Battle #8: Lopunny of Team Charm Vs. Quint of Team Core

Terrain: Standard Flatland

Held Items:

Lopunny: Choice Specs

Quint: Perish Torc


"Medicham? Gardevoir?" She sat up after what felt like a really strange dream. Where was she? It was a forest with tightly packed trees, almost like a jungle. But the air was dry…

"Helloooo?" she called out with a hint of worry. How had she gotten here? Medicham and Gardevoir would never prank her like this.

"Hello." a male voice replied. She turned around swiftly and readied an Ice Beam, but stopped when a Blaziken emerged with its hands up. "My name is Blaze."

"Oh." she blushed slightly and cancelled the Ice Beam. "Where am I?"

"You've been selected to participate in Firestorm Battle Royale."

"A battle royale…? Me?"

"Yes. You."

"Well…" she smiled charmingly and looked around. "Can I not do this?"

"Well, you cannot leave unless you do go through with the battle."

"I think you've made a mistake… Perhaps you've mistook me with Alice of Team Firestorm? After all, we look a lot alike! ❤︎"

"No ma'am. I am not the one that chose you. In fact, I am here to serve as a guide."

"Guide? For what?"

"You will be facing one opponent," the Blaziken began. "An Absol. The Alpha Absol."

"Oh, my! Another alpha?" She giggled. "This ought to be fun, then! Treasure hunting is what we do, but I don't mind a sparring match once in awhile! ❤︎"

"However… For you, there is a set item in place."

"An Item? Dear, I don't use items. I prefer natural beauty."

The Blaziken held out a pair of thick green goggles and nodded once. "Here. Choice specs."

"What does it do?"

"They boost your special attack… but limit you to one move."

"One? That seems like a drawback…"

"Well, you are the Alpha Lopunny. You can fight without using special moves, correct?"

She smiled and blushed some more. "Yes… Well, it looks like I'll have to apply maximum effort! But does it come in something different than green? It's such an unladylike color."

"Unfortunately not… I must explain further… This is not merely a sparring match… It is a fight that does not cease until one pokémon either loses consciousness or is killed."

"What? Killed? No!" She shook her head and took several steps back. "I don't…"

The Blaziken chuckled warmly as a small smile formed. "Don't worry. You're in a separate reality. Whatever happens here won't affect you in your real world."

"So I don't have to fight to the death?"

"You still do, but that pokémon will still be unharmed when it's all said and done."

"Alright… I'll do it, then. But only if you come to spinda's café with me afterwards! ❤︎"

The Blaziken tilted his head slightly and arched an eyebrow at her. "Why?"

"Because, to be quite honest, you seem like a good pokémon." Then she shrugged and smiled sheepishly. "...And you're kind of cute. ❤︎"

The Blaziken smiled and sighed. "I'll consider it."

"Alright…. Well, wish me luck!" she beamed.

"Good luck." the Blaziken said as she walked through the forest and came to a semi-large clearing.


He squinted as the warm sunlight trickled through the canopy of the forest he awoke in. He placed his front paws on the ground and stood up silently. He didn't speak, because as soon as he awoke, he knew that something was wrong. Nobody was around. Not even native pokémon, or bug-types that normally buzzed overhead. He felt around his neck and let out a relieved sigh. "Still have my perish torc…"

He took the extensive silence to observe his surroundings further. It wasn't a rainforest, but it wasn't a tundra forest, either… The air was dry and mildly warm.


Quint gasped and charged up a psycho-cut, then turned around in the blink of an eye. A Conkeldurr was sitting down, eating a handful of berries. It just stared at him and smirked. "You gonna shoot me?"

"No… Not unless you attack me."

"Hmph." The Conkeldurr grabbed its canes, which were pillars of stone about four feet tall, and pushed itself upright. "Alright, I'll cut to the chase. You're Quint, the leader of Team Core. You've been selected to participate in Firestorm Battle Royale."

"Selected? What is this place?" Quint narrowed his eyes warily, and the Conkeldurr shrugged. "I honestly don't know. It's a special place… An alternate reality, if you will. Here, there is no leaving until the battle is complete."

"What battle?" Quint questioned. "I didn't sign on for any battles in a mystery dungeon!"

"Relax, will you? This isn't a Mystery Dungeon. It's an arena. You've been selected to fight."

"No, thanks…" Quint quickly turned around and began walking, but the Conkeldurr appeared in front of him again. Quint gasped and turned around, and he was in the exact same spot. "What…?"

"Like I said… You can't leave." The Conkeldurr seemed disappointed, with a solemn frown appearing as he said that. "It's not my choice, either. I'm just here to tell you who your opponent is."

"...Very well." Quint quickly weighed his options. He wound up not moving at all when he tried to leave. "What happens to the loser?"

"They are returned home, the same as the winner."

"...Will any time have passed in our world?"

"No. Hours in here translate to seconds out there. You'll be exactly where you left off."

Like Marowak's Dojo… Quint thought to himself. After considering the fact that he couldn't leave, he sighed and took a step forward. "...Tell me what I need to know."

"Your opponent is a Lopunny. The alpha Lopunny. And she is very manipulative with male pokémon. You'd do well to limit physical contact because of her ability."

"Understood." Quint tilted his head up as the Conkeldurr pointed to his left. "The field is that way. Good luck."

-3rd Person-

As Lopunny emerged through the trees, she took a quick look around at the forest that seemed to fade into nothingness as a snow-white Absol shimmered into existence. It radiated so much power, it was impossible to ignore. And it was definitely male. She could tell just by observing its posture. "Hello~! ❤︎" She waved at him, and a smile tugged at the edge of his mouth.

"Greetings." the Absol replied.

"What's your name, sweetie?" Lopunny smiled charmingly, and the Absol bowed respectfully. "Quint. And yours?"

"Lopunny!" she giggled. "Quint is so strange-sounding… But we aren't here to discuss names, right? Did you get a guide pokémon that told you you had to fight?" Lopunny questioned.

"Yes. Now if you'd like, might we begin?" the Absol deadpanned.

"Very well!" Lopunny smiled and placed the Choice Specs on her forehead. She felt a powerful force wash over her, and Quint stood perfectly still. She tilted her head after about thirty seconds of silently standing off, until the Absol vanished in a flash of light. She leapt into the air as the Absol appeared where she had been standing, and she landed on the ground gracefully, taking a deep breath to calm herself. "That was a dirty trick, you know!"

"Well, I do fight to win," Quint remarked.

"Fine, sweetie. You want a good fight? I can oblige." Lopunny closed her eyes and was enveloped in a purple sphere of light. When it shattered, her ears were as long as her entire body, and her arms and legs were much more muscular, almost resembling a less bulky Machoke. She dashed forward with quick attack, and she felt the Choice Specs take effect. She cursed herself for choosing such a weak move as the one she could use, and Quint's eyes flashed white before he casually stepped to the side. She stopped herself with her ears and kicked the side of his head, sending him sprawling. He stood up as she leapt at him again with quick attack, and this time she landed a solid knee jab on his side. He grunted in pain as she used her ears to prop herself up, spring into the air, then slam down on top of him. But he rolled out of the way, and before Lopunny could land a hit on him, he had charged up a psycho cut and slashed at her from two feet away.

She ducked beneath the blade of energy and swept his legs out from beneath him with her ears, then punched the back of his head before she felt a disturbance in the air. She gasped and used quick attack to put some distance between her and the Absol, but the future sight attack hit her hard. It left a crater where the orb had hit the ground, only several feet behind her. She was hit by the psychic burst and tumbled forward, and was caught by surprise when Quint landed on top of her with giant snow-white wings protruding from his back. He had two paws on her arms, the other two on her ears.

She kicked his side in an attempt to get him off, but he snarled and charged up an ice beam in the back of his throat. She fought against the alpha's crushing grip, and just before the Absol launched the ice beam, she wrapped her legs around his torso and rotated her hips until he was thrown off of her. He used his wings to remain upright and dashed forward again, this time slashing with his horn relentlessly. Without any special punching moves, she couldn't block the swings. Only dodge. She leapt backwards, then feinted using quick attack, causing him to use detect. She smiled and waited for the effect to wear off, then kicked his throat with all of her strength. He coughed sporadically and collapsed to the ground, gasping for breath, and Lopunny just registered his necklace glowing with a dark red hue just before it let out a screeching noise that put her nerves on end. The monotonous sound droned on for several seconds, and she stumbled backwards as the ground began spinning in front of her. She grasped at her chest as she felt the perish song take effect, and used quick attack one last time on the just recovering Absol, knocking it out just before she lost consciousness.

Analysis: Lopunny had a held item that limited her to one move, and she forgot in the moment she used quick attack. That meant that its special attack boost was useless. But she could still fight mega-evolved. Quint, however, underestimated her. She didn't underestimate him. Since it was a battle of two Alphas, one being a speedy, fast-hitter and one being a heavy hitter that relied on a lot of slashing moves, it was tough to determine the verdict. In the end, she scored a solid hit on his neck, but his perish torc took her down soon afterwards.

So... Yeah; This one was a draw. And since I don't like making both foes lose in the event of a draw, I will simply not cross either of them off of the contestant list.

Sorry for the delayed posting! It won't be a regularly scheduled release like I thought it would, since I've procrastinated school yet again, so I have to make up for lost time over the course of the next month or so. That being said, I know it was a short fight, but I didn't know how to make it any longer without it being drawn out... Writing battles like this from scratch is hard. :P But go ahead and let me know if you enjoyed! If you have any submissions for two you want to see fight, feel free to leave the details in the form of a Review or PM! It's always appreciated! Up next is Grovyle the Time Gear Thief Vs. Flatline the Assassin! Much Love!