of the kitchen and up to his boyfriend, smiling. "Hey, there babe! How's the party going for yah so far?" greeted Benny cheerfully, and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Quite well, actually!" greeted back Ethan happily. He then noticed Benny taking a swig from a clear glass that contained a white milky substance in it. Ethan frowned at the drink.

"Uh...Benny?" said Ethan questioningly.

Benny looks at him. "That's not eggnog, is it?" ask Ethan skeptically.

Benny looks down at his cup to see that it is, but then just shrugs and smiles. "Yep! It sure is!" he says proudly.

"You know that's for the adults, right? And if your Grandma found out, she'd kill you for it." warned Ethan.

Benny rolled his eyes. "Relax, E! It's just a little eggnog! And I'm only having ONE cup and that's all!" replied Benny annoyingly, but then smiles. "And what she doesn't know won't hurt her. As long as you don't RAT me out, that is! And besides," he reassured casually in a joking like manner, taking a sip of his eggnog afterwards. "it tastes soo good, too!"

But then his smiling face fell after hearing someone clearing their throat right behind him. He knew just who it was, too. "That better not be eggnog that you're drinking, Benjamin Weir." scolded the person standing behind him, warningly in a stern voice.

He could sense the very harsh and stern glare being directed at the back of his head. He slowly turned around to face the person with a fearful look upon his face. He tried to play it off with a sheepish and lopsided smile.

"He-y, there Grandma." he greeted awkwardly, but trying to sound casual about it. He then let out a nervous laugh, but his grandma didn't look to amused to laugh.

Ethan on the other hand, stood there behind the spell master with a hand over his mouth trying to stifle his laughter with giggles, at the very awkward situation that his boyfriend was in at the moment.

"Is it Mr.?" she asked again, sounding more harsher.

Benny's nervous smile then turned into a blank, dumbfounded look with his answer.

"Uh..." was all he could say, knowing that he was busted because the evidence was right there in his hand in front of her.

The older Weir knew that look, plus she also saw the contents in the cup he was holding, too. "Benjamin Lucas Weir! You know better than to have alcoholic beverages while you're under age! DON'T you?!" she scolded, raising her voice some, but not enough to draw too much attention to them.

Benny winced when he heard her recite his full name out loud like that. It was never a good sign.

"But Grandma! It was just one cup! I promise that was all I was gonna have and then that's it! I swear!" he defended desperately, but Evelyn still wasn't very pleased looking.

"I don't care! No alcohol means no alcohol, period! Benny!" stressed Evelyn in a stern tone. "Now, hand it over!" she demanded, holding her hand out for the cup full of eggnog.

"But-!" he began, but quickly ended what he was about to say when he saw her narrow her eyes at him with a small growl. He gulped and not wanting to feel her wrath on Christmas Day, he handed over the eggnog (a bit hesitantly and fearful, I might add).

"Now, since it's Christmas I'll let it slide just this once." she said, not sounding as mad. "But I better not find you drinking anymore eggnog, tonight young man. Understand?" she warned, casting a glare his way.

Benny nodded slowly. Happy with his answer, Evelyn turned around and left.

Benny stood there with a pouty face, as Ethan came up behind him laughing. "Shut up, Ethan." he said unhappily, hearing Ethan's snickering as he approached.

"Well, I did try to warn yah!" he commented back, still snickering some.

The spell master just rolled his eyes at him with his arms across as he continued to sulk. But then something from the corner of his eye, hanging from the ceiling had caught his eye. He smirked when he saw it.

Taking Ethan by surprise, he yanked him by the wrist and pulled him more closer to him, wrapping an arm around Ethan's slim waist. "You know...this is a Christmas party. And there's usually always a certain little something hanging somewhere around at these type of parties." hinted Benny smoothly.

Ethan just looked at him with a quizzical expression, which made the spell master chuckle. "Look up." replied Benny simply with a smile.

The seer did as he was told and looked up, seeing a small little plant hanging above their heads. He smiled knowing what it meant.

"Mistletoe!" he said cheerfully.

Benny nodded as he leaned down to kiss the one person who was standing under it with him. Ethan wrapped his arms around the spell master's neck, kissing him passionately on the lips.

"Eew! Gross! Get a room, you two!" came a small tiny voice in mock disgust.

Smiling and giggling, the two mistletoe kissers looked over to see Jane standing there making a grossed out expression.

"My poor innocent little eyes!" she said playfully.

Ethan rolled his eyes at her. "Oh, please Jane! It's not like you haven't seen us kissing before!" commented Ethan back teasingly. "And besides, you're anything BUT innocent." he joked playfully.

Offended (but not really), Jane stuck her tongue out at him and ran off somewhere. The two teens laughed at her silliness, before focusing their attention back on each other.

Until they were interrupted again, that is. "Oh, joy. Look. The two lovebirds are at it again." joked Erica dully, entering the room along with Sarah. Erica was smirking while Sarah was snickering from her best friend's comment. "Erica!" she exclaimed, giggling. "Stop teasing them! They can't help it if they're so madly in love with each other!" pointed out Sarah, happily with a smile.

Erica crossed her arms and shrugged. "Yeah, I know! But it's still fun teasing the two little love dorks, though." she replied simply. The girls then started laughing again.

Rolling his eyes and feeling a bit annoyed, Benny looked at the two unamusingly. "Can I help you two with something?" he asked bluntly.

"Nope! Not really! I just wanted to come over here and make fun of you for a bit, was all." mocked Erica casually with a bright and cheery smile on her face.

"Yeah, that sounds about right for you, fangs." mumbled Benny quietly to himself, thinking that Erica wouldn't hear him say it, but he was wrong.

"Care to repeat that, magic dork?!" hissed Erica threateningly, flashing her fangs and yellow vampire eyes at him.

The spell master jumped back some, shaking his head 'no' in fear, while Sarah and Ethan stood there trying to contain their laughter at the frighten spell master.

"Thought so." stated Erica pointedly.

"Alright, Erica! Enough scaring poor Benny, here. Alright?" Sarah said, coming to the poor frighten spell master's defense.

"Yeah, Erica! Stop scaring poor Benny! Will yah?!" retorted back Benny playfully with slight smile, but with a hint of cowardice in case she did flip out and come after him for saying that.

Erica shot him a glare, which made him flinch and duck slightly behind Ethan. "You know Benny...You're always the one who keeps telling me that I'm the girl in this relationship, but as of right now it looks like you're the girl. Hiding behind your boyfriend like this." joked Ethan, chuckling. "It's so romantic!" he added, trying to hide his laughter.

Benny looked at him with a deadpanned look, as the girls joined in on his laughter. "Gee. Thanks, babe." said Benny flatly in an unamused manner, but he couldn't help crack a smile.

The party continued on with everyone snacking on cookies and other treats here and there, while awaiting for the food for the Christmas dinner to get done. There was even a piano, but oddly enough no one had dared to play a single Christmas song on it. Later it was revealed that they had decided to stay away from gathering around it to sing, as they had all planned on going caroling around the neighborhood, later. So, they all wanted to save their windpipes for that fun little activity later on.

After gifts were exchanged and dinner (after giving the food much time to fall) everyone set out on the cold and snowy streets of Whitechapel for a bit of caroling together. All except for two teenage boys. Benny had held Ethan back from going for a minute.

"Hold up, E! I still have to give you my gift." pointed out Benny anxiously.

Ethan looked at him weirdly. "Right now? Couldn't it of waited until we got back? And why wait until now to give it to me?" questioned Ethan curiously.

Before Benny could answer, he was interrupted by Samantha coming into the room. "Boys? Are you coming?" she asked.

"Uh...Yeah, Mrs. Morgan! Here in a bit, probably? You guys go on ahead and we'll catch up with yah later! I wanted to give Ethan something, was all." replied Benny, sounding a bit nervous.

Mrs. Morgan gave a nod that she understood. "Ok, dear! Don't take too long, ok? I want to spend the day with family." she answered back simply, winking at them before leaving out the room and the house (with everyone else).

Ethan stood there looking in the direction that his mother was just at, perplexingly. Was it just him or did she seem a bit...off? Benny on the other hand stood there smiling, chucking quietly to himself. Ethan noticed Benny's strange behavior as well and turned to face him, giving that questioning look wondering what was so funny. "Did I miss something? What's so funny, all of a sudden?" questioned Ethan.

Benny managed to stop laughing, but he couldn't stop the big happy smile that was on his goofy face. "Nothing, E! It's nothing at all!" answered Benny, playing it off as not a bit deal.

Not wanting to question it further, Ethan just let it go and moved on to the matter at hand. "Ok. So, you said you had to give me my Christmas gift? So, were is it?" he wondered.

Benny smiled. "Ah, yes!" he exclaimed brightly, pecking him on the cheek. "Your gift!" He then led Ethan over by the couch and had him sit down. "Don't turn around, whatever you do." commanded Benny sweetly.

Rolling his eyes, Ethan smiled and replied with an 'ok'. He slightly wondered what his crafty boyfriend was up to now.

The crafty boyfriend in question, smiled widely before turning on his heels and making his way to the piano (which was behind the couch a ways). He took a seat at the piano's bench and placed his fingers on the ivory keys, ready to play. He took a quick relaxing breath (hoping that he doesn't screw up after spending so much hard work on learning this song in just a few short days time) before playing.

A sweet, beautiful melody soon begun to fill Ethan's ears, as he sat there and listened to Benny play as snow continued to fall outside in the dark.

"The snow is falling, the city is white." sang Benny and his musically talented singing voice of his. Ethan smiled and blushed at hearing his singing. He couldn't believe that he was serenading him for Christmas as his gift to him. It was really sweet and romantic to Ethan and he loved every bit of it. Even there wasn't an actual gift to hold from his spell master boyfriend, he still loved it regardless because he could careless about getting gifts from him. As long as he still has Benny's love, than that's all he ever could want. "Your eyes are shining like diamonds tonight." smiled Benny, as he caught Ethan taking a quick glance backwards behind him, before he quickly looked away, blushing even more. That lyric was true. When he saw Ethan's eyes it seemed as if they were sparkling like diamonds that night.

Benny shook his head and chuckled lightly as he continued to sing. "And we're all alone. There's no on home." he sung talentedly, as his fingers moved across the keys masterfully. For once, he was actually not regretting his grandmother forcing him to learn to play piano when he was a child. Back then, he thought it was stupid and pointless. And that he would never have to play one in the future for anything, but now he feels thankful for the lessons because it meant he got to serenade his boyfriend like this with beautiful piano music and give him a private concert.

"You're finally in my arms again." Ethan than felt two strong arms wrap around him from behind. He smiled happily enjoying the warm feeling of the embrace, knowing that it was Benny. Benny had a smile on his face, as well, as he kissed him on the temple and started to sway side to side gently from behind with Ethan in his arms.

Something then occurred to Ethan. That he still heard live piano music being played. And if Benny was currently here, holding him like this...then...who's playing the piano? Knowing Benny (like the back of his hand), he was probably using magic again to keep the piano playing, while he was over here with him. Ethan closed his eyes and shook his head disappointedly with a smile. 'I swear! That boy can't go one day without doing magic.' thought Ethan humorously.

"The night is silent and Christmas is here. I couldn't ask for more than having you near." sang Benny smiling and nuzzling Ethan's neck, tickling the seer and causing him to giggle. "Cuz I love you boy...I always will. And now I know the moment is right!"

He then jumped over the back of the couch to sit next to Ethan and snuggle up with him, by pulling the seer more closer to him. "Cuz, I've been waiting to give this gift tonight. I'm down on my knees, there's no better time. It's something to last as for as long as you live." he sang lovingly. He gave Ethan a quick kiss on the lips before singing some more. "Tonight I'm gonna give you all my heart can give."

That whole lyric part, though, did confuse Ethan a bit. Benny wasn't down on his knees, which sounded very much like it would've been a marriage proposal if he did? And he wasn't proposing to him, so why choose a song that's about proposing, then?

Before he could think about it any further, Ethan was whisked away by Benny (suddenly) up from the couch and out to the middle of the floor, in front of the fireplace, where they slowed danced for a bit. Benny twirled a smiling and laughing Ethan around and then dipped him. He held him like that for a minute longer, staring into Ethan's eyes, before planting a heated kiss on the seer's lips that would warm any heart.

Ethan's cheeks turned a bright red in color from the kiss, and as he was getting back up Benny decided to surprise the seer by picking him up bridal style (causing him to yelp) and spinning him around with him in his arms. He then set Ethan back down gently. Ethan playfully smacked him on the arm for doing that to him randomly like that, but he loved it all the same.

They continued to slow dance again, while Benny went back to singing as they danced. "I thought I'd give you something shiny and new." There it was again! Another reference about proposing! Ethan began to wonder if there was a reason why Benny had chosen this song.

"I tried to find something worthy of you. But I realized, when I looked inside..." sang Benny harmoniously, as he stared deeply into Ethan's brown gorgeous eyes. Both, reflecting back the love that they had for each other. "There's some things that money can't buy! Oh no!" he sang softly.

Ethan rested his head on Benny's chest, as they swayed slowly together in rhythm, dancing. He could hear every beat of Benny's heart and knew that with every beat it beats for only him (and vice versa with his).

"I feel the magic, whenever you're near. I feel it even more this time of the year. Cuz I love you boy. I always will. And now I know the moment is right." sung Benny wholeheartedly, raising his tone an octave higher melodiously when he sung that last line. He placed Ethan's hands over his eyes, which confused the young seer.

"Benny?! Wha-" began to question Ethan bafflingly, before he was silenced by a finger being placed lightly on his lips. He smiled hearing a soft shushing noise coming from his boyfriend before feeling him removing the finger. So, the seer just stood there quietly, awaiting for his boyfriend to let him know when he can uncover his eyes.

Seconds, later he felt a tap on his hand. Taking it as his cue, Ethan uncovered his eyes. When he did, he noticed something strange, as he looked down.

Benny was down on one knee, smiling fondly up at him. He took Ethan's hand in his, as he went on with the rest of the song, as it fitted with what he was about to do next, perfectly.

"Cuz I've been waiting to give this gift tonight. I'm down on my knees, there's no better time. It's something to last for as long as you live." The spell master reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a little black box, making the seer gasp in shock. Ethan couldn't believe his eyes! Was Benny about to...? Is he gonna do what he thinks he's gonna do? This was all very shocking to the young teenager.

"Tonight I'm gonna give you...," Benny let go of Ethan's hand (who had the other hand held hovering over his mouth to contain his stunned expression) to open the little box up to reveal a shining and sparkling ring within it. "all my heart can give."

Ethan could feel the tears brimming in his eyes at Benny's wonderful gift presented to him. He's never felt so much love for that goofy (and sometimes misguided) spell master than he does right at this very moment.

Benny smiled, seeing Ethan's reaction. "You know I'll always be true to you. And you know I'm the one you can turn to. Anytime, any place, or anywhere...you know that I'll always be there! Oh, baby!" sang out Benny joyously with all of his heart and soul. He took Ethan's hand again and placed a gentle kiss on it, and held it over were his heart rested. He looked up at his boyfriend lovingly, gazing into those brown eyes that he loved ever so much and admired. "Cuz I've been waiting to give this gift tonight. I'm down on my knees, there's no better time. It's something to last for as long as you live. Tonight I'm gonna give you all my heart can give."

He then snapped his fingers, as the melody continued to play but this time with phantom voices singing the chorus part of the song in the background. "This gift tonight. I'm down on my knees, there's no better time."

While the ghostly voices sung in the background, Benny began to speak and pop the question to Ethan, yet again but this time with is own words. "So, Ethan Morgan...what'll be? Will you do me the honor of becoming my lovely fiancé and marry me?" asked Benny. "After we graduate high school and maybe finish our first year of college first, that is, so we'll be able to afford the wedding." he added in, snarky like.

"It's something to last for as long as you live."

Ethan stared down upon him, with tears falling from his eyes, smiling. "Of course, I'll marry you! How could I ever say no to a proposal like this?! So, my answer is yes, Benny Weir! I'll happily be your husband and become Mr. Morgan Weir with you!" answered Ethan happily and gratefully.

"Tonight I'm gonna give you all my heart can give."

Filled with excitement, Benny leapt up to embrace his now newly turned fiancé in a hug, which then became a kiss of passion and love for the seer. Ethan, filled with just as much joy, kissed back with just as much force into the passionate love filled kiss.

The piano's melody (along with the magically created mystery voices from nowhere) soon faded away and ended, as it had done it's duty in setting the mood for this special gift from Benny's heart.

Ending the kiss and slipping on the ring, Ethan looked at Benny curiously. "Um...Benny? How on Earth did you manage to buy an engagement ring, anyways? I know for a fact that you don't have the kind of money it takes to afford this thing?" he asked curiously. "You didn't use magic to create it did you? Or somehow found a way to counterfeit money to make it look exactly like the real deal, so you can buy it with no questions ask, huh?" questioned Ethan suspiciously with a raised brow. He knew how much Benny loved to use magic whenever he get's the chance. In fact, now that he thinks about it...Benny's first solution to a problem was always using magic, which usually only made it more worse for the two somehow.

Benny made a fake shocked expression with a hand over his heart, but figured his boyfriend would jump to such a conclusion because after all...Ethan knew him better than anybody else in the world. Except for maybe his grandmother, that is.

The spell master then chuckled at Ethan and kissed him on the lips briefly. "No, Ethan. I can guarantee that there was no magic involved when getting this gift for you, babe. In fact, the ring was actually Grandma's. Well...more of my mom's really." he stated with a smile, but then scrunched up his face into more of a thinking one. "You see, the ring was Grandma's at first, but when she got married to my grandpa and they switched them out for the gold wedding band rings, she decided to pass hers down to my dad to give to his future wife to be, as well." he explained easily enough.

"And then when he got married to Mom, he had decided to do the same to me. So, it was sort of like a family tradition and the ring is kind of like a family heirloom." finished Benny, with a beaming bright smile on his face.

Ethan gave a nod and smiled. "Awe! That's so sweet!" cooed Ethan. He leaned upwards to place a peck on his now fiancé's cheek. "I love it! Thank you, Benny for choosing me to be the next one who receives this lovely token of generations of love! And finding me worthy to wear it!" he said gratefully.

"Think nothing of it, my love! I'd happily give my heart to someone as wonderful as you! You deserve something this amazing for all you've done and given me through the years, E. And plus, every married couple always says that their other spouse is like their best friend. So, why not make my best friend my husband, am I right?" replied Benny genuinely, with a bright smile.

Ethan smiled back at him lovingly, but was then curious about something. "How did you know my ring size or that it would even fit me, for that matter?" he asked curiously.

Benny shrugged. "I remembered that time when we saved up enough money to get those Green Lantern special edition rings, last year."

"You memorized my ring size from back then?!" gasped Ethan impressively.

Benny nodded a 'yes'. "Well, yeah! I'm your best friend! It's my job to know every little detail about you!" he said, jokingly. Ethan blushed and grew a bit bashful from what he said. Benny smiled and pulled Ethan closer to him, wrapping an arm around him. He then lifted Ethan's hand up with the ring on it, with his free hand, to view the beautiful jewel that now rested upon his beloved fiancé's finger. He admired it's sparkling display and how well it looked on the seer's hand, officially marking him as his.

He brought the hand up to his lips and placed a small tender kiss on the hand, with his lips brushing against the diamond ring. He looked up into Ethan eyes and smiled. Nothing would ever be more beautiful than those brown beauties of his. Not even an engagement ring.

"So, does it fit? It's not too tight or too loose, is it?" he asked worryingly. "When I told Grandma about what I was gonna do and had asked for the ring (because after Mom had died Dad had left it with Grandma for safe keeping, while he was busy on his business trips and whatnot), she had agreed pay to get it resized for me to fit you. If it still doesn't quite feel right, considering back then the rings we ordered were going on a different finger other than our ring fingers, then let me know. Grandma said she'd would take us back to the shop to get it sized up, properly this time." explained Benny.

Ethan shook his head and placed a hand on Benny's cheek, caressing it lovingly. "No. It fits perfectly, Benny. Thank you!" he replied sweetly, with a smile.

The two smiled and then went in for another kiss, as the fireplace behind them crackled and burned, warming the room round them. But the fireplace wasn't the only thing that was burning brightly that night, as well. So, was the kiss that the two had shared together before it unfortunately had to come to an end as the front door was heard being unlocked and footsteps coming in.

They turned and smiled when everyone came in, cold and shivering from their time of caroling out in the snow. "Hey, everybody! How was the caroling?" greeted Ethan, happily.

"Great, actually!" beamed Sarah happily with a smile. "Yeah, except for Rory getting into a losing snowball fight with some of the neighborhood kids and Jane's friends." snickered Erica, trying not to laugh at how a teenage vampire boy could lose to a bunch of 10 year olds in the first place.

"Hey! Those little munchkins were more craftier than I thought they would be! And they had me out numbered, too!" defended Rory. He then crossed his arms and made a pouty face. "And besides...I went easy on them, anyways, since they were just a bunch of kids, anyways." he pouted, mumbling to himself.

Erica just rolled her eyes at him, while Sarah and Jane giggled.

"So!" spoke Mrs. Morgan suddenly, looking at Benny with a kind smile on her face. "How did it go? Did he say yes? I hope that he did!" she asked him, rambling on a bit with a hopeful look on her face. Everyone turned to the two with anticipation in their eyes as if awaiting for an answer.

Ethan went wide eyed with surprise. He then looked over to an embarrassed looking Benny. "Did they all know about this?!" he asked shockingly to Benny.

The spell master was kind of a bit hesitant at first with his answer, but answered him nonetheless. "Yeeaah! They all knew about me proposing to you in advanced." he answered back sheepishly, drawing out the 'yeah' and blushing. He then quickly got over it and explained his reasoning.

"I kind a had to. I mean, I wanted to get your parents blessing first, before I did anything. So, that was my second stop after I told Grandma. And of course, they said yes to it. Even Jane was thrilled about the idea of me becoming her brother-in-law!" explained Benny, chuckling at the part about Jane being thrilled about him marrying her brother. "I then told the girls and Rory because...why not?" he added, shrugging. "After that I had filled everybody in on how I wanted to propose to you. They all agreed on it and that's where the idea of them going out to do some Christmas caroling, while me and you stayed here alone, came from! They all thought it was really romantic. Especially, the girls and your mom."

"And your dad? Is he alright with us getting married, as well?" wondered Ethan, glancing over to the said person in question.

Mr. Weir looked at him and smiled. "I am!" he nodded happily. "Over these past few months, I've seen how close you two are and how much you two mean to each other. And I would love to have you as part of the Weir family and as my son-in-law, too." spoke Benny's father genuinely with a smile to match.

Ethan smiled at that. "As am I, dear." added in Evelyn fondly. "And it'd be nice to finally have someone else around to help keep him out of trouble and from doing stupid things when I'm not around. I can rest peacefully when my time comes, and I'm dead and buried without worrying about the boy getting into all sorts of trouble and wreaking havoc upon the world." she joked humorously, but with a bit of truth to her words, as well.

Benny could be a handful, at times and she knew that too. If anything, he was probably even more of a handful than his father was, growing up! She could only hope that he would someday grow out of his foolish behavior and start thinking more first before acting or wanting to always take the easy way out, instead. Maybe living a married life with Ethan might help change how more responsible he'll be from now on in the future? But then again, this is Benny we're talking about.

Everyone laughed with her, except for Benny, who stood there with a red face, fidgeting around and shying away a bit. Ethan giggled and kissed him on his red, embarrassed cheek to ease some of the tension and embarrassment he was feeling right now. Benny relaxed some and smiled, and gave a kiss on his cheek back, as thanks.

"Well, judging by the way they're still all cuddly-wuddly with each other and stuff," began Jane speaking up now, and fake cringing in disgust at the two after she said that. "I'm assuming it all worked out and my dorky brother said yes, then?" she presumed cockily with a smirk and her hands on her hips.

The two boys looked at her and then giggled. "Yes, Jane! I said yes to Benny's marriage proposal! So, now you'll have twice the big brothers to blackmail." replied Ethan amusingly to her with a smile and an eye roll at the end.

Jane stood there and grinned widely at the thought. Benny gave his fiancé a nudge in the side. "Hey! She already blackmails me out of my money, anyways!" he pointed out amusingly, making them both laugh.

Squealing could then be heard coming from the female vampires in the room, as they were excited because they knew that they get to help plan the wedding. "EEEEEK! I'm so excited! We get to be bridesmaids and get to help with the wedding! EEEEK!" squealed Sarah, jumping up and down with Erica in excitement and joy.

"I know! And with our help, this wedding is gonna be AMAZING!" screeched Erica happily. "I can see it now..." she trailed off, daydreaming about it with a big fat smile on her face.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Just wait a second here!" interrupted Ethan, ending the girls little freak out moment. Erica and Sarah stopped with all the bursting energy and turned to face the seer. "Who said we're going all out for our wedding? I mean, I'm perfectly happy with just a small and simple one with just the people in this very room." stated Ethan seriously.

Both girls then pouted at him. "Well, that's not a very impressive wedding to have, Ethan. I mean, you're basically just getting HITCH if we do it that a way." retorted Erica with slight disappointment in her voice.

Ethan was about to say something, but Benny then cut him off with a kiss on the lips. "She's right, babe!" said Benny, agreeing with Erica. "And besides, you deserve a full blown out wedding with all the bells and whistles, to boot! I think it'll be magical!" he implied sweetly, winking at the end.

Ethan rolled his eyes at him and lightly shoved him. "You just want a big wedding because you're Benny Weir. The man who likes to GO BIG or GO HOME!" he joked playfully.

Benny chuckled and pulled Ethan into his arms, just holding him there like that, swaying a bit. He kissed Ethan on the head. "Well, yeah! Of course, I do! It's a Weir thing!" he added jokingly, as well, grinning.

Ethan just shook his head and mumbled in a snarky way, "More like a Benny thing, really." He smiled, as he rested his head on his fiancé's shoulder, enjoying the embrace of his arms.

"So, come on, Ethan! What'd yah say? Can wee?" begged the girls, batting their eyelashes innocently at him.

Ethan just rolled his eyes at them. "Sure! Why not?! Go for it!" he answered annoyingly, but smiled afterwards. Sarah and Erica squealed again with excitement. "But I still get the final say in everything we pick!" quickly interjected Ethan, boldly. "It is my wedding after all!" The two females finally calmed down and gave a nod meaning 'ok' to the young seer.

"Hey! What about me?! Don't I get a say in all this?!" questioned Benny, slightly offended. "And don't you mean, 'our' wedding, Ethan?" he added, putting air quotes around the word 'our' and emphasizing the word as he said it, as well.

The seer just shrugged nonchalantly. "Maybe a little." he replied simply. "I mean, you're not exactly 'Mr. Party Planner' here, B. And you suck when it comes to making the right decisions, too." supplied Ethan some more.

"Yeah! You're right about that one, babe! I do tend to make the crappiest decisions every once in awhile." agreed Benny in the same manner. "So, it's probably wise to just leave all the heavy planning up to you and the girls, after all. You are the girl in this relationship, anyways." humored Benny, teasingly to his seer fiancé, which earned him a swift slap on the forearm.

He chuckled as he lightly rubbed the stinging sensation, from Ethan's slap on the arm, away. Everyone laughed at the two grooms-to-be little banter at one another before someone made the suggestion of making some hot cocoa for everybody to end the night off with.

After the party was over, everyone left the Weir residence to return home. Ethan had decided to stay over at Benny's that night so they can bask in glow of being a newly engaged couple for moment longer. They didn't want the feeling to ever end, even though they both knew that it wouldn't.

Ethan and Benny had went up to Benny's room to just hang out for few minutes before crashing in bed together. Ethan plopped down on Benny's bed tiredly with a sigh of contentment. Benny chuckled lightly at him, as he turned on the radio to some Christmas music. He turned the volume down just a smidge, as to not disturb his grandmother. Plus, he really just wanted it as a bit of background noise because why not? It's still Christmas, after all!

He walked on over to the bed and slowly got in it, making Ethan smile. He climbed on over Ethan, leaving little butterfly kisses all along his body, going up to his face and then ending with a deep one on the lips.

"So, tell me that wasn't the best Christmas you ever had? Eh, soon to be Mr. Weir?" smirked Benny in a husky voice, looking down at his future husband.

Ethan giggled and brought a hand up to his chin tilting it upwards slightly, thinking. "Eh. It was alright, I guess." he quipped nonchalantly, shrugging. The teen hovering over him looked at him with a blank expression, making Ethan laugh. He brought his arms up and wrapped them around Benny's neck, smiling lovingly. "Actually, it was the best damn Christmas EVER, Mr. Morgan." he added, bringing the now happy spell master down closer to him, into a kiss.

They rolled over onto their sides, while still locking lips with one another. Hands drifted upwards, getting entangled and intertwined in their shaggy brown hair.

Then something struck the spell master, as he realized something. "Ethan, baby? You never did give me your Christmas present?" he asked curiously, pulling away from the seer's lips to give him a odd look.

Ethan rolled his eyes and leaned over the bed to reach under it to grab something. He pulled out a gift wrapped box and presented it to Benny. Benny sat up and looked at him weirdly at first, but shrugged and decided to open it.

When he did, he found a small red and white Santa hat laying inside. He looked up at Ethan in confusion, but quickly saw where he was going with this and grinned.

He placed the hat on his head and slid Ethan on to his lap, holding him steady like a little kid on Santa's lap but as more of a straddle.

"So, little boy...have you've been good or a naughty this year?" asked Benny in his best Santa Claus voice.

Ethan chuckled and replied, "Well, Benny Claus...it really all depends on your definition of naughty, now doesn't it?"

Benny pulled him closer and gripped Ethan a little bit more tighter as he got really close to his face. "So, tell old Benny Claus what it is that you're wanting for Christmas this year?" he asked in his Santa voice, but a little bit more seductive like.

Ethan smiled. "Well, Mr. Claus...I thought that it would've been obvious by now." he hinted flirtingly. Benny Claus just shook his head 'no'. Ethan giggled and said, "You!" lowly in a soft subtle tone. "All I want for Christmas is you!" he repeated, whispering it in Benny's ear.

Benny smiled widely, as Ethan leaned down to kiss him thus making Benny fall down onto his back. Ethan grabbed the blankets and pulled them up over their heads, as they both scooted under it, covering them up completely.

As the blankets moved around and moaning noises could be heard (while clothes were thrown everywhere out from under the moving blankets), a certain tune (that fits with what Ethan had just said perfectly) begins to play in the background on the radio. The song "All I Want For Christmas, Is You" rings out quitely into the darkness of the room, as snow still falls from the cloudy sky above. The town's townhall bell rings and chimes out into the distance outside, signaling that midnight has come and that Christmas time has now officially ended.

But even though the holiday has ended and soon the year will too...for two teenage boys in love...it has only just begun for them. For this night was anything BUT silent, as the two expressed their true love and desire for one another into the cold night, warming their hearts (and bodies) with their love. As it was truly a merry Christmas to all and all a good night.

The End.

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