-Prof. Lugia-

*Update about 'When Fire Falls'*

Hello, everyone! I have decided to do another update on my progress! I am currently about 75% done with 'When Fire Falls', and once I write a few more chapters, I will begin uploading the story! So look forward to it within the next two weeks! Mid-to-Late July is my projected release date, so... Yeah. That's that! I'll give a few disclaimers and such right now, for you readers that care, then again when I upload the first chapter.

Disclaimer 1: It's going to be focusing a lot on the Distortion World/Death related stuff, such as souls, Giratina, etc; So it'll be different from focusing on Temporal Related stuff like in all the others.

Disclaimer 2: Another thing I'm focusing on is 'magic', such as incantations, ghostly stuff like possession of living beings, making spectral beings, things like that. It's a lot of things that I haven't done before in any of my stories. So it'll be interesting.

Disclaimer 3: It's going to be more perilous than the Blazing Hearts. Obviously.

Disclaimer 4: More characters that are actually kind of important. Not just 'bam! Characters seen in one chapter and never heard from again!'

Disclaimer 5: I've seen three reviews on The Blazing Hearts that ask for more of Team Hope. So more Team Hope has been given in this story. Not a ton, though. Just more than last time.

Disclaimer 6: I can probably call these 'disclaimers' something different, but these are just telling you guys what's up, and just giving you a warning, so you're not all like, "Whoa, Magic isn't pokemon! He's focusing on stuff that's not anything like anything else!" Well, in Arceus' Movie, they called Pokemon 'Magical Creatures', so... Booya. Knowledge. I'm joking, by the way. I haven't had anyone complaining about my other stuff, and I'm feeling really good about this story, so I hope you guys are looking forward to it as much as I am! See you in a couple weeks! Much Love!