-Prof. Lugia-

Welcome, one and all to Firestorm Battle Royale! Have you ever wondered who would win in a fight between Jade and Roy? Or perhaps Atlas and Connor? Maybe even Grovyle and Amber? Then look no further than right here! Where the contestants are decided by you, the reader! Let's begin with some of the basic rules. And this is the first time I'm taking suggestions and making one-shots based on those suggestions, so bear with me.

This first chapter/page of the story is merely a rulebook, per say, concerning the guidelines of Firestorm Battle Royale.

This is essentially a 1 on 1 deathmatch between two characters. I will be uploading them once a week between when my main stories are being written, to give you guys something to read while I am making the main ones.

Basically, here's how this goes. You, the reader/reviewer, list two pokémon from my stories, any pokémon from any story that I have written, that you want to see fight in the Review Section. This could be Connor Vs. Vulcan, Mordred Vs. Basileus, etc; Any pokémon, as long as it has a name in my stories. Sons of Arceus are exempt from the battle royale. The Battle Royale takes place in an entirely separate reality, so deaths of any of the characters and the times of their existence (Pokémon from the future) are irrelevant. And due to that irrelevance, any battles that take place in this reality have no effect in the reality in which my stories are taking place. So... yeah.

*If I haven't written the character in any of my stories, they are not able to participate in Firestorm Battle Royale. So Super Mystery Dungeon characters are exempt until I get to that line of stories.*

Before I make the battle, you can also choose a specific type of arena you want it to be in. For example, say two water-types fight. (Connor and Manaphy, for example) Then you could have the arena be an underwater colosseum or something. The same goes for anything else. It could be a jungle, a desert, a flat platform like in super smash bros., whatever! You decide! And the type of arena will affect the outcome, depending on which pokémon has an advantage in certain terrain.

To prevent personal feelings from affecting the battle (A pokemon from Team Firestorm vs. another pokemon from Team Firestorm would result in one or both pokémon holding back to refrain from hurting each other too badly), I will remove all memories related to the opponent if they know each other relatively well, so that it will be a pure fight. None of the opposing pokemon will know who the other is.

Now, the rules of the battle itself are as follows: Each pokémon may have one item with them upon entering the arena. Held item or special item, it doesn't matter. And unless it is specified by the person submitting the contestants which items they wish for the pokémon to hold, I will choose the held items. Alpha pokémon that have the ability to mega evolve can do so without a mega stone. All moves are permitted, and any strategy is fair game. Foul play is to be expected by some of the dirtier fighters (Team Skull or the Mafia Group *Snickers lightly*)

The fight continues until one pokémon is either knocked out, killed, or says that they forfeit the match. If one pokémon is rendered unable to speak, then they cannot surrender until they either regain their voice or are knocked out. Status conditions do not count as a loss, as the opponent could be cured before they are knocked out.

If an opponent loses, then they are exempt from the battle royale until the opponent that they lost against loses to another pokémon.

That being said, first come first serve! And if you submit two contestants, but one or both of them lose a fight before the scheduled match, then you must resubmit with a different pokémon.

So… good luck! At the very bottom of this page, there will be a description of the fight I am working on that includes the name of the submitter, and which pokemon are fighting, and in which arena. So choose your challengers wisely!

Here are the Lists, so you guys don't need to rack your brains to remember everything. I'll be updating as more characters are introduced. Let me know if I forgot anyone! And if there is a little star in front, it means that they're the Alpha of their species. If you're unsure what species a character is, feel free to PM me and ask! Underlined pokemon are exempt from the Battle Royale until unmarked.

Team Firestorm: Connor, Vulcan, Vincent, Atlas, Rose, Magnus, Nocturne, Mirage, Alice, Caroline, Jade, Roy, Manaphy, Dawn, Aaron

The Insurgo: Grovyle, *Basileus, Dusknoir, Briar, Amber, Victini, Celebi, Lucario, *Tyranitar, Galvantula

Team Core: *Quint, Maris, Lucerna, Seth

Team Hope: Nashoba, Cosmo, Shinobu, Zenith

Big four of the Mafia: Victor, Mordred, *Rogue, Koumori

Team Virus: Nagini, Arturia, Fornax, *Larua

Team Veros: Talis, Gunther, Deros

No Team: Shaymin, Darkrai, Drowzee, Officer Magnezone, *Iden, Cinder, General Gengar, Hazel, Scizor, Spinda, Wynaut, Wobbuffet, Leroy, Soulburner

Team Charm: *Lopunny, *Medicham, *Gardevoir

Wigglytuff's Guild: Wigglytuff, Chatot, Chimecho, Loudred, Diglett, Sunflora, Dugtrio, Croagunk, Corphish, Bidoof

Team Skull: Skuntank, Weezing, Crobat

Team Frontier: Machoke, Breloom, *Mawile

Named Members of the Mafia: Zorro, Torrent, Vitreus, Eclipse

Team Siren: Cassandra, Galatia, Hydro, Narobi

Assassins: Widow, Flatline

Team Maelstrom: Jetsam, Neva, Valerie, Dylan

List of Arenas/possible Biomes

These are the possible arenas to choose from! If you really want a certain character to win, choose the environment that best suits them!

Standard flatland (Neutral for most fighters, primarily short grass as terrain)

Jungle (More humid, has more undergrowth, and bigger trees than forest)

Forest (Less humid, less undergrowth, and more pine trees than Jungle)

Desert (Actual Arena, with stadium and everything)

Underwater, near the ocean floor (Water-type Exclusive)

Grassland (Tall grass, like, five or six feet at some parts)

Abandoned Village (Mostly collapsed buildings, with one central three-story building)

Cave System (Lit with Ambient lighting, varies in width at most parts)

Mountain (At the peak of a mountain, in a circular area)

Snow-Covered Island


Real-world equivalent of the Distortion world (Gravity is all out of whack, boulders and stuff floating in the skies, rivers flowing every which way, etc;)

(If you have a specific terrain in mind, include it in fighter submission please)

Battle Currently in Progress: (Quint, Leader of Team Core) Vs. (Lopunny of Team Charm) in (Flatlands) Submitted by ( )

Next up: (Grovyle the Time Gear Thief) Vs. (Flatline the Assassin) in (Cave System) Submitted by (Onyxwhip)

Don't be shy in submitting two you want to see fight! Much Love!