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Chapter 1

A young boy sat in cold metal cage. He stared out a window at the people walking by. He had white hair, a red scar going down the left side of his face, (A/N: I don't really feel like going into a deep description of Allen's scar right now. If you want to know exactly what he looks like right now go to Google and look up the name Allen Walker. A picture of him will come up) and a black arm(1). The only thing he had on was a white button up shirt that belonged to his master. He had long outgrown the clothes he came here in. He didn't even have underwear on. It was mid-December. This would mark his fourth year as an unbought slave. He wondered if he would ever leave. Ever scene that cursed day when he was found at the grave yard he has been stuck serving as a pet for his perverted master. He hates that day. His birthday. It used to bring joy to him. He wonders how he could have be so blind, nobody was ever that nice to him. Not even Mana. The only reason the crazed clown even had took him in was because his brother had died. Even Mana beat on him. Mabey not as hard as the others but it was still there. If you had looked closely into Mana's eyes you would have seen a small spark of disgust and hatred for the small boy.

He heard a door open and close in the front room. Probably another customer. His master owned a small thrift shop. In the front it looked innocent to the average eye but if you looked closely you could see the signs. Anyone who wanted to buy a slave just had to look for a whip, a chain, a collar, and a leash hidden throughout the shops. There was a slave shop in the back. Even though in this day and age slaves shops were legal, most kept them hidden in case the law suddenly changed. It does that. Although most people don't follow it anyways.

For a century now the world had changed. It was destroyed. Humans were almost completely wiped out. Supernatural beings called The Noah got tired of all the evil and killed them down to a few thousand. Now there is no electricity or internet. It's like they went back to the stone age. The ones who were just children when it happend tell stories of boxes of light that held infinite knowledge and big boxes of colorful metal that worked like carriages. They said that humans used to be the greatest beings on Earth. It's hard for people to believe them. The only people who know if their lying or not is the Noah. Even if it was the truth one word otherwise from a Noah could change everyone's mind.

The boy heard the back door open and looked up. Two men walked in. One was His master who had long blood red hair and a half mask on his face. (A/N: Same for cross. Look up Cross Marian.) He was wearing black dress pants and a white button up shirt. The other man looked strangely similar to Mana.(2) He had on black dress pants and a badge overcoat. Cross was showing him the other slaves.(3)

The man spotted him and walked over to him. "Who's this Mr. Cross?"

Cross looked at who he was talking about and smirked.(4) "His name is Allen. He would be a grate slave. He is an orphan so nobody would come looking for him and he's more obedient than the rest."

The man looked at Allen then back at Cross. "Oh really?" He paused and looked back at Allen, "Then I'll take him."

"That will be $25,000."(5) Cross lead the man out of the backroom and into the front. He left the door open on accident so Allen could see him leave the man and go into the storage room. Cross came out with a collar and leash. He walked over to Allen's cage and pulled him out roughly. He put the collar and leash on him and dragged him out of the room. Cross held out his hand for the money. The man handed the man the money and took the collar form Cross. Cross counted the money, when he saw that he got the right amount he motioned them to leave.

The man gently tugged Allen out of the shop and onto the streets. They walked a ways before the man stopped in an alleyway.. "Sorry if I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Adam but most people referee to me as the Millennium Earl."

Allen stared at the man in shyly. This was The Millennium Earl? What did The Earl want with him? "H-Hello Mr. Earl." Allen said in a shaky quiet voice. He hadn't spoken a word in months so it was quite hard to get anything to come out.

The Earl stared at Allen in shock. He expected for him to be afraid. Normally a human would be scared to be in the presence of a Noah but in the presence of the Earl he expected anyone would be completely terrified but this human just looked shy to him. "Well are you ready to go Allen?"

To say that Allen was shocked would be an understatement. Never once had he been asked if he was ready for anything. But this man, even if he is The Millennium Earl, just asked him if he was ready. He felt that he could not form any words so he just shook his head

"Okay well come on then." The Earl said as he walked through the brick wall of the alleyway. Allen followed him without hesitation. When he got through Allen saw a beautiful white-washed city. The Earl turned around and took his collar off. "I trust you not to run away so I don't feel that you need this anymore."

"Thank you." Allen said so quietly that if The Earl didn't have enhanced hearing he wouldn't have heard it.

"You're welcome Allen. Welcome to your new home."


(1)- I don't feel like Allen having a red arm so I just used his new arm. Also I don't think I will have innocence exist in this story. Tell me in the reviews if you want it to exist.

(2)- Science in the new update Mana and Neah was Adam I decided to make him look sort of like Mana. If you don't know what Mana or The Earl looks like you can google up Mana Walker or The Millennium Earl and his human form.

(3)- The other slaves are the exorcists and some science division people from the order. They may hold an important part in the near future.

(4)- Cross knows that Allen is a neko but doesn't tell The Earl because he wants him gone. Also Cross knows that Adam is the Earl and doesn't say anything about it for he could be killed for it.

(5)- Because of the Noah's laws $1 is = about $10.

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