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Allen walked down the street of London. It was Valentine's Day and he had not found Adam a gift yet. He walked passed a store that was close to his old Master's store. Seeing this he turned around to walk off when he heard a familiar voice call out to him from around the corner.

"Allen! Come to see me so soon? Do you not like your master?" I turned around to see his trademark smirk plastered on his face. He started to walk towards me when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a familiar head of hair. I turned to look in that direction and saw it was Tyki and Rhode. They had just walked out of Rhodes favorite candy store. I looked back at Cross to see he was just eight feet from me. I turned my body and bolted in the direction of my family. Cross saw me run and chased after me. Clearly hell bent on 'catching up on old times' with me.

I turned to check how far behind me he was only to run state into the unsuspecting Portuguese Noah. "Ow. Who the?" He looked up at whoever run him over ready to beat the living shit out of them when he noticed it was me. "Shounnen why are you out of the Ark? Didn't The Earl tell you to only come out with an escort for your own safety?" He kind of looked like a father scolding his child.

I almost forgot about Cross chasing me when I heard him apologize for my rudeness. "I am so sorry mister Noah. The child does not know the rules for he has been very sheltered. Please forgive him."

"Who is this man Shounnen? How does he know you?" Tyki looked at me confused until he saw the fear in my eyes. "Is he Cross?" I did not trust my voice so I just nodded. Tyki stood up and dusted himself off before picking me up bridal style and carried me to an ark gate. I watched as Cross fumed at the sight of his favored 'play thing' being carried off.

Feeling safe in his arms I wiggled one of my hands free in order to flip Cross off. I could practically feel his rage rolling off of him in waves.

He carried me through on of the many Ark doors to Adams office. When we arrived he sat me on my feet and knocked on the door. When we heard a gentle "Come in." he dragged me through the door by the collar of my dress shirt.

"Tyki. Allen. What can I owe the pleasure of your visit?"

"Shounnen snuck out of the Ark and got himself in a little trouble with this Cross character."

Adam looked at me with a mixture of worry and disappointment. "What were you doing outside of the Ark?"

"I just wanted to find you a gift. Valentine's Day is today and I wanted to show you how thankful I am that you saved me. I didn't notice that I as heading in his direction until it was to late. I am just glad that Rhode and Tyki were there to save me."

"Now that you mention it, where is Rhode?"

With Rhode~POV Everyone

"So, you are the bastard who hurt our precious Allen-kun." She had her army of candles behind her waiting to strike. With a quick motion of her hand all of the candles pierced Cross all the way through. He died with a scream. She summoned one of her checkered doors and walked through to go find the others.

Back with Tyki, Allen, and Adam.~Allen's POV

I watched as Adam told Tyki to leave and let him speak with me alone.

"I'm goanna go find Rhode before she destroys something." With that he left us alone.

"Allen, are you okay?" He stood up and walked over to me.

I looked into his eyes and could see nothing but love. "Yes. I'm fine now. I'm sorry I snuck out."

He chuckled before answering. "You're forgiven. Just don't do it again okay?"

"Okay. I love you Adam."

"I love you too Allen." With that said I could feel my tail swish inside my pants. (A/N: I did not mean for that to be perverted or anything I just meant it as Allen has not shared his Neko secret with Adam yet so he hides his tail and ears. Also his ears are flattened against his head so Adam is unable to see them Although it still sounds perverted to me.)


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