(Location Unknown)

The younglings were bored.

Like really, really bored.

They had been put into a small cell in a dark, damp hallway nearly five hours ago with only a dark brown, dirty haired man standing guard outside the cell and to their left.

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe had tried to get answers from the guard but gave up after two hours instead they kept on insulting the man but most of their insults did not appear to affect him as he did not know what the boys were talking about.

"Hey pig-face why don't you go back to your pen oink, oink" the guards face did look a little like a pigs especially the nose-which seemed to have been broken multiple times, but the man just stared blankly at Sunstreaker. He knew from the boys tone that he was being insulted but he did not understand what the Twin meant. It did not help that Sideswipe kept making faces at the guard.

The guard started to growl, he was a loyal soldier for years in the Decepticon army and the one day he ended up starting a fight in the rec-room he ended up with what had to be the worst punishment ever. He had to be a babysitter until High Command came to see the kids. Also he was not allowed to harm the prisoners or kill them without orders from High Command.

Before the soldier thought about- for just this once- disobeying his orders the grey and red haired youngling -Bluestreak the others called him, he was a talker the soldier knew as his audios still hurt from earlier-cut in. "Leave him away you two" the guard could not help but help slightly grateful to the boy until he continued "He's just a grunt no-one of importance, just here for the intimidation factor"

Ok now the soldier was ready to murder all of those kids.

Thankfully for that's when the door leading to the rest of the ship opened and in walked High Command –Megatron, he had heavily built body and black and silver hair, Starscream, walking just behind the Supreme Commander and already whining, he was thinner and his hair was a lighter silver, then Soundwave, as stoic as ever, he was thinner than Starscream and had very dark blue hair with headphones covered by a his battle suits hood and his mouth covered by the high neck of the suit and finally Knock Out, the former wreaker was heavily built although out as much as Megatron and he was one of the three actual medics the 'Cons had even if his speciality was cosmetic work.

All three mechs were Battle scarred, wore their Battle suits to help intimidate the younglings and they all had red eyes.

The grunt bowed to the Former High Lord Protector and was quickly dismissed. Before he left he handed over his report to Soundwave knowing that he at least would read it and then would give a more condensed version to Megatron.

After that the soldier left the Brig and he made his way towards the rec-room to get his ration before calling it a day. He hoped that no fight started up in the room but that seemed almost impossible since he would be entering the room at the busiest time of the day.

Meanwhile the High ranking Decepticons were sizing up the younglings still in one of the Brigs cells. Finally Knock-Out pulled out a scanner and moved closer to the cell.

The two youngest Cybertronians moved away and behind the Twins and Flier who immediately started to growl at the medic who was shocked at the aggressive behaviour shown by the so called 'Autobots younglings'.

"Enough" Megatron growled back at the boys as he put the full force of his personality behind the words. The three boys winced but feeling the younger boys trembling switched to glaring at the medic and his superiors instead.

The bright red haired medic (not the natural red colourings) hummed and gave the Big Three his report "All three are in good health, although a little malnourished and recovering from either surgery or a processor upgrade or both. They should be ok for whatever Shockwave has planned for them"

Starscream asked or more like sneered a question towards the youngsters "What are your names Scraplets?"

"None of your business you fucker" sassed Sunstreaker. The Vosian blinked in surprise at the yellow twin, he was not used to not being considered a threat even to younglings.

/Bro I think we should tell them our names but not the names we were told recently. Look at Blue and Bee and then at those adults, they look like killers and killers for fun at that and the boys are scared, terrified even/

Sunstreaker looked at the younger two and agreed with his brother. He might be an asshole-yes he would admit it- but he had a soft spot for those two.

"Names Sam, my twins Simon"

"Flynn and they are Blake and Ben" finished Fireflight, nodding to the respective boys that refused to show their faces to the older Cybertronians.

"Boys: Lying, explanation: have knowledge of Cybertronian heritage" warned Soundwave as he picked up on the younger Vosians thoughts.

"Well fuck you" retorted Sideswipe channelling his brothers' feelings form the Bond for a moment.

Megatron liked the Twins; they were violent and hated authority, like true Decepticons before being smashed into the ground a few times by their superiors. He knew that Starscream liked the look of the younger Vosian for training having been watched the younglings from the screens in the control room but the younger two….they could not see anything that would be useful to the Decepticon clause except for the fact that the Autobots would be crushed if anything happened to them.

Maybe he should keep the oldest and train them but send the younger two to Shockwave as subjects for his experiments.

Sending a quick internal comn message to Knockout telling him to do more detailed scans of the younglings he lead his second and third and walked out of the Brig and towards the Throne room.

When they reached the Throne room Megatron sat down on his Throne and ordered them to give him their reports.

"Autobots Twins: violent but loyal to persons unknown at present. Aerialbot: Confused but will protect younger two. Youngest kids: scared and uneasy but do not like Decepticons at present"

"Yes, yes we get it but 'My Lord' I want to train the Vosian myself" Starscream half demanded, half pleaded, the protective instincts all Vosians had was giving him a processor ache and he was annoyed at that. Really he wanted nothing to do with the Autobot but coding demanded he try at least and he knew Megatron knew that.

Before Megatron could say anything Knockout walked in with the results of the tests. The Supreme Commander nodded at him to give him the results.

"My Lord the oldest is definitely a Pure-breed Vosian with a gesalt bond, the Twins are Kaonites and I'm not getting clear readings on the youngest two." Megatrons eyes narrowed but he nodded at the medic to continue.

"The youngest seems to be Iaconian but I can't be an accurate reading on his CNA, I will take a sample later, in order to get a more accurate reading." He waited to see if he had his superiors consent before continuing-we got it in a the form of a curt nod "The second youngest is a Praxian but according to my scanner he was related to a Decepticon so I ran a search to see who and discovered it to be Barricade, a shock trooper who is a younger brother of Autobots Smokescreen and Prowl"

"So what the trooper is his father or something?" asked Starscream, slightly confused.

"No but he does seem to be his brother, the baby brother of their family but that's not the issue, the scanner detected an anomaly in the sequencing of his CNA but couldn't identify it so I think that if I get a proper sample from him as well it would be easier to see the anomalies in his CNA" Knockout finished his report and once given permission he left towards his med-bay to get the equipment he needed for CNA analysis cleaned and ready to use.

Although it would take him a while to find it since it was not a regularly used instrument amongst the 'Cons.

Megatron ordered Soundwave to find Barricade files and reassign him to The Nemesis and as such to Earth.

Perhaps that youngling could be of some use after all he thought to himself if he really was Prowls youngest brother he might be fond of him and not want him to get hurt, so would do anything he save him or if not him then Smokescreen would.

Soundwave located the mechs files easily and handed over the files. As Megatron read he was impressed with the mech, even though the mech had a family full of Autobots and Enforcers if anything he was a highly loyal Con and was considered one of his best assassins and fighters in the entire army.

He felt that the mech would be a good addition to his forces right now, and if he could manage to convince his 'baby' brother to join the Decepticons, that was an added bonus.

Megatron knew he needed more fighters, over the years the battles and the Autobots own assassinations had caused his numbers to decrease rapidly.

He would set up communications with Shockwave and see if it would be possible to use the children as soldiers instead of as subjects for his experiments.

Yes he would do that and then he would have five more loyal soldiers under his command and the Bots would be extremely uneasy about killing them.

It was five hours after the Decepticon High Command had come down to see the kids in the Brig. But to the kids it might as well of been five years.

A new guard had come and was staring at them but took a slight pity on them and gave them a deck of cards which they were using to play solitaire and 21 pick-up.

After a while they got bored of doing that and started to try and build a castle out of the cards. The guard talked to them while they worked.

He had blue and silver hair, was called Thundercracker and he was a Vosian Flier in a Trine with two mechs Starscream and Skywarp. He hated being indoors-just like Fireflight-. He described the feeling of flying for a Flier –that caught the boys attention except for Bee who went a little green with the detailed description, Bumblebee had a good imagination so could probably could imagine the feelings.

Finally he was relieved from duty and another mech took over. This mech did not care about the kids at all and spent most of his time writing or drawing on a data-pad for at least an hour before something interesting happened.

The door leading to the Brig opened and closed by itself, shocking the Cybertronians inside. The guard muttered something about the ship falling apart and about lazy Constructicons not doing their work.

Although he said that it was nearly five minutes later before the guard relaxed and returned his attention to his data-pad.

Next second he hit the wall head first, dazed and confused he forgot about using his comn-link and then he was unconscious.

Mirage had been sent to infiltrate The Nemesis first to find and retrieve the younglings, while Jazz and another special ops mech –Demo he thought his name was or maybe it was Plosion- were creating a distraction by hacking into the main servers and trying to confuse Soundwave. It had taken the Autobots nearly five hours to discover the location of the spaceship but only half an hour to plan the attack.

Mirage entered the ship though the lower air hatches then made his way to the Brig, hacking into the Nemesis computer as he went and uploaded a virus Jazz had given him. He entered the holding area and saw the younglings almost immediately but had to wait until the guard was relaxed.

Then when he was sure he striked, the ops mech roundhouse kicked the Decepticon guard in the face, then hit him in the face again for good measure, or at least to knock him out anyway. The cameras were on a loop but he arranged the mech into position to make it seem like he was just leaning heavily against the wall. Then he made his way towards the younglings.

The younglings were in an instinctive defensive stance; the older kids were hiding the younger ones behind them and watching the area outside the cell carefully looking for the invisible assailant.

He lowered his invisibility shield and kneeled down to their height; he lowered his special ops standard jacket and lifted his battle suits left sleeve to show his Autobot tattoo. The kids relaxed slightly but still did not fully trust him- he could tell and under the circumstances he would probably be the same but right now he did not have time for this.

"Bluestreak I work for your Carrier, we have to go now, all of us"

"You know who my mother is?" he asked.

Mirage could not help himself from staring, the boy was generally confused so Mirage came to the conclusion that Prowl did not talk to his youngling about Cybertronian relationships yet.

"Yes and its Carrier but talk to your Sire about that we have to go" he told the boy as the former noble tried to pick the lock and hack the keypad at the same time-the Cons had changed the password again to his annoyance.

Sideswipe took over trying to pick the physical lock while Mirage concentred on the electronic keypad. Within moments the keypad was hacked and the lock picked Mirage was surprised that the Twin could pick the lock but ignored it for now.

He led the boys out of the Brig and towards his Transformer that was just outside the spaceship while under water. Jazz had given him breathers for himself and the kids so they could make the short swim to the Transformer.

As they walked Mirage kept thinking that someone was going to hear them with the amount of noise the Twins and Fireflight made as they tried to be stealthy, Blue was ok kind of like a senior recruit and Bee, was very good almost at his level with the lack of noise he made. He made unconscious notes in his processor as they went- his training demanded it.

Finally they reached the airlock that was closest to Mirages transformers and he handed each child a breathing mask.

But once he had shown the kids just how to put it on the clear plastic-like mask that covered their entire faces, the Nemesis's red alert activated. Mirage muttered a curse against the one who had activated the alarm, cursing the mechs linage back to the original Thirteen.

As the spy helped the younglings into the airlock two grunts had noticed them. Quickly Mirage shot the two of them but not before Bumblebee was hit in the shoulder with a shot from one of the Cons guns.

Picking up the youngling bridal-style Mirage checked the boys and his own breathing mask and then the child's breathing.

He knew he did not have long before the youngling started to go into shock due to blood loss. Once the airlock was flooded with water and released them into the sea Mirage grabbed the other kids hands and started to swim as best he could towards his car form Transformer only thirty metres away.

He managed to get the kids in the car easily and put the youngest in the front seat to keep an eye on him until the agent could start first aid.

He knew that the quick swim would not help the bleeding wound and the ice-cold water might cause the kids hypothermia, he needed to get them to a medic fast.

Once the Transformer was emptied of the water from the swim Mirage started to drive back towards the meeting point and sent a message to the warriors waiting to attack the Nemesis to buy him time to get away.

At his top speed it took nearly twenty minutes to get to the closest landmass, thankfully he had instructed Fireflight-since he was the closest to Bee- to hold a dry bandage against the gunshot wound in Bumblebees shoulder to help stop the energon loss.

Once he arrived to quickly unloaded Bumblebee from his Transformer and activated his emergency beacon. As he waited he checked the gunshot hole to see if it was a bullet or energy weapon.

Unfortunately for the mech it was an actual bullet so instead of the wound getting cauterised at was badly bleeding.

He got the first-aid kit out of the boot of the car and handed over the emergency blankets to the older kids before trying to remove the bullet.

The noble was slightly out of his depth but thankfully Jazz arrived just then with the other ops mech and First-Aid. The medic immediately made his way over to the youngest mech and the SO agent while the other two agents helped the older kids.

First-Aid demanded that the former noble stay and help him. The two Cybertronians put on gloves and used the already sterilised medical twisters to remove the bullet. Then Mirage had to stitch the wound closed while First-Aid asked Jazz if he knew the boys energon type, the Officer did not so they would have to get back to Ratchet fast so he could do a transfusion. First-Aid then tightly bandaged the boys shoulder to help keep the wound clean

Jazz took Bluestreak and Fireflight in his Transformer while Mirage took the Twins and First-Aid took his patient. The other Ops mech left once he was no longer needed, he wanted to see the humans' world before returning back to The Ark.

A spacebridge was opened up and the mechs drove into it ending up in the transport room of the Ark were Ratchet was waiting for them.

Between them they moved the kids into the Med-bay and started an energon transfusion for Bumblebee and wrapped the younglings in blankets and gave them some heated energon since they had started showing the first signs of Hyperthermia.

Mirage told his superior that his mate did not talk to their creation properly before the child ran out of the room. Jazz was mad but sent his subordinate on his way and went over to talk to Bluestreak.

"Hey mechling are ya alrigh'" he asked.

"Yeah I'm ok. Can you tell the special ops man who got us out thank you" replied the youngsters.

Jazz smiled at his youngling and said that he would.

"Who are you sir?"

"Jazz, head of special ops and third in command" reported the Polyhexian proudly while he watched the look of surprise on the younglings face.

"But the other Ops mech said that….." Bluestreak cut off when the other caretakers rushed into the room which included his Sire.

"Are you ok Blue?" asked the Praxian, to Bluestreak he was showing more emotion than he had before.

The youngling nodded trying to wrap his head around everything but he heard the Ops mech hymned some lullabies that deep down he recognised.

"Who are you? I know those lullabies, are you related to me?" Blue asked looking straight at the mech just behind Prowl.

The dark skinned man smiled at him and sat down on his berth opposite Prowl-who they both refused to look at.

"Yes Blue ya know mah and I'm related tah ya" the man took his creations hand gently and then continued "I'm ya Carrier".

Bluestreak was confused, how could this man be his mother but then he realised that's why Prowl was so unstintingly that he use Carrier instead.

"But you're a male?"

"We're not human mechling, all femmes an' some mechs can carry a sparkling and meh an' Prowl love each other an' ya very much" Jazz explained, he gave the boy time to adjust to those facts.

Jazz handed over a cube of energon to his mate while still not looking at him.

Bluestreak was still a little confused but he knew he was not human and so there had to be differences between the two cultures and besides he never had any issues against LGBT's maybe this is why.

Bluestreak reached towards his carrier silently asking for a hug, which he got and then his Sire joined in himself moments later. They stayed like that for a while before they broke apart and Jazz wiped away his little boys' tears.

Ratchet was pleased to see his Twins were safe and sound back home but annoyed that they were in the med-bay again.

The only good thing was that they were happy to be back with him and so would not cause him any problems for another few hours at least.

Already the Twins were arguing and Sideswipe was goading his twin into a fight, which Ratchet stopped quickly by handing them both a data-pad with separate instructions on it and told them that he wanted them to memorise all the info.

Next Ratchet sent a request to Blurr-who was on inventory duty- to send him up a data-pad with some colouring and painting accessories on it for the yellow Twin and a leisure reading data-pad that he thought the other Twin would like.

The entire Aerialbot team had come to check on their nephew and the two troublemakers were made to apologise to him and Silverbolt promised to never leave him left his two idiotic uncles ever again.

He also explained that once the youngling was ready they would bring him flying with them, which made the boy extremely happy.

Bumblebee was finally conscious and very bored, he kept asking when he could leave, because he did not want to continue seeing families reunited when he had none.

When Chromia and Ironhide finally arrived at the med-bay he was happier and soon fell asleep over the influence of his painkillers.

It took a while but eventually all of the kids fell asleep and had agreed to try out some Cybertronian things when they woke up.

Once the younglings were asleep Optimus and Elita arrived to check on their youngling. They were glad that all the younglings were back safe and sound but now they were worried that the Decepticons would try this again.

"Pat thinks it might be for the best if we keep them up here on-board the Ark for their safety" Optimus told the other Cybertronians.

"Prime they can't stay here at least not for a while until they can manage a Transformer they can't anyway"

"I know which is why we need to start them on the Transformers tomorrow and get them used to them so they can stay on-board"

Silverbolt spoke up "Sir Fires old enough now that he will have very few problems with his Transformers and he is old enough to make his own choices. He might decide that he wants to learn to fight with us"

"Then we will pray that they do not" finished the Prime.

The parents and caretakers agreed, they did not want the kids fighting in this war and they could only hope that they would not need to.

(Fluffy piece)

Mirage and Hound were sitting on the berth in their quarters watching a movie as they cuddled.

Hound was a little nervous so Mirage asked him what was wrong.

"Nothing just thinking about those kids" said the tracker not looking at his lover.

"It is not nothing, why are you thinking about the kids" Mirage was slightly confused until he thought about it "Unless you want one" he looked at his friend amused.

Hound blushed and that gave the former noble the answer.

The two mechs have been in a relationship for only just over nine and a half human years and that was not a lot of time in their culture but neither have felt the way they do with anyone else and they were thinking about bonding, although both had already agreed to wait until the war was over and then see if they still love each other.

Mirage sniggered into his hand but looked up to his mech seriously "Hound I promise when this war is over we'll have one but its two dangerous right now and neither of us are ready for that kind of reasonability yet"

"So that means you were already thinking about it?" teased the scout as he watched as the spy blushed and muttered shut up.

They continued to watch the old movie and fell asleep doing so still in each other's embrace.

(The End)

The next morning the kids were back at Diego Garcia and were being put into their training suits.

Bumblebee could not take part until his shoulder was healed so was waiting off to one side and watching the others.

The Terror Twins were living up to their name as they made it hard for Ratchet and Arcee to help them put on their suits by jumping up and down or just twisting their bodies out of the suits.

Fireflight kept falling over due to the wings that were coming out of his suit that made his centre of balance off, his uncles were taking things slow and kept him laughing at their own stories about the first time they got their suits.

Bluestreak was having trouble with his due to the doorwings from his suit but his Sire was helping him to not fall like Fireflight was doing.

While that was going on Jazz was making a video of everything that was happening for future enjoyment.

They had been told that each suit had been specially made for them when they were born, as that was the custom their culture had.

They could not wait to see what would happen next.

This is the last chapter because this is all i have thought up. Sorry but if i get any ideas on how to continue i will try but for now i will mark this fanfiction as complete. I hope those that read it enjoyed it. Please look out for my next story.