The anonymous Stormtrooper sat in the pilot seat of a transport vessel next to Lydia. He flew a distance away before he opened an audio com-link.

"The girl was adopted. She and her family lived on Alderaan until the planet was destroyed. They were all killed in the destruction of the planet."

The com link cut off. Darcy looked out the window and saw Vader's ship shaking violently. Inside the ship, Vader was unleashing rage upon his surroundings.

It was a strange moment for Darcy. On one hand, what he had done was the lesser of three evils: (1) let the Bennets get executed for treason; (2) tell Vader the truth to save Lydia, forcing Leia into the Skywalker Family Drama; (3) make Vader believe he killed his daughter to save Lydia. On the other hand, Darcy knew that he wanted Vader to suffer for killing Georgianna. So now the whole situation was morally ambiguous, and Darcy wondered whether he had actually done the right thing. He would continue to wonder for a long time. But, really, Darcy was too hard on himself. War makes decisions, especially moral decisions, harder. And everything is more complicated in space. He was fighting a war in space.

Elizabeth had never held a lightsaber before in her life. Its power and brightness intimidated her. But fear of it would be her undoing. So when she when she stood up, she pointed the blue beam of light toward Catherine de Bourgh. They walked in a circle, intently focused on one another. Elizabeth, knowing that she faced her death, decided to strike first. She swung her lightsaber diagonally, expecting Catherine to counter. But she didn't. Instead, she dodged the path of Elizabeth's lightsaber and ran out the door.

Queen Catherine was bluffing the whole time. In reality, she and Elizabeth were pretty evenly matched. So why did she have a lightsaber at all? She would love to tell the whole backstory herself, but it really comes down to the fact that her father had been a younger son in the aristocratic Dooku family. When Count Dooku turned to the Dark Side, he made a new red lightsaber and left his old ones at the Dooku family estate, in case they were ever needed.

Aunt and Uncle Gardiner brought Lydia back to Longbourn. When they arrived, Elizabeth was still explaining why Catherine de Bourgh ran out of their house with a lightsaber.

"I found it behind the chair!"

"So basically you're saying that you defended yourself with a lightsaber that magically appeared in the corner of our living room?" Mr. Bennet asked.

"Yes! That's exactly what I'm saying!"

Jane gave Elizabeth a blanket, "Why don't you go take a nap, dear. You've had a very hard day."

Mrs. Bennet screeched, "There's been a LIGHTSABER BATTLE in MY PARLOR, AND YOU SAY SHE'S HAVING A HARD DAY!"

And that's when Lydia showed up. Mrs. Bennet fainted.

Lydia and the Gardiners were extremely cautious when they answered questions about the rescue mission. Lydia said Mr. Gardiner had saved her single-handedly, but he insisted that it really wasn't anything to go on about. Elizabeth thought that if she ever had the chance to save someone's life, she would take all the credit she could get. The mischief in Lydia's face signaled that something was off. She started to fidget, and her smile gradually widened, until finally:


No one got Force-choked. Lydia survived. It was still a secret that Luke had a living sister. Only the Bennets knew that the Gardiners were spies. Darcy saved them. So when he showed up at Longbourn with Bingley, Elizabeth tried to be reserved and ladylike. But that didn't work out and instead there was a big Hollywood kiss.

Elizabeth kept her word. She married Darcy under the fireworks on the Moon of Endor, when the Jedi returned.