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Remember Me

Kazuto Kirigaya had a huge grin on his face as he stretched his muscles on the beach chair that he had claimed. He was in the backyard of Michael's home, where he and the others planned to spend their first day of summer vacation. On the chair next to him, Michael was dozing quietly, something that had become more and more of a habit for him lately. But on a day like today, Kazuto couldn't really blame him. The sun was warm, the sky was clear, and the pool could wait for later.

"Hey, bro!" Suguha called as she approached Kazuto, dressed in a one-piece bathing suit. "I thought you'd be in the water by now."

"I thought so, too, but on a day like this, I gotta enjoy the sun a little longer," he grinned.

"Hey, is Michael sleeping?" she asked suddenly.

"Huh?" Kazuto asked, looking over at the other boy, who was breathing quietly without a sound. "Well, yeah, but I don't think he's been asleep for too long. Why? What's up?"

"He just…" Suguha frowned. "He seems to be doing that a lot lately. And is he losing weight?" She stepped closer to her boyfriend to examine him more closely.

"Y'know, he wasn't exactly a big guy to begin with," Kazuto grinned. "I think you're just imagining things."

"Really?" Suguha's voice was different now. Not angry, but a little sharper than before. "Then what's this?" She pointed at his ribcage, which now that Kazuto paid attention to, was actually somewhat sticking out.

"Okay, that's not right," he frowned as he sat up straight. "I said he was slim, but he always had a good build- now he's just… skinny."

"Maybe he hasn't been eating well?" Suguha suggested.

"Well yeah, if you're the one that's been feeding him- ack!" His insult was cut as Suguha thumped him with her pool bag and into the water. He came back quickly, sputtering and coughing. "Low blow, Sis…" he complained. Then he looked around. "This is a nice temperature, though. I think Michael's got this thing heated."

"Hmph," she said, ignoring him and returning her attention to Michael's sleeping face. The lines in his cheekbones seemed a little more pronounced than usual, she thought, and he seemed a little pale, even for him.

"Uh… what're you doing?" Asuna's voice startled Suguha so badly that she too, nearly fell in the pool.

"N-Nothing!" she exclaimed, turning red.

"Really?" Asuna grinned as she put her bag down and put a hand on her hip. "To quote Mataras, the blood in your face says otherwise."

"I-It's not like that!" Suguha protested.

"My sister's a creeper," Kazuto grinned as he floated lazily in the pool.

"I am not!" she shouted.

"Why is everyone yelling?" Sayuri asked as she walked up to the scene.

"Sugu's the only one that's yelling," Kazuto said helpfully, and was rewarded with beach ball to his face from his sister.

"Is everything okay?" Sayuri asked calmly.

"Kazuto's just being a jerk," Suguha huffed. "I was worried about Michael, and he didn't really seem to care."

"Why, what's wrong with Mataras?" Sayuri asked as she moved to her brother's side, concern written on her face. "Huh… you're right, he doesn't look well."

"Wait, what do you mean?" Asuna asked as she moved to crowd around the boy with the other girls. "I don't see anything wrong with him."

"No, look closely," Sayuri said as she peered closely at Michael's face. "He's losing weight, I can tell. His face is sunk in a bit… And come to think of it, he's been sleeping a lot lately."

"That's what I thought," Suguha said with a frown. "Kazuto just seemed to think that he hasn't been eating right."

"That doesn't sound like him," Asuna said with a shake of her head. "Other than Kirito, I can't think of anyone who eats more than him."

"Then how is he so skinny?" Suguha asked as she poked his ribs lightly.

"Good genetics?" Sayuri suggested. "That's what he always told me."

"You're all missing something pretty big here," Kazuto said from behind them, still in the pool. "How come he hasn't woken up yet?"

"Huh?" Asuna and Suguha were at a loss for what he meant.

But Sayuri understood what he meant, and she put her chin on her hand. "No, he's got a point…" She looked back at Michael, who still hadn't stirred. "He's always been a light sleeper, and ay amount of provocation wakes him up. So why hasn't all the yelling and poking woken him up yet?"

"Huh…" Asuna mused. "Maybe he's coming down with something?"

"Let's take him inside and get him some soup," Suguha suggested, to which the other girls agreed.

"But I just got in here!" Kazuto complained. The girls ignored him and proceeded to start jabbing at Michael's face, trying to wake him up. When that failed to do anything other than make him mutter something unintelligible, they decided that they'd have to do things the hard way.

"I'll do it," Sayuri sighed. "Mataras!" she said sharply. "Wake up!" And she slapped him across the face, causing him to yelp and jerk awake to immediately cup his cheek.

"Oei!" he snapped angrily. "That really hurt!"

Sayuri backed up in alarm, as did the others, surprised at the venom in his voice. Kazuto frowned as he finished toweling himself off- something was definitely off now, he knew. "Michael, calm down," he said. "She didn't hit you that hard, and they tried everything else to get you awake. Save throwing you in the pool."

"Rrgh…" he groaned, still holding his face as he sat up and planted his feet on the ground. "Ach…" he grunted as he stood, bringing worry to everyone's eyes. "It's too much today…" Michael was definitely off of his game today, they all thought.

"What's too much?" Sayuri asked him worriedly. "What's wrong, brother?"

"The fire in my bones begins to hunger for my flesh," he grunted cryptically as he took his hands down to reveal a sizeable purple bruise on his jaw.

"Oh my goodness!" Sayuri gasped. "I didn't think I hit him that hard!"

"You didn't," Michael sighed. "I just bruise very easily now."

"Huh?!" Kazuto said. "That doesn't make any sense! You and I hit each other way harder than that in practice, and you've never complained!"

"Tell me, Brother," Michael grunted as he made his way towards the back door, slowly, obvious pain in his movements. "When was the last time we sparred in the real world?"

"Well, uh…" Kazuto blanked. "Wait, when was the last time?"

"Not since February, I don't think," Suguha said with a frown. "Why'd you stop?"

"Michael said he was too busy with his writing and that I should focus more on school," Kazuto shrugged. "I didn't think much about it cos he was right. Why?"

"Michael, how long were you planning on keeping from us that you weren't feeling well?" Suguha demanded as she whirled to face Michael, who stopped at the door to his house.

When he turned to face them all over his shoulder, he sighed heavily and said, "Not feeling well is a gross understatement."

"What do you mean?" Sayuri asked, feeling fear clench her gut tightly, afraid of the answer she would receive.

Michael turned all the way around to face his family and bent over to point at his left leg. "Look here," he said as he gestured to a few red spots on his skin. "Do any of you know what those are?"

"Not really, no," Asuna said cautiously. Michael straightened and walked back to them to sit down heavily on the chair he had been on a moment ago. "Sit down, all of you," he said firmly. They complied, the fear in their hearts growing.

When they were all settled, he looked them all in the eye as much as he could and said, "I hope you can all forgive me after this, but… I'll be hanging up my sword soon. In a few weeks, and the Red Swordsman will be no more."

"Why not?" Kazuto asked to break the deafening silence.

"Because I will be no more," Michael said flatly. "It'll only be a couple more months before the cancer claims my life." When they all began to talk at once, he snapped, "Quiet!" when they had complied, he continued on to say, "I already asked about Chemotherapy. The doctors said it would only speed up the process with how long the cancer's been in my body."

"How?" Sayuri asked, tears in her eyes. "I don't…"

"It started during our time in Aincrad," he replied to answer her question. "The staff was so concerned with monitoring our brain activities and muscle deterioration, they paid very little attention to our bloodwork and the like. So by the time I began to recognize the symptoms I was experiencing, it was too late."

"Too late…?" Suguha repeated, not wanting to believe her ears.

"I am going to die," he said, in the simplest way to deliver the news that he knew how. "I have two months, maybe only one. It started as bone cancer, but then it progressed to leukemia. I was going to tell you after dinner tonight, but…" He waved a hand in dismissal. "Well, now you know."

"But why?!" The cry was torn from Sayuri, who was shaking violently. "Why did this have to happen?! Why you?!"

"Because all things end, and not one goes when they truly want to," Michael answered, sounding tired. "I don't know why the time is drawing so close, but it is, and I will not fight it."

"How could you?!" Asuna shouted, sounding angry. Michael looked up at her with bleary eyes as she stood up and shouted, "You're not going to fight?! Are we not worth it?!"

"There's no point in trying to fight my own flesh and blood when it has decided to surrender to the clutches of the Grim Reaper," Michael replied flatly. "My soul has no say in this matter."

"But… but…" Suguha gasped.

"Don't cry yet, please…" Michael said, swaying dizzily with pain. "I'm not leaving you yet… We still have some time." When all the girls did was begin to cry even harder, and Kazuto looked at him dumbly, Michael sighed and said, "All of you… listen." When they managed to stifle their sobs somewhat, he said, "I never thought that I would get another chance like this… To have a family as amazing as all of you…" He sagged, and Kazuto caught him up and set him back on the chair. He thanked his brother, took a deep breath, and then continued, "I'm not as strong as I wanted everyone to think I was. In fact, it was all of you that kept me standing, fighting, winning. You are all my strength, not the other way around… And no matter what, you'll always have one another. So please, let me be strong a little longer. Don't be sad yet…"

"But we are sad!" Sayuri sobbed as she shot forward and buried her face in his lean shoulder while wrapping her arms around his thin back. "You're our brother and our friend, and no matter what anyone says, you were the greatest of us all! So don't ask us not to be sad, how can we not be?! We love you!" She collapsed into heaving, wracking sobs that forced Michael to put his arms around his sister, even as the tears began to fall from his own face. The others gathered around him, careful not to hurt him as they gathered in a group embrace.

"I'm not… done yet," he said, his voice weak, but his tone strong. "I still have time. And every moment that I'm in this world is going to be spent with all of you."

The following months were both amazing and painful for the Moonlit Black Cats. Michael took them on several vacations throughout Japan, and even managed to squeeze in a short trip to the United States, the place of his birth. He showed them where he had grown up, a good-sized house in a quiet neighborhood.

They conquered multiple floors of New Aincrad together, reaching all the way to the twenty-fifth floor. They kept the news from the other members of Fairy Tail at Michael's request, as he did not want to draw their pity towards himself. He wanted his final days to be remembered as adventurous, just like in the olden days of the original Aincrad.

His avatar remained strong and healthy, but his body was still deteriorating rapidly. And he was in so much pain some days that he simply dove into the virtual world to escape the sensation of his body being torn apart from within.

Eventually, after about five weeks of trying to survive on his own, he was forced to be hospitalized because of how weak his body was. Suguha, Kirito, Asuna, and Sayuri came to visit him every day, sometimes bringing along Ryoutarou and Andrew. Even Keiko came to see him on one occasion. They were all shocked at how pale and emaciated their friend had become. He was far cry from the mighty Red Swordsman and Fire Dragon Slayer that they knew. He almost looked like they had when they had first been released from Sword Art Online.

One day, Suguha came in to visit ahead of the others. She spent some time talking with her boyfriend, and simply holding his hand. But eventually, she decided that it was time to be bold and tried to kiss him on the mouth, only to have him turn at the last second so that the kiss landed on his cheek.

"Wha-?" she said, not understanding. "What're you doing?"

"I don't want to take your first kiss," he said as he looked back at her with evident pain in his eyes- though not physical, but emotional. "That should be saved for someone that can be there for you longer and better than I have. I don't deserve such a special gift from you."

"But it's my gift to give," she protested, and he smiled at her.

"A gift must be unwrapped before it is accepted," he said quietly. "I love you, Sugu. You helped me through so much, and I don't want to tarnish what we have. I'd rather it stay the way it is until the end."

She opened and closed her mouth several times without a sound before she finally bowed her head and said, "If that's what you really want…"

"I'm sorry if I upset you," he said as he squeezed her hand gently- though at this point, it was basically all he could muster. "But I believe in this firmly."

"Okay," she said as she fought back tears. "And Michael…"

"Yes?" he asked.

"I love you too."

A few more weeks passed and Michael continued to waste away, though at this point he seemed angrier that he was becoming an invalid than the fact that he was dying. As the end drew nearer, he made sure that he updated his will so that his house would go to Kazuto, and eventually Asuna, pending their marriage to one another. He also split his fortune between the Black Cats in equal portions on the condition that they use it to finish school before anything else. Lastly, he set up a gift for each of his friends in the virtual world, only to be opened after he was gone.

The time came sooner than they had hoped, though. On a Friday morning, when they arrived for their daily visit, the Black Cats were surprised to see Michael already awake- usually they had to wake him up for their visits. He looked at them with glassy eyes and said in a weak voice, "It is time."

The girls immediately began to cry, and Kazuto bowed his head. Michael said with a little more strength in his voice, "Come on… Let's make one last dive." Once they had collected themselves, they got the staff to lend them a set of amuspheres so that they could dive in while Michael got his own set on.

Once they were all ready, they all said the immortal words, "Link, start!"

Mataras and the others all appeared in New Aincrad, at Kirito and Asuna's home on the twenty-second floor. "Is this place okay?" Asuna asked while fighting back tears.

"It's good, but…" Mataras grinned. "How about where we first met, eh?"

"Floor one?" Kirito asked.

"Aye," Mataras nodded. He walked out the door and said, "Come on! We don't have much time!" And they all took off running, straight towards the portal that would take them to the town on the first floor where the adventures of the New Black Cats had begun, though they didn't know that they would be called as such at them time.

When they arrived, Mataras and his friends made a dash for the meeting place that Diabel had gathered the first boss assault party together. "Here," Mataras breathed. "This is where it all began…"

"Heh," Kirito grinned as he remembered the day. Off to the side, Asuna was doing something with her menu, but Mataras didn't seem to notice. "Hard to believe that three different recluses would form the strongest guild in Aincrad," Kirito commented.

"Aye," Mataras nodded as he too, reflected on the day. Suddenly, he collapsed like a puppet whose strings have been cut, only managing to avoid hitting the ground because Sachi caught him up. She lowered him gently to the ground while cradling his head in her lap.

"They're on their way," Asuna said to Kirito, who nodded.

"Let's hope they make it in time," he said as he gazed at his brother with worry.

"They will," Leafa said as she knelt beside the fallen warrior. "I know it."

"What are you going on about?" Mataras asked, confused.

"We know you didn't want anyone to know, but…" Asuna paused.

"But we wanted to give everyone a chance to say goodbye, too," Sachi said quietly. "Sorry…"

"Everybody?" Mataras asked warily.

"Everybody," Jellal said as he and then entirety of Fairy Tail appeared in the stands of the arena. "Teleportation magic," he said by way of explanation as he knelt beside his former master and friend.

"Why…?" he grunted.

"We're gonna give you a proper Fairy Tail send-off," Recon said as he stood closer to the family group. "That okay?"

"If you must…" the dying boy said in defeat.

"Very well, then," Makarov said as he stood by Mataras' side. "Since you're leaving Fairy Tail, you must swear to follow these three rules. Number one: never share any sensitive information about the guild for as long as you live."

"Number two," Jellal added. "You must never contact any clients that you worked for with the guild for your own personal gain."

"And number three," Kirito said. "Although our paths must stray, you have to promise to live the rest of your life to the fullest."

"That means you must treat every day in this world like it was gonna be your last," Yui sobbed.

"Don't forget the friends you loved," Asuna sniffled.

"You must treasure them for as long as you live," Suguha finished with tears running down her face.

Mataras closed his eyes, then allowed a huge smile to break out on his face. Seeing this, Sachi asked, "Did you get all of that, Brother?"

"I did," he nodded. "Now help me stand." With his sister's help, he stood up, breathing hard as he did. Once he was upright, he took his arm off of her shoulders and stood up straight. Facing Fairy Tail, he said, "Thank you, everyone. I only wish that I could have had more time with each of you."

"We'll remember you always," Gildarts assured him.

"Then… I want you to remember me like this…" Mataras said, wobbling slightly, but straightening himself quickly. He took a ready stance, and everyone looked at him curiously, wondering what he was up to. "With my last breath," he said as flames began to envelop him, "I honor Fairy Tail and the Moonlit Black Cats."

Before anyone could ask what he meant, he shouted, "Dragon Slayer…! Secret Art!" the flames began to burn even fiercer, forcing everyone to back away from him.

"What are you doing?!" Sachi cried out, but Kirito held her back.

"He's going out as a warrior," the Black Swordsman said with understanding. "Let him go, Sachi. It's what he wants." And so they watched as he let his flames reach their peak power.

"Crimson Lotus…" he grunted. "PHOENIX SWORD!" With a sudden burst of strength, he launched himself into the sky, flying like the fierce dragon they all knew him to be. As he flew, he left a trail of flames in his wake that seemed random at first, but when he was done, the all recognized the shape of the Fairy Tail emblem. With the last of his waning power, he carved a crescent moon that seemed to embrace the emblem of his current guild.

As one, all of Fairy Tail raised their right hands to the sky, thumb and pointer fingers extended, their personal salute to their members, and the promise that no matter how far they went, they would always be watching over them.

Then Mataras landed back on the ground, his flames depleted. He stood tall and proud with a grin on his face. He looked around to see his friends and family- even the Thunder Legion was present for this occasion, and they nodded their heads in respect to their old friend. He bowed to all of them as a mark of gratitude and respect.

Mataras straightened himself and looked to the sky, where the sun of Aincrad was now visible. He reached out his hand to its warm glow, then seemed to grip something that none of the others could see. Well, all but Sachi.

Mataras was gripping the hand of a young girl with soft brown hair and sparkling hazel eyes alight with light and gentle warmth. This, she knew, was Victoria. She had come to bring her brother home. As if on cue, the girl said in a gentle voice, "Come home, Brother. Everyone is waiting for you." And they both began to fade from sight. Sachi's eyes blurred with tears as she realized that this was truly the end of the Red Swordsman.

But before Mataras vanished completely, he said, "I'll be seeing you soon enough. Until then, grow… and live." Then he was gone, completely and utterly.

That night, the Moonlit Black Cats all decide to open their gifts together. First was Kirito, who was surprised to see a fully upgraded Guilty Thorn in his package. Along with it was a note that read, 'Brother, I want you to take this blade n remembrance of me. Remember all of the times we shared together with this sword in my hand. All of it the good and bad, for it is what made us the people we are today. Farewell, and may the sword serve you well.'

Immediately, the boy replaces his blue sword with red one, tears shining in his eyes while his girlfriend rubbed his back soothingly. As she did, Yui- who was in her human form- opened her present to find a red crystal, and a note underneath it.

This one said, 'I know how much you always wanted to help your parents, Yui. That's why in this crystal, I have stored all of my Dragon Slayer skills and spells to be passed on to you. You need only activate it once, and you will be able to use every move I could. I don't know if this includes the Shadow Flame Dragon mode, but you're welcome to try. I hope that this helps you reach your goal, little one. Grow strong, and may you always bring joy to those around you.' Now it was her turn to cry in remembrance of her uncle, though she tried to keep her chin up and no cry too hard, just like she was sure he would want her to.

Suguha was next, and she found a golden zodiac key that was wrapped in a black snake. Her note read, 'This is the gate key to the thirteenth zodiac spirit, Ophiuchus. Arguably the most powerful zodiac spirit in Inner Magic Online, I went through great lengths to obtain it. I hope she serves you well in your adventures to come. I love you, now and until my dying breath.' She smiled despite her tears and kissed the gate key as she whispered, "I love you too."

Next was Asuna, who trembled slightly as she opened her gift. Inside was a beautiful rapier, not unfamiliar to Asuna. In fact, it was the very sword she'd had when Aincrad came crashing down, the Lambent Light. Although, when she drew it from its sheath, she saw that the blade was black, so she read her note for an explanation. 'Dear Asuna,' it read. 'I had Lisbeth make this sword especially for you. It's not the Lambent Light, though it is just as serviceable. We decided to call it the Deep Shadow, and I hope that it keeps you safe in the future. Not to mention it goes great with Kirito's color theme.' As she put the note down, they could all almost see his grinning face as he spoke to them through the message.

Second-to-last to open his gift was Jellal, who was surprised to find an orange egg within his box. Inside, he found a brief note that read, 'Care for this little one as I did for you. In fact, I have no doubt that you'll raise him even better than I ever did.' The blue-haired man stroked the egg softly, tears pooling in his own eyes as he beheld the gift bestowed to him.

Finally was Sachi. She almost didn't want to open it, seeing the reactions that her family had, but she finally opened the gift. She was surprised to see that there was only a blue recording crystal within it, and no note to explain it. She took a deep breath and tapped the 'play' button.

"Hello, Sachi," Mataras' voice said from within the item. "If you are hearing this, then I have passed on. I made this as soon as I found out that I was terminal, while I was still strong and healthy enough to speak my mind without it being clouded by the pain. I remembered how you once left me a message like this, so I figured it was time to return the favor.

"Where to begin? I suppose at the beginning- it only makes sense. I wanted to die when I lost Victoria- the idea of ending my own life consumed me, but for some reason, I never went through with it. Now I understand why that was- it was so that I could meet you, and become someone that my family could be proud of. I think I have, and so when it is my time, I can go to them with no regrets in my heart.

"I know that there will be a time of hurting for you and our family, but don't let this stop you. Let it mold you into an even stronger person than I know you are by now. If you look back, every defeat we suffered, we survived and grew stronger because of it. We became different people as we lived out our lives, which is not a bad thing. No, we kept on moving, keeping in mind who we used to be, so that we could continue to grow into who we are now.

"I will not forget one adventure that we shared in, even unto the end. I will not forget one moment I spent with you, dearest sister of mine. I will always remember when the Red Swordsman fought for his loved ones, and when they fought for him.

"I look forward to the day when we reunite- though I hope that for your sake, it's not anytime soon. And now… Farewell. I love you." The crystal ceased floating and landed in Sachi's hands, where she cradled it as though it might shatter if she let it go.

"I…" she sobbed. "I love you too, brother… I'll miss you. But I promise… I'll live for you as long as I can. And I'll make sure that the others do, too." Around the room, they all nodded in agreement, making a silent vow to heed their brother's final wish.

Up above, in a place untouched by mortal men, Michael looked down with a smile on his face. "I look forward to watching you all grow into the greatest of warriors and people," he said.

"I'm sure they will," Victoria said with her own smile. "After all, they had you to look up to."

"I'm not sure if I'm the ideal role model, but I did my best," he chuckled.

"Come on," his sister said as she took his hand in her own. "Mom and Dad are waiting for you! I'm sure they'll want to hear all about your adventures!"

"A tale I look forward to reliving," he laughed as he let her pull him along. As she did, only one thought echoed through his mind. I'm finally home, where I belong.

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